The DanceThe Dance

Aj Applegate

A stamp to the wrist and Kari was in. It was ladies night at her favorite club and as always it was packed with tons of people. Kari loved the bright neon lights as they shot off into different directions. One of the biggest attractions of the night was the handful of girls doing their favorite dance number, on top of the bar. They danced the same steps to the beat, their hands touching the brass railing, hanging down from the ceiling, as they cat walked back and forth along the bar. At the end of the song, the girls stopped to pose, the crowd of people below, clapping and cheering.

Kari grabbed her cell phone from her pocket. “Was it going to be seconds, minutes, or hours before he arrived.” she thought to herself.

“I’ll find you.” was the last thing he told her, when he called her.

Excited with all the anticipation, Kari walked over to the bar to get a drink. With a beer in her hand, she approached the edge of the dance floor. The music was loud but, the best kind to dance to, and she began to scan the dance floor.

A couple caught her eye, barely moving, not keeping pace with the music. Kari watched him lean into the woman. Her head tilted to the side as he talked deeply into her ear. His hands gripped at her hips, and as they danced. He moved them, moving down her sides. Swaying slowly in front of him, she teased him with the slowest of movements. The beat of the music changing but, their pace remained the same.

While drinking her beer, Kari stood there watching them dance as they began to disappear into the crowd of people. Only his shoulders could be seen now as he towered over her.

“Would you like to dance?” a man said, standing behind Kari with a tap to her shoulder.

Kari turned toward him, placing her bottle down on the nearest table.

“Sure!” she said, walking in front of him, leading him to the dance floor.

They pushed their way through the people, reaching the center of the crowded floor. Kari turned, lifting her hands above her head, starting to dance in front of him.

“I’m Jason!” he said, leaning toward her, trying not to yell too loudly.

“Kari, nice to meet you.” she said, exchanging a smile with him.

Stepping closer, his hips moved into hers and one of her knees found its way between his. She looked up at Jason, placing her hand on top of his shoulder. The dance went on with very little conversation.

Kari looked over his shoulder, glancing at the door. The bouncer continues to stamp people as they file in but, with no sign of him. Kari darted her eyes toward the bar.

“Looking for someone?” Jason asked.

“Yea but, he’s not here yet.” Kari replied, disappointed.

“Dance with me until he shows?” Jason asked, smiling.

“Sure!” she said quickly, looking over toward the pool tables that were beside the bar.

The music picked up and the dance floor began to flood with more people. Pushing and nudging, people moved past them as she felt her body bump up against Jason. urla escort Her stomach tight against his, he grabbed Kari’s hip, bracing her so she wouldn’t fall any further.

“Oh sorry!” a woman said behind her as she felt her foot ache.

“No problem.” Kari turned back to Jason and smiled.

The bass was felt in her body, the crowd started to bounce and yell, as they threw their hands up in excitement. With a slow turn, she pressed her back into Jason’s chest. Reaching down, feeling for his hands, her fingers slipped between them.

Clutching her hands, Jason pulled them up and above her head. They started to dance faster with her hips moving in a wave of quick motion. Kari glanced down looking at his slightly bent knees, his thighs directly behind hers, following her every move.

Jason’s hands dropped, releasing Kari’s fingers. He traced down her elbows, the back of her arms, reaching her shoulders as she bent down further, only to rise again. Sinking down further, getting into the music, her body rocked with his.

Kari looked up and watched a guy in front of her, laughing at the girl dancing with him.

A double take and Kari can see him, leaning against the wall at the edge of the dance floor. Finally here, his penetrating smile widened. Kari continued to dance, smiling back at him, her heated eyes parting the crowd.

People passed in front of Kari and he caught glimpses of Kari’s body, moving to the music erotically in front of Jason. With a quick wink, Kari turned her back to him, now facing Jason. She lifted her hands, placing them into her hair, pulling it up off her shoulders as she continued to rock back in forth. Looking at Jason, hiding her excitement, she felt him watching her. Every line, curve, and movement, his intense stare covered her body.

“I need a drink.” Jason said, as the song ends.

“Okay. I’m gonna hang here.” Kari said, watching him leave the dance floor.

Kari turned to look back at him. He’s gone, no where in sight. With a slow and steady scan, she began to turn, looking at each person, near the dance floor as she started to walk forward.

Suddenly, hands gripped her arms tightly, pulling them behind her back. “Where do you think you’re going?” he chuckled, pulling her back into him.

“No where, now.” Kari sighed.

His grip became loose, dropping his hands, holding her wrists. Another song began, his breath now felt next to her ear. “Dance with me.” he said, hold a wrist in each hand, placing them down against his side.

Without a word, Kari began to move with him. Turning her head slightly, feeling his cheek against hers. Her hands flat to his thighs, feeling his hand brush her hair to the side. The sexy music played by the DJ fed her excitement with each movement against him. His hand reached around, lying against her stomach, holding her tightly, pressed against him.

Kari grabbed at the material of his pants, pulling him toward kemalpaşa escort her. His sex behind her, as they move together, only inches apart. “A dance I have been waiting for.” he said, his breath deeper into her ear.

