The BistroThe Bistro


Dinner was awesome in the quaint little open-air bistro down by the beach. The waves lapped against the sandy shore creating a rhythmical, soothing sound that relaxed our minds as well as our souls. It was hard to believe that our vacation was coming to an end.

We fed each other our meals as we watched the sun create the most beautiful sunset we had ever witnessed together. We were totally into each other, not paying any attention to the other couples sharing our bistro. Our conversation was light and serious, filled with laughter while we reminisced about our marriage of the past seven years. The air was warm, thick and moist and created a film of perspiration on our bodies.

As we sipped our margaritas and gazed into each other’s eyes by the romantic glow of candlelight, I remind myself of how beautiful my wife is. In that moment I find you more beautiful than the day we met. Every inch of you causes my loins to ache with desire.

Your sandy brown hair is now highlighted with blonde streaks as a result of seven glorious days on the beach. Your eyes sparkle in the candlelight and moonlight. Your skin is bronze and glistening in the moonlight.

Your üsküdar escort luscious full lips are tinted with sexy red lipstick. I am thankful for all the times this week that you wrapped those beautiful red lips around my cock for no reason other than to pleasure me and suck me dry.

Your round, firm breasts swell with each breath while your perfect nipples are nice and hard as they enjoy the feeling of your cotton sundress without a bra to constrict them.

My cock is getting harder each second as I long to touch you, hold you and make love to you for the last time in this island paradise. By the look in your eyes, I am confident that you have the same desires.

Your excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up and I stare into the darkness where the ocean was just a few minutes ago. I am not anxious to return home to our normal lives as we will both slide back into our daily ruts although we have promised each other to make more of an effort to keep the passion alive.

I am startled when you pull your chair next to me instead of sitting across the table. şerfali escort You give me a quick peck on the cheek and take my hand in yours. I am quite surprised to find your white silk g-string in your hand as your little signal that you are now naked underneath your tiny little sundress. My breathing quickens as I realize that only a small piece of thin cloth is covering your awesome body.

We continue to hold hands, sip our margaritas and exchange little french kisses. There are only three other couples in this tiny bistro and none of us realize the others are there as we all soak in the romance in our own personal space.

As we continue to stare into the darkness and listen to the waves crashing on the shore, you guide my hand down to your thigh where I can feel your soft, smooth skin that I have been dying to touch. I gently caress your thigh while getting closer and closer to the hem of your dress. With each stroke I move your dress higher and higher as my fingers search for what you want me to find.

I can hear your breathing intensify as my fingers finally find your warm, wet pussy. Much to my delight I find that you have a silky smooth pussy that you must have shaved in anticipation of this moment. My fingers gently caress your silky skin and lips. I can feel my fingers getting wetter from the hot juices starting to flow from your pussy.

You jerk a little as my finger finally enters you and probes your inner walls. I slide my finger out and search for your hard little clit. I start stroking your clit slowly and notice that your facial expression tells me that you are enjoying every stroke of my finger.

Your breathing is heavy but controlled and it appears that your big beautiful breasts are about to burst out of your little sundress. Your nipples are so hard they are now visible through the white fabric of your dress. How I would love to expose your tits right here in this bistro and show the world just how beautiful they are.

I start to stroke your rosebud a little harder and faster now while sliding a finger into you every few strokes. The world around us is oblivious to the fact that my finger is pleasuring your clit just a few feet from them. I can sense your body stiffen and feel the gush of your juices as I realize you are coming right here in this bistro.

My cock is throbbing and I know it will be released soon. But this is your moment to enjoy. We finish our drinks and leave the bistro know that we will cherish this moment for the rest of our lives.

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