The Candi CollectionThe Candi Collection


You pay the driver and climb out of the cab, receiving a beaming smile from a passer-by as you straighten up and adjust your outfit. A smart suit…skirt to mid-thigh…nicely tailored jacket accentuating your curves…just a hint of cleavage. You return the favour, your cheeky grin revealing your perfect teeth and you know you made the right choice. Sexy but sophisticated…mature but slightly daring. You need to make the right impression…this could be your first big contract.

Four years hard work, learning your art, followed by another two earning enough to start up the company…you have to make this work. You look down at the glossy brochure in your right hand and smile…the photographer had done a great job. The name in big bold letters sums it up…”The Candi Collection”. You move your gaze to the brand new, stylish apartment block in front of you and take a deep breath.

The speaker on the intercom springs into life taking you by surprise. “Hello?” comes the voice.

“Hi….it’s Candi….sorry I’m a little early.”

“Not a problem, Candi…perfect timing in fact…come on up.”

You press the top button…twice as big as the rest…and the lift doors close. You shut your eyes wondering precisely what will await in the “Sky Loft”. You try to think of cubic feet, ergonomics and feng shui, but your thoughts are elsewhere…that voice…so soft and reassuring…yet at the same time quite masterful. You just hope and pray he won’t look as good as he sounds…you cannot risk jeopardising this one. “Control yourself Candi!” you giggle.

Fifteen minutes later, you are still repeating that phrase in your head. Tall, dark and handsome…you always hated clichés…but you decide to make an exception this time. He leads you around the enormous unfurnished loft apartment, but you hardly notice anything except his muscular frame, chiselled looks and hypnotic voice. Full length picture windows looking out onto the Chicago skyline don’t even draw your gaze. Brushed steel and aluminium poles rising from a polished hardwood floor to a ceiling far above seem almost ordinary in comparison. The designs on your mind right now have nothing at all to do with living space.

Stopping in front of one of the picture windows, he turns to face you and smiles. “You haven’t heard a word I’ve said….have you?”

You feel the blood rushing to your cheeks and try to mutter something sensible. “Uhhh, yes ….of course Mr Shep…”

Your lame excuse is cut short as he puts a finger to your lips, his smile so reassuring. “Shhh…no need…and call me Tom.” Tom leans forward, removes his finger and replaces it with his own lips. You feel yourself melt as you receive his tender kiss. He holds it for a second before moving his head back to stare into your eyes. His smile, more sensual this time…his eyes, so mesmerising. “Is that what you were thinking silivri escort about?”

Your power of speech still deserting you, you nod like an embarrassed schoolgirl caught stealing from the candy jar. Tom doesn’t say another word, but instead moves his head towards you again. This time you meet him halfway, your lips drawn together like magnets. His hand on the back of your neck stroking your hair and pulling you in closer. Tongues exchanging…the kiss becomes more passionate. You feel the adrenaline flood your veins…can this really be happening?

Up against the window he pushes you. You feel the coldness of the glass through the back of your jacket and it makes you shiver. Your neck, your ears, your chin…his kisses start to spread driving you wild with desire. You feel him start to struggle with the buttons on your jacket, trying to free your naked flesh. The impatience is too much for you and you reach down and rip your jacket open. The sound of brass buttons striking the wooden floor rings out. Congratulating yourself on your choice of a front-fastening bra, you deftly release the clasp allowing your pert breasts to escape.

Encouraged by your display of urgency, Tom quickens his pace. Hands caressing your breasts…fingers teasing your erect nipples. He drops down to take one in his mouth and you gasp. He senses your delight and moves to your other nipple…sucking harder this time. His attentions move to the rest of your torso…tender kisses sprinkling over your skin. You feel the anticipation build. Goosebumps appearing on your skin…tingling sensations in your most secret parts…every single nerve ending on heightened alert, not knowing where the next kiss might appear.

He traces a line of kisses down your stomach as he lowers himself to his knees. You feel his hands touch your ankles, just above your smart pair of high-heels. Ever so slowly, his fingertips start to climb your legs. His fingernails tease at your recently waxed legs, so deliciously smooth, as they progress their journey. The outside of your legs to begin with, then moving to the back as they reach your knees. The skin there so incredibly sensitive, he describes a perfect circle at the back of each knee…a single fingernail driving you insane. It’s as if there is a direct connection to your pussy as his precise strokes are accompanied by corresponding twitches in your clit, now swelling inside your panties. You’ve never been so aroused by such seemingly innocuous caresses and the thought of what further delights might lay ahead makes your head spin.

His kisses reach the waistband of your skirt as his hands move from the back of your knees to part your legs a little further. Lowering himself right down, he resumes the kissing at your inner thighs…taking time to give each leg equal attention. merter escort Instinctively you part your legs still wider and your skirt starts to ride up. Tom helps it on its way with his strong, masterful hands, exposing the rest of your shapely legs, tanned and toned…such a delectable sight. You feel slightly embarrassed, knowing that the wetness of your panties is now visible, but that soon disappears as his heavenly kissing spreads higher…ever closer to its target.

