The Bass PlayerThe Bass Player


Amy smiled at the large crowd made up of middle aged men with long hair and black t-shirts. They clapped hard and threw their fists into the air, some of them spilling their beer in the process. Her brother Mike clutched his microphone on the opposite side of the stage, pointing to the audience in the dimly lit night club.

“Alright! This is our last song, thanks for having us come out!” he growled. “All you motherfuckers get close to the stage! This one’s called “TORMENT… OF… AGONY!”

She chuckled to herself, the names of their songs were getting more ridiculous. A jubilant cheer filled the club as Amy glided her fingers against the thick strings of her black bass guitar, the large thumping through her refrigerator sized amplifier shook the stage as all eyes were on her. She lifted her leg and put her leather boot on the floor monitor as she leaned over the audience. Her instrument swayed along her waist as she moved her whole body, twirling her long black hair in large windmills as the fast death metal guitar riffs blasted through the pulsating speakers. Her fingers plucked the large strings at rapid speed, all while simultaneously head banging to the sludgy drone. All of her worries and anxiety of the busy week vanished as she lost herself in pure metal euphoria.

Death Metal wasn’t Amy’s preferred taste in music. She had all intentions of finishing music school and becoming a music teacher, she played cello in her college philharmonic and was inching closer to earning a Bachelor’s degree in Music Theory. However getting pregnant by her then asshole fiancee pretty much halted that dream. She dropped out of college, gave birth to her daughter Nicole, and her fiancée ran off later that year. She raised her daughter on her own, moving from one job to the next until she landed a cozy nine to five gig as a bank teller.

Nicole was now six years old, and her parents had started to take her a few weekends a month. They encouraged Amy to start playing music again and to start having some sort of social life. Aside from the cello, the bass guitar was her real passion. Her older brother Mike taught her how to play in high school, starting her off on Ramones and Green Day songs until she ventured into more advanced artists like Les Claypool and James Jameson. She also had been in every band her brother Mike was in, having a girl in the band who can actually play was always a guarantee that Mike’s projects would take off, at least thats what he told her . She didn’t mind though, she loved to play and it didn’t matter what she played. It was an escape from reality, a chance to become someone else for the night.

About two years ago her brother started a hard, aggressive death metal band, and asked Amy to play. She declined saying, “I don’t play that heavy shit Mike you know that.” Then after some line up changes and band members splitting, Mike practically begged Amy to fill in. She finally agreed and they had been playing together on stage for close to a year. The power metal trio known as Morbid Casket consisted of Amy on bass and backing vocals, Mike singing (if you could call growling singing) and on guitar, along with Mike’s friend Trevor on drums.

Surprisingly, she was starting to enjoy filling in heavy metal bass duties for her brother, the music was challenging and complicated so it never bored her, and she secretly loved the attention from others, even if it required her to throw on black leather pants and eyeliner. On top of that, playing in a band with Trevor made it all worth wild.

Trevor was a thirty-two year old drummer who had been playing all his life. He was rugged and tall with tattooed arms and slicked back hair. His ears were gauged with small black plugs and he wore dirty work shirts from his day job as a mechanic. He was a solid musician, hilariously funny and always outgoing. Amy told him once he resembled a greaser straight from the 1950’s. He ran with the compliment and didn’t hold back from singing “Grease Lightening” to her with full on John Travolta theatrics whenever he could, even jumping on the hood of her car, similar to the movie.

After a year of playing together they had become good friends, more so after Trevor’s divorce from his cheating wife six months ago. Amy fought all she could to not make her raging crush on the drummer obvious.

“MY PAIN IS HELL! TORMENT OF AGONY!” Amy’s high pitched screams radiated through the club while Mike growled in unison. The crowd lost it, they head banged and pushed together while Amy’s long hair covered her face like a horror movie villain. Trevor sprinted on his double bass drum pedals and slammed his cymbals while the song glided to the end.

“We’re Morbid Casket! Goodnight!” Mike shouted as they ended their set. A roar of applause and whistles came from the crowd, “We love you Amy!” someone shouted from the back and Amy blew a kiss.

As they brought their instruments off stage, Trevor shot a glance at Amy bending over putting her bass in its case. She wore the same thing every show: Doc Martins avcılar escort up to her shins, with skin tight black leather pants that made her small perfectly round ass look amazing. As she stood up, he gazed at her slim waist covered by her black tank top. Her breasts were perfectly round and tonight she wore her black lace choker wrapped delicately around her neck.

