The Discipline She Never Knew She NeededThe Discipline She Never Knew She Needed


The Discipline She Never Knew She Needed”Mmmmm, what time is it?” she thought. It was that haze that we all get when we awake, the haze of the unknown. In modern life that means nothing; we are always greeted, or at least normally are greeted, with the expected. As she went to turn, she found herself suddenly awaken to the fullest extent, feeling the sharp pain of the tight shackles that embraced her angles and wrists. As she twisted her limbs inside the silvery locks on her body, she realized her eyes didn’t work. Nothing felt wrong, so what was going on? She could feel something around her head. What was it? Was she blindfolded?Suddenly, she heard footsteps on the cold, concrete floor. “Who’s there?” the gurl asked. “What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck are you?”No one answered her questions. The footsteps continued. The gurl began to panic. She began to cry. She didn’t know what was going on, and that was the scariest part of all. Then, just as quickly as they began, the footsteps stopped. Then the gurl, silenced by terror, heightened her concentration to her ears. She heard someone moving objects. She didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing.Then she smelled the cologne. The strong, masculine, otherwise attractive scent in the air that arrived when the footsteps ceased. She continued to hear sounds she could not identify. And then the voice began.”Hello, my angel” a man said in a strong and confident, yet comforting and even tempered tone. “First, I know you’re scared, but don’t say anything. Just listen to me. I’m assuming you’re wondering what’s happening to you,” the voice said. “Well, I guess I should explain. I’ve admired your beautiful, voluptuous figure at work for quite some time now. You think in our cube farms, nobody notices anything. Well, I noticed you. I’ve had you on my radar for a while now, watching you come into work and walk around every day. I’ll admit, it happened over time, but your different outfits and large bottom….well, you just got me. So here we are.”The gurl cried bahis şirketleri quietly, and began wetting her panties. “Well, I expected that,” the man’s voice said. “Don’t worry, this’ll be over quicker than you think, as long as you do exactly what I say. Do you think you can do that?”The gurl froze; she didn’t know what to do. Should she say anything? Should she scream for help? She decided to acquiesce. “Yes, I can” she said slowly.”Good,” the man said. “Now, in order for this to go as fast as possible, you need to understand that three things need to happen for you to get out of here as quickly as possible. I’m afraid your apple bottom has fated you to my hands, and I am going to discipline your bottom using three different implements. I will start with my belt, move on to my paddle, and then finish with the cane. It will be very painful. Do you understand? Let me just say…..if your answer anything other than “yes” or “no” that there will be consequences.”Once again, the gurl froze….but eventually answered “Yes”, she stated, although this time with confidence. “Yes,” the gurl now anticipated saying, immediately replying. The tears now streamed down her cheeks. Her whole body was shaking, and she suddenly noticed how cold she was.“Let’s begin then”.Once again, the sound of unidentifiable motions filled the gurl’s ears. For several minutes, nothing happened. Then, she felt it. The warm, soft yet firm treated thick leather belt fall onto her huge bottom. She didn’t know what to think, do, or say. She felt the object lift off her bottom, heard a quick “whish”….and then felt it. The smack sent waves through her body and silenced any crying that complacency had allowed. At first, she felt nothing other than the force. “Whish!”. Then another smack bounced off her butt. This time she very much felt a new sensation… was warm. It was alert. It felt like every inch of her moved, and her ass felt like it was on fire.The feeling was pain. “Whish! Whish! Whish! Whish!” four more hard swats with the bahis firmaları leather belt. “Ahhhh!” the gurl screamed. “What the fuck are you doing? Stop it! Stop it you fucking asshole!”“Whish! Whish! Whish!” The swats continued. “Fucking stop!” the gurl screamed. The swats continued for what seemed like forever, then suddenly, just stopped. “What the fuck was that? Let me fucking go you asshole!” the gurl screamed, with vigor she knew was unwarranted, given her circumstance. The gurl screamed profanity and questions and angry names for several minutes, before finally tiring and crying, finally able to sob for the pain she felt. She had never felt anything that painful in her life. Her bottom felt hot and burning……she could barely keep from crying out. But she maintained her composure. But then she heard that sound again….the rustling of activity that meant she was in for more surprises.She heard the steps come over to her, and then…..“SWAP!!!”This time, there was no first time relief or shock. The pain was acute and immediate. The gurl screamed out in agony, and realized she now faced the wooded paddle. “SWAP! SWAP! SWAP!”“Oh God, please stop!” the gurl cried out. “Please just stop….I’ll do anything please!”“SWAP! SWAP! SWAP!”For two straight minutes, every few seconds, the paddle struck the gurl’s fat bottom, and the girl continued the whole time to plead for her freedom, or at the very least, a secession of the discipline. Neither occurred. Then it came to her. Just as the paddle finally stopped, just as her screaming left her breathless, even as she laid there, tied to a bed, quivering in cowering, maliciously fueled abuse, the clear, honest as anything reality came to her. There was no use fighting. Crying to be free. Struggling. Resisting. She had give in.Now, still crying hysterically from the pain of the paddle, she felt the lean bamboo lines on the cane lie across her bottom. “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”The strikes came down and almost silently struck her, yet the response was anything but subdued. kaçak bahis siteleri The gurl started to scream and quiver even faster, no longer begging for her liberty. She knew such a plea was useless, and that the pain she was feeling was her reality for as long as he wanted. “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”The strikes continued. her screaming endured, and the pain became unbearable. The gurl by now lost count…had stopped counting. What was the point? She began to want to feel the pain. The more it hurt, the closer she was to the end. “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”After several minutes of screaming and painful strokes, the strikes ceased. The gurl lay on the bed, tied by all four limbs, quivering and crying, sweaty and bruised, her black and blue bottom in contrast to her milky white skin. “Ok,” the man said, “You did a good job….see you on Monday.”“Wait,” the gurl said, “who are you?”The gurl then felt a sharp sting in her bottom. She let out a quick cry, and slowly began to feel the effects of the injection. Her world already in blackness, she felt herself drifting off…The gurl immediately woke up in her bed…..sat up, looked around, and saw nothing strange. Her windows and bedroom door were closed. She was dressed as she had been the last she remembered. Then she noticed the pain of her bottom. And the urine on her bed. It had been real.—————————————————————————————————————For the next two days, the gurl lay in bed, touching herself with pleasure to the scent of her own piss, the pain of her bottom as she squeezed it. When she came, she slapped her own butt with her hand, inducing a painful scream. A smile crossed her face, and satisfaction embraced her each time she reimagined the punishment she had received.Monday morning, the gurl sat at her desk. Not sure what to think, she walked around talking to all the men at her company. She knew none of them could be it. Then, when she finally committed to work, she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was a gentle, manly hand, and the scent of cologne filled the cubicle. “Hello darling…” the voice said. It was him.The gurl smiled, and with a grin, turned around to face the man and, his mere presence making her remember the pain of their session, made her respond with a simple and sharp, “Yes, Sir.”

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