The Berry PickerThe Berry Picker


Lisa climbed over another fallen tree and got snagged on a broken branch. She swore under her breath and got herself lose. She continued on the path that was slippery from the rain storm during the night. The sun had broken through the cloud in the early morning and that’s when Lisa’s grandmother, Greta had woken her up. It was an ungodly hour for a sixteen-year-old girl to get out of bed during her summer break. Lisa had been sent to her granny by her parents to help her pick lingonberries and blueberries so the old woman could make jams she could sell at the local market for some extra cash. Times were tough in Sweden these days for the retired folks so they needed all the help they could get.Lisa trudged along the path looking on either side for the red or blue berries. When she saw them, she used a special kind of tool that raked the plants of their berries and then she put them in either of the two baskets she was carrying. Both were half full or half empty depending on how you looked at it. Lisa was a positive girl so to her they were half full.Twenty minutes later she reached a clearing in the dense northern forest and she took a break sitting down on an old trunk which was covered in moss. She realized too late the moss would be wet and she swore when she felt the water filter through her shorts and reach her skin. That would leave a wet stain covering her ass she thought.She opened her backpack and took out a bottle of water and a chocolate bar. She ate, drank, and listened to the sounds of the forest. Birds chirping, insects buzzing around, and far, far away a dog barked. She liked the silence and the peace the forest gave her. Back in Stockholm where she lived life was stressful. School, friends, trying to be fit, trying to be cool, hanging with the right people, wearing the right clothes, the right makeup. The constant flow of bullshit on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Then there were the boys. Constantly flirting, making advances, trying to group her and her friend. Lisa wasn’t a prude and she knew she attracted boys and men with her hourglass figure and blue eyes. Her blond hair cascaded down her back and over her shoulders. She liked guys, that wasn’t the problem The problem was her reputation and that was very important to her. She had seen with her own eyes how one make-out session at a party had ended up with the poor girl being hanged out as a slut. Another had made the mistake of getting naked with a guy and a video soon surfaced of her masturbating him.Life as a teenager was not easy, she concluded in her thoughts and got up. She checked the baskets and then her backpack and put it on before continuing her walk. It would take her about half an hour to complete the circle and come back to her granny’s cottage. If you looked at a map it would look like a figure eight from above where the cottage was in the center where the lines crossed. Every two days she would cover one circle and then the other, giving the berries enough time to ripen. Sometimes she would come across other berry pickers and people looking for mushrooms.She was deep in her thoughts when she heard a sound that didn’t fit into the sounds of the forest. She lifted her head and gazed Erzincan Escort into the trees trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. She thought it came slightly from her right so she got off the path and as silent as possible made her way through the brush. It wasn’t easy going and she scraped her arms and legs on branches. Slowly making progress the sounds increased in volume. It was a woman she realized and she was moaning loudly as if she was in pain. Lisa hurried thinking that there might have been an accident. Maybe a berry picker had slipped and broken her foot?Then she saw her and Lisa stopped in her tracks and hid behind a tree. Slowly she peeked around it and took in what she was seeing. A young brunette knelt on the grass with her upper body supported by a trunk. Behind her knelt an older man, maybe in his fifties. He was holding the brunette who seemed to be in her early twenties by her hips. He was fucking her ass slowly running his cock to the base before pulling out. The woman had her mouth open and every time he went in, she made that almost crying sound.Lisa stared at the couple and then hid again. Her face was blushed and her hands were shaking. She had never seen a couple have sex before and she hadn’t had it herself. Not even a blowjob or a handjob due to the fear of being outed as a slut.She sat on the wet ground not caring that the water once again seeped through. What she had seen was hot at the same time as disgusting. She knew some women liked anal sex but she had never considered trying it. Then she heard the couple speaking.“Here I come, Jenny, are you ready?”“Yes, yes, Benny, give it to me.”With a long howl almost, the man must have come because a few seconds later the girl said, “Holy shit, Benny, that was a lot.”The man laughed and then said, “I thought you liked a lot?”“Sure, but I’ll be leaking cum for hours now and I don’t want Danny to find out.”“He won’t. Just go to the bathroom after I drop you off. He will be busy with the customers and won’t notice.”Lisa put her hand to her mouth. Shit, she thought. That’s Jenny from the mini super and Benny from the gas station. Danny was Jenny’s fiancé and her boss. Lisa wasn’t sure what to do. Slowly she got up and took one step forward and under her foot, a twig snapped. In the silence, it sounded like thunder.“Who’s there?” she heard Benny call out.“Shit, maybe someone saw us,” said Jenny.