The Beach Pt. 02The Beach Pt. 02


(Takes up right where the first part left off.)

I was awakened the next morning by the sound of running water. Jenny, who is not by nature a morning person, had gotten up early to shower. I knew she would take some time getting ready, so I took the opportunity to think.

The first thing that came to mind, of course, was swapping blow jobs with Rick on the beach last night. How on earth had that happened?

I replayed the events of the evening in my mind, beginning with the long wine-soaked dinner with our wives and their both deciding to crash before 9.

Rick and I had been left to ourselves on the terrace, where we smoked a bowl and then got into a — for us — unusually intimate conversation about our respective sex lives, which naturally made us horny. We decided to go for a swim to cool off, but when Rick suggested we skinny-dip I guess the sexual vibe got stronger rather than weaker. We both came out of the water with major hard-ons, and the rest seemed to follow naturally.

Had that been Rick’s intention all along? I couldn’t be sure, but I doubted it. In any case, it had been me who made the first move.

Why had I done that?

True, Rick and I had experimented with each other as college roommates. But it hadn’t gone beyond jacking together a few times and one mutual hand-job. I had been totally straight in the 10 years since, and there was no question of my sincere attraction to women.

It was also true, however, that I had thought about trying oral sex with Rick during those college days, and true as well that I had occasionally fantasized about male-male sex in the years since.

Even so, it was a big surprise to me when it actually happened.

That it had happened on a vacation intended to spark new intensity in sex with our wives was more surprising still.

I thought about Jenny. I truly loved her, and I knew she would be crushed if she knew what Rick and I had been up to. Very likely she would be furious as well, and it could certainly damage our relationship. If she felt that way I certainly couldn’t blame her.

On the other hand, I didn’t exactly feel guilty about what happened. I knew I should, and in a way that made me feel guilty. But in some weird way it also felt right that Rick and I had gotten together.

The thought of Rick made my cock jump a little. I slid a hand under the blankets and the waistband of my boxers to feel my morning wood. I would have liked to jack off while re-running the scene on the beach in my head, but the shower had been turned off and Jenny likely would be coming out of the bathroom any second. Besides, I badly needed to pee.

I got up and stepped over to the half-bath just inside the door of our villa and took a long, satisfying piss. Afterward I splashed water on my face and went back into the bedroom.

Jenny was lying on the bed naked. Her legs were parted slightly, showing a most bit of pink flesh amid the dark delta of hair, and her nipples were tautly erect atop the nicely rounded breasts. Her still-damp hair was fanned out on the pillow, and she was looking straight at me.

“Come back to bed for a minute,” she said.

I did, though it was for much longer than a minute.

Despite the previous night’s encounter with Rick, I found I hadn’t lost any of my passion for Jenny. We made love for a long time, slowly and sensuously, and she seemed blissfully satisfied afterward.

As for me, it was a relief to find that while I might not be wholly straight anymore, I was far from being wholly gay.

While I lolled in bed Jenny arranged for us to have room service breakfast on the terrace, complete with mimosas. Rick and Debby joined us, and we all got just tipsy enough to have fun without getting drunk.

During the hour or so we all sat there I fought the urge to stare at Rick. I had always thought him good-looking in a bro-ey sort of way, but now I felt the attraction in a different way.

With a shock I realized I had the hots for my best friend.

Or maybe I just wanted his cock.

This thought passed through my mind just as he happened to look in my direction. Our eyes met and something passed between us, some understanding.

I’m istanbul travesti not sure what he was thinking, but I was thinking, I wish I was sucking your dick right now.

He must have sensed what was in my mind, because he smiled and looked away.

Finally Jenny and Debbie stood up. Jenny said, “Deb and I made appointments at the spa. We might be there a while. Can you guys keep yourselves occupied?”

I was just then gulping the last swallow of my mimosa. It went down the wrong tube and I started coughing, and it was left to Rick to answer.

As Debbie bent over to kiss him he said, quite calmly, “I’m sure we can think of something.”

Jenny kissed me goodbye and said, “We’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

They went inside the villa for a minute, then headed off down the path toward the main building.

I looked at Rick. He was grinning salaciously.

“Can you believe our luck?” I said.

“Dude, I’ve been thinking about your cock all morning,” he said.

“I’ve been thinking about yours, too,” I said. “Most of the time, anyway.”

Rick immediately understood.

“You guys fuck this morning?” he asked.

“Yeah, Jenny came on to me pretty strong.”

“Think you can get it up again for me?”

“Willing to try,” I said. “Your place or mine?”

“Let’s try yours,” Rick said. “Our place is kind of messy.”

We waited a few minutes to make sure the girls didn’t come back for something they’d forgotten, then went inside.

