The Doe-Taur , Her Lover Pt. 02The Doe-Taur , Her Lover Pt. 02


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

The next morning, Alyssa woke more refreshed than she could have expected to be, considering that she had had to get up for a little stroll in the moonlight to settle her nerves. But that meant that she could be slyer than normal, the doe-taur slipping from bed with a soft smile on her lips, all so that she didn’t wake Sandor at the same time.

Breakfast. That was the best way to start the day and she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she cracked some eggs into a bowl and mixed them with the last of the milk that they had gotten from the farm a couple of days before. It was good that she had used that up, at least: they wouldn’t have wanted to take too much fresh food along with them. Who knew when they would have been able to use it all up during the move? Dinner at the inn was most likely to happen, though that was not a bad thing at all.

Her ears twitched as she looked up, smiling faintly at the ukulele on the wall, hanging on a couple of hooks that balanced it perfectly. Alyssa tilted her head, the eggs in the pan and the toast grilling over the open flame in the kitchen hearth, toasting perfectly. She would have to make sure that the instrument was packaged up well when they travelled, for she wouldn’t have wanted it to get damaged.

“Hey, sweetheart.”

Sandor wrapped his arms around Alyssa from behind, standing slightly to the side of her as he kissed the back of her neck. She shivered. Even the light touch of his lips on her skin, before the natural cut and fall of her short-trimmed hair, had her quivering, attuned to him like she never thought she could be ever again, not to anyone.

But that was alright. She didn’t want to be with anyone else.

“I thought you would sleep a little longer,” she said, turning to kiss him, the moment light and comfortable between them, as natural as breathing. “Sit, sit, darling. I’m making breakfast, it’s almost done.”

He chuckled, doing as she asked.

“Okay, okay — you have big plans today then, I see!”

“Yes, of course,” she shot back, one hand on her hip, though it was at the join of her human body to her deer half. “We’ve got a lot to get done today!”

Still, he seated himself as she served up a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast with bacon for him too and two tall glasses of milk to use up all that was left. There was coffee too, heating over the magical flame in the hearth, though she was told that there was a new magical cooking device that she could use at the new place. That would certainly take some getting used to!

“Are you bringing the guitar with us today?” He asked, pausing with a bite of eggs on his fork. “Or are you having the others pack it up to come along later, on the mail cart?”

Alyssa shook her head.

“Oh, no, that’s the only thing, I believe, that I have left of my mother, rest her soul. That must come today, of course.”

She wouldn’t have been so firm, years ago, with Sandor, but things had changed between them since making their relationship official — as it should have. It was the right way for things to be between them, neither afraid to voice their opinion. The fox smiled. Even he, with all the distractions of his projects and mage training, always looking ahead, appreciated how much she had grown.

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” he said, ears splaying faintly, in case he had forgotten and she had, in fact, told him before. “You don’t talk about her that much, honey. You should tell me about her, when you’re happy and ready to do so.”

Alyssa chuckled.

“I could almost get used to you not being so cheeky,” she teased him lightly, poking him with a hoof under the round wooden table. “But I don’t have much to say about her. It’s almost as if she has passed away and, really, that’s how I think about it. Mother knew where I was, but I think that she left me to be a playmate in your household because she knew that that was what was best for me.”

Sandor considered that. He saw how the other taurs were treated around town and could only hope that he continued to make strides in the equalisation of their rights. It would take a lot more talking to Alyssa, however, for him to truly do what he needed to there. Sometimes, an eye on the inside was what was best needed.

Alyssa, however, still had a look of contemplation in her eye, as if she wasn’t quite there in the moment.

She didn’t want to say it yet, not right then, but…not all the urfa seks hikayeleri vague memories of her mother were happy ones. Of course, there was the notion of keeping the forward motion, as she leaned on, keeping one hoof in front of the other at all times, but the strongest memory she had was shrouded in darkness.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart… My precious little one… I never meant for… No, this was not… I’m sorry, so sorry… You didn’t deserve this, none of this.”

