The Appointment Ch. 02The Appointment Ch. 02


Please read the first part of The Appointment to get a gist of this character named Troy Phillips.

It’s the first time I’ve written from a male perspective and it’s my first ever erotic story. Sorry if it’s not up to par with everyone else’s — just thought I’d give it a try.


My clients were mostly middle aged well-to-dos with more money than sense. They came in their droves because I’m good at my job, in fact I’m the best. I’ve seen my business double its profits year upon year in the last five years. As a psychosexual therapist and masseur; I use my intellect and training along with my hands and other implements that I have at my disposal to do my job.

I have the finest exotic oils, creams and pomades made especially to relax the muscles and excite the senses. My salon is very clinical with state of the art equipment and other services such as, facials, pedicures, manicures and other non-surgical treatments. It also has a sauna, steam room, gym, pool and solarium; everything to cater to the body and mind.

I guess my success could be attributed to the fact that I’m a bit of an aberration. I am one of only three men in the whole country in this particular field. My clientele are predominantly women; of varying ages and sizes, all bursting at the seams to have a young man of thirty-five touch their aching sex-starved skin. Just looking at their naked bodies makes them spring a pre-emptive leak. Six years later and I’m topping a whopping 300k salary and all by word of mouth, no marketing of any kind.

But now, I felt I was growing a tad weary of the whole thing. I had my fill of sagging, stretched marked midriffs and bulging, beer filled bellies. I paid my dues underneath the cold grey skies of London; now it was time to go. It was time to fly off to pastures new; Bahamas perhaps or Hawaii — Alicia could never make up her mind between the two.

Over the course of the last two weeks I informed most of my regulars of my impending departure and gave them all a months’ notice of termination. Of course there were the expected cries of disappointment and pleads for a change of mind but I insisted I could not be swayed. Then came the monetary bribes and believe me the sums were staggering but I was having none of it. After that, came the direct offers of sex for whenever, wherever and however, which I obviously and graciously declined.

They came to me because they lacked sexual gratification in their own lives. They would discuss their mundane sexual practices or the lack there of, and I would advise them on techniques and scenarios to rekindle the embers of their relationships. Following the therapy session, I required individual clients to have a thorough shower and dress in the white linen robes and slippers provided. After which they would lay on my sex therapy table, where I’d massage them meticulously, and if they happened to reach climax that was fine too. More often than not this did happen, as I said I’m the best.

Everything was above board and professional, my hands never ventured into any female orifices or touched any erect penises; that’s not my style. At the end of each session my clients always left the salon feeling less frigid and eager to re-enact the whole thing with their loved one; job done, next please!

My two regulars were an absolute bore as usual, chit-chatting about their dreary inconsequential lives; I nodded in the right places and smiled whenever they turned to look at me. The ticking clock filled the room and became almost deafening. When I had finished washing my hands I returned to the reception area to usher in the last appointment. Suddenly, the two hours ahead of me seemed an eternity. I took a deep breath, composed myself and readied my fake smile.

I pushed open the door of the reception to find a stunningly beautiful black haired, caramel skinned woman. I’d say she must have been in her late thirties to early forties, and looked like a supermodel gracefully posing for a picture as she nestled into the soft brown leather sofa. She was impeccably dressed in a dark Chanel skirt suit with a gold coloured chenille scarf draped elegantly around her arms. Beneath her jacket I glimpsed kozyatağı escort the top of a gold laced cameo. Her legs were amazing, long and bare, radiating health. Her high heeled shoes accentuated her calf muscles beautifully. She was striking in every way and for the first time in a long time, I felt my heart skip a beat when she lifted her head to smile at me. What a gorgeous smile — I melted.

Surely I was in love.

As I sat across from her in my office, I couldn’t help but gaze at her perfect mouth as she spoke. I watched her sexy red lips open and close and her pink ripe tongue occasionally poke its head out from its hiding place; I was mesmerized. Her catlike eyes were a warm hazelnut, her hair was long, thick, and wavy flowing to just below her shoulders. She had a fascinating rich Spanish accent which seemed to purr whenever she rolled her r’s; sending electric shocks to the awakening member between my legs. I held my folder atop my lap to conceal my growth which pushed hard against my trousers in an attempt to be set free.

I could feel perspiration collecting on my forehead and upper lip. I pulled my tie away from my neck and unbuttoned the top of my shirt. I felt stifled; the room seemed to close in on me. It was almost like a panic attack but I knew its true origin – lust! Something I hadn’t genuinely felt in a very long time. Something I hadn’t felt since Alicia. A wave of guilt washed over me, jerking me back to reality.

