The Amazon Rainforest Part-3The Amazon Rainforest Part-3


The Rainforest Part-3

7.01 Tyler, Village Justice:
7.02 Tyler, Heifer, Last Ejaculation:
7.03 Tyler, Gel Female Preparation:
7.04 Tyler, Gel, Breast Growth:
7.05 Tyler, Gel, Urethra Tube:
7.06 Tyler, Gel, Loss of Testicles, Female Sexuality:
7.07 Tyler, Gel, Penis to Clitoris:
7.08 Tyler, Gel, Vaginal Enhancement:
7.09 Tyler, Gel, Vaginal testing:
7.10 Tyler, Gel, Feminization:
7.11 Tyler, Canine, Mounting Frame:
7.12 Tyler, Canine, Deep Throat:
7.13 Tyler, Canine, The Mounting:
7.14 Tyler and the Girl:
7.15 Tyler and the Man:

7.01 Tyler, Village Justice:

The following morning, the Tribal Leader gathered all the villagers together in the clearing. Included were representatives from neighboring villages. Tyler and Diana saw that changes had been done to the clearing. The Platform was gone the six pairs of restraining poles were gone and the earthen circle was covered. The wooden structure had been moved so it was in beside the warm water pool. Beside the structure was a new pair of restraining poles and beside them was the villager’s version of a canine Mounting Frame.

The Medicine Man pointed to the hut and the guards dragged a naked white man from the hut. His name is Tyler, around five foot ten and weighed around 150 pounds. No drugs had been given to him and none would be. They wanted Tyler to be fully aware of what was happening to him. He was strong and struggled with the guards as they brought him to the restraining poles where two other guards were waiting. Tyler was quickly restrained in a spread eagled position, facing the villagers.

Andre approached Tyler and translated what was being said. The Tribal Leader addressed the gathering telling them that two ‘western’ men raped and beat one our women. We have one and are still hunting for the other one. The one you see will face our severest punishment.

The Tribal leader turned to Tyler and Andre translated,

“You will be changed into a female and then secured in the Frame while you are raped by one or more of our dogs. But first, you must be prepared. Our dogs prefer clear skin and all that hair on your body will be removed.”

All could see Tyler turn pasty white and he started urinating in fear. The villagers pointed their hands at him and laughed as his bladder was emptied. Two younger men came forward carrying jugs filled with the depilatory and began mixing it into the hair on chest, back, arms, legs and finally into the junction of his thighs. One held up Tyler’s penis so the audience could see it and he closed his eyes wishing he were dead.

Suddenly, Tyler’s body began squirming as the sensations of bursting bubbles flooded his body. It was particularly felt around his penis and testicles. He looked down and feelings of humiliation filled his mind when saw all the hair on his body dissolving and a sense of embarrassment when he saw his half erect penis. As the sensations ebbed, his penis softened and lay over his testicles. The two men went to the pool and returned with jugs of water and cloths. While one poured the water on Tyler’s body, the other washed off the remnants of his hair. Tyler frantically fought the restirring of his penis as the man focused his attention at the junction of his thighs.

Tyler was now ready. The guards undid his restraints and dragged a kicking and screaming Tyler toward the wooden structure where the Harness and two more men were waiting. They held his legs and arms while the other two men put his feet into the thigh loops and pulled them up onto the center of his thighs. They then put hands and arms into the shoulders loops and adjusted them onto his shoulders. The rope’s slack was taken in and Tyler felt himself being pulled upward and put into a sitting position. An inch wide support strap was then attached across his back. Two leather loops were pulled over his feet and up to his knees. These were attached to the shoulder loops and adjusted so his bent legs were pulled back toward his hips and spread apart. His wrists were not secured to the thigh loops.

Andre reached in and lifted Tyler’s Testicles and penis.

“Enjoy them while you can.”

A distraught Tyler began pleading,

“Oh God .. No .. Please don’t do this ..”

Andre and the men backed away and Tyler looked with pleading eyes at the smiling villagers in front of him.

7.02 Tyler, Heifer, Last Ejaculation:

A sinking feeling filled his mind when he saw Andre looking at him and then nodded his head at the two men.

Another rope was attached to the thick leather strap that supported Tyler’s back and it was pulled over the top of the tripod. Tyler felt himself being put in a forward, reclining position. The rope was then tied to one of the structure’s supporting posts, holding firmly in that position. He lifted his head and looked toward his audience.

He felt the men grab his unrestrained arms and then saw a boy coming forward with a small jug in his hand. The boy knelt under his body and, dipped a cloth into the jug and began coating Tyler’s penis, balls and the spread cheeks of buttocks. Tyler winced as the slick contents was applied to his skin and the scent of honey drifted up into his nostrils.

Tyler’s fears vaulted, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the liquid was an attractant for something, but for what?

The boy left and Tyler sensed movement off to his right and in a few seconds he saw a man leading a young Heifer toward him. Tyler wasn’t prepared for the sight of a ‘nursing’ Heifer and his body began shaking and trembling.

The Heifer caught the scent of the honey and raised its head, sniffing the air. It opened its large mouth and its long, wide tongue licked its thick lips. The

attendant released the young cow and it walked toward Tyler. Again, Tyler looked at villagers and then at Andre, his face pleaded for help but all he saw was their smiling smiles.

The Heifer began sniffing and poking its nose at the honey coated parts of Tyler’s body.

His villagers smiled as the young cow’s long, wide, thick tongue extended outward and started lapping at Tyler’s thighs, abdomen, testicles and between the cheeks of his buttocks. The tongue was like a large velvety hand that swept across his genitals. It lifted and manipulated his penis, massaged his balls and caressed his anal lips. Its long sweeps soon had Tyler’s penis stirring and a reluctant moan escaped his lips as the tongue curled around it with a pleasurable squeezing action. Tyler’s frantic mind fought the stirring of his penis but the ‘magic’ of the tongue’s rippling surface soon had him fully erect.

“Oh .. No .. No .. Oh God ..”

The heifer opened its large mouth and stepped further under Tyler toward the junction of his thighs. He gasped loudly when he felt the head of his erection being held between the young cow’s upper thick lip and its long, wide tongue. The tongue pressed onto Tyler’s thick gland pushing it upward onto the calf’s upper lip and at the same time, it extended its tongue outward along the sensitive underside of his straining hardness and then curl under his swaying testicles.