“But I’m going to…right. Right…by you. Always, by you. I promise, I’m sorry, so very sorry… I’m sorry…”

Those words may have only been in a memory, but, well, there was only so much that Alyssa could look back on when it came to her mother. Those words were ones that she held close to her heart, all in the memory of her voice, how it had soothed her. She couldn’t remember, quite honestly, what her mother looked like, but at least she had those words of comfort to keep her calm and to keep her safe, to remind her where her values lay in life.

Her mother must have been in a very difficult situation. Whether she had passed away or not, Alyssa would always be ready to receive her if she ever came to find her. She only hoped, in a small way, that she was still alive, that her mother had found some light and softness in life, a better time than had come to pass when she had had to leave Alyssa with a family that, perhaps, her mother had not even known.

Alyssa didn’t know. She could only assume, her mind instinctively wanting to fill in the gaps in her memory. Minds were funny like that.

Sandor allowed her the peace she needed. Not everything had to be spilt instantly, but it would be shared, all in time.

“Here, Sandor,” she said, taking the plates from the table to the sink. “I’ll wash everything up quickly and then we can carry on packing and preparing. We must make sure the cart is loaded too! I’ll trot down to the horse stables and make sure that they’ve got a good draft horse to pull it this time.”

Sandor grinned, running his hand down the back of her deer half. Alyssa squeaked and jumped and swatted him away, though there was only play in the flick of her hooves.

“If only we had fewer things, I could have pulled it! But you wanted to bring so much of the furniture along that I would have to be a lot taller and more muscular to even think of doing such a thing! And would you really want your partner doing all the physical work all the time?”

She bumped him with her hip, the fox grinning back at her.

“No, only when it is light enough,” he said, drawing her into a brief hug. “But you’re still stronger than me there.”

She smiled. It was good to know, even from him, that he saw her strengths there. But they had a lot to do as they started in the kitchen, moving the boxes and crates outside that they had already packed so that they could be loaded straight away. Alyssa took a quick jog into town, after sorting the dishes and setting them aside to dry, her hooves clip-clopping down the road, though she was careful to avoid sharp stones along her way. Getting a bruise in her hoof was not what she wanted on a day when they had so much to do especially.

The horse, thankfully, was ready and the driver booked to take their belongings on ahead. It looked like they would have to spend a night at the inn before following along behind the next day, though that was not a bad thing. More time with Sandor, particularly after the rush of everything, could only be a good thing and she already found herself looking forward to taking the time to relax and settle with him.

Everything had to go, leaving the furniture outside on a thankfully dry day, so that it could be loaded, though they did not take everything. Some was set aside for sale, a separate cart due to collect that as arranged, but she did wrap the ukulele carefully in soft cloth, old rags that were no longer needed. Anything to cushion it, still placing it safely and securely in a wooden box, cradled as if it was a precious child.

And yet it was needed, something that they wanted to keep safe and protected, Alyssa glad that Sandor understood, even then, why it was so important to her. She still did not quite see how he had come to understand so much about her when he had never lived in her hooves, so to speak, never walked a day in her life. She supposed that she was more fortunate than many to have someone who was willing to take the time to understand her in that way, day by day. In time, they would take even greater strides together, big steps forward.

“Phew…” She groaned, wiping her hand across her forehead, her forehead wrinkling in distaste at the light layer of sweat that was found there. “I didn’t think it would all still be so much work! Have we still got much on the first floor, upstairs, to bring down?”

Sandor grunted, trying not to show just how much the labour was getting to him. Thankfully for the fox, he could use his magic, channelling it a little more through his staff so that he didn’t have to keep his concentration so much. His magic and training had been more focused on healing and fighting, his fire and plant affinities, but that meant that, sometimes, more domestic tasks were a little more difficult for him. A mage could train in many aspects, but they could only be masters of some. He intended to be a master of as many as he possibly could.

“Yes, there are a few things,” he said. “Maybe we should bring them down together?”