In a single motion he pushes your skirt up until it rests on your hips, takes hold of your panties and slides them down your legs. They reach the floor and you kick them away. No longer any obstacles in his way his urgency increases…eager to taste your sweet, wet pussy. The first lick makes you gasp…his tongue sliding deftly between your lips and then gliding upwards until it meets your appreciative clit. He repeats it a second time. And then a third…each time your gasps getting louder. You can hardly breathe…even the most automatic of functions defeating you in the wake of such spellbinding caresses.

Using one hand to pull the skin taught, Tom starts to flick your clit with his tongue creating intense pulses of electricity within you. His other hand finds your wet hole and two fingers slide neatly inside. Your pussy clenches involuntarily and he begins to finger fuck you…slowly to start with…skilfully locating your G-Spot…then his pace increasing steadily as your moans confirm your approval. You feel him suck your clit into his mouth multiplying the sensations ten-fold…your orgasm starting to build within you…rising up like an eagle about to take flight. A few more thrusts of his fingers…a few more seconds of sucking…and you feel the wings start to spread…

“Oh my god…don’t stop!” you scream as your pussy starts to convulse…your legs trembling, hardly able to bear your weight. Tom increases the pace still further, feeling your clit throb inside his mouth…ready to explode. It’s just too much to take…the huge wings flap lifting you off the ground…higher and higher…until you are soaring…your orgasm taking over your whole body…your sweet juices overflowing…

Still quivering with ecstacy and exhaustion, you watch as Tom gets to his feet and removes his shirt. You gaze in awe at his physique…not that of a property developer…that of an athlete. Toned chest, perfect six-pack, muscular arms. He unzips his fly, takes out his huge, throbbing cock and offers it to your hand. You feel its length…its girth…its hardness…and you let out a gasp. You need to be fucked by this…you’ve never wanted anything so bad.

Without saying a word, Tom wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you in tight. You taste your pussy on his lips as he kisses you and you feel the passion. mecidiyeköy escort He wants you…he wants you now. His hands slide down under your ass and he lifts you clean off the floor. You feel the strength in his arms…so much power and yet so much tenderness…and you feel your breasts press against his gorgeous chest. You instinctively wrap your legs around his waist and he lowers you slightly, locating his huge cock at the entrance to your hole. You hold your breath and brace yourself as he allows himself to enter you…filling you more completely than ever before. You start to kiss his neck…trying to temper the feeling of being stretched to the limit. His smell is intoxicating…

Carrying you away from the window, Tom presses you up against one of the steel poles and begins to thrust into you. Long, hard thrusts…each one making you scream out in ecstacy. You tighten your legs around his waist as his pace increases. Your screams are constant now…resonating around the empty apartment…bouncing off the polished wood floor, the bare walls, the floor to ceiling windows. Ever harder he fucks you, his huge cock hitting your G-Spot with every thrust.

Just when you think you can’t take any more, you feel something touch your bum hole…a finger…delicate exploring…teasing. You close your eyes and bite hard on your bottom lip as it slides inside, intensifying the feelings in your pussy. So completely filled in both holes…your orgasm starts to build…quickly this time. Your pussy clenches around Tom’s cock and you feel him tense…his orgasm getting close. You hear his moans of passion mixing with your screams and it excites you…knowing that this magnificent man is enjoying you so much. He thrusts again and again…harder…deeper…and faster. His cock feels even bigger inside you and you sense it start to throb…ready to explode. Your orgasm…more powerful…more intense than any before, suddenly envelopes you…your pussy clenching around Tom’s cock. He explodes on cue, filling you with his hot sticky cum…

Drained of all energy, you slide to the floor as one…your two bodies still entwined…and lay there gasping for breath. Tom holds you tight and you feel each other’s hearts beating so fast. The mid-afternoon sun floods the apartment, your skin sparkling with perspiration.

The sun is low in the sky when you finally untangle yourselves. Tom dresses himself, watching you as he does so. The glint in his eye telling you all you need to know. He wanders over to the window where your brochure still lies on the floor and picks it up. He carries it over to where you lay and smiles.

“You are a very talented lady, Candi. I love your designs.” His voice is soft and sincere. “Consider this a blank canvass and create something wonderful for me.” He reaches into his pocket, withdraws a piece of paper and slips it inside the brochure like a bookmark. “This should just about cover everything.”

You are in the cab heading for home before you are brave enough to take a look. Clutching your buttonless jacket closed with one hand, you slowly open the brochure. The piece of paper slides down to land on your lap. $50,000. Not a bad start for The Candi Collection.

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