Tyler’s arousal vaulted and his mind became saturated with sensations that he had never felt before or expected. His fearful thoughts evaporated as the wide, squeezing tongue curled around his granite-like manhood.

His stunned mind couldn’t believe the ecstatic sensations that gripped his sex and he instinctively thrust his excited erection into the Heifer’s warm, wet mouth and into the upper part of its suckling throat. The young cow withdrew its clasping mouth and Tyler’s erection jumped into the air. Its long, wide tongue now began exquisite sweeps from his anus to the sensitive gland of his hardness. On occasion it would stop and gently massage his bloating, heavy balls. On those moments, the villagers could see Tyler’s drooling precum flowing down his jerking member.

The Heifer’s tongue changed. It flattened to a width of five inches. It swept along the length of Tyler’s erection and curled around the throbbing shaft with a delicious squeezing and massaging action. It then teasingly pulled back and when it reached the thick gland it swirled around it like a suctioning mouth. Tyler bucked wildly and screamed.

Tyler no longer thought about his audience. The Heifer and its tongue caused his arousal to flood across his body and mind. His whole universe was now centered on the incredible sensations that were exploding around his straining hardness. The Heifer’s nursing mouth followed his wild contortions and never letup on its relentless assault on Tyler’s enflamed sex. The thick tip of the warm, moist tongue slipped onto the swollen, pink anal lips and nudged into Tyler’s sacred opening. He wasn’t prepared for pleasurable sensations and his hips jerked rearward as an ecstatic jolt of joy burst into his rectal sheath.

Tyler’s orgasm were building rapidly. Ecstatic pressures were now building in his testicles, rectum and erection. His thick stream of semen pulsed upward through his manhood and stalled deliciously at his hyper-sensitive gland. The liquid joy swirled around the thick crown and then exploded into the Heifer’s milking mouth and curled tongue. The first stream of thick semen ricocheted off the lapping tongue and splattered downward like a shower head. The young cow feasted on the thick essence as though it was feeding from its mother.

A dazed and embarrassed Tyler slumped down onto the restraints of the Harness as the Heifer fed off of the diminishing spurts and drools of his softening penis. In a few seconds Tyler felt the tongue pulling his penis and testicles back into the cavernous, massaging mouth. A nervous Tyler tried to pull out of the sucking mouth but the young cow followed his frantic movements. He groaned in despair as his sexual rejuvenation kicked in and his penis stirred within the ‘nursing’ lips and squeezing tongue and cheeks. He closed his eyes as the milking mouth caused his flaccid tube of flesh to stir and soar to full erection. The Heifer moved its head further inward under his body and Tyler gasped as his manhood slipped deeper into the Heifer’s throat.

‘Oh No .. Not again ..

Tyler jerked his hips back and his bloating balls slipped outward and hung over the thick, caressing lips. A moan of pleasure and despair was heard as the Heifer’s clenching throat muscles drew his throbbing hardness into the depths of its clasping passage. The rippling throat muscles ecstatically squeezed his engorged manhood and caressed the hyper-excited gland.

With a torturous twisting motion, the Heifer’s head drew back and Tyler’s engorged manhood slowly slipped outward. When the agitated gland reached the Heifer’s thick suckling lips, its warm, moist cheeks closed around the excited crown with a forceful suctioning action. Its wide tongue swirled around the pulsing head lapping up his preseminal fluids that were oozing and drooling from the puckering opening. The Heifer then skewered its throat back down onto Tyler’s straining hardness.

Tyler’s hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands reached under his reclined body and gripped the Heifer’s head tightly. Again, Tyler felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his hardness descended into the depths of the Heifer’s incredible mouth and throat. It pulled up on Tyler’s erection so the aching crown rested within its warm, wet, massaging mouth with the suctioning cheeks clamped ecstatically around the engorged gland. Tyler gasped and wailed, his hips thrust desperately, plunging his enraged manhood deep into the calf’s mouth and throat.

The Heifer now began a series of ecstatic, rhythmic lunges onto Tyler’s excited erection. It pulled its head back and the lips and tongue would adorn the thick tingling gland and then thrust fully forward until Tyler’s churning balls slapped against its lips. The Heifer repeated its ecstatic sweeps again and again, catapulting Tyler into a sexual frenzy. Every nerve ending in his sexual sensory system was screaming for release. He lifted his head and squealed in joy as his second orgasm was unleashed.

The stream of thick semen entered the base of his erection and surged up his tortured erection. The churning liquid of joy reached the straining head and stalled as it swirled around the excited gland. It then jettisoned into the Heifer’s eager and receptive mouth and throat. Tyler’s hips thrust his enraged manhood forward deep into the Heifer’s throat and wailed in orgasmic ecstasy.

Again the Heifer feasted on Tyler’s jettisoning nectar and increased its exquisite milking actions in attempt to get more and more of the delicious thick essence. Tyler’s hips arched forward again and the Heifer’s head twisted back and forth drawing every inch of Tyler’s ejaculating organ into its throat.

Tyler and the Heifer were now ‘one’ and he never wanted the union to end.

His body began shaking uncontrollably. His toes curled, his body arched outward as bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across his mind and eyes. His mind and body were now submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. Another huge stream of liquid joy pulsed up his straining erection. Again, the Heifer feasted on the spewing gushes of his thick semen.

Tyler couldn’t absorb any more sensations, his mind went into sensory overload and he lost consciousness. His body slumped down onto the Harness’s supports. With a long moan Tyler regained consciousness as his body quaked with delicious aftershocks. His deflating erection was being gently massaged by the Heifer’s tongue and mouth as it coaxed the last spurts and drools of Tyler’s delicious nectar.

The young cow removed its loving mouth and Tyler’s penis slipped out and swayed over his drained balls. A long string of semen dangled from the head of his flaccid penis and the Heifer’s tongue stretched out and lapped it up.

The rope attached to the back support was loosened and Tyler was moved back into a sitting position. He watched as the Heifer was led away and feelings of shame filled his mind, not because of the act of bestiality but because he had enjoyed it so much.

7.03 Tyler, Gel Female Preparation:

Tyler was brought back to reality when he felt his wrists being attached to straps on the thigh loops, preventing him from interfering with the Gel.

The Medicine Man directed the placement of a large bowl under Tyler’s buttocks and Tyler’s fears reached a new level when he saw a clear, thick, gelatinous mass squirming within the bowl. The men grasped the supporting rope and a startled Tyler felt himself being lowered toward the bowl. The lowering stopped when his buttocks were about an inch above the bowl. The men secured the ropes and stood beside the structure.