“Great show Trev,” she said, snapping Trevor out of his gaze.

“Oh, yeah, you too Ames.” he replied.

“Guys! Yes! Fuckin’ right! We fucking killed it!” Mike wrapped his arms around Amy and Trevor’s shoulders, pushing them in close to Mike’s sweaty t-shirt. His guitar in one hand, A beer can in the other. “We’re gonna’ stick around for the rest right? Fuckin’ Plucked Out Eyes is coming on next, then it’s Filth Canal. Fuckin’ Filth Canal fuckin’ kills it every show! Wooo!”

“Oh yeah, Filth Canal.” Amy said dryly.

Trevor laughed.

Someone called Mike’s name and he ran over, laughing and high fiving, while Amy and Trevor were stuck loading their gear back into their vehicles. Every show Trevor carried her bass amp for her and loaded it in her Subaru hatchback, while she loaded his drums into his truck.

“This is heavy as shit, but damn she sounds great.” Trevor said after shutting the car door.

“Right? She’s a classic. Never gonna sell it.” Amy replied. “You rocked tonight Trev.”

“Nah. You know they only come and see us because we have a hottie in the band.”

Amy quickly turned and reached into her pocket for a hair tie before Trevor could notice her blushing. “Oh really? You think I’m a hottie huh?”

“No, I was talking about me,” he replied smiling, “But you’re ok I guess. On the hotness scale it’s me, definitely Mike, then I guess you.”

“Oh thanks.” Amy said, the two of them laughed as they stopped to stare into the night’s sky. “What time is it?”

“It’s only ten-thirty.” he said while looking at his phone, “You going back in for Plucked Out Eyes?”

“Ugh. I don’t know.”

Trevor paused, then looked over at Amy who was still staring at the stars, her face illuminating from the city lights, her eyes sparkled as Trevor stood and stared. “Do you want to go to my place?”

“What?” Amy asked.

“I said do you want to head back to my place. Skip Plucked Eyeballs and Filthy Canal and maybe just head back to my place and hang out. Get a pizza or something? Kiddo’s at your parents tonight right?”

“Yeah she is until tomorrow night.” Amy’s heart was racing and her legs started to feel weak. “But, yeah sure that’ll be great. Mike is in his element now so he won’t care if we headed out.”

“Alright. I’ll meet you there.”

Trevor walked to his car while Amy stood there frozen. Only in her dreams and fantasies has she ever been alone with Trevor. She twisted and twirled her hair as she walked back to the club entrance to tell her brother she was leaving.

“Going to Trevs? Alright, hey you fuckin’ rocked tonight!” Mike exclaimed while sipping a Pabst Blue Ribbon. He stared at his kid sister puzzled, “Hey, Ames you ok?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh cause you’re twirling your hair, you only do that when your nervous…Holy shit! Are you gonna finally fuck Trevor tonight?”

“Goodnight Mike…”

“Don’t fuck Trevor. It’s gonna’ break up the band! Don’t do it sis! Don’t fuckin’ Yoko Ono this shit. Don’t dude!”

“Wow, Ok I’m leaving now…”

“But fuck him if you want. You have my blessing. Have a wild night, but don’t break his arms or anything we have a show next weekend.”?

“Goodnight Mike. I won’t.” Amy replied while walking to her car shaking her head.

“I love you sis! Stay out of trouble! Be responsible! I’m so proud of you! Make sure he wears a cond—

Amy shut her door to block out the rest of his hollering through the busy parking lot.

“God he’s annoying.”

She drove the city streets frozen in her thoughts. Her music gear rumbled in the back of her car, the large amp swaying side to side as she turned a corner. Her legs still felt week and her stomach fluttered with anticipation, the same feeling she felt riding up a roller coaster.

“Is this it? Is this actually happening?” she whispered to herself as she drove to his house. “Ugh fuck I stink.” She smelled her shirt and frowned. “He probably smells worse than me. Pull yourself together Ames, it’s just pizza. We’re friends, nothing’s going to happen, he doesn’t like you like that…unfortunately.”

Her mind raced to thoughts of sex, of how she pictured him naked while she couldn’t sleep at night, how she would pleasure herself to the thoughts of his strong tattooed covered arms holding her. “Ugh stop. Ok, focus Ames, just friends, talking, pizza, beer, that’s all.”