The staircase, after all, was a little narrow and they had to work together to get the bedframe down, for it was old, well-made, solid wood. It came apart into three pieces, but they still had to angle themselves and work to get it down, huffing and puffing the whole time.

“Unff…” Sandor grunted, though the fox didn’t want to show how much labour it was for him. “Hm… Maybe a little to the left?”

Alyssa growled lightly under her breath, walking backwards down the stairs — a hard enough task all by itself for her!

“Yeah… Yes! Okay!”

She tried, helping, tipping it, though anyone would have had trouble with it, to be fair. Finally, they got the biggest part of the bed down, which meant that, at the very least, everything else would be easier. That was something that helped spur them on, finding a big of fun in everything, Alyssa giggling as she bounced half into Sandor, lighter and more agile than him.

“Come on, Sandor! Be quick about it!”

He yelped and tried to swat at her, but the light-footed doe-taur was simply too swift for him, dancing out of reach. At least they could still have their fun even while there was still so much to do.

There was work to do, though they managed it in only an hour, waiting on the sales market car to arrive, onto which they would have to check the right items were being loaded. Alyssa had taught the fox the importance of being thorough, even if efficiency and organisation should have been part of his early mage training. Sometimes those things did not, however, translate into domesticity.

“One, two, three, four… Goodness, why do we have so many things?”

Alyssa chuckled and rubbed the back of her neck, counting their mugs. But Sandor had something else in mind, sneaking up behind her, just out of the doe-taur’s line of sight. His eyes, after all, were fixed on her little bobbing tail, the white of the underside catching his attention, as pure as the white of his own fur.

“I think we have just the right amount of things, sweetheart…”

Alyssa made as if to turn, but the fox was too quick for her, not giving her the chance to ask what he meant, as his hand was already on her backside. As she squealed, his fingers slid under her tail and lower still to her pussy, easing a digit and then a second into her as the doe-taur quivered and shuddered away. Not because she didn’t want it, of course, but because it was such a surprise!

“Oh, Sandor!” She wiggled back and forth as if caught by indecision, not quite knowing how she wanted to respond that time. “Why are you… You don’t always have to be so naughty! And always when I’m doing something!”

He grinned, working his fingers back and forth inside her lightly, curling them up against her G-spot. That was a very important spot within her and one that the fox took care to pay special attention to, even if the doe-taur did tend to say that he was “naughty” or “cheeky”. Of course, between them, that was only ever meant playfully, even if he knew too that he could push for things when Alyssa wasn’t expecting them. That was part of the fun, for him, in surprising her.

“Mmm, but you look so cute when you’re busy…counting,” he said, playing his words out, though it was hard for even him to focus when his fingers were curled into her succulent wetness. “I don’t think you could concentrate for much longer anyway, with me doing this…”

She whimpered and shook her head, panting lightly as her lips parted. However, Alyssa did not move away, her hind legs splaying a little as her tail flicked up, quivering all the while, even higher than it had been before.

“Mmm, no, I could…keep going…” Alyssa whined. “Can’t you wait until I’m done with things…ah…until sex?”

But Sandor was not to be dissuaded, not when his sweet doe-taur was grinding back on his hand so sweetly, both knowing exactly what it was, either way, that they wanted. Sometimes the time was simply too perfect for things like that, Alyssa dropping the pencil and paper that she had been marking things off on to the floor with a clatter and a rustle.


She couldn’t help herself, as her body folded lightly to the floor, her forelegs going first and then her hind end, her body quivering delightfully. Even then, her body knew more what it wanted from him, the fox growling lustfully, licking his lips as he withdrew his fingers from her wet pussy, strings of moisture clinging to them.

“Mmm…” He paused, rubbing his fingers against each other, eyes on her back, her body perfectly poised and ready for him. “I can’t resist when you look so sweet…but there’s a dirty doe under there too, isn’t there? One that wants to ask for my cock even though you’re not usually that forward. Isn’t that right, Alyssa?”