Tyler’s body shook and trembled as he waited for something to happen.

Suddenly Tyler heard a low level gurgling sound beneath him and looked down between his spread thighs. His eyes opened wide when he saw a clear, gelatinous mass oozing upwards from the bowl. He flinched and shifted his hips when he felt the Gel make contact with his spread buttocks. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the warm thickness flowed between his spread cheeks, across his rectum and then upwards under his bent thighs.

The warm Gel mass was now making its way between his bent thighs, spreading the cheeks of his buttocks further apart. His rectal opening tingled as the soft Gel slipped over it, on its way toward his swaying balls and flaccid penis. A sigh escaped his mouth when he felt his testicles slipping into a warm, silky pouch with a gentle massaging action and the exquisite tingling sensation spread into his penis.

The flow of the Gel now reached his penis and his sigh became a moan as his stirring member was manipulated into a warm velvety sheath. As it closed around the soft tube of flesh, the Gel sheath began to caress and squeeze his awakening penis. An embarrassed flush spread across his face as he tried to stop his mounting arousal but the sheath’s ‘mouth’ began an exquisite suckling of the sensitive gland and his penis surged to full erection.

The Gel moved over his hips and upward across his abdomen and up onto his chest area. Two small Gel masses formed over each of his areolas. Within each mass, a depression formed into a ‘mouth’ and Tyler sighed as each descended onto his nipples with an exquisite suckling action. The sensations slowly became more intense as the thick masses began to massage his areolas and nipples. The sigh turned into a low moan as his nipples stiffened and tingled.

The Gel was now in place and had total control of his body. His erection throbbed within the rippling sheath and his nipples stood hard in the center of his areolas.

The men used the ropes to raise Tyler upward two feet from the bowl, giving the villager’s an unrestricted view of his aroused body.

7.04 Tyler, Gel, Breast Growth:

The Gel thickened and nestled further onto his areolas, secreting its growth chemicals. An exquisite firmness gripped each of his breast areas and Tyler sighed as the tingly sensations in nipples intensified.

Soon, Tyler felt as though dozens of tongues and lips were sucking and suckling on his Şehremini Escort stiffening breast areas. As his areolas thickened, two velvety pouches formed over each of them with a delicious kneading and massaging action.

Tyler gasped as unexpected and unwanted jolts of pleasure raced across his chest.


As his breasts grew, his nipples became more sensitive to the suckling ‘mouths’ and Tyler began pushing his firm breasts and rigid nipples into kneading and suckling pouches. His body had never felt such exquisite sensations and he moaned as the waves of pleasure flooded his mind.

NIPPLES: 7/16″

The ecstatic sensations were now merging into those that were emanating from his engorged erection.


Tyler’s breasts had now reached their targeted size.

Suddenly the caressing pouches stopped their manipulations and settled into a joyous ‘purring’ action and he slumped back into the warm confines of the Gel. Tyler looked down and groaned with despair when he saw his firm breasts and erect nipples. He now knew that he was becoming a female and there was nothing that he could do to stop it.

7.05 Tyler, Gel, Urethra Tube:

Suddenly Tyler felt a tightness grip his erection. He looked down and saw the top of the Gel’s clear sheath curling down over his thick gland to its circumcision ring. He looked as his preseminal fluids continued to ooze outward and drool over the gland’s sensitive surface.

A thin glistening stem-like tube rose up from the Gel. It was a 1/4 inch thick, clear, flexible and hollow. It arched up and over his straining member and stopped just above the opening to his urethra. The surface oozed with a combination of transforming chemicals.

His eyes opened wide with apprehension and tried to move his penis away from the head of the tube, but the sheath’s grip on his erection held it firmly keeping the urethra opening lined up with the dripping tube. Tyler saw two dark stems laying within the clear tube.

Tyler watched with wide open eyes as the tube sank slowly into his erection. Within a second or two, Tyler’s urethra twitched wildly with ecstatic ripples of joy. He threw his back and gasped as the slick, chemical laden tube reached the base of his erection. The tube continued its inward journey and soon reached the two valves that controlled the injection of his semen and sperm into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened both valves, cutting of the bladder. The two, tube-like stems slithered outward, one slipped into the fleshy tissues of his prostate and the other made its way downward toward his testicles. Waves of euphoric sensations bathed the center of his sexual being.

The open tip of the stem that was imbedded within his prostate’s sensitive tissues released its transforming chemicals and a numbness filled his penis as his prostate and seminal vesicles were removed from his body.

7.06 Tyler, Gel, Loss of Testicles, Female Sexuality:

The other stem had now made its way down into Tyler’s testicles and split into two tubes. Both injected their transforming drugs.

Suddenly, he felt a tightness grip the apex of his thighs. His testicles began spasming and it felt as though a thousand ants were crawling all over them. He thrashed his hips in circles trying to stop the intense antsy sensations. Just as fast as they came, the sensations disappeared and a warm, euphoric firmness gripped his testicles.

Tyler felt an increasing pressure building within them and looked down between his spread thighs. His fears escalated when he saw them slowly begin shrinking and folding over each other as they receded into his groin. Shortly, all that remained was an oval shape thickness and a thin crease just below the base of his erection. The oval mound begin to expand along the crease and slowly take the shape of a labia.

In a few seconds Tyler’s hands fisted tightly when cramps gripped his groin as room within his body was being created for his vagina, cervix and uterus. Tyler gritted his teeth hoping whatever was happening would end. Slowly the cramps faded. The Gel stems now released chemicals that formed and attached a set of dense sexual nerve endings to his newly created labia, vagina and cervix. At the same time, the urethra tube created a denser set of nerve endings and urethral ducts that surrounded the lower part of his vagina. Tyler’s mind was flooded with ecstatic waves of joy as his new Skene’s gland or ‘G’ spot was connected to sexual sensory system.

The stem-like tubes made their way back up to the two valves. The ducts from his prostate, seminal vesicles and testicles were dissolved, including the two valves. The tube slowly slipped out of his penis, secreting its transforming chemicals.

7.07 Tyler, Gel, Penis to Clitoris:

The numbness in his penis intensified, filling his mind with dread. His eyes were locked onto his hardness and watched as the last vestiges of his manhood became smaller and smaller. The sheath that encased it, followed the decreasing organ as it got smaller, the urethra opening disappeared and reappeared between the folds of his labia. A clitoral hood formed and he watched as his penis disappeared into it.

