The Club “Illusions” Ch. 01The Club “Illusions” Ch. 01

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The club as always was packed, the two people having arrived almost at the exact moment, at the exact same place. Both lost in their own thoughts, unaware of how the night would end, how they would discover each other and in the process discover themselves. Each will tell their own thoughts, their own story but in the end, they shall be as one. Now, let us begin.

My name is Elizabeth, I’ve lived most of my life on the fringes, fearing life would be far easier not to give in to the basic instinct, the urge which I had managed to stifle, to calm until now. Until him.

I’m Jonathan; I too had kept to the shadows, to the darkness unaware that this night would finally offer me the chance to blossom, to let loose the demon which had long tortured me. All it took was her. Let me explain…

It all started a few days ago, work having once again taken up the majority of my time, going home feeling like entering a prison, one filled with darkness and the loneliness which now seemed as much a part of me as my legs and arms were. The city was Las Vegas, the walk far easier than driving. Of course as I did I was bombarded by the sights and sounds of the minions. Every day, it mattered not if it were six in the morning or in the evening; the people were all about, some of them hawking their wares and the decadent pleasures that might be found. It was such a paper, an advertisement which had been thrust in my hands that as I sat down in my apartment I began to read.

The place was called “Illusions” and it proclaimed, “Where nothing is as it seems”. The picture of people, some in torment, others in obvious satisfaction at their status in life, lording over another. I had heard of the club, it catered to those whose lifestyles dealt in that which up until now I had managed to keep buried deep within my psyche. My desires, my fantasies of such that I feared if they were ever to be found out, let alone acted upon would only bring pain and sorrow. Never thinking that life as I called it now brought both along with the constant feeling of being so very alone.

My hands trembled as I read of that Friday night, an introduction to the world of B you’ll be fine, I promise, okay?” I tried to smile bravely but as she walked away I sighed and wondered if maybe I shouldn’t leave.

Elizabeth didn’t realize that her new found friend’s retreat wasn’t caused by her but by another…me. I too had lingered in the darkness and she must have sensed that I was about to run, my head hanging down wondering what I had possibly been thinking by coming here. I sighed but before I could take a single step I felt an arm go through mine and I looked up to see this beautiful creature smiling at me saying, “Well hello there, I’m Nan and you?”

I of course with all my usual calm and confident assurance immediately forgot my own name and it took several seconds before I managed to stammer, “I, I’m Jon, Jonathan Samuels.”

Her eyes lit up at the sound of those words looking at me and saying, “Jonathan Samuels, the writer?” I managed to nod my head, surprised to see that someone would actually know of my writings but before I could ask her of such I heard a voice say that they would be beginning shortly. “Do you have a number love?” I opened my palm to see a coin which had been clutched tight in my hand ever since I had walked in the door, the number 22 on the round circle and she smiled saying, “Please, promise me you won’t leave, not until I’ve returned, will you do that, please?” I managed to force a smile of my own as I nodded and with that she was gone.

Neither of us knew, neither of us saw Nan make her way backstage where she confided with a gentleman, a man whose eyes shone with such love for her that he had to be her lover, her significant other. Finally, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and with a smile turned and walked to the side of the stage where several others were gathering.

With that the gentleman stepped forth, introducing himself and telling those in attendance that he welcomed them to the club, his name was Matthew and that he would be drawing numbers, assigning members of the club to help guide them during their introduction to this world. He began to draw number after number until finally the only person remaining on the side of the stage was the woman he introduced as his wife, his “Mistress”, his Nan and then the pulled out the final two remaining numbers which amazingly taksim escort were 22 and 29.

With that I began to make my way slowly toward the stage, unaware that there was a woman right behind me. Each of us were looking at Nan and seeing a welcoming smile as she first took the hand of the young beauty before mine. “Okay, that’s the easy part, now comes the hard one and I think this might be best if we do things a little differently. Will you both trust me, please?” We nodded and Nan looked at me and said, “Ladies first, will you excuse us for a few minutes?”

I acquiesced, standing up and going to the bar where I sat only to find the man named Matthew taking a seat next to mine. He looked at me with a smile and said, “Trust her my friend, she’s wise far beyond her years and who knows, you just might find what you’ve been looking for all along.” I didn’t even have a chance to reply, he was simply gone seconds later.

Nan meanwhile was deep in conversation with the woman who sat across from her. Both of them carried their beauty well but the woman I would come to know as Elizabeth did so with a bit of a crimson shade on her cheeks, an indication that she had told Nan something which had been difficult for her to reveal. For a moment I felt a panic wash over me, knowing that soon she would ask me the same. The only solace I took was in noticing how as the minutes progressed that Elizabeth seemed to relax, her laughter became more evident and her smile seemed to warm to the occasion making her even more lovely.

