The BridesmaidThe Bridesmaid


She couldn’t believe the day she had looked forward to for so long was nearly over; her best friend was finally a married woman. The wedding had been beautiful and she’d shed a tear watching her friend marry the man of her dreams but she couldn’t help be a little jealous because she was still alone. It wasn’t that she wasn’t trying, she had been on countless dates with men of all types and just couldn’t click with anyone. “Pull yourself together, Laura.” She had muttered to herself multiple times throughout the day when she felt the jealousy creep in, Jen was one of her oldest friends and she was so happy for her. Laura was sure she would find someone, eventually, but she was getting a little sick of being left on the shelf.

She felt confident in her appearance, being toned and lean from the hours spent in the gym, had a good office job, her own home and was more than able to hold a conversation but for some reason she still hadn’t found anyone she wanted to share her life with.

The formalities of the wedding were done for the day and the evening guests were beginning to arrive. Laura was finally relieved of the pressure of her bridesmaid duties and went to the bar to order herself a large glass of wine. Looking around the room she smiled to herself, she could see people talking, laughing and enjoying themselves and even people begining to make their way to the dance floor having enjoyed plenty of the table wine with their meal. Sighing gently she raised her glass of wine to her full lips, sipping the cool white wine and feeling its relaxing effects.

“Excuse me,” came a deep voice from behind her. She turned around and looked straight into the eyes of a handsome stranger. “I just wanted to get to the bar, sorry.” He explained, his sparkling green eyes looking directly into hers as his muscular arm grazed past hers as he pushed in towards her to the bar.

“Oh, that’s OK.” She muttered struggling to find the words to respond to him. She was completely distracted by his strong chiseled jaw, the dark well groomed stubble with a hint of grey that made her want to trace its edges with her fingers.

She couldn’t help but continue to look at him and her eyes ran down his body taking in his muscular chest, the undone shirt buttons allowing her to see just enough to make her curious. His crisp, white shirt was tucked into his dark jeans which clung to the curves of the muscles in his legs. She tried to pull her gaze away from him and try to regain some sort of composure but felt her eyes settle on the buckle of the black, leather belt at his waist. “Are you OK?” She heard him ask.

Snapping back to reality and realising she had been openly staring at the stranger at point blank range she looked up quickly “Erm, yes, sorry..I was just..” she stuttered, not entirely sure how to justify herself.

He laughed deeply, the sound warming her from the inside, “It’s OK.. I was doing the same.” He explained as his eyes dropped to the low V neck of her deep purple bridesmaid dress. Her cheeks and chest flushed pink under the scrutiny of his eyes and she watched him offer out his hand to her. “I’m Jake.” He said as she placed her hand in his to shake.

“Laura.” Was all she could say, feeling the warmth of his strong hand and smooth skin connecting with hers making her blush again.

“Nice to meet you Laura.”

“And you. How do you know Jen and Dave?” She asked, her curiosity ignited by who this stranger really was and where he had come from.”

“Oh I work with Dave, I haven’t been there long but he’s a great guy.” He explained, briefly turning away from her to order himself a drink. “Would you like one?” He asked. “Oh no, I’m fine thank you.” She replied, gesturing to the full glass of wine next to her at the bar.

“Maybe later.” He said, catching her eye and smiling. He winked at her briefly then turned and walked away, out of her eyeline.

Laura used the bar to steady herself and attempted to calm her breathing slightly before picking up her glass and making her way back to join her two other oldest friends, who were also bridesmaids today, to talk them through her encounter with Jake. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so physically attracted to someone and it had left her a little shaken. Her eyes scanned the room periodically while she drank her glass of wine, hoping to catch another glimpse of Jake. Jen appeared at their beylikdüzü escort table, eyes smiling with happiness, “Come on girls, come and dance.” She begged, taking Laura’s hand and pulling her towards the dance floor. By now there were plenty of people dancing and moving to the music and Laura let the atmosphere sweep over her as she began to dance with her friends. Lost in the music and with a few more drinks inside her, Laura felt herself really relax into the evening, she spun herself round in time with the music and felt herself thud into someone’s chest. She looked up, making eye contact with Jake and feeling his hands quickly slide around her waist to steady her. She involuntarily held her breath as his hands closed around the small of her waist, lightly grazing the tops of her full hips and she felt sure that he had pulled her in closer towards him too. “Thanks for catching me.” She smiled at him.

“Anytime. Fancy that drink now?” He asked, his hands releasing her and sliding down across the curves of her bum before releasing her.

“Yes, OK.” She agreed, taking the hand he offered out to her as he led them off on the dance floor and back towards the bar.

