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My name is Tammy, and I am a forty-three-year-old married woman who has been working in the advertising field for the past twenty years. I started at my firm’s bottom of the ladder when I graduated from college. Through the years, I worked to be a high-ranking executive at the same firm.I started dating my husband during our junior year of college. He became a very successful lawyer after graduation. We were living the good life. Between our salaries, we could experience many good things that others were not allowed to.The only thing that was missing in my life was having a child. We tried for many years, and we could not conceive a child. Because of this, I buried myself in my career, and my hubby did the same. However, we did enjoy the material things in life, such as traveling and fine dining. We interacted with the people who held elite rankings in our community. Many would say we were snobs, although I never considered myself that. Because of all this, we did grow apart, and our intimacy was just about non-existent. As I mentioned earlier, my career did flourish, and I was given many high-profile clients. I guess that is why when I heard a large client was coming to us for their next advertising campaign, I was not surprised to be called into Mr. Henry’s office, our firm’s president.In the office, they confirmed that we are in the running to earn advertising for a large shoe company. As I said before, I was not surprised, but I was shocked when they told me Michael would be working with me on this campaign.I was surprised because Michael had only been with the firm for about two years. He is a large black man who thought of himself as a stud. He has worked his way through most of the female employees at the firm. All the guys in the firm always catered to him because he was a big-name football player in college, and they just all liked to live their life through him.  So I figured he was here only for show, and I would be stuck doing all the work on my own anyway.About an hour after meeting with Mr. Henry, my assistant notified me that Michael was here to see me. He entered my office excitedly after hearing that we would work together. Michael shared some thoughts he had about the direction he thought we might want to go. I listened to what he had to say for a while and ended the meeting by telling him we would have to get our game plan and see what direction we should go, and then we could come up with some ideas. We set up a meeting for later that afternoon.I sat at my desk after Michael left, and I could only think, who the fuck does this kid think he is coming into my office telling me what to do. I was pretty pissed. The more I thought about it, the hotter I got.I put it out of my mind and went to lunch with an old college friend. Sammy and I have been great friends and a little more since our freshman year. We have experienced many things together, and we share everything. She is well aware of my life and romantic şişli escort struggles as I am of hers. This lunch was no different for Sammy and me. We discussed everything that was happening in our lives. I told her about Michael and how he pissed me off just a few hours ago.Sammy brought up an interesting point when she asked me if I didn’t like Michael’s recommendations because they sucked or if I had other feelings for him.I told her that although he was a handsome man standing six foot seven inches with arms that were as big as most men’s legs and a hard well-toned frame, I had no interest in him. Sammy just smiled at me with a devilish grin.I was disappointed to hear Sammy had to leave town right after her appointment this afternoon, but we did promise to get together again for one of our famous fun-filled getaways very soon.I met with Michael that afternoon, and I consciously tried to keep an open mind as I thought about what Sammy had told me. We had our first meeting, and I admit I was pleased with some of Michael’s thoughts. We constantly met over the next week, spending many hours together and long nights. We got to know each other reasonably well, and I have to admit that my attitude toward Michael was changing.Mr. Henry came into one of the meetings Michael and I had to check on our progress. He informed us that the client offered to host us at their company to get a feel and a look at the people who work there and the products they produce. He went on to tell us that he also thought it was a good idea and accepted the invitation. We are to leave on Monday for a week.Michael and I flew out on Monday. Our attitudes were different now that we were out of the office. We joked, and hell, we even flirted some, I saw Michael in a different light, but I also needed to be realistic. Even though I kept myself in good shape and still got compliments about my five-foot-eight frame, my large breast and lone legs always got me noticed. I had to remember that I was eighteen years older than Michael. I could be his mother. I kept that in the back of my mind during our flirting.  We checked into our hotel and put our luggage in the rooms. Michael had the room across from mine, which made it more convenient for us.Our days were quite busy as we spent time with our client, talking to his employees and touring his company. We had much downtime between having dinner together and relaxing at the bar on our nights. I started thinking about Michael in ways I hadn’t had about another man since I was married.Alone at night, I even found myself thinking about him sexually. Thinking that he must be a good lover since he has had just about all the women in the office. I found my hand working its way into my panties and rubbing my clit as I thought about how good he must be. With it so long since hubby and I had any physical contact, it didn’t take long before I slammed two fingers in me and exploded into a wild orgasm.After mecidiyeköy escort our day at work, we met for a quick dinner and went to the bar down the street that