“A dance I have thought of a million times.” Kari said, covering the top of his hand with hers.

“Meet me outside in 15 minutes.” he ordered, his hand moving away from hers, disappearing behind her. Kari turned to find him gone, as she started to head for the door.

“Hey! Want another dance?” Jason said, grabbing her hand, from behind.

“No thanks. I’m going to go outside and get some air.” Kari said, smiling at him, slowly walking toward the door. Kari reached the front door, stepping out onto the sidewalk, searching for him.

“Need a ride? …” the bouncer asked, “…I can call you a taxi.”

“No. That’s ok. I’m just getting some air but, thanks.” Kari smiled, continuing to walk.

It was pitch black outside, on a warm summer night. The cars were at a slow crawl, going down the street in front of the club. Car horns went off now and then and Kari saw a girl, hanging out the window of a truck, yelling and waving her hand. A couple guys, stood on the sidewalk, waving back at her. Some people still in line outside the club, waited to get inside as others left. She walked across the crosswalk.

Arriving at the corner of the building, Kari looked down the alley. It was dark but, there was plenty of light from the street lights. He was waiting, leaning against the brick wall. Walking toward him, the alley seemed to get longer and longer as she walked along. His voice cut through the darkness like a knife.

“A little further. I won’t bite.” he said, while she walked toward him slowly.

Standing before him, her skin was still heated from dancing. He took the tip of his finger and began tracing up the front of her shirt.

“The dancing is over, huh?” Kari said, in a slow and low voice, his finger traveling up to the dip in her neck.

He pulled her chin up with the end of his finger. “I have a different dance.” he whispered, bringing her lips almost to his.

He turned his face, lightly kissing her cheek. Kari’s mouth instinctively dropped open as she took a breath. He backed up, looking into her eyes, just for a moment as they dropped down to her jeans. He hooked his finger into a belt loop, and with a quick tug, he turned her. Spinning her around, he pulled her back up against him. Grabbing another belt loop, he tugged her tightly against him. Squeezing his hands at her hips, she turned her head, glancing up the alley.

The alley flickered with flashes of light as cars drove by. Peering at the edge of the building, trying not to be seen, was Jason. He appeared as though he’d been standing there for a long time, frozen in his stance.

“Looks like you got company.” he chuckled.

His laugh rang in her ear while his hands teased her, knowing Jason menderes escort stood there watching them. Letting go of her jeans, he moved, letting her back fall into the wall, where he once stood. Kari felt the cold and rough bricks against her skin, scratching at the palms, her hand pressed against the wall.

Kari’s stare filled with an intense desire, watching him take his shirt off. With great effort she remained still, trying not to tremble in front of him. His shoulders were cooled by the outside air, the heat was seen coming off his skin as he stood there before her.

Breaking her gaze, she looked back down the alley. Jason now leaned against the wall, his shoulder pressed against it as if it were holding him up. He stood there admiring the sight in front of him, as Kari’s eyes shut suddenly, feeling the rush of excitement while his breath spilled into her ear.

The straps to her top pulled down, his fingers drug down the sides of her arms. His lips barely touched hers as more skin was exposed. His mouth followed, staying clear of her breasts.

Opening her eyes, looking down, he tugged her top down around her hips, leaving it there. He rose slowly, dragging his hands up each side of her thighs. Then suddenly grabbing her wrists, he pulled them above her head. With one hand, he pressed them into the cold brick wall, as his free hand tugged Kari’s jeans toward him. With just enough room, the back of his fingers ran along the inside of her jeans.

The warm flesh of his strong hands caused her stomach to heave from his touch. Chills cover her skin as she began to feel weak, almost hanging from his grip. Kari’s nipples became erect, grazing against his chest.

Another quick glance and Jason was gone. Too distracted, Kari shut her eyes again as his hand dips down, invading the inside her jeans. A soft moan leaves Kari’s lips as he whispers to her.

“Mmm, you do miss me, don’t you?” his hand finding the tip of her sex, once covered by her jeans, now soaked with excitement.

“I was expecting you.” Kari said, wickedly.

“Yeah? Were you expecting to cum tonight too?” he said, the bite to his voice, very clear.

Unable to answer him, trembling at the touch of his hand, his fingers climbed into her pink satin, torturing her with the slightest movement. Suddenly, Kari’s knees began to give out, as he released her wrists, grabbing a hold of her with his aggressive embrace.

Kari dug her hands into his shoulders, as if that were the only thing to hold onto. Her head dropped back, feeling his teeth sink into her neck as he wickedly whisper under his breath.

“Give me what I crave.” his words melting in Kari’s ears, feeling the squeeze of the intense pleasure, filling her core.

Loss of breath and then a sudden gasp followed as Kari’s moans bounced off the walls in the alley. She shook with intensity as the flow of white heat released, covering his waiting hand. Kari’s head dropped to his shoulder, holding onto him tightly.

Minutes passed, as she brought her head up, looking at him with a soft smile. He leaned forward, kissing her deeply. Breaking off his kiss, she embraced him tightly and looked down the alley once again. Kari laid her head on his shoulder. A shadow was seen but, not made out as it suddenly disappeared.

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