As they neared the bar, Jake moved Laura to the front of him and guided her towards a small space at the bar by placing his large hands back around her waist. Laura leant her stomach against the bar and leant forward in an attempt to be noticed. Jake positioned himself directly behind her and leant forward over her shoulder, raising his hand to catch the attention of the bar staff. Laura felt his lean frame push into her from behind and focused on the feeling of his belt buckle pushing into her lower back. She couldn’t help but wish it was the swell of his cock she could feel instead.

He ordered them a bottle of wine, picked up the two glasses and ice bucket and gestured to Laura to follow him. He led them to the balcony and out into the darkness of the cool summer evening. The change in temperature gave her goosebumps and she felt her nipples stiffen as they settled at a small table at the far side of the balcony, small fairy lights illuminating their surroundings. As Jake poured the wine, he asked her about herself and they made small talk whilst sipping their drinks. She couldnt help but be drawn to him, they way he spoke, the way he listened as she spoke and even the way his tongue ran across his lips every now and then while they talked. He offered her a top up and leant towards her to take her glass, his other hand resting lightly on her thigh and sliding back across the silk of her dress towards her knee as he returned to his seated position to pour the wine. As he handed Laura her now full glass she noticed his eyes trail up her legs, following the slit in her dress up to her thigh and she took the opportunity to uncross and recross her legs, allowing him the slightest glimpse further up. She watched his face intently and noticed him lick his lips again while he looked at her.

“You are just beautiful.” He breathed and rested his hand on her bare knee. Laura smiled and couldn’t help but look down and bite her bottom lip, both embarrassed by the compliment and also unsure what to say. She didn’t need to worry as he leant forward, lifted her face up towards him and gently kissed her. She responded immediately by pressing her lips hard against his, pushing her tongue gently into his mouth. He reciprocated and slid his hand up her leg, this time underneath her dress. Laura sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, teasing him with her tongue and nibbling his lip gently before releasing it. She heard him breathe in sharply and then he pulled away from her.

“Come with me.” He instructed, offering his hand again and leading Laura back through the wedding party and out into the foyer where he stopped outside the lift and pushed the button. Neither of them spoke but the electricity between them was palpable. This wasn’t her at all, she would never usually do something like this but she could feel the connection and wanted to follow her instincts. The lift door opened and he pulled her inside and directly towards him as the doors closed. He pushed her back against the cool metal of the lift doors, his face centimetres away from hers and trailed his fingers along her jaw, down her neck and across her collar bone. Every touch causing her beyoğlu escort skin to flush and her breathing to become heavier. He kissed her again, more urgently this time, his own breathing noticeably different. The lift pinged, alerting them that its doors would be opening imminently and they moved away together, allowing them to open.

Jake took her hand again and pulled her out of the lift and down the corridor. The urgency of his intentions palpable. He stopped outside room 113, pulling the keycard from his back pocket and pushing the door open. He gestured for Laura to enter and walked in behind her, closing the door roughly behind him. Whilst she took in her surroundings, Jake stood behind her sweeping the hair off of her neck, trailing gentle kisses from her ear down the length of her neck. Laura felt her nipples tighten at the feel of his lips on her skin, and again as he increased the fever of his kisses. He kissed her harder, sucking and nibbling at the delicate skin of her neck and sending shock waves straight to her clit.

Laura turned to face him, passionately crushing her lips against his again as he walked her backwards through the room. Stopping, he released her, spun her around and reached for the zip at the centre back of the silk dress. The zip slid down smoothly, revealing the pale flesh of Laura’s skin. He eased the straps of the dress off of her shoulders and pushed the dress down her body until it pooled on the floor. His eyes lingered over the swell of her full, bare breasts, nipples tensed waiting for attention as he licked his lips before moving down her body to her underwear, a barely there purple lace thong which allowed him to see the smooth, shaven flesh of her pussy with small landing strip underneath.

Laura’s hands went to Jake’s shirt and hurriedly undid the buttons, yanking it off of him and releaving his strong frame and taught abs. He in turn hooked his fingers in the sides of her thong and pulled them down roughly. She stepped out of them and Jake took the opportunity to guide her backwards onto the bed. She laid naked watching him as he undid his belt and pulled it out of his trousers, placing it on the bed beside her. He removed his jeans, the bulge of his cock noticeable in his boxers and climbed onto the bed, hovering over the top of her.

He trailed his finger tips lightly across the skin of her collar bones, causing the skin on her chest to flush pink once more. Moving lower, his fingers moved to her breasts, grazing over her erect nippers so lightly that it left her begging for more. He closed his forefinger and thumb around her tight nipple, squeezing gently and tugging just enough to make her back arch and her breath catch in her throat. Seeing the effect he was having he quickly released her nipple before pinching and tugging harder, pulling it away from her body. She gasped, “Oh fuck..” she breathed out roughly as his fingers continued their delicate trail down her body.