Alyssa shivered. Sandor had been getting more and more forceful with her, almost aggressive in a way that made her legs quiver. That was hot, though she didn’t know how to put into words how that rough, coarse tone made her feel, how it made her want to throw herself at his feet, begging him and not even asking him to take her. Not even to make love to her either — but to fuck her.

And that was a dirty thing indeed for a little doe-taur to think, even if he did make her mind go to weird and wonderful places. They were all things, kinks and new likes, for them to explore, of course, but not everything had to be understood all at once, if they had clear and open lines of communication between them.

“Mmmph, I…” She blushed, heat racing to her cheeks, even tinting the edge of her ears. “Sandor, that’s…too much…”

“Is it? Or are you just holding back from what you really want?” He said, resting his hand on her back, his fingers curling possessively around her hip. “You don’t have to hold back with me, Alyssa… You can be a dirty doe-taur as much as you like too.”

She moaned and gasped, licking her lips, though there did not feel as if there was enough moisture left in her mouth for that. What was he doing to her? They were dirty words, words that she should have been surprised to hear coming from her sweet fox’s mouth, and yet they were so very right too. Her body prickled with wanton heat, as if she could not possibly keep it all inside her, rocking her hips back, again and again, as if that alone would be enough to get him to mount her.

For she did indeed need his cock, the hot length inside her, spearing deep, stretching her open… It was finding the words, in her case, that was the problem.

“What if someone walks in on us, Sandor?”

Desperately, Alyssa clutched at straws, the words that she so anxiously wanted to fling forth clutched in the back of her throat. The fox only smiled, unbuckling his belt and sliding down his cloth trousers, exposing his erection as it swelled out into his hand. He stroked the length lightly, teasingly, her eyes fixed on it as a moan rose from her.

“Ohhhh, Sandor…”

“No one will walk in on us,” he assured her, his white ears pricked confidently. “The door is locked, people will knock. For us, there is nothing to worry about, my sweet doe-taur… But I’m only going to give you what you want if you ask for it nicely.”

Alyssa whimpered, shaking her head.

“I want…” Oh, why was it so hard for her to say it? “I want…you.”

His eyes glinted.

“No, be clear. Be specific, Alyssa. Or maybe we don’t have to do this at all…”

He would never have denied her sex, of course, but it was all in play, Alyssa squirming delightedly in place on the bare living room floor, nothing but the floorboards under her, warming to the heat of her body. If she moved so deliciously when all he was doing was teasing her, Sandor thought to himself that he would have to do it more often…

“I want…” She blushed even more heavily, her head turning, not able to quite look at her lover while she said it, though the weight of his length lightly pressed against her backside in promise. “I want you… I want your…cock.”

She used the same phrasing as him, whining aloud, hoping it would be enough. For the doe-taur it was more than enough as he pressed into her, his shaft dropping to find her pussy and sinking deep in a single thrust.


She cried out, her heart surging, head spinning, though Alyssa could have hardly expected for that to be the direction that the day was going to take. Sandor dropped to his knees behind her for a better angle with which to thrust, even though the hard floorboards were quite unforgiving against his knees. In the throes of passion, neither doe-taur nor fox cared at all, the fox leaning hungrily over her as he licked his lips, all as if Alyssa had abruptly become a delicious treat that he could devour.

Sex was not only about love and sweetness and romance, after all, but something more that the two were discovering, day by day and bit by bit. Perhaps it had been the magical, evil tree that had influenced him, the magic of it running through his veins and empowering him in ways that he would never have thought possible — yet he still had much work to do so that he could properly and fully grasp the full use of that magic. As with what he had trained in, it was intended for greater feats that the soft and the gentle, not everyday domesticity.

But that was alright. There was time and a gift could be taken forward as he pleased, even if the trial with the tree had nearly killed them both. He grunted throatily as he leaned over her, running his hands back and forth over her brown fur, over her deer back, though they always went back to her rump, the tight round of her hindquarters.

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