The Bet Ch. 3The Bet Ch. 3


The Bet III: Simone’s Attack

After I watched my friend Bonnie fuck my older brother Peter I knew that I had to have him myself. I’d wanted him for so long. I couldn’t wait any longer. The question was, how in the world was I going to pull it off?! Ever since Peter had gotten home from college that summer I’d been letting him catch glimpses of my breasts or ass, anything that I could easily manage without suspicion. Now I decided to really let loose.

I started wearing tanktops around the house without a bra and the shortest shorts that I could find without panties and bending over *a lot* in front of him. I left my door open a bit as I walked around my room naked after a shower. One morning I waited to hear Peter’s door opening, knowing that he would have to pass by my room to get downstairs. When his door opened I left my room wearing only a pair of shorts. I pretended like I was on my way to the bathroom, I was pulling my long light brown hair into a ponytail as I walked, both of my arms raised and my bare breasts bouncing teasingly as I walked.

I walked a few steps before I ‘noticed’ Peter standing in front of me in the hallway staring in openmouthed shock. I gave a little shriek and ran lightly back to my room calling back over my shoulder, “You’d think I’d be used to the fact that you’re home again!”

Peter was certainly keeping his eyes on me around the house now, but I knew that I was going to have to do more if I was going to push him over the line. I went out one evening to play tennis and when I got back I kept complaining about my back aching. Peter and I were alone in the family room in the basement, my parents were asleep upstairs. I asked Peter to give me a backrub, promising that I’d give him one the following night in return. Eventually he agreed. I lay down on a blanket on the family room floor wearing a tanktop and a snug pair of boxers, no panties or underwear.

Peter knelt down next to me and began to rub my back. I moaned and reached back to pull my tanktop up, “It feels better against my bare skin,” I said softly. I’d pulled the tanktop way up and bared my titties, they were pressed Küçükçekmece Escort against the blanket. After a moment’s hesitation Peter continued massaging my back. The massage seemed to go on forever. I let little moans escape me and Peter’s hands were starting to roam, probably against his better judgement. His hands rubbed over my lower back and briefly over the beginning of my ass. I had my arms raised, under my head so the sides of my breasts were perfectly exposed. Soon Peter’s fingers accidentally brushed over the edge of one of my titties. When I didn’t seem to notice it happened again and again.

Suddenly I rolled over and threw an arm over my eyes. “Do the front too,” I demanded. I heard Peter gasp, I knew that he must be staring at my creamy titties, my nipples felt as if they were rock hard. “Come on Peter, its no big deal. I’ll do yours tomorrow.”

His hands were on my stomach. I let out an “aaaaah” of satisfaction. I wanted to remove my arm from my eyes but I knew that it was probably giving Peter some measure of comfort to know that I wasn’t watching him. He rubbed my stomach for what seemed like forever. I felt his fingers pushing the waistband of my boxers down a bit and massaging even lower. By this time my hot pussy had been gushing juices for at least half an hour. I wondered if there was a telltale wet spot between my legs. If so did Peter notice? Could he smell it?

I moaned as Peter’s hands began to work upwards, finally reaching my breasts. He cupped and massaged them, caressing endlessly, pulling and pinching my nipples. It seemed to go on forever. Finally his hands left my body and I heard him say in a ragged voice, “Okay, you’re done.”

I took my arm away from my eyes and sat up in a daze of desire and arousal. Peter stood up and I noticed that he had a hardon. He said that he was going to bed and quickly left. I listened to his footsteps going up the stairs but I didn’t hear him walk across the kitchen. I listened carefully and heard slight noises. I decided that he must be creeping down the stairs. Did he think that I was going to masturbate? Escort Küçükçekmece Did he want to watch me? I certainly wasn’t going to disappoint him.

As soon as the thought crossed my mind I tore off my tanktop and boxers. I rolled over onto my stomach on the blanket and began to play with my ass. It’s not something that I normally do but it caused my hair to be a tangled mess covering my eyes, I peeked through it at the dark staircase, hoping to get a glimpse of my brother. I could see him in the shadows, watching me over the back of an armchair. I moaned and continued to cup and caress my ass cheeks, pressing my pussy against the floor. I spread my legs and ran my fingers over my asshole and fingered my pussylips.

I continued moaning and sighing, wanting the show to be as erotic as possible. I rolled over onto my back, careful to make sure that I was lying so that Peter had the best view of my spread legs and shaved pussy. I put both of my hands between my legs, spreading my pussy wide open and fingering up and down pussy from hole to clit again and again. When my fingers were drenched with my sweet juices I started playing with my nipples with one hand, smearing my juice over my breasts. I slowly sucked each of the fingers of my other hand, tasting my delicious juice, bucking my hips up and down to the same rhythm as my fingers sliding in and out of my mouth.

When my fingers were sucked clean I sat up and crawled across the room. I had a vibrator hidden in a cupboard. I pulled it out and went back to the blanket; I knelt down facing the staircase, never once glancing in my brother’s direction. I looked at the vibrator and ran my fingers over it as if it was a real cock. I brought it to my mouth and licked the tip of it, then I began licking the length of it. I opened my mouth and took as much of it as I could into my mouth. I sucked on it, closing my eyes and imagining that it was Peter’s cock, I fucked it slowly in and out of my mouth.

I closed my eyes and slowly pulled the vibrator out of my mouth. I rubbed it slowly over my body, over my arms, over my breasts, swirling Küçükçekmece Escort Bayan it over my nipples; I traced a line down to my bellybutton and circled it. I feel back onto the blanket and spread my legs wide.

I turned the vibrator on low and ran it up and down my slit. I held it over my clit and gasped and cried out in pleasure. I turned it on high and rammed it into my aching hole. I moaned loudly, bucking my hips upwards and fucking myself with the vibrator hard. I had an orgasm and kept on going, fucking myself to two more. With a cry I removed the vibrator from my pussy and turned it off. I lay on the blanket hot, sweaty and twitching. When I heard my brother’s footsteps creeping up the stairs and across the kitchen I cleaned up and went to bed.

The next morning when I was eating breakfast Peter came into the kitchen. He said that he hadn’t slept well and wanted to know if he could get his backrub. I immediately agreed and asked him where. He suggested his bedroom. I followed him upstairs and he lay down on his stomach wearing a t-shirt and boxers. I told him to take off his shirt and he did.

I straddled the top of his thighs. When I leaned forward to massage his back my pussy pressed against his firm ass. I massaged slowly down his back and I didn’t stop. I massaged his adorable ass, wishing that he wasn’t wearing boxers. He rolled over and I started at the top of his chest and worked my down, paying special attention to his nipples. I was still straddling his upper thighs, but now when I leaned forward my pussy pressed against his hard cock. My caressing hands reached the top of his boxers and my fingers nudged them down exposing more skin to rub. Finally, I grabbed his waistband and pulled his boxers down until his hard cock was freed.

Peter was starting to protest, I wasted no time, in a second I had his beautiful dick in my mouth, sucking it gently. Peter stopped protesting. After licking and sucking his cock for a few moments I let it pop out of my mouth. I removed both his boxers and mine and straddled him again, this time my pussy devoured his cock. I rode him until he rolled us over and fucked my pussy hard, with all of the frustration that must have been building in him. I accepted each hard thrust with a happy cry of pleasure. My pussy exploded in an orgasm and soon afterwards I felt Peter pumping his jism into me. He collapsed next to me on the bed.

“Fuck, Simone,” he said. “Fuck.”

I laughed.

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