The date plannerThe date planner


It had been one hell of a week at work and I was excited to be headed home for the weekend. I was promised a date night by the hubs, but that usually consisted of us asking, “no, where do you want to eat?” back and forth for an hour then finally settling on one of the three places we always go. I pulled in the driveway but didn’t see Joey’s truck. How odd. There was a note on the door that read, “you’ll find it on the bed.” Hmmmm….what was up his sleeve now? Never one to turn down an adventure, I excitedly rushed in, almost giggling. I opened the bedroom door and laid on the neatly made bed was a white box with an extravagant black ribbon. I could tell by the size of the box there was something to wear inside. My husband had never been much of a planner, but since we started a dom/sub relationship several months ago after ten Esenyurt escort years of marriage, his skills had started to surprise me. I pulled the silk ribbon and opened the carefully packaged box to find a very short black dress. Every girl’s dream of the perfect little black dress was now draped from my arm. It was definitely something I would never have bought for myself. It was beautiful. I carefully laid it on the bed to see what else was in the package. There were red heels, a red necklace, and much to my surprise, a fairly large anal plug with a red jewel on the end. There was a note included. My pulse was racing. “Lesley my love, be a good girl and go get showered. Shave everything clean and make sure you are all cleaned out and ready for anything I might have in store. You will Etiler escort bayan curl your hair. You may wear waterproof mascara and red lipstick. You will put the clothing I have selected for you on. The plug is to be inserted when you are finished. You will receive further instructions then. You have one hour. Don’t be late.” The note was signed, “All my demands, Sir”. Well isn’t that cute? An hour wasn’t much time. Luckily I had showered that morning and could dry roll my hair to curl it. That would save me a few minutes. I jumped in the shower to shave and make sure all my holes were smooth and squeaky clean. I dried off, threw my hair up, and applied the minimal makeup that Sir requested. I must hand it to him, he sure knew my kinks and liked to indulge me. I held up the very sheer dress Escort Eyüp realizing there was no bra or panties included in the box, and that was very intentional. He knew my bare nipples would struggle against the fabric of the dress and that just knowing my plugged ass was bare and that nothing stood between it and anyone else in public was already making me wet and a little terrified. I finished getting dressed and reached for the plug. It wasn’t the largest thing I’d ever put in my ass but it was certainly larger than the plugs we used on the daily at home. He was preparing me for something. I applied a tiny bit of lube to my pulsating ass and pushed the plug to the hilt til it popped in. I headed back through the bedroom to the kitchen to find out what was in store for the rest of my eveningI walked into the kitchen, and on the bar, there was a single manila envelope with another black bow. Ahhh, we have clue number two. I looked around and listened. Still no sign of Sir but he had obviously been here while I showered because the envelope wasn’t there when I came in. I flipped it open to find another letter. 

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