Adriana Kaliano had been born in Argentina as was her husband. They both immigrated to America and set up businesses there. The marriage had been arranged between their two families and he was a lot older than her. They had one child Joseph, who had grown up in America and was now in college over there. After twenty years of marriage he filed for divorce claiming she was an unexciting lover, that she was all gloss and no substance. However, she since realised that she hadn’t really loved him at all, and that was why she could never fully give herself to him freely. She confessed that during their relationship she never experienced an orgasm and was unsure as to whether she had the ability to even have one.

Long after their divorce, her husband’s words had been ringing in her ears preventing her from moving forward. But now at the age of forty-two she wanted to explore her sexuality and learn more about the art of sex. After arriving in London on business, a friend told her about my service so she decided to make an appointment. She expressed her nervousness talking to a male about such private matters, but felt desperate to resolve her issues. I reassured her and let her know that everything discussed was confidential and that she was in control and could terminate the session whenever she felt uncomfortable. That seemed to placate her and she was willing to continue with the talk therapy.

By the end of the session, I knew I had fallen for her hook, line and sinker. She was mysterious, intelligent and had an inherently sexual quality which rivalled my Alicia. She said she had had many suitors which didn’t surprise me, but was always too afraid to take the next step with them. I asked if she was seeing anyone currently, she wasn’t. I was very pleased; I wanted to be her next one, the only one.

I stood up to bid her farewell when she asked why we were finishing early. I apologised and explained that because of her obvious anxiety; I assumed that she’d want to skip the massage session. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to continue. She deliberated; looking down for a moment then raised her head to look me in the eyes. She studied my face, the way Alicia did. She stared at me with a burning intensity that was so hot I thought I would melt at her feet. I knew she was attracted to me.

‘This is what you do with other women, yes?’ she asked cautiously.

‘Yes, after the talk therapy, I massage the client and show them things that will stimulate them and help them in their relationships. That is what I do.’ I spoke with confidence in my warmest voice.

‘You are very handsome. Do women fall in love with you?

The küçükyalı escort question, took me aback, but I tried not to look shocked or embarrassed.

‘Perhaps they think it is love but it really isn’t. It called transference and it always passes after a while. I am very professional, so you don’t need to worry’

‘Thank you, Doctor Phillips.’

‘No, please call me Troy, I insist.’

When Adriana reappeared from the shower room dressed in her white robe, I felt another sharp electrifying spasm in my groin which trailed down the insides of my thighs. Her cleavage was clearly visible and at one point, her right nipple popped its brown head from under the fabric to say hello; my mouth watered. My impulse to suck that nipple was immense and it took all my willpower to abate it. I couldn’t believe my reactions to this woman. I was extremely relieved to be wearing my white massage coat which hid any unwanted protrusion from her sight.

I readied the massage table and positioned my chosen oils and pomades on the mobile table next to it. All that was left was for the smooth jazz to be switched on and indicate to Adriana that I was ready for her; or so I hoped. She seemed extremely nervous which was understandable; after all, being disrobed and completely naked in front of a stranger is not an easy thing to do. I declared that if she preferred, I could hand her a small towel with which to cover her decency while she lay on the table, which she agreed to.

Adriana walked over to the table ready to disrobe and I turned my back to give her time do so without prying eyes. When I turned back toward her, I almost felt my legs give way. Instead of lying on her front with her head through the facial cavity of the table, she lay on her back and had neglected to put the towel across her middle; perhaps proving to me that she wanted to embrace the whole process as the other women had done. She was magnificent; a perfect hour glass figure. Her eyes were closed and she had a serene look on her face, perhaps the music and burning candles had helped to relax her.

She had mentioned her martial arts background and stunt work in our therapy session; the results of her training were evident, as all of her muscles were toned and firm. Her arms were used to lifting weights because her biceps and deltoids were extremely well defined. Her long athletic legs also demonstrated their defined quadriceps muscles. I was usually put off by muscle women, but Adriana’s muscular physique was also strikingly feminine.

Her breasts were large and round with wide brown areolas and huge erect nipples that seemed to call my name; my mouth instantly salivated at the sight of them. Her waist was narrow and flat which led down into a naturally curved stomach and to her caesarean scar just above her pelvic region.

Her once hairy mound had been neatly trimmed into a black butterfly wings pattern, cut close to the skin. Her outer labia were clean shaven, full and plump and her inner labia rose like budding petals beyond the outer lips to reveal a ripened rosy colour.