The Gel mass between his thighs formed into labia massager with an embedded phallic and began an exquisite massaging action and the massager’s clitoral ‘mouth’ suckled it way over the pink tip of his new clitoris and into its protective hood, releasing its growth chemicals. Tyler wasn’t prepared for the new set sensations and his hips bucked and jerked as incredible jolts of joy shot across his sex. The sensations rippled into his vagina and surged upward toward his bullet-like nipples.

Tyler’s new clitoris began to ecstatically lengthen and thicken.


CLITORIS: 3/8″ x 1/4″ .. 1/2″ x 1/4″ .. 5/8″ x 5/16″

With each ecstatic jerk of his hips, Tyler’s clitoris expanded.

CLITORIS: 3/4″ x 5/16″ .. 7/8″ x 3/8″ .. 1.00″ x 3/8″

His hips began grinding his female sex in circles against the Gel mass that was giving him so much joy.

CLITORIS: 1.25″ x 1/2 .. 1.50″ x 1/2″

Tyler’s new clitoris had now reached its targeted size.

7.08 Tyler, Gel, Vaginal Enhancement:

The labia and clitoral massagers intensified the ecstatic actions and Tyler ground his new sex in tight circles trying to get more of the ecstatic sensations.

The massaging Gel kissed and caressed his fluttering inner lips that were already moist with their early juices. His clitoris throbbed within the suckling sheath and he pushed his bullet-like nipples into the ‘mouths’ of the Gel’s suckling pouches. As the Gel massaged the flared folds, the head of the Gel’s phallic nudged against the treasured entrance of his womanhood. His suckled rigid clitoris was filling his vagina with a deep need that he had never felt before. He shifted his hips excitedly against the caressing head and pushed his sex down onto the thickness that was probing the portal to his virgin vagina.

His clasping inner lips kissed and caressed the purring head as it nestled its way further inward. Tyler felt an exquisite pressure as his inner lips and vagina stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness of the Gel’s phallic, then unbelievable sensations exploded within his as the imbedded, twisting nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of his vaginal walls. As it slithered inward, its width expanded to 2 inches.

The phallic slithered inward and began twisting and turning as though it was looking for something. Its circling head intensified its flexes and twists as it neared its target.

Suddenly, Tyler arched up from the Harness’s hold on his body and his hips began frantically grinding his seething sex in the air. The Gel had found his sensitive ‘G’ spot and he screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with jolts of joy.

The phallic’s flexing body was now 3.00″ into Tyler’s vagina and it secreted a chemical that enhanced the sexual nerve endings from the his ‘G’ spot back to his vaginal opening, including his excited inner lips. Tyler gasped as ecstatic antsy sensations gripped his entire vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth were enhanced to accommodate an 10.0″ x 3.0″ erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of his vaginal sheath and his ‘G’ or Skene’s glands were extended.

Tyler’s mind was immediately flooded with new and intense waves of pleasure as his spasming vaginal walls gripped and clenched around the partially embedded phallic.

7.09 Tyler, Gel, Vaginal testing:

The phallic lunged deeply inward, his cervix flared open and began kissing the throbbing head as it nudged against the portal to his womb. His hips ground excitedly onto his buried lover and he gurgled as it slowly pulled out and lunged back in. The Gel phallic now started a series of rhythmic thrusts, in and out, fast and slow. Tyler’s body instinctively began to meet the Gel’s thrust with his own counter thrusts.

The Gel phallic started a methodic thrusting action, from inner lips to cervix. Full in, half in, fast, slow. It twisted and undulated, it pulsed and throbbed. Tyler was delirious with joy as he ground his enraged sex onto his Lover’s magnificent penetrator. He gasped and wailed, and his body bucked and thrashed as the ecstatic waves flooded his vaginal sheath. His stiff bullet-like nipples ached and tingled as the Gel ‘mouths’ continued to suck and suckle them. His straining, jerking clitoris caused his entire sex to ecstatically to spasm with joy.

His body was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. His body had never experienced such sensations. Suddenly the loving phallic lunged deeply inward and stopped. Tyler felt the most delicious and ecstatic sensation he had ever felt. The phallic started to forcefully ejaculate deep inside his vagina and cervix. The warm, thick ejaculant gushed and filled his cervix, back flowing into his vagina causing his first female orgasm to be unleashed. His mind and eyes became saturated with orgasmic flashes of lights. His body jerked upward, his legs kicked into the air in a wide ‘V’ as his body bucked and thrashed in orgasmic ecstasy.

With a loud orgasmic squeal, Tyler slumped into the harness gasping and panting as ecstatic aftershocks rumbled throughout his body.

1.10 Tyler, Gel, Feminization:

The last stages of Tyler’s transformation had taken place so quickly that his mind was in shock. His testicles and penis were no longer there, replaced by a clitoris and labia and vagina. His stunned eyes looked down and saw two, firm 36C breasts. He saw his engorged clitoris, the full folds of his flared labia and the frothy inner lips at the entrance to his female sexuality.

Suddenly, he felt a series of internal cramps grip his body. The Gel’s ejaculant began the final changes to his body. He gritted his teeth and his hands fisted as the cramps intensified.

The villagers watched intently as Tyler’s body changed before their eyes. The muscle tone on his arms and legs disappeared. His facial features softened and his pelvic area took on the female displacement for child bearing. Tyler’s body was changing into a curvaceous woman. A soft moaned escaped his lips as the last remnants of his masculinity disappeared. The soft moan was distinctly feminine.

Tyler is now a male in a female body.

He felt himself being lowered until his buttocks were once again just an inch above the bowl and the Gel began withdrawing from his body. The pouches slipped away from his breasts and the Gel flowed down to the junction of his thighs. The labia and clitoral massagers slipped away from his sex and the Gel returned to the bowl. Tyler was raised back up and the men removed the bowl from under his body.

Once again, Tyler looked down toward his spread thighs and saw his breasts, his clitoris and his labia. His mind couldn’t accept the fact that his penis and testicles were gone and he began sobbing.

The men removed the ropes holding his bent legs, including the wrist ties and Tyler was returned to a sitting position. The support ropes were then loosened and he was put into a standing position with the men holding his arms. A man came forward carrying a small jug. The fingers of his left hand squeezed Tyler’s nose closed and when he gasped for air, the man poured a liquid into Tyler’s mouth. It was drink or gag and Tyler swallowed all the liquid that was put into his mouth.