His fingers tickled their way down across her stomach and she realised she was holding her breath in anticipation. They slid down lower, over the small patch of hair left above the folds of her pussy then hesitated briefly. She waited, tension building in her clit as it was begging to be touched, only for him to continue the descent of his fingers down onto her thigh. Gradually the trail moved closer and closer to where she was begging to be touched.

She knew she was wet already and that the built up frustration meant it wouldn’t take long for her reach a climax. Jake’s fingers slid through the wet flesh of her pussy and lightly grazed her waiting clit. Instinctively she moaned and arched her back, his fingers slipped into her wetness and quickly back to her clit, slowly circling it. Her breathing became heavier and she couldn’t help but move her hips in response to his touch. He began rubbing her clit harder, slipping his fingers back in side her pussy to make them wet again.

He stopped, shifting his body from beside her to between her legs. He kissed her furiously, before allowing his kisses to begin the same trail as his fingers had previously. When his mouth reached her nipple he licked and sucked at it before carefully grabbing it between his teeth and biting softly. His kisses continued lower, across her stomach and down the sides by her wet slit. He pulled the sides bizimkent escort of her pussy apart to reveal her hot wetness and blew a cool stream of air onto her clit. It made her throb with desire, screaming to be licked and sucked. His tongue carefully ran along the length of her pussy, pausing just before he reached her sensitive nub. His tongue swirled in a circle around her clit, teasing her, before flicking his tongue once over it. Laura’s hips bucked, aching for him to repeat it. He circled her again before sucking her clit into his mouth. A gentle moan escaped her as she finally felt the touch she had so desperately needed. He moaned into her pussy in response as he continued to lick and suck at her clit.

She felt his hand move lower and he slowly slid one finger deep inside her, curling it purposefully to stroke her g spot while continuing to tongue her. He pulled his finger out and roughly pushed two in, curling them up to her g spot again. He pushed his fingers in and out of her hard, listening carefully to how she was responding to his movements. Laura was breathing heavily, nipples erect and hips moving uncontrollably to meet the movements of his tongue and fingers. “Fuck…Jake…fuck…” was all she could mutter. She could feel the tension building inside her, heard the sound of her own wetness and knew she was getting close. He knew it too because he pulled his fingers out and inserted another, fucking her hard with them while he flicked his tongue backwards and forwards across her clit. She grabbed at the bed sheets to steady herself, her hips pushing towards him as she felt it build and the heat begin to wash over her, warming her from the inside.

Her hips bucked with every wave of her orgasm making her push into him more and her legs quivered with pleasure. He continued pushing his fingers into her and using his tongue on her clit while she came and as her hip movements began to slow and she started to pant he pulled his fingers slowly out of her, using his tongue to lick the fresh, hot juices from them before dropping his head to her pussy to push his tongue inside her to taste her better. He licked her one final time up the entire length of her slit, lapping up the last of her pleasure before moving himself further up and pushing his lips against hers, forcing her to taste herself. “You taste so fucking good.” He said, pulling his mouth away from hers and smiling at her.

Jake rolled them over so that Laura was sitting on top of him and she reached down to free his cock from his boxers. His cock sprung free and she couldn’t help but be intimidated by its size and girth, the head of it shining with precum. She shuffled her body up, positioning her still wet pussy above the head of his thick cock and slowly began to lower herself on to it. She felt him begin to fill her and heard his breathing become heavy. So slowly she slid herself down the length of his shaft, enjoying the fullness and the electricity of the moment. Once he was all the way in she began to rock slowly backwards and forwards, feeling him swell further inside her. Jake grabbed her hips and forced her to quicken the pace, she rode him hard, enjoying the look of pleasure on his face. Laura leant forward to kiss him, and changed her movements, now sliding her slick pussy up and down the full length of his shaft. Jake moved his knees up to rest his feet on the bed and took over, thrusting himself into her over and over, holding her tightly by the waist to steady her.

She felt it build again, the depth of his cock building another orgasm for her. He continued to fuck her hard, listening to how fast she was now breathing. With every thrust he bought her closer towards the edge. “Cum with me, baby.” He said as he continued slamming his cock into her. His words were all she needed to tip her over the edge as she felt the orgasm roll over her and a loud moan escape her lips. Her hips shook and she felt her muscles tense around his shaft. Jake moaned in response and bit down gently on her shoulder as she felt his cock jerk inside her and he filled her with his hot cum.

Once they had caught their breath, Laura sat up with Jake still inside her and looked him in the eye. He smiled at her, licking his lips and she smiled back. “We better get back to the wedding party.” Laura said.

“One more time first.” Jake smiled as he rolled Laura onto her back and she felt him harden inside her again. She couldn’t help but wonder if this was the connection she has been waiting for but the thought drifted from her mind as picked up his leather belt, looped it round itself a few times, put both her hands inside it before pulling it tight and pushing her now tied hands above her head and began to slowly move his cock in and out of her once more.

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