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Subject: TUESDAY MATINEE: THE DAY AFTER CHAPTER 2 ADULT/YOUTH GAY THE DAY AFTER CHAPTER 2 Tyler hit his pillow a couple of times, making it more comfortable to rest his head on. Tyler’s hair usually covered his eyes and he had to keep moving the hair from his eyes in order to see. Tyler’s long blond hair reached to his shoulders, much longer than Christian liked to keep his hair. Tyler had bangs that reached to his eyebrows but strands of his hair often grew below the brows covering his eyes. He would cut the strands often but he always seemed to have hair covering his eyes. Tyler had a normal body for a 9 year old boy. He weighed 70 pounds and was 4 foot 4 inches tall. While Christian played on a baseball team of 11 and 12 year olds, Tyler played baseball on a team that consisted of boys 8 through 10. Tyler was the sparkplug of his team and played shortstop. Tyler was a few years away from puberty. His soft circumcised penis barely reached 2 inches and even when hard was barely more than 3 inches. Tyler’s coach was always reminding his players to always wear a cup but Tyler never understood why he needed to. His testicles were marble size and had not descended yet and his penis was still the size it was when he was a very little boy. Tyler and Christian were very close and often shared secrets with each other. However, there was one secret that Tyler had not shared with Christian. Tyler’s 4th grade class had gone on a field trip recently to the local YMCA for a water safety class. Several buses were used to bring the students to the Y and there were close to 50 boys and 50 girl The students were told to bring their bathing suits and a towel to school that day. When the 4th graders arrived at the YMCA, the boys were led into the male locker room. The YMCA attendant told the boys they would need to place their clothes into a locker and NOT put their bathing suits on. The attendant explained that before they could enter the pool they had to take a brief shower to remove any dirt from their bodies. The boys were told that they needed to line up in a straight line, naked, after removing their clothes at which time they would take a short shower. Once they took a shower, they could go back to their locker and put their swim suits on. Tyler did as he was told and placed his clothes in the locker provided. He then walked , naked, to the back of the line of other naked boys. Some of the boys were holding their hands over the penis as they felt embarrassed being naked in front of other boys. Tyler did not feel that way, even though his penis was smaller than most of the other boys. Tyler’s eyes followed the line of boys from his place in line to the front of the line, looking at the ass of each naked boy in front of him. He turned around and noticed at least 10 boys behind him, all of them naked and Tyler looked at each boy and took a mental note of the size and shape of their penis. Almost all of the boys were checking out the size and shape of each others equipment. Since most of the boys in the 4th ordu escort grade had never seen another naked boy before, they were making the most out of this opportunity. Tyler was enjoying standing naked with all the other boys and was in no hurry to move on. After the last boy got into line, the attendant told the boys to slowly walk to the shower and take a quick 30 second shower and then go back to change into their swimsuit. As the line moved, Tyler took notice of each and every boy leaving the shower and looked at their naked body, all of them exposing all of their privates. Tyler had known most of these boys since the 1st grade and had always wondered what many of them looked like naked. Now, his fantasy was coming true. He was surrounded by naked boys and now he would know exactly what each of them looked like naked. Tyler was amazed that the penis of some of the boys were probably 4 inches long soft and he could only imagine how long they must be erect. A few were like Tyler’s and barely stuck out. Tyler laughed to himself when he noticed one boy leaving the shower with his penis sticking straight up into the air, all 3 inches of it. Tyler felt sorry for the boy, knowing he must be embarrassed by having a boner in front of everyone. Tyler began to worry that might happen to him as he was enjoying seeing everyone naked. Tyler also noticed that although most of the other boys were circumcised as he was, there were quite a few boys that had skin over the head of their penis. Tyler had never seen a penis like that before and he wondered what it would look like if the skin was rolled back. Tyler secretly wished that he could go up to each uncircumcised boy and pull the skin back and touch the exposed head. Just before Tyler entered the shower he noticed one of his best friends, Dalton, leaving the shower. Dalton’s penis was no stranger to Tyler. Tyler had touched Dalton’s penis numerous times and Dalton had done the same to Tyler. Tyler loved to spend the night at Dalton’s in a tree house that Dalton’s father had built for Dalton. Inside the tree house was an air mattress. The boys would place their sleeping bags on the air mattress for additional comfort. There was also a portable TV that was battery operated. The boys would spend hours in the tree house watching TV and feasting on snacks. Once the TV was turned off, the boys would zip their sleeping bags together and get inside to cuddle and do what boys love to do with each other Dalton’s circumcised penis could easily extend to 4 1/2 inches when hard. In it’s soft state, his penis could measure 3 inches. A little bigger than Tyler’s when soft. Dalton weighed almost 70 pounds and was an inch taller than Tyler. Dalton was the same age as Tyler, 9 years old. Dalton had light brown hair along with beautiful dark brown eyes. Like Tyler, Dalton had no hint of pubic hair yet. Almost all of the girls in the 4th grade had a crush on Dalton because of his good looks. Dalton was not interested in girls yet. He was more interested in Tyler being osmaniye escort attracted to him rather than any 4th grade girl. Dalton learned to masturbate when