The Conversations (as I imagine them)The Conversations (as I imagine them)


The Conversations (as I imagine them)Wendy: Look, it’s him again, the creepy little git from the stores.Jacqui: I’m not looking thanks.Wendy: that’s every day he’s been up here, gazing through the window at you. Jacqui: stupid little tosser.Wendy: d’ya know what?! You’re not going to believe this, but I think………..I think he’s gonna do it in his pants…….Wendy: OMG! He’s actually doing it!Jacqui: you’re fucking joking!Wendy: He’s cumming in his pants! I’ve never, ever seen that before! Jacqui: It was always obvious he’s a wanker. Don’t encourage him, get on with your work!Wendy: Who’s bossy then?! Jacqui: Like that’s gonna help?! We’ll never get rid of him if you encourage him.Wendy: Sorry Jack, it’s just I’ve never seen a bloke cum in his pants before, it’s just, well, fucking amazing! What a fucking wanker!Jacqui: every time he sees me, it’s like he goes in a trance. I just ignore him. Stupid wankers like that, you get them all the time, ogling away. That’s what you get when you’ve got big tits. You must get that too?Wendy: Can’t say I’ve ever really noticed. After this that’s what I’ll always be thinking now!-O -Receptionist: Alright? Donna: Yeah fine.Receptionist: It looked like he’d wet himself? Made sure I got a good look to!Donna: yeah, don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. I mean this is quite a low-cut top, but not that much?! Receptionist: what, he tossed in his trousers or something – or pressed up against you like the pervs in the Tube trains?!Donna: Naaah, god, I wouldn’t have that. No he just looked. Gawked actually, and did it. Receptionist: what was the briefcase all about, he don’t look like an office worker – in fact he looks like a perv!Donna: well it was obvious when he was asking to see me pose, it was gonna be full of dirty books. I think when I opened it to see them all that was part of what was getting him going. Takes all sorts. Receptionist: yeah makes sense. So he wanted to see yer tits and that?Donna: No! He just, well, ogled and ogled, like he’d never seen cleavage before, it took about 3 seconds and then he’s moaning and wetting himself. It’s weird really – I mean I’ve had fellas toss off before loads, but just cum in his pants, just like that?! Yeah he said he don’t get to see cleavage very often.Receptionist: that’s your dirty old man then. That’s why he wanted to keep kaçak iddaa showing me his wet patch, bloody old wanker! Wanker: sorry Miss, er, uhm, er, I forgot me carrier bag.Donna: that’s alright love, where did you leave it?Wanker: er, uhm, it’s just here, by the chair, sorry Miss. Donna: don’t worry love, you’ve got it now. Take care now, have a nice day. Call again soon, won’t you?Donna: wonder what was in that? He looked a bit guilty didn’t he. I guess that comes from being a wanker though. -0 -Melanie: yeah he had these little mags, no nudes or nothing, you know, like lingerie stuff, old fashioned mags by the look of it. Bev: yeah those spick and span ones go way back, they’re not your proper nudie mags, more for your pervs who want to look up skirts and stuff, bloody wankers if you ask me. Melanie: is it normal for a bloke to cum in his pants, like seeing a girl show off? Bev: Eh? What happened then?Melanie: well he was showing me these spick thingys, you know the pictures in the little mags so I could copy the poses. He’d written all sorts of pervy stuff in there, you know all about her making him spunk in his pants, and well….Bev: so you did the pose, he’s watching, then what?Melanie: I mean, I know what it’s like when a bloke cums, obviously but, well, he’s got this look on his face like he’s never seen this before, I mean, I’m wearing this skirt and black panties and doing this pose, and it’s like he can’t believe his eyes, and it’s like, 2 seconds, and he makes this funny noise and just bends in half and sort of bobs up and down! I’ve never seen anything like it! Bev: yeah it’s gotta be. That’s bloody weird, never heard of that before. This could be very useful, very lucrative. Make sure you keep him happy Mel.Melanie: like I don’t always?! This should be easy though.Bev: how did it go? Everything all right babe?Melanie: yeah piece of cake. God he LOVED the photos, couldn’t stop going on about how lovely they were. Bev: yeah well you do take a good photo babe. So, did he……d’ya make him again?Melanie: oh yeah – I’m in there alright. He’ll be back for more, time and time again! God it’s like he just goes in a trance when I pose, I’ve never seen anything like it. He kept saying he’s never seen a girl pose before, weird stuff like that.Bev: just gotta keep him sweet then and we’ll look to increase kaçak bahis the fees, I bet we’re onto a good thing here, cash cow