The villagers wanted to be entertained by seeing Tyler in a constant state of a sexual frenzy and the aphrodisiac liquid would ensure that.

7.11 Tyler, Canine, Mounting Frame:

Tyler looked with panic in his eyes when he saw the Medicine Man pointing to Mounting Frame and began screaming and kicking. Two other two men grabbed his legs all four carried him to the Frame.

The villagers began chanting,

“Now .. Now .. Now ..”

When they reached the Frame his screams became fearful whimpers as he looked at the wooden structure. All four men forced him onto his knees within the Frame, Two held his shoulders and arms so they rested on the front rail and the other two grabbed his kneeling ankles and pushed them outward toward the bottom side rails. A fifth man used leather straps to secured his ankles and wrists to the Mounting Frame. A soft restraining collar was put around his neck limiting the movement he had with his head. The men backed away and a stunned Tyler looked at his smiling audience. With what movement he had, he looked under his kneeling body and saw his restrained body within the mounting frame, he saw his swaying breasts and flared labia between his spread thighs. He looked forward and saw the villagers smiling and pointing their hands at him.

Tyler began screaming and pleading for help and mercy.

“Nooooo .. Please .. No .. No ..”

Tyler saw a girl coming toward him carrying a jug and a cloth. She walked behind Tyler and knelt down in front of his raised buttocks. She dipped the cloth into the jug and Tyler flinched when he felt the girl applying a liquid onto the spread folds of his labia. He tensed when the girl’s fingers directed the slick fabric into his inner lips and onto his clitoral hood. The scent drifted forward under his body, toward his face and Tyler’s fears soared knowing it was some kind of attractant. Tyler began to feel nauseated and again he began a futile attempt to break free of the Mounting Frame.

7.12 Tyler, Canine, Deep Throat:

Out of the corner of his wide open and fearful eyes, he saw a large dog or Animal walking toward him. The Animal, guided by the scent walked behind Tyler and began licking the cheeks of his buttocks. Waves of fear rushed across his body and he began urinating. The villagers smiled and pointed their fingers at Tyler’s torment.

The Animal saw the flowing urine and poked its huge snout closer to his exposed sex and when the flow of urine slowed to dribbles, its long tongue shot out and began lapping at the wet folds of his labia. The curled tip caressed the clitoral hood and swept back to his inner lips. Despite Tyler’s fears, the aphrodisiac effects of the drink were coming into play and ripples of unwanted arousal were seeping into his sex and his labia began twitching as the relentless sweep of the tongue continued. This spurred the Animal’s warm, wet licks and soon the curled tip was focusing its attention to the rigid pink organ that was extending out of its protective hood.

“Oh Jesus .. No .. Stop .. Oh God ..”

Suddenly, the canine stopped what it was doing, much to the relief of Tyler. It now walked around the Frame and stood in front of Tyler. His body trembled when he saw the huge size of the Animal. It jumped up and placed its paws on the front support rail beside his restrained wrists. His body tensed and his eyes flew open when he saw a two inch, thickness edging outward from the Animal’s fur lined sheath. The Animal shuffled forward on its hind legs and used Tyler’s warm, moist breath as a guide for its extending hardness. The collar prevented his from moving his head away and he quickly closed his eyes in revulsion and disgust. He felt the Animal’s thick gland press against his lips and his fears caused his to open his mouth .. the Animal shuffled forward and a muffled scream was heard.

The thick gland slipped past the parting lips and into the warm wet confines of his mouth. Tyler couldn’t believe that the head of the Animal’s erection was inside his mouth. Tyler tried to pull his head away but the head band would only let him shift it a little to the right and left. The Animal followed his frantic shifts keeping its thick gland firmly within Tyler’s stretched mouth. He felt it pushing against each cheek of his mouth as it slowly edged inward.

Suddenly something strange and totally unexpected happened. Tyler felt the Animal’s warm precum drool onto his tongue. His taste buds began to tingle and a craving for more of the Animal’s delicious nectar filled his mind. It was like an aphrodisiac ‘hit’ and the sensations quickly spread throughout his body. His breasts ached, his nipples stiffened, his clitoris throbbed in the air and a deep Escort Şehremini need filled his vagina. He relaxed his mouth as the thick head nudged its way into his upper throat.

His mouth closed around the Animal’s thick member and began to hesitantly suck in it. The Animal whined and hunched forward lunging its excited member deep into Tyler’s mouth and throat. As the massive shaft filled his mouth and throat, Tyler instinctively tried to pull his head away to prevent himself from choking on it. The Animal followed his frantic movements keeping its imbedded erection firmly within the stretched mouth. In a few seconds, Tyler got used to the thickness and resumed his sucking actions.

The Animal’s oozing preseminal fluids were now affecting the nerve endings in his throat and his cravings for more of the Animal’s delicious essence intensified. The sensations caused rigid nipples to strain in the air and his clitoris twitched excitedly.

The Canine began lunging its flexing member deep into Tyler’s stretched throat. T5yler’s tongue slipped around the tip of the Animal’s throbbing hardness on its outward stroke and sucked up its drooling fluid like a straw. His throat muscles began an inward rippling motion, pulling the wonderful thickness deeper and deeper into his suctioning mouth and throat. A low guttural moan filtered its way past the lunging organ that filled his stretched open mouth.

Tyler’s stunned mind couldn’t believe how good the Animal’s thrusting thickness felt in mouth and throat and the intoxicating slickness that was oozing from it. He intensified his milking actions in a desperate quest for the ultimate liquid essence … the Animal’s thick ejaculant. His hips began grinding his enflamed sex in tight circles as if looking for something .. anything to penetrate it. The villagers knew that Tyler had succumbed to the canine and their appreciative eyes were locked onto the frenzied contortions of Tyler’s twisting body.

The Animals whines became growls of intense pleasure as its lunges took on a sense of urgency. Tyler felt the deep spasming of the Animal’s imbedded erection and knew it was just seconds away from ejaculating. His mouth and throat intensified their sucking and milking actions. The exquisite spasms of his own orgasm were building within his enflamed vaginal passage and his thick juices were drooling from his swollen folds.