“Hey, you, behind the tree, come,” he demanded.Lisa slowly turned and stepped out from behind the tree. “Sorry, guys, I was out picking berries for Granny when I heard you and thought someone was hurt.”Jenny was red in the face and Benny quickly closed his pants and pulled up the zipper before speaking. “Lisa, I hope this can stay between us and you. No need to tell anyone, ok?”Lisa looked from Benny to Jenny who stood with her head down and her hands clasped in front of her looking very guilty. “Look, I don’t care what you do. I’ll go on my way and you on yours.”Benny let go of a sigh of relief. “Thanks, Lisa. I think Jenny will invite you to ice cream next time you come in, right Jenny?”Jenny snapped out of her guilt and nodded her head. “Sure, of course, whatever you Erzincan Escort Bayan want. See you later.”Lisa watched the two lovers scuddle away through the trees and then she laughed. It had been such an out-of-this-world experience seeing them and they must have had the fright of their life being found out in a place neither of them thought anyone would be at.On the way back to the cottage Lisa couldn’t stop thinking about what she had seen. Jenny’s naked body with a thin film of sweat under the sun. Benny’s hard cock slid in and out and how his balls looked so big and heavy. She wondered what it felt like having them in her hand. Lisa didn’t fuck, but that didn’t stop her from fantasizing about how it would be and what it would feel like to have a man inside her. She often masturbated at night or in the morning when she woke up. She loved feeling the smoothness of her shaved pussy. That was another issue at school. If any girl had a single pubic hair visible during the shower after physical education, the mob would form and she was a hairy slut.No, Lisa’s pussy was exactly what it was expected to be. Her firm boobs weren’t the biggest but had small pink nipples which she loved to twist and flick while masturbating. Sometimes she would unscrew the shower head and aim the water at her clit slowly sliding down to the floor in the shower with her legs spread wide apart and moaning as the water drove her to an orgasm.She made the full circle and came upon the cottage from the side. She could see her granny outside watering the plants she had around the cottage. Red, blue, violet, pink, a beautiful place to live and grow old.“Hi, how did it go?” she said when Lisa dumped the two baskets on the table standing outside with four chairs around it.“Good, I think it might be worth going back tomorrow and doing the other circle. The rain and now the sun made the ripe faster.”Greta put her hands in the baskets and felt the berries run through her fingers. “Well done, my dear. Did you see any people?”Lisa shook her head, not wanting to tell her granny about Benny and Jenny. “No, not a soul, all quiet and peaceful. By the way, I’m taking the bike to the store. Do you need anything?”“Bread, and milk.”Lisa took out the empty water bottle and the chocolate wrapper from her backpack and then walked over to the bike leaning against the wall of the cottage. It was an old bike with a basket at the front and big wheels. The bike was cumbersome but there was no other option. She pushed it down the slight incline and jumped on. As the bike’s momentum increased Jenny got ready for the first turn. She put out her foot to keep her balance and took the turn like a GT rider and leaned into it.Fifteen minutes later she turned on the main road leading into the small hamlet. It consisted of the mini market where Jenny and her guy worked, a pizzeria, and a gas station. If you needed the post office or buy liquor you need to drive another thirty minutes to the south. In Sweden you could only buy low-alcohol beer in the mini markets or supermarkets, wine or anything stronger had to be bought in the state-owned shops.Lisa leaned the bike against a lamp post and went up the Escort Erzincan two steps and into the shop. There were a few people in there and Jenny stood behind the counter. Danny, Lisa saw was in one of the aisle restocking canned soups.“Hey, did you come for your ice cream?’ said Henny“Yes, and a couple of things my granny needs.” She went to the milk section and then where the bread was. On her way back to Jenny she picked up a chocolate cone from the freezer. Jenny, as promised only charged her for the milk and bread.“I’ll see you later,” said Lisa and walked out.Jenny watched the young girl from the big city through the window. She was a very pretty thing and she knew Danny always eyed her up and down when he saw her. During the walk back with Benny a few hours earlier they had talked about being seen and they both agreed that it had taken their affair to a higher level. The idea of someone watching them while they fucked was a huge turn-on for both of them. While watching Lisa lick her cone Jenny wondered if the girl was up to being part of their secret. Maybe she could convince her to be the audience while they fucked deep in the forest.“Danny, mind the counter I’m going out and talk to Lisa for a moment.”“Sure thing, say hi to her.”Horny, bastard thought Jenny and went outside. “Hey, Lisa do you have a minute?”Seeing Jenny outside surprised her and she said, “Sure, what’s up?”Making sure no one could hear them and then stepping closer Jenny said, “You know, about what you saw earlier. What did you think about it?”“Like I said, none of my business.”“That’s not what I meant. I mean, how did it make you feel?”Jenny observed the younger woman’s face and sure enough, she blushed a little while her pink tongue slid up the cone and scooped up ice cream which she then swallowed.“It was interesting.”“In what way?”“I’ve never had sex, so it was interesting to watch you.”Jenny was surprised. “Seriously, I thought you guys in Stockholm had sex all the time with so many possible partners?”“Nah, not so. It’s such a risk of being stamped a slut, most girls wait until university or when they graduate high school.”“I see. Did it excite you, what you saw I mean?”Lisa tilted her head and looked Jenny in the eye. “What are you getting at?”It was Jenny’s turn to blush. She leaned in and whispered. “Benny and I want you to watch us again. We will be at the same place at the same time tomorrow.”Lisa felt her body become warm and her nipples hard. It was a very exciting thought to watch them. “Yeah, sure. I’ll be there.”That evening Greta noticed that her grandchild was up to something. She didn’t seem to pay much attention to her and she went to bed much earlier than usual. Maybe she had met a boy when she went to the store?Lisa was out the door and into the sunlight at ten in the morning. She hiked up her backpack and then grabbed the two baskets. “Bye, Granny, I’ll be back later.”Greta lifted her head from the flowers she was attending. “You are leaving early.”“Yeah, I want to take my time and enjoy the forest. I’ll be going back to Stockholm in a few days.”“Ok, take care.”The reason she was out the door so early was that she had to cover the lower circle picking all the berries she could find and then go almost full circle on the upper one before reaching the spot where she had seen Benny and Jenny. This would take her several hours to do. Lisa didn’t care, she loved being out in nature and the thought of seeing the couple having sex again was a great motivator.

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