He was right, it had been difficult at first but Nan was so sweet, so kind. “Okay Elizabeth, let me tell you my thoughts. You’ve told me what you desire and I think you have a bit of a submissive inside of you, desiring those things which excite you and I must be frank, they would excite me as well. Does that make you feel better?” I smiled my agreement, feeling like I’d found a kindred spirit but then I heard her say, “I must also tell you that for some reason though I also sense a bit of a dominant, desiring to test the waters as a woman who might exert such power over another. Does that interest you as well?”

The remark caught me a bit off guard but her words had indeed found their mark and I managed to shyly smile and say, “Yes Nan, the thought does intrigue me, is that wrong?”

Her laughter rang out and she replied, “No honey, not at all, you should be happy. It’s not often that you find someone who can enjoy both ends of the spectrum. You’re doubly blessed. Now, I’ll be right back” and with that she stood to walk over to the man who was sitting at the bar.

The hand that touched my shoulder was gentle and I turned to see Nan standing there. She must have sensed the worry in my eyes as she leaned in and said, “I promise, whatever you say will be in confidence Jonathan, I swear this, okay?” I tried to give her a brave smile but as she took my hand and led me toward a corner of the room all I could feel was impending doom.

I knew my hand had to be cold, clammy but Nan held on tightly, weaving her way as people called out to her and she smiled, greeting some, waving at others but never stopping. We came a table in the corner, a secluded spot and as I held the chair out for her she nodded, noticing my courtesy while sitting down gracefully.

I moved to sit across from her but she said, “No Jonathan, sit next to me, please?” I did as she asked, my eyes trying not to stare at such beauty, her body encased in a simple but elegant black velvet dress. She made such a look seem so regal, almost as if she belonged with royalty and to find her sitting with a man such as I left me feeling like a pauper who had been granted an audience with from what I had seen was one of the two loveliest princesses’ in all the land. “You seem a million miles away honey”, the words bringing me back to reality as a young woman stopped by and took our drink orders.

“I, I’m sorry Nan, I’m a little nervous I guess.”

She let her hand rest on top of mine, leaning in and giving me a warm smile as she said, “Jonathan, it’s alright, it’s okay to be nervous. It’s a strange place, with strange people but something brought you here, did it not?” I nodded, knowing my face was beginning to flush, just as I had seen Elizabeth’s do and I sighed. The two glasses of wine arrived and she picked up hers and said, “Why don’t topkapı escort I propose a toast?” I lifted my glass, praying she wouldn’t notice how it trembled in my hand and she said, “Here’s to secrets shared and dreams that come to life.”

How appropriate, how perfect I thought as I sipped at the delicious beverage and as I put it down I began to think it could happen, it really could. “Jonathan, I want you to do something for me. I want you to take my hand, close your eyes and I want you to write me a story. A story telling me why you are here and what you are searching for. Only one, possibly two will read this tale, no one else will know, will have any idea of the words, the thoughts, the fantasies. Anything and everything you decide to share with me and if you agree, possibly one other. Your words will remain our secret unless you decide when and if it is not to be. Can you do that for me please?”

I sat there, my mind awhirl wondering if I could. If I could manage to speak my heart to someone even as wonderful as she had been, to a total stranger. I started to shake my head no but something stopped me, a voice inside my head saying if you leave now, if you walk away, will you always wonder what might have been, what could have been? Nan was kind enough not to pressure me, simply sipping at her wine, her posture as if she was simply sitting and chatting with a friend. Not a word said, simply a presence which said I have all the time in the world for you, I shall be here when you are ready.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath before I began and slowly, very slowly the words began to flow. I lost track of time, place, of everything as I simply spoke, telling of the past, dreaming of the future until finally I was aware that I was done. I once again sighed, opening my eyes and I did so to the sight of the exquisite woman sitting there, a slight smile on her face, she reached up to touch me gently on my face saying in a voice as soft as a whisper, “Thank you Jonathan, you honor me kind sir.” I recognized the line, it was one I had used frequently in my writings and she grinned saying, “I’m sorry love, I just couldn’t resist”, bringing a bit of a shy smile to my face.

“I made a few observations when I spoke to our new friend a short while ago, would you allow me to do the same for you please?” I nodded; dreading to hear what I thought would be a condemnation of such decadent wishes but instead could only sit in amazement as I listened to, “You seem to feel as if you are the only man that might ever have such desires, such fantasies. Would it surprise you to know that my love, my submissive has the same?”

I looked at her, my mouth opening like a trout caught on a fisherman’s line and she laughed heartily as she said, “I’ll take that as a yes?” She took another sip of wine as I digested what she had said and lifted my head only to hear, “It’s a perfectly, wonderful fetish Jonathan, one shared by more men than you will ever dare dream good sir and it certainly is something that I can help bring to life for you, if you would so desire.”