Suddenly the Canine hunched forward and froze. Tyler almost fainted as the hot, thick essence gushed and spurted into his throat. The Animal’s erupting erection pulled all the way out, flooding Tyler’s mouth with its delicious, spewing nectar and then plunged back into the depths of his throat. The Animal’s thick ejaculant was like another aphrodisiac ‘hit’. Tyler’s muffled groan was heard as his vaginal sheath and rigid clitoris exploded with joy and his body was catapulted into a ‘hands free’ orgasm.


The Canine pulled out of Tyler’s gasping mouth. He closed his eyes as the ecstatic aftershocks flooded his body and his mouth and tongue savored the delicious remnants of the Animal’s delicious nectar.

As Tyler came down from his orgasmic high, reality filled his mind and closed his eyes in shame knowing he had just deep throated a dog.

7.13 Tyler, Canine, The Mounting:

After placing a few licks on Tyler’s face, the Canine moved behind Tyler and sat down, its sniffing nose reacquired the strong scent that the girl had lathered his sex with and was only vaguely aware of someone removing the confining restraint around his neck. He felt the large head sniffing up and down his wet, swollen crease and then felt its warm, wet, rubbery tongue begin lapping at his slick, flared labia. Unwanted slivers of pleasure rippled within his swollen, folds causing them to twitch with anticipation. Soon, waves of excitement were flooding his vaginal sheath and radiating upward toward his engorged clitoris. The slippery tongue dipped between the flared folds, pushing them further apart as it explored the warm, moist crease of his sex. The tip of the wonderful tongue glided upward onto his extended, rigid organ and curled around the appendage with an ecstatic squeezing action, causing Tyler to squeal in joy.

The tongue slipped back down and began caressing the excited entrance to his vagina. His hips thrust rearward and ground in tight circles. His body had never felt such incredible sensations. The tip of the Animal’s tongue eagerly sipped up his drooling vaginal juices like a straw. The Canine slipped its tongue back to its mouth and then slid it all the way forward through the swollen folds of his labia onto his excited clitoris. He howled in pleasure, his head thrashed back and forth, his engorged organ jerked wildly and his vagina clenched and spasmed. Again the tongue curled around his extended clitoris with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Orgasmic flashes of lights filled his eyes as a quick orgasm exploded across his loins.


The Canine, as if on cue, stepped back.

In about thirty seconds, Tyler’s body came down from its orgasmic high. He slumped onto the supports of the mounting frame gasping and panting.

The Canine moved back in.

Its tongue gently caressed and fondled his oozing labia, sipping up the remnants of his orgasmic juices. He moaned as delicious aftershocks flooded his body. The Canine sensed Tyler’s sexual rejuvenation and again curled its tongue around the rigid pink organ that stood out like a beacon at the top of labia. That wonderful tongue once again started its incredible journey from his vaginal opening to his enflamed clitoris.

The Canine now concentrated on Tyler’s excited vaginal entrance. Its tongue teased the clasping entrance with delicious darts and probes. Tyler squirmed and pushed his hips rearward in a desperate attempt to get the slick appendage to slip into his seething sex.

He moaned and pleaded as his body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

The Canine sensed it was time for the ‘main event’.

Tyler felt a slight furry pressure on his back as the Canine repositioned itself over his kneeling body. With the neck strap removed, he looked under his kneeling body and saw the full length of the Canine’s 8.0″ x 3.00″ massive erection.

Fear filled his mind and he screamed toward his audience,


Its head rested on his right side and Tyler felt its long tongue slip down his Side, under his body. It kept extending itself until it slipped over his right breast and erect nipple. The aphrodisiac quickly silenced his fearful plea and gasped as he pushed his excited nipple into the caressing tongue. At the same time, Tyler felt the Animal’s throbbing mass slipping upward along his right thigh onto the spread folds of his labia. The pulsing thickness pressed itself into the wet crease, pushing the folds further apart. Tyler couldn’t contain himself as his body flowed from one ecstatic sensation to another. His hips ground rearward, forcing the massive head inward as it explored his clasping furrow.

As the head of the Animal’s erection teasingly explored between the thick lips of his labia, his vaginal entrance quivered in eager anticipation. Tyler felt his inner lips kiss and caress the flexing gland as it nudged against them. He pushed back and felt the entrance widen and a loud hiss of ecstasy escaped his wide open mouth as the massive thickness stretched its way into his new womanhood.


Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into his steamy passage. Tyler wanted more, he begged for more. He gurgled and drooled as the Canine’s thickness kept slipping inward. In a few seconds, Tyler felt the gates to his womb flare open to receive his long, thick Lover.


Tyler felt the Animal slowly slide its long, member outward and then slip it all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, it flexed, it wiggled and then it lunged deeply back into the depths of his sexual being. His hips thrust rearward and ground in tight ecstatic circle. The Canine pulled back and his clenching vagina franticly fought its withdrawal. It plunged back in and Tyler’s rearward thrust matched it. The rhythm was set, Canine and female worked in unison to bring each other toward their respective climatic orgasms.

The Canine’s erection slipped outward until it was three inches inside Tyler’s spasming vaginal passage and started a back and forth stroking action. Suddenly something electric bolted throughout his body as an intense wave of pure joy surged through his vagina and across his loins. Tyler raised his head up and wailed in ecstasy as the flexing head nestled onto the excited tissues of his ‘G’ spot. The head flexed again and again and Tyler continued to squeal with joy.

The Animal now started a methodical rhythm to its massive thrusts. Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Tyler completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking his sweet spot again. He gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch his breath. He lewdly thrust back and ground his hips in ecstatic circles. His vaginal muscles desperately clenched around the pulsing nubs of the Animal’s massive thickness in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. His hips became blurred as he matched the Canine forward thrusts with his own rearward counter thrusts. His bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode and his rigid clitoris was straining in the air.

Tyler saw nothing except white spots flash before his eyes. He hunched down and spread his thighs as wide as the Frame would allow. With every outward pull, his thick vaginal juices spewed past his swollen labia folds and down his bent thighs. Suddenly he felt the most incredible sensation he had ever felt. A hot bloating fullness was filling his vagina and cervix. He cried out in joy as the Animal started ejaculating deep inside his enraged passage catapulting him into an orgasmic frenzy. His orgasmic wail echoed around the clearing as bolts of orgasmic joy saturated his body, from the tip of his head to his toes. His vaginal muscles clamped and clenched all along the length of the ejaculating organ as his all consuming orgasm was unleashed.