She arrived at his house roughly ten minutes later. He lived in a quiet neighborhood on a dead end street just outside the city, in a small house that he inherited from his grandmother. They band held weekly rehearsals in his basement ataköy escort studio, a perfect place to play considering most of the neighbors were elderly and hard of hearing.

His car was in the driveway and the light was on in the kitchen, she crept in and saw him rummaging through the fridge, he peeked his head over the door and offered Amy a beer.

“Sure, I’ll take one.” He tossed her a Miller High Life and she twisted off the cap. “Man my ears are ringing bad tonight.” she said as she stuck a finger in her ear and wiggled. He laughed.

“How do you think I feel? I’m wedged in-between your skyscraper of an amp and your drunken brother.”

“Ugh right?” she said while sipping the cold clear bottle.

He walked over to the counter next to her, “Sorry about the mess.”

“It’s fine, a real bachelor’s pad.” she replied smiling.

“Bachelor, oh jeez. Well you know all about that.”

“I do alright in the bachelorette lifestyle,” she said while taking a sip, “Nikki’s in bed by seven, I’m lights out by seven thirty on the couch usually with a half a bowl of ramen noodles in my lap. Sort of the routine every night.”

They both chuckled as he clinked his bottle to her’s. “Cheers to that. Hey, so can I ask you something?”

Amy froze and tried to keep her mind at ease, “Shoot.”

“Do you like playing in this band?”

Amy was unsure on how to answer, she tensed up and cleared her throat, “Well.”


“I just like playing music, it doesn’t really matter what I’m playing as long as I’m doing it. Does that make sense?”


“Why, is it too obvious that I don’t really enjoy it as much as I pretend to?

Trevor sipped his beer, “Oh no, It’s just you’re a way better musician than Mike, my opinion your pretty much the glue of this band.”

“Thanks, your not too bad yourself.”

“I try.”

“Now I have a question for you,” said Amy. ?


She put down her beer and looked up at him, “Earlier you said I was a hottie, did you mean that? Do you think I’m a hottie?” The words had already quietly escaped her lips when she realized what she had just asked.

“No Ames, I don’t think you are a hottie.”

Amy frowned and felt a sudden sensation of embarrassment. “Oh.”

“No I think you’re beautiful.” Trevor said while staring deep into her brown eyes. “You don’t need to wear that Hot Topic costume you know. I’ll take you in your bank teller pant suit any day of the week.”

Amy giggled, “I’ve never worn a pant suit.”

“Seriously though, I think you’re absolutely beautiful. You’re an amazing person to be around, quite frankly you’re the only reason why I’m in this band.”

“Really? Hmm.” She replied. “You mean that?”

“Yes I do,” he said, his gaze never leaving hers.

Amy sprang up and kissed him, sliding her lips softly against his as she closed her eyes and held onto his arms. He placed his beer on the counter and scooped her up in one quick motion, he sat her down on the counter and they were eye level. He leaned in and kissed her gently, sliding his tongue slightly inside her mouth. She kissed him back harder, pushing her body against his, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “I want you Trevor,” She whispered breathlessly in his ear as he kissed her neck.

He clutched the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head, revealing her soft breasts over flowing in her black bra. His thumb rubbed across her covered nipple, goosebumps slid up her arms as she trembled. She kissed his chest as she unbuttoned his shirt, spreading the shirt away until it was off of him completely, exposing his muscular chest.

Trevor backed away and brought her down, turning her around. She placed her hands on the counter as he kissed her shoulders and back. He reached around her and unbuttoned her leather pants, slowly sliding his hand down the front of her waist. He immediately felt her soft hair, realizing she wasn’t wearing underwear. He glided his rough hand down and felt her soft delicate pussy. She moaned softly and pushed her thighs together, arching her back and lifting her hand to the back of his head.

Trever massaged her lips slowly, gripping her breast as he sucked slightly on her neck. Amy moaned softly, biting her lower lip as she squeezed her eyes shut, she shuddered as his fingertips found her clit. The feeling of his hardness pushing against her ass made Amy whimper, she pushed down her pants, lowering them to her knees as she backed herself against his cock which was ready to burst out of his jeans.

“Lets go to your bed,” whispered Amy.

The two of them walked quickly hand in hand down the hall to his bedroom. Amy thought his room was surprisingly neat considering he lived alone. She laid down on her back and slid off her pants, kicking them across the room. They both laughed as she sat up in his bed, sliding off her bra. Her soft breasts stayed in place, she caressed them slowly while watching Trevor slide bahçelievler escort off the remainder of his clothes. She glanced down at his swaying cock as he lowered his boxers.