I couldn’t help it, no more than I could help breathing, a single tear forming and beginning to fall from my eye as my head hung down and I could feel my emotions begin to take control of me. It was a trait I had long hated, how easily I was to cry, to have my feelings rule the day. I tried to turn away, to not show such weakness, especially before someone who had only shown me kindness but to my surprise I felt her arms surround me, pulling me close and saying, “It’s alright Jonathan, it’s okay, honest”.

With that I could no longer control the tears that began to flow freely. It took a few minutes before I dared to allow myself to look up only to find her still there, still smiling as she said, “Do not worry about your emotions overcoming you at times Jonathan, this will I believe become a part of you, one you will grow to understand one day as you continue.”

“Now, I will be asking the young woman whose name you do not know and shall not know until we are finished a question, the same question I must ask you. Usually when I introduce people into this world I do so using others from the club but for some reason I seem to feel that each of you might have more in common than you might think. Tell me, do you find her attractive?”

I must have then blushed tüyap escort a deep scarlet red as Nan laughed and I sheepishly replied, “I, I think she’s beautiful.”

“Excellent, tell me then, have you ever role played?” A minute or two later she excused herself to go speak with Elizabeth, asking her the same questions she had posed to me and when she was finished they hugged and I watched as one walked out of the club, the other towards me. “Well then, that’s set. I believe your new friend has taken a big of a fancy to you Jonathan, she’s agreed to follow whatever plan I come up with, just as you have, correct?”

I nodded my mind awhirl to think of what they might have spoken of. “Once again, ladies shall go first. I will contact you later this week to tell you of my decision and makes plans to follow it through. I have her telephone number, I will need yours and then you are free to go. Seconds later I stood out in the muggy night air, knowing that the next week would be possibly the longest of my life.

Nan contacted me on Wednesday, outlining her plan for that Saturday evening. Though she could tell I was nervous, wondering if I could play the part to her satisfaction, she informed me that she had all the confidence in the world in me. I prayed she was right. Nan called you that same night, at that time instructing you to be at the club precisely at eight that Saturday evening.

You were prompt, on time and as you stepped from the cab you saw Matthew waiting at the door. His face wreathed in a smile as he took your hand, escorting you to a table with a bottle of wine and two glasses waiting. You took a sip of the delicious white zinfandel as you heard him say, “You look lovely miss, now I need to tell you what will happen, at least prepare you for the role you will play tonight so listen closely.”

You nodded and as he began to speak you could feel your blood begin to race, the adrenaline pumping throughout your body. By the time he was finished, you felt as if your entire body was shaking with excitement, with the promise of what the night might hold. “Very well then, there’s only one thing left to do, I need to take you to your lady in waiting, Nan who will prepare you for the night ahead. Just remember be kind to me the next time we meet but know I will test your patience m’lady” and with a smile he stood, offering you his arm and walked you down a hallway before knocking on a door.

“Enter” was the single word and as he opened it he bowed to you as you went inside. Nan, dressed in the vintage wear from the 1700’s looked at you saying, “M’lady, where have you been? We have little time to prepare you for Lord Matthew, he is not to be kept waiting. Your father has said so.” With that she walked up and began to undress you, her hands at the buttons of your clothes as you saw the huge claw foot tub which was filled with water, the undergarments of the time and a beautiful dress, one which you could tell even from afar would reveal your most appealing of assets to anyone who would dare to look. “Hurry miss, we must get you ready” and with that you stepped gingerly into the tub, the water hot, a soft sigh escaping your lips as you smiled and reveled in the role, your part in the play.

By the time you were finished bathing, Nan began to work at your hair, your face, the preparations for the night ahead. As she chattered on about Lord Matthew and his wealth you began to feel more comfortable in your part, turning to her and scolding, “Lord Matthew’s money is not what I desire in a man Nan, you should keep a civil tongue in your mouth and remember your place.”

The crimson red that came to her face bore the brunt of the words as she bit at her bottom lip saying, “Yes m’lady, as you wish” and with that she picked up the white boned corset which she held out. As you stood she wrapped it around you and began to tighten the laces.

By the time she had finished you could see the hour glass like figure which you wore, the way your breasts were lifted, as if to be served to a waiting suitor. Slipping on the white stockings and other adornments you felt the long ago stirrings of passion which the night and the part you were playing had stirred deep within you. Next came the dress, the folds of silk and lace being placed over your arms and then slid down your body until with a final brush of your hair your lady in waiting declared you “perfect”.

This time when you turned to the mirror you almost gasped, the sight of the astounding creature reflected back at you a picture you would carry with you forever. You found yourself almost turning and thanking Nan, your heart so happy, your smile so wide but you caught yourself and simply said, “Thank you Nan, tell his lordship I shall join him shortly”.

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