Tyler lost consciousness and slumped down. His hands continued to grasp the support rail tightly. His hips continued to grind his sex around the Canine’s lunging erection. In a few seconds, Tyler recovered. The Animal was still spewing its thick essence and Tyler was propelled into a series of intense aftershocks.

He rested his head on the padded rail, moaning and gasping. Slowly the Animal withdrew its deflating member. It slid out with a delicious slurping sound and he moaned as the wonderful fullness left his body. He closed his eyes savoring the ecstatic aftershocks that rippled throughout his still spasming vagina.

The Canine finally backed away, then walked in front of Tyler and began licking his face. The Animal left his vision as quickly as it had come. He was vaguely aware of the men releasing the Frame’s restraints and they lifted his up onto his feet.

Through dazed eyes he saw the villagers smiling at his and it all came rushing back to him. He slumped into the supporting arms weeping and sobbing. He didn’t resist as a girl washed and cleaned his mouth, sex and thighs.

Tyler saw the Medicine Man pointing back to Harness and began shaking his head,

“No more .. No more ..”

7.14 Tyler and the Girl:

A subdued Tyler was led back to the Harness and stood passively as the loops were returned to his thighs and shoulders. Again, his wrists were tied to the thigh loops. His nervousness escalated when he saw the villagers gathering around him and cringed when he felt some of them exploring his body with their hands. The Medicine man had the villagers step back and sit down in semi-circle around Tyler.

He saw a naked girl stand up who couldn’t have been more than sixteen and walk toward him. Just then, a naked girl moved onto the stage and walk toward At first, Tyler was captivated by the teen’s curvaceous body, young firm breasts and hairless sex but then it dawned on him that the girl was coming ‘for him’. All he could do was stare at the girl with nervous eyes as she approached him.

The girl smiled at him as she nestled between his bent spread thighs and put her hands on his bent knees. Tyler flinched and closed her eyes,

‘Oh God No .. Not a girl ..’

The girl’s hands left his knees and reached out, lifting Tyler’s firm breasts with a soft massaging action. Tyler tried to squirm his body away from the girl’s hands but the Harness held him firmly. The thought of a girl doing this to him, in front of an audience, was too much for Tyler and his body began to shake and tremble.

He tensed and his mind recoiled when the girl leaned inward and began planting light suckling kisses on his neck and shoulders. He couldn’t understand why the girl’s lips were leaving wonderful tingling sensations on his skin. The girl’s fingers moved onto his nipples with an exquisite caressing and twirling action, and he tried to blank out the sensations as they spread into her breasts. Despite his efforts, his nipples began to stiffen and a reluctant sigh escaped his mouth.

A dazed Tyler closed his eyes as the unwanted sensations began to build. The girl lifted her suckling lips from Tyler’s shoulders and began a pleasurable downward trek toward his right breast and the hands continued their massaging and kneading as the suckling mouth neared its target. He felt the moist lips inch their way over his breast, and then felt a warm breath bathe his nipple. The girl’s open mouth descended onto the nipple and the lips and tongue swirled around the erect, rubbery tip.

Another reluctant gasp was heard and Tyler tried shifting his chest in a futile attempt to evade the girl’s suckling mouth but the massaging hands remained firmly around his breasts. The girl’s mouth suckled its way over to the left breast and the massaging hands moved away as the suckling lips moved in. The girl found that the nipple was as hard as a bullet and she lowered her mouth on to it.

Tyler’s body finally betrayed him and he moaned as the mouth adorned his excited nipple. The girl smiled inwardly at Tyler’s submission and divided her attention to both breasts and nipples. The suckling mouth and massaging hands soon had Tyler moaning and thrusting both of his breasts into the girl’s ‘nursing’ mouth.

“Oh Yes .. Yes ..”

The girl lifted her head and a panting and confused Tyler slumped onto the Harness’s supports. A delicious ache filled her breasts and her engorged and excited nipples stood out like bullets from her firm mounds. The girl looked into Tyler’s face as her hands massaged their way downward over Tyler’s abdomen. Tyler knew where they were headed and in a last gesture of resistance pleaded,

“No .. No .. Not there .. Not ..”

The girl cut off Tyler’s pleas as her hands formed around the swelling folds of his labia. The hands began to massage and manipulate the flared lips and his hips began to push his sex into the girl’s hands. Tyler felt the suckling mouth leave his breasts and his breathing quickened when he saw the girl slipping down the front of his body into a kneeling position with her face at at the junction of her thighs. The mouth and lips trekked deliciously across his abdomen on its way to join her kneading hands.

Tyler’s breath was coming in deep pants of anticipation.

The girl slipped her fingers between the moist folds and began an ecstatic exploration up of the warm, pink furrow. The suckling mouth was now nearing Tyler’s rigid clitoris and the straining organ was begging for attention. One of the girl’s slick fingers nestled into his inner lips and began caressing the wet entrance to Tyler’s womanhood.

A low moan was heard as ripples of pleasure flowed into Tyler’s vagina.

Suddenly, the loud moan was stopped and Tyler’s eyes and mouth opened wide. The girl’s warm, wet tongue and mouth had slipped onto his engorged clitoris and the lips and tongue began to ecstatically suck and suckle on the engorged organ of joy as if it were an erection. He threw head back and wailed in ecstasy as his vaginal opening and clitoris exploded in unison.

While the girl’s mouth, lips and tongue devoured Tyler’s organ of joy, she nudged three fingers into Tyler’s eager and welcoming vaginal passage. They twisted and turned, and Tyler’s hips began grinding his sex in wild circles. He squealed as the fingers began stroking deeply into his spasming and clenching vagina. The girl’s suckling mouth and lunging fingers intensified and his body bucked and thrashed as the girl pushed him into a sexual frenzy. His thick vaginal juices oozed past the stroking fingers and his jerking clitoris felt as though it was going to explode.

The villagers now heard Tyler pleading for more,

“Oh God .. Yes .. Yes .. Deeper .. Faster ..”

Suddenly the girl stopped and withdrew from Tyler’s body and he screeched in orgasmic frustration. His enflamed clitoris, labia Şehremini Escort Bayan and vagina begged to be touched, and his hips jerked with desperation into the air.

“Nooooooooooo .. Pleaseeeeeee ..”

With highly aroused eyes, Tyler looked down between his bent and spread thighs and saw a man pouring a lubricant onto the girl’s fingers, then her wrist and finally her lower forearm. The girl grouped her fingers together and held her hand up so Tyler could see it. Tyler realized what the girl was going to do and his mind said ‘NO’ but her tormented body said ‘YES’. The girl’s slick fingers reconnected with his seething sex and Tyler’s sex jerked forward as ecstatic sensations once again exploded across her loins.