a hotel staff told us about. It was a busy place and had a live band playing. After a few drinks, Michael asked me if I wanted to dance. I always liked to dance and didn’t see any harm in having two co-workers dance together. After that first dance, we spent the rest of the night on the dance floor. I was having a great time and felt so relaxed. We decided to go back to the hotel after the next dance. I felt very nervous as the next song came on, and it was a slow dance. I looked up at Michael and said, “It’s okay. We can head out now.”Michael stood his ground and told me not to be silly. Two adults can enjoy a slow dance together. We made our way to the dance floor, and when Michael took me into his arms, I felt flushed yet comfortable.The song ended, and we walked back to our rooms. We didn’t talk much as we returned to the hotel, but I was turned on. Once back in my room, I undressed and lay on the bed as my fingers again found their way to my soaking wet pussy. That night I was not satisfied with just one orgasm; I pleasured myself to two before falling asleep.The next day Michael and I once again spent time at our client’s company. Because most of the people we interacted with at the company were spending the afternoon in meetings, Michael and I returned to the hotel to enjoy some downtime.Once back at the hotel, Michael asked me if I had brought a suit because he was planning to get a swim in to relax. I agreed swimming would help us relax since it has been a hectic week. I told Michael I would meet him at the pool.I pulled my sit out of my luggage and started second guessing my choice of swimwear. I packed my black bikini. There was nothing wrong with it, and it was not too revealing, but I thought, is this what I should wear in front of a co-worker while we are on a business trip? There was not much I could do about it since it was all I had brought, so I changed into it. Standing in front of the mirror, I thought that those extra days at the gym had been paying off. I was feeling very good about myself the way I looked in it.I put on the long terry cloth robe in the room and headed to the pool area. Entering the pool area, Michael walked out of the pool. My mouth opened as I watched his wet fit body walk over to his lounge chair and take his towel to dry off.He looked over to the door as he now noticed I was there. He went on to tell me that the water felt great and it was so relaxing. I walked over and put my stuff on the lounge chair next to his. I have to admit I was nervous about taking my robe off. Even though there was no one in the pool area except for Michael, I was nervous. I took a deep breath and said to myself. It’s now or never. I undid my robe and threw it onto the lounge chair.I built up some confidence as I watched Michael’s reaction. His eyes scanned up and down my body as he softly said, “Wow.”Once he realized he had said that louder than he expected, he quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to be disrespectful, but you look amazing.”I smiled, but it turned me on to hear him say that. I brushed his comments off and moved to the pool. Michael was right. The water felt so lovely and was very relaxing. We swam for a while and then relaxed on the lounge chairs as we dried off. After spending much time together as of late and spending this week together, our conversations have turned into much more personal issues. Michael told me he was jealous of me for having a stable relationship since that is what he is looking for. Without thinking, I made a statement I shouldn’t have when I told him, “Well, everything is not always as it seems.”Michael didn’t respond, but I could see the look he gave me and that he was thinking about what I said. I immediately knew I had said something I shouldn’t have. I quickly tried to move away from my statement as I told him, “Well, how do you expect to get a serious relationship when you work your way through all the women in the office?”Michael did not respond to my statement, and we moved on to other topics. We talked for about another half hour and then decided to go up, get dressed, and meet for dinner. I went back to my room to get ready, but I could not stop thinking about seeing Michael stepping out of the pool. His hard ripped body looked so hot. Once again, my hand moved between my legs as I pleasured myself to take the edge off before dinner.As I showered and dressed for dinner, my mind wandered as I questioned what was happening to me. I thought about how much I had masturbated this week as I thought about another man. This can’t be, I am married, and although things are nonexistent in the bedroom, this cannot happen. He is so much younger than I am, and I am not the type of woman he would be after, so I need to get my head on straight and stop these thoughts.I finished dressing and met Michael in the hotel restaurant. He was there first and sat at a table by the window with a beautiful view of the city. I commented on how the scenery was breathtaking. Michael never turned his head and looked at me when he responded, “Yes, very breathtaking.”We had a delicious dinner before going to the bar to have a few nightcaps before returning to our rooms. The night was so lovely. The company, the conversation, everything. I cannot think of any recent times I had so much fun as I had tonight.When I stood to go back to my room, I realized I probably had more to drink than I was usually used to. I wasn’t drunk, but I was feeling buzzed for sure. Michael extended his arm to help me as we walked to our rooms. We reached our rooms and stood in the hallways as we finished our conversation. That is when my life changed.Michael went on to tell me how he had a great day and wished it didn’t have to end. He slowly moved in to kiss me. I stood there. I did not protest. If I was honest with myself, I wanted it to happen. Michael and I embraced in a hot passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever.

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