The Battle for Carnal Delights…Getting Lucky!The Battle for Carnal Delights…Getting Lucky!


A new day dawned and there was no alarm clock to wake us from our sleep. I woke up, laying on my side, to the feel of a warm and very naked female body curled into me. My cock was hiding away stretched out between her thighs and against the outer lips of her pussy. My lower arm was stretched out and being used like a pillow while my upper arm was across her warm body with a nice handful of all natural, firm breasts in my grip. Her arm and hand had my hand clasped firmly to her breast. The A/C had been left on all night and the room was a bit chilly outside the covers, but quite warm and toasty where we were sleeping and snuggling. What a way to greet the new day! Somehow I managed to ease out of bed without disturbing her and got the coffee maker brewing while I went to find some sweet rolls. Maybe with breakfast in bed, I’ll be one up on possibly getting ‘lucky’ şişli escort today. I know she is teasing me with that, but, I can play that game too if I have to. I just gotta get her “wanting it” more than the fun of teasing me. Hhhhmmm? I remembered her favorite sweet rolls and picked up some French Vanilla for her coffee. I hung the DO NOT DISTURB on the door knob when I returned. Now with the coffee fresh, and the sweet rolls heating in the nuke, it was time to awaken the sleeping B.B. That is one of my pet names for her and it is for Beautiful Babe. I whispered in her ear and kissed on her cheek several times before she stirred. A faint little glimmer of a smile appeared on her lips. While she was in the bathroom, I poured the coffee and fixed the rolls and had that waiting on the nightstand. I also quickly stripped and crawled back in bed escort şişli keeping her spot warm where she had been laying. It was a nice feeling to me also. She returned, crawled in bed to the warm spot, and we enjoyed our coffee and sweet rolls as a breakfast-in-bed. After a phone call to check on the truck, I was still hungry. I did not want anymore food. My growing hunger could only be satisfied with some nice slow lovemaking. Why be in a hurry when we had all day? Maybe I would be ‘lucky’ this morning. I leaned over her and kissed away some crumbs from her mouth and that led to further oral exploration of her body. Her hands were busy rubbing over my body. She was reaching for my cock, but I decided to play her little teasing game and moved out of her reach. By now, I was down between her legs and kissing the inside of her thighs and mecidiyeköy lightly licking and tasting her skin. When she began to squirm, I knew then that I just might get ‘lucky’ this morning. My kissing and licking became more focused as I directed more of my attention to her pussy lips and that crease between. I could tell that she was getting turned on as she had both hands on my head trying to pull my mouth closer and tighter to her pussy. She tasted delicious as her juices began to flow. I worked my tongue around the opening and down below across her taint. She seemed to be pulling my head and face even tighter as I licked my way up towards her clit and across her belly to her breasts. By now, the covers had long since been kicked aside and the coolness of the room no longer seemed to matter. We both were becoming warm with the rising sexual heat in our bodies. I grabbed both of her hands and held them behind her head as I began to ravish her body with my kisses. I tried to kiss her everywhere at once including her neck and throat. Her nipples were not neglected as they seemingly stood up begging for some oral attention.

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