“Holy shit Trevor,” Amy said breathlessly.



Trevor laughed “Oh yeah, well I’m a guy, we have these.”

“No smart ass, it’s, wow.” Amy had a few men after her fiancee, however Trevor appeared to be the largest. “Go easy on me with that thing ok?”

“I promise.”

Amy rolled over onto her stomach and brought herself onto her hands and knees, arching her back, sticking her ass up in the air. She spun her long hair around her head and reached for Trevor’s cock. She massaged it with her small warm hand as she stared at its flowing veins and tender shaft. She moaned softly as it grew thick in her palm, sliding her fingers around the tip, edging it under the head. She gazed up at him while he stood at the side of the bed, slowly taking him into her mouth.

He let out a soft moan as he shut his eyes and gently ran his fingers through her long black hair. She inched his cock deeper into her small mouth, then back out again, slowly stroking it in a steady rhythm as she sucked lightly against the tip. She let go of his pulsating shaft as she took it deeper, rocking her head back and forth. She sucked faster, sliding his tip along her tongue before bringing it to the back of her throat. He let out a sigh, his cock turned rock hard in her mouth as she found herself moaning with excitement as he pushed himself into her, fucking her mouth as he held the back of her head.

Pre-come slid out of the corners of her lips, and down her face towards her black laced choker. She squeezed the blanket between her fingers as she felt her pussy ache between her legs. She pushed her ass up higher as he laid his large hand against it, squeezing her bare cheek. He slid his fingers down, reaching the softness between her legs. Amy took his large pulsating cock slowly out of her mouth, a string of wetness followed with it as she gasped for air.

She moved slowly onto her back and spread her legs, eagerly inviting him in. She ran her hands down and touched herself, grazing her fingers along her soft pinkness. He kneeled along the side of the bed and held her thighs as he ran his tongue slowly along her pussy, sliding in small circles around her clit before putting her into his mouth. She moaned loudly as he started to suck, her legs trembled as his tongue began fluttering against her tiny clit, flicking it fast as he sucked hard on her pussy.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, just like that,” Amy whispered loudly, panting her commands as her moans echoed throughout the house.

“Oh fuck I’m going to come, you’re going to make me come!” Her legs quivered as she cupped a hand over her mouth. She pushed her hips against him as he buried his face harder into her pussy, sucking and licking simultaneously. A gush of wetness flowed from her as she released into his mouth, crying out as she came.

“Oh my god,” she said as she massaged her breasts, “Fuck me Trevor. Please go slow though ok?” She held her legs up by her thighs, her soaked pussy stared up at him as he held his large throbbing cock. He rested his cock on her, the tip almost touched her stomach as she moved herself along his rock hard shaft. “Slowly,” she repeated nervously.

He guided his cock into her, slowly inching in as he held it, resisting the urge to force it all the way into her warm wetness.

“Just like that, Oh my god yes!” she said breathlessly as he let go and put it all the way in. She moaned louder, opening her eyes to stare into him as he moved out slowly, then back in again. The feeling of herself being slowly stretched overwhelmed her, she cried out as he inched deeper and deeper.

He moved faster, resting his large tattooed arms against her as she continued to hold up her own legs with trembling hands, clutching her smooth white thighs. She pleaded with him to fuck her harder, she wanted to be filled by his cock and found herself begging for it.

He rested her thighs against his arms, sending her legs upward as he pushed himself deeper into her, fucking her hard and fast. Her tits bounced as her body slid along the bed, she quickly grabbed them and found herself squeezing her nipples as she whimpered loudly while her pussy clamp down onto his hardness.

He stopped suddenly and in one quick motion, hoisted her up off the bed. He wrapped her legs around his waist with his arms under her thighs, his hands gripped her smooth ass to support her. She held onto his shoulders, realizing she was completely airborne, holding on to his thick muscles as he gently slid her down onto his cock. He guided her up and down as she held on tightly, screaming as his thick cock entered her tiny pussy. He bounced her petite body up and down, watching her tits bounce playfully against his chest.

He brought her down onto the bed and laid down on his back next to her. “Ok, your turn.”

“My turn?” she asked.

“I want to watch you come again.” he replied.

She climbed up, wrapped her legs around him as she sat upright, sliding her pussy against his shaft resting along his stomach. Trevor sat up and grabbed her ass tightly, he placed his cock against her pussy and moved her down. Amy trembled as her tender lips wrapped around his thick throbbing shaft.

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