I hesitated for a moment. It didn’t feel right to have sex with Rick in the bed where I’d made love to my wife barely an hour earlier, so I led him to the couch instead.

We stood facing each other, a couple of feet apart. He was smiling, and the bulge in his shorts was clearly visible.

Rick made the first move, shucking off his shorts and shirt and tossing them aside. But before taking off my own clothes I paused to take in the sight of his body.

I’d seen him naked in college of course, and there had been a few quick glances in the gym since then. But what I really wanted was to give him a good long look, and that hadn’t been possible last night in the dark.

Now it was possible, and I took my time. Only now did I realize I’d never fully appreciated the beauty of a male body.

Female beauty, for me, is about curves and softness, and a woman’s greatest treasure is hidden from the casual glance. Male beauty is about firmness and definition, and his greatest treasure is right there in the open.

In no way did Rick disappoint.

He was in great shape — better than me, anyway, and given how often he went to the gym better than he was in college. He wasn’t particularly muscular but there was little fat on him; he had nicely defined pecs and his stomach was flatter than that of most guys our age. The reddish-blond body hair I remembered had lightened over the years; you could tell he spent a lot of time in the sun.

But it was of course his cock that drew my attention.

I took a step forward and knelt before him. This put his cock just about eye level.

Let me describe what I saw.

It was a good seven inches long, as I’ve said, and so hard at the moment it pointed almost straight up. The shaft curved gently upward from the root, and tilted slightly to my left. The skin was a little darker than on the rest of his body, and the ridge along the underside of the shaft stood out strongly. The head flared slightly, swollen and deep red with his erection. The slit was moist with a tiny drop of precum.

I looked up into Rick’s face. He was smiling.

“I love seeing you in this position,” he said.

I reached up with one hand and wrapped the fingers around his shaft. Rick caught his breath.

“Oh, yes,” he said.

It felt good to me, too. I hadn’t had my hand on another guy’s kick since that night back in college with Rick, and I realized how exciting it was — the feel of soft skin contrasting with the steely hardness underneath.

I breathed in, picking up a slightly musky but far from unpleasant odor — a manly smell — tinged with the lingering whiff of the ocean from out swim last night.

I istanbul travestileri stroked him slowly for several seconds, then leaned my face in and rubbed the shaft against my cheeks, first on one side, then on the other. The drop of precum grew bigger, forming a glistening pearl on the tip of his dick.

I leaned in a little lower and nuzzled his scrotum, savoring the feel of the loose skin against my face and the two semi-hard orbs rolling around inside.

I nudged his balls upward with my nose and licked the underside of his sack. Rick gasped.

I moved back a bit, bought the tip of his cock close to my lips, where the pearl of precum had grown still larger. Extending my tongue slightly, I licked it off.

He gave a little moan.

I leaned in again and began licking the bottom and sides of his shaft in long slow strokes. At the same time, I reached up with the other hand and wrapped it around his ball sack, squeezing it gently while I bathed his cock in spit.

“Oh, God,” he said.

For a minute or two I alternated stroking and licking him until he said, “Stop teasing me.”

Locking eyes with him again, I opened my mouth and slid his cock slowly in.

I got most of it in on the first try.

Pulling back slightly to get my breath, I plunged forward once more. This time I got a little further, but the angle wasn’t right to get his entire length in, so I began a bobbing motion. After a few strokes I picked up the pace, making sure to keep my tongue against the hard ridge underneath the shaft.

Rick was breathing heavily by now. He was close to coming.

Suddenly he wound his hands into my hair and pulled me off him.

“This is happening too fast,” he said. “Besides, it’s your turn.”

Letting him go, I got back to my feet. As I pulled off my shirt, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and whisked them to the floor. I stepped out of them.

“Sit,” he said.

I fell back on the couch. Now it was Rick’s turn to gaze at me.

“I was up half the night thinking about this,” he said.

He got on his knees between my legs, spread them apart and gazed at my cock..

Next thing I know it was in his mouth, and in two more seconds his nose was in my pubic hair. The feeling was incredibly intense, and I moaned something incoherent.

But Rick was in no hurry. After that initial bit of aggression, he backed off slightly, working my cock slowly and sensuously with his lips and tongue. Not an inch of it went unloved.

Then he surprised me. Hooking his hands behind my knees, he gave a sharp tug that slid me down on the coach far enough that my butt was poised right at the edge of the cushion. He then nudged my knees further apart so that my ass was exposed to him.

I had never been in such a vulnerable position, and for a second I felt apprehensive about what might come next.

“Trust me,” he said, “you’ll love this.”

He raised one hand to my face and inserted his middle finger into my mouth.