his uncle Steve stayed with the family for a week. Uncle Steve was 19 and about to enter a local Community College close to Dalton’s home. Uncle Steve’s family lived quite a distance from Dalton’s family. Uncle Steve was going to live in a Fraternity house but he loved Dalton and , if invited, would have lived with their family. The Uncle and Dalton slept in Dalton’s queen size bed during the week. Dalton was awakened on the first night by the Uncle’s hand on his belly. The hand was rubbing from the belly button to the top of Dalton’s underwear. Dalton loved the feeling and put his hand on top of his Uncles hand guiding his uncles hand to his penis which was beginning to harden. Uncle Steve cupped Dalton’s erect penis and balls and gently played with them. Every night during that week, Dalton’s Uncle masturbated him as well as taking Dalton’s penis into his mouth . Dalton hated to see Uncle Steve leave after the week but he enjoyed every minute of his Uncles visit. He also knew that Uncle Steve would be living close to them and would be visiting often. Tyler had played with Dalton’s hard penis several times in the past month. For the past 3 weekends, Tyler had been allowed to stay with Dalton on Friday nights and he was looking forward to the next Friday. The parents of Tyler and Dalton knew that the boys were good friends and they were happy that they enjoyed camping out every Friday night. Tyler knew what Dalton had done with his uncle, Dalton was eager to share with Dalton all the details that happened that week. Being best of friends, Tyler assured Dalton that he would never tell anyone. There was one other boy Tyler noticed while taking his shower and he was sexually attracted to the boy. His name was Cooper and Cooper had a large uncircumcised penis, maybe 5 inches soft and he was 10 years old.. He had watched Cooper walk to the shower and loved how his huge penis would swing from left to right after every step. Cooper’s locker was next to Tyler’s locker and when Cooper returned from the shower he sat on the bench next to Tyler to change into his bathing suit. Tyler made several glances at the soft 5 inch penis and wanted to reach down and just feel it. Cooper was a Hispanic boy and had a brown complexion. His hair and eyes were brown. He was only 4 feet 10 and 79 pounds . His 5 inch penis looked very impressive against his slender build. As Dalton left the shower he noticed Tyler in line and gave him a big smile. Tyler’s eyes made a quick glance down to Dalton’s very familiar penis and returned the smile. Dalton, likewise, make a quick glance down to Tyler’s soft penis and thought about the fun they would have on Friday night. Dalton remembered the wonderful feeling he experienced when his uncle was sucking on his hard dick. He wondered if Tyler would want to do that. Dalton realized that he needed to get to his locker ostim escort quickly as he could feel his penis beginning to harden. Tyler felt a warm feeling in his own groin and realized that he had been stimulated thinking about Friday night and his penis was beginning to harden. Tyler quickly moved under a shower head and turned the water on cold, quickly causing the penis to soften to it’s natural shape. Smiling, Tyler took a quick 30 second cold shower and headed back to his locker, looking one last time at Dalton putting his swim suit on. Tyler felt a smile come over his face as he realized that in just two more nights he would be in the tree house with Dalton again and enjoy the feel of Dalton touching his penis and in return playing with Dalton’s penis. Tyler had been awake for several minutes and woke up just as Christian had pulled his sheets down in order to watch himself masturbate. Tyler’s penis grew to it’s full 3 inches as he watched his brother stroke his own 4 1`2 inch hard dick. When Christian began spurting out his boy honey, Tyler’s thoughts turned to what he and Dalton had been doing and he wondered how much longer it would be before he and Dalton could shoot like Christian did. Tyler also wondered if his brother had done stuff with another boy like he and Dalton had been doing. Tyler had seen Christian jacking off other times but never said anything as he enjoyed watching his brother play with his penis. Tyler would keep that little secret to himself. He began to wonder what Christian would say or do if he was to ever see him jacking off in bed. Tyler had only recently learned to jack off, thanks to Dalton, and he was doing it almost every night when he thought Christian was asleep. Many times he did it while Christian was awake but he made so little movement that Christian never knew he was doing it. When Tyler would masturbate, he would often think of Dalton but many times he would think of some of the boys that he had seen naked at the Y. He would pretend that he and his fantasy were face to face and humping each other naked. Christian got out of his bed after he masturbated and walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. With Christian in the bathroom, Tyler took his right hand and stuck it inside his white jockey shorts and began fondling his erect penis, while still lying in his bed. . He pulled the covers down, just as Christian had done, and began to masturbate his 3 1/2 cock. Tyler used his thumb to rub the front of his cock and used the index and middle finger to rub the back of the penis. It was the way Dalton had done it to him . Tyler looked down at his throbbing hard penis and wished it could shoot sperm like Christian’s had done. It will happen someday, he thought to himself. He wished it would happen when Dalton was playing with his penis. Tyler began to masturbate thinking about Dalton and then Cooper. After several minutes, Tyler’s thoughts turned to kissing Cooper’s penis and inserting Cooper’s penis into his mouth, eagerly sucking on Coopers huge penis . Tyler moved his lips into a sucking motion and pretended he was sucking. . Tyler felt the orgasm slowly begin as his little cut penis began to throb up and down. He let out a quiet moan and enjoyed the sensations he was feeling. He loved this feeling .

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