Her engorged clitoris stood majestically; ready and waiting to be to be sucked. I couldn’t help myself, I bent over to breathe in her fragrance; it was a mixture of jasmine and vanilla, so sweet, so appetising. She was magnificent; my mouth salivated like a running tap as I stood hypnotised.

My heart was beating ten to the dozen and my penis felt like a steel pipe in my pants; long, hard and heavy. I feared to touch her; not trusting myself alone with her. I had never felt such a strong attraction for anyone else other than my wife.

No matter how much I tried to be professional, I could not; I had failed. I thought I’d become immune to women. I had believed as much because I touched women all day, every day. Never did I feel anything for them sexually until now. Boy was I in trouble. I picked up the towel, delicately placed it over the middle of her body and quickly vacated the room. I called out to her from the safety of my office.

‘Adriana, I do apologise for this inconvenience but I’m afraid I have to terminate the rest mutlukent escort of our session.’ I said shouted hurriedly, trying to sound in control.

‘Why doctor, I mean Troy, is something wrong, I do something wrong?’ The confusion in her voice was evident.

‘No, not at all Adriana, I have an emergency that I have to attend to. May we reconvene next week?’

‘Yes, of course. I’m sorry; I hope everything will be fine with your emergency. I will go now, it’s ok’

‘Thank you, I’m sure it will be, I will see you next week, Goodbye.’


Some moments later I heard her close the door behind her as she left. I collapsed in my chair.

What was I going do the next time I saw her?

That night, lying in my huge bed, I tried to envisage my beloved wife Alicia but every time I tried, her face would morph into that of Adriana. I was mortified, guilty and sexually aroused all at the same time. But most of all, I felt that I had betrayed my wife. I clutched her pillow and tried to smell her perfume through it. It worked for a short while but then Adriana’s face would once again appear.

I remembered how she had put her hand onto mine casually while she spoke and how her leg brushed against mine whenever she shifted in her seat. How her hair fell haphazardly amid the mounds of her breasts and how her fingers scratched them softly before she fished her long tresses out from between them. I remembered how she sighed with deep empathy and tears welled in her eyes, as I revealed my life to her. I wanted her to know about me; to want me as I wanted her. I remembered her large catlike eyes that seemed to pierce my very soul and read my mind, surely she knew I wanted her; it would have been apparent to anyone else if they had been in that room.

I lay prostrate, determined not to let Adriana intrude into my dreams for they belonged to Alicia. But however much I tried; flashbacks of her naked body infiltrated my fantasies. Not too long after, I found her lying beside me breathing heavily, seductively; her chest rising and falling in rhythm with mine. Her glossy black hair which framed her beautiful oval face trailed delicately across the pillow. She turns toward me, her eyes dark and alluring.

I move closer and brush my craving lips across her soft cheek, her nose and then her full sexy lips, cradling her head in my arms. Her lips part in readiness for my ravenous tongue. Our lips meet, the potency of her passion is undeniable; her whole body is set alight and growling with desire. I invade the warm sultry crevasses of her mouth, our tongues entwine. I suck her tongue pulling it into my mouth wanting to keep her there forever. I kiss and suck each lip tenderly then passionately.

Soon I am on top of her, caressing her, stroking her hips and buttocks with my clammy hands. My hot hungry mouth licking and kissing her neck and shoulders intently. I suck her ear lope and lather the inside of her ear with my saliva tongue; she groans with pleasure and licks her beautiful lips in anticipation of what is to come. My body is between her legs; my hard penis is rubbing up and down her mound and against her clit.

My heavy sac slams into her wet open pussy as I suck her sweet tongue. I move down her burning body to her round breasts; her nipples are stiff and ripe. I take the full areola into my mouth, sucking forcefully; she arches her body and grabs my back, digging her nails into my flesh as her head whips from side to side. My hand wanders down to her wet fleshy lips as though it has a mind of its own. I cradle her dripping pussy and grind her clitoris and lips into my palm forcefully, over and over as she jams her pelvis into my hard cock and grinds in rhythm with my hand.

My fingers descend into her fleshy folds and find her fiery hole. My middle finger probes and thrusts inside, jabbing her g-spot, my index finger joins in. My fingers make love to her again and again as the muscles of her inner passage grips them tight. She rides up to meet my thrusting fingers as her orgasmic juices erupt into my hand and she screams and shudders with ecstasy. Just at that moment, a nagging phone disturbs my cheating dream.

I sit up confused and disorientated at first, then lay back down ashamed but still highly charged. The need to off load is overwhelming; I fist my thick long penis over and over until I come onto my silk sheets. I was doomed to repeat this a few more times during the night before I was allowed to fall into a dreamless sleep, while crying out to Alicia to forgive me.

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