like.Melanie: sure, I’m up for that. It’s like, well, he don’t even touch himself, just sort of, OGLES, with that gawping look on his face – all I did was copy the pose in my photo he was holding then he’s doing it in his pants, just wets himself. Then he’s happy as anything and keeps saying how lovely I am and all that. Easy money that’s for sure. Bev: jackpot I reckon. You gonna up the levels, continental and that, maybe hand-relief, or full service?Melanie: well he says he’s never done it so I thought well, we’re in here, but it’s like he was really scared when I mentioned it, thought he was going to do a runner for a mo.Bev: never done it?? Got ‘is leg over you mean?!?Melanie: Yeah, so he says, it’s like, he never gets near me, gets nervous if I get too close and that, and when I said ‘if you’ve never done it, that would be an experience for you then’, he was like, backing off big time, going ‘oh no, I couldn’t, I don’t want anything like that’, weird guy. I mean, he’s written all over those little mags stuff like ‘this is where She MADE me spunk my pants’, and she’s only showing stocking-tops maybe. Real wanker. But it’s ok, he’s happy to pay so we’re in there I reckon.Melanie: ok Graham. Times up.Wanker: Eh? Melanie: you’ve got your photos, so, er, time to go. OK? Hope you enjoy the photos Graham, do let me know what you think! I’m looking forward to hearing how many times you cum over them, I know you love telling me. Maybe give me a call and tell me all about it? Wanker: Ohhhhhh…lovely pics Miss, lovely pics…….. Gasp! Oh LOOK WHAT SHE’S DOING! She’s RAISED IT RIGHT UP! Knick-knix! Wanker LOVES it Miss! Ohhhhhhh………OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!Melanie: Hullo?Wanker: Oh hullo Miss, it’s the wanker that loves you!Melanie: hullo Graham, how are you?!Wanker: I’m alright Miss. Melanie: so did you like the pictures. Wanker: Ohhh they’re lovely Miss, LOVELY!Melanie: Oh I’m glad you like them. Have you been having a nice time with them?! Wanker: Oh Miss, it’s been LOVELY. You know when I left the other day, well I couldn’t wait till I got home to look at the new pics, so I parked round the corner. I only looked at about 4 or 5 pics then you made me cum in my pants Miss!Melanie: illegal bahis Really Graham?! You’re a wanker then, for doing that! I’m only showing my knickers but that’s more than you can take, isn’t it. -O – Leigh: – Hi Dan, hows you?!Danica: yeah good thanks. You? – there’s this guy I want to tell you about, a wanker like, a bit pathetic, he likes to cum in his pants looking at cleavage, we did a photo session in a studio in London but I was thinking how about we do the next one here?Leigh: sure yeah, no problem. Is he one of your ‘chaps’ then?Danica: I’ve only seen him the once but I’m sure he will be. He’s got a lot of my photos, well, he says he has, sends me scans of some photos going back years, he puts captions on and stuff, some have even got stains on, if you know what I mean, then he sends me his worship sheets – Leigh: worship sheets??!Danica: that’s what he calls them, it’s my photos then he puts a cartoon on, supposed to be him I’m guessing, cumming in his pants. Leigh: well I’ve never heard of that before! Sounds a right perv!Danica: He’s very sweet actually, always respectful, always complimentary, never pushy, you know, subservient.Leigh: right, pervert ‘chap’ then. What is it you’re wanting to do then, just a shoot?Danica: not exactly sure, I need to find out what he wants, I don’t want to get too carried away, but he’s asked if he can bring his laptop, printed worship sheets and he wants to video it all too, I’m assuming he’ll bring his camera like last time. Leigh: ok, well just let me know some dates and we’ll take it from there. Danica: bye Graham, safe journey!Leigh: Bye!Wanker: bye! Leigh: good session?!Danica: Yeah, went well I think. Leigh: what?!Danica: well you know when I changed into the basque and that? . Bit unfair really cause he said he only wants to see like, short skirts and tight tops, but I couldn’t resist it, putting that on, just to see how he’d react. .Leigh: and??!Danica: Well he was gob-smacked! Speechless for about half an hour. . I don’t think he’s ever seen a girl, like so skimpy-dressed. Leigh: oh well I bet he loved it!Danica: yeah I think he cum in his pants! Leigh: my god! You didn’t see?Danica: Well he was doing his best to hide it – – I bet he’s had lots of practice! . Leigh: oh dear, that’s the funniest ting I’ve heard for a while! So he didn’t take his mac or his hat off then?Danica: No, kept it zipped up all the time, like he did last time.Leigh: to cover the evidence! . Danica: next time I’ll tell him he can leave his mac open! I might even go topless too!

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