“Suck on that a second,” he said.

Now I knew what was coming, but I obeyed.

When the finger was good and wet, RIck withdrew it. I watched as he lowered his hand to the space between my legs.

Next thing I felt was his finger on the puckered skin of my asshole.

Now, I have never been big on ass play — Jenny had zero interest in it, and my experimentation on myself hadn’t gone very far — but I knew how important it is to relax. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply and let him go to work.

He circled the hole slowly and gently, working it slightly open. Then I felt the tip of his finger enter me as far as the first knuckle. I felt myself tensing up, so I took another deep breath and tried to let my muscles go. When I was relaxed again I felt the finger go in further.

In this way Rick slowly worked his whole finger inside me. Every time it moved even slightly I felt it in my cock, which was standing damn near straight up and all but quivering with excitement.

Rick began sliding the finger in and out, not much either way but just enough to send little waves of ecstasy through my midsection.

“How does that feel?” he travesti istanbul asked.


The word had barely escaped my lips when Rick bent forward and swallowed my cock once more.

I groaned. I felt the impulse to lift my hips and jam my cock deeper into his throat, but I didn’t want to startle him. Besides, it wasn’t necessary, because I was already in as far as I could go.

Rick started bobbing up and down. At the same time he speeded up the movement of his finger in my asshole, and in less than a minute I felt my cum starting to rise. He must have sensed what was happening, because he turned his finger slightly and bent the tip in such a way as to press on my prostate.

That was all it took. My whole body shook, and with a huge moan I exploded in his mouth. I don’t know what it felt like to him, but to me it felt like a gallon of cum had shot out of my cock and into his throat. He pressed again on my prostate, and a second shot followed, then a third and a fourth.

I was gasping for breath, and I felt tears leaking from the corners of my eyes. It had been years since I’d had such an intense orgasm.

When the aftershocks finally stopped I opened my eyes. Rick was grinning at me.

“Like that?” he asked.

“Good Lord,” I said. “The earth moved.”

He laughed.

“Let me catch my breath and I’ll do you,” I said.

“Sit tight,” Rick said.

He stood up. Nudging my knees back together, he threw one leg over both of mine so that he was straddling me, then raised himself on his toes and leaned forward. His cock, still steel-hard, was mere inches from my face. I would have loved to take him in my mouth, but in this position it was awkward.

“Jack me,” he commanded.

I reached up with one hand, wrapped it around his cock and began stroking him. The angle was a bit awkward but I managed to get a good rhythm going.

I looked up at Rick’s face. His eyes were shut tight and his mouth hung open.

“Close,” he said.

Seconds later I felt his cock starting to swell in my hand. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

Rick made a gurgling noise deep in his throat and I felt all the muscles in his body tense up. The gurgle turned to a groan and a huge wad of cum shot out of the end of his cock.

It hit me squarely in the face, most of it landing on my tongue. The second shot coated my chin, and the next two or three landed on my chest.

When he was finally spent, a large dollop of cum hung from the end of his cock. Locking eyes with him once more, I swallowed what was on my tongue and then raised my head just enough to lick the end of his cock clean.

He watched, fascinated, as I scooped up the other drops of cum from my chin and chest. The sight made his cock twitch again. I reached up and stuck the cum-covered fingers in his mouth.

He licked them clean.

“Fuck, that is hot,” I said.

We were still for a moment as he caught his breath. Then he got up, straightened his back for a moment and flopped down next to me, our sides touching.

I scooted back up on the couch so we were both more or less sitting up. For a moment neither of us spoke.

Finally he broke the silence.

“Jesus,” he said. “Who knew that gay sex could be so much fun?”

I laughed.

“So we’re gay now?”

“Well, we’re doing gay things, so we must be at least partly gay,” he said.

“Where’d you learn that ass business?”

“Debbie does that to me from time to time,” he said. “I love it. I play with myself sometimes, too. Don’t you ever do it?”

“Jenny won’t go near those parts,” I said, “and I never got the hang of it myself. It sure was intense, though.”

“There’s lots more we can do with that.”

“You mean fucking?”

“I’d like to try it,” Rick said.

I wasn’t so sure, but after what had happened in the last 24 hours, I didn’t want to rule anything out.

We were quiet for a minute.

“We should probably get dressed,” I said. “Who knows when the girls will be back.”

“I need a shower,” Rick said.

“Me, too.”

“I’d say we should shower together but maybe we shouldn’t push our luck,” he said.


Before he left our half of the villa he turned to me.

“Think we can keep this up when we get home?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I want to but it won’t be easy.”

He leaned in for a hug and spoke into my ear.

“We’ll think of something.”

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