He looked down and saw the glistening hand poised at his clasping opening between his flared folds. He watched, as if in a trance, as the grouped fingers pushed the folds further apart and nudged their way toward the excited entrance of his womanhood. He a felt his slick inner lips kiss and caress the wiggling finger tips as they welcomed back the girl’s precious fingers. Tyler felt a great pressure as his vagina stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within him as the hand and wrist slowly slipped inward. His excited entrance quickly stretched over the advancing wrist and Tyler gasped at the ecstatic fullness. His hips ground hungrily as spasms of joy racked his sex. Tyler thrust forward and wailed as he impaled himself deeply onto the girl’s lower forearm.

The girl’s wiggling fingers massaged and danced all along the length of Tyler’s spasming passage and he cooed and gurgled with sensations that he had never felt before. His vaginal muscles clenched around the incredible, long thickness that was buried so deeply into his sexual being. The girl waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. She varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Jolts joy shot into Tyler’s mind and his breathing came in deep gasps and pants as his thick vaginal juices spurted out past the lunging hand and wrist. Every nerve ending in his body was screaming for orgasmic release. The girl moved her head inward toward Tyler’s rigid clitoris and slipped her hot, wet mouth over the throbbing appendage with a deep suctioning action. Tyler squealed again and his hands shot down pulling the girl’s incredible mouth onto her exploding organ of joy.

The girl started her final series of masterful strokes and Tyler quickly fell in sync with them. In, out, fast and slow. His firm breasts ached and his engorged nipples felt as though they were going to explode. Tyler’s sexual universe was totally centered on his spasming vagina and throbbing clitoris. His eyes and mind became saturated with an ecstatic, euphoric fog and his body trembled and convulsed. His hands clenched into fists and his toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down his body from his head to his toes. They built up higher and higher as the girl’s arm relentlessly stroked into the depths of his enraged vagina.

The girl’s thrust became faster and deeper. Tyler couldn’t keep up with it. The thrusts went all the way out and all the way in. His body became detached from his surroundings. Only the spiraling orgasmic sensations were allowed to enter his mind. His breathing became labored and he gasped and panted as he neared his orgasmic trip point .. and it came like a clap of thunder. Tyler felt his vaginal muscles clench tightly around the girl’s hand and wrist as flashes of orgasmic lights danced around her eyes.


Tyler slumped back into the supports of the Harness, gasping and panting as the orgasmic aftershocks rippled throughout his body. The girl withdrew her wrist with a loud slurping sound and Tyler moaned as the wonderful fullness left his stretched vagina.

As he was being cleaned, the reality of what had just happened seeped into his mind. His male side couldn’t accept what the girl had just done to him but his female side loved it.

7.15 Tyler and the Man:

Tyler sat in the Harness looking at the villagers with a sense of hopeless resignation in his eyes. Suddenly, his mind froze when he saw a tall muscular man stand up and walk toward him. At over six feet, Tyler knew couldn’t be a villager. His heart raced and his fear level soared as the man came nearer to him. Tyler saw the most incredible flaccid penis and swaying testicles that he had ever seen or heard about. The tube of soft flesh was at nearly six inches long and his testicles the size of tennis balls. Tyler was so focused on the man’s genitals that was barely aware that the man was now standing in front of him. He was brought out of his intense stare when he felt two large hands resting on his bent knees. Tyler’s male side recoiled at the touch and he cried out,


The man just smiled and ran his hands down Tyler’s thighs, almost to Tyler’s labia and then massaged them back up to the bent knees. A frantic Tyler shifted his body and tried to use his free hands in an unsuccessful attempt to evade the man’s touches.

Tyler instinctively pushed himself further into the Harness when he saw the man lean inward and flinched when he felt his hands lifting his breasts with a massaging and kneading action. The finger tips moved over his firm mounds and began to caress and swirl his tingling nipples. A reluctant sigh was cut short when the man’s lips touched his lips and he felt a tongue slipping into his mouth. Tyler’s mind reeled with conflicting emotions as he was kissed by a male for the first time. As the man’s tongue played with his tongue and the hands and fingers continued to adorn his breasts and nipples, and a new set of feelings began flooding into his mind as his femaleness took control of his body. Tyler wrapped his arms around the man and the kiss became deeper and more passionate.

Again, the man leaned inward and began planting light suckling kisses on Tyler’s neck and shoulders. It happened so quickly that he didn’t have time to react and wasn’t prepared for the sensations that the man’s hands, fingers and lips were giving him.

His breath quickened and a long sigh was escaped his lips.

The man lifted his suckling lips from Tyler’s shoulders and began a pleasurable downward trek downward toward Tyler’s right breast. The massaging and kneading hands held his breast as if it were a trophy for the advancing mouth. Tyler felt the moist lips inch their way upward over his breast and then he felt the man’s mouth descended onto the engorged nipple with a delicious sucking and suckling action, the warm slippery tongue swirled around the erect, rubbery tip.

Tyler gasped at the contact and he pushed his breast and excited nipple into the man’s devouring mouth. The man’s mouth suckled its way over to the left breast and the caressing fingers moved away as the suckling lips moved in. The man found the nipple already hard as a bullet and he lowered his sucking mouth on to it. Tyler gasped louder and his hands held the man’s head as the mouth and tongue teased the tingling nipple.

The man divided his attention to both breasts and nipples. The suckling mouth and massaging hands quickly had Tyler moaning and thrusting both breasts into the adorning mouth and lips. The man began to massage his hands downward over Tyler’s abdomen. He knew where they were headed and closed his eyes, and his breathing quickened. Tyler gasped loudly when he felt two hands mold themselves around his swelling labia and tried to spread his thighs wider apart to give the man full access to his sex.

The man moved his sucking lips onto Tyler’s abdomen and at the same time, the man slipped his fingers between Tyler’s flared folds and began an ecstatic exploring of moist furrow. The suckling mouth finally nestled onto Tyler’s clitoral hood and the enhanced, organ leaped out of its cover, straining into the air. A surprised gasp was heard when a finger nestled into Tyler’s clasping inner lips and with an ecstatic caressing and probing action.

Suddenly, Tyler’s eyes and mouth opened wide. The man’s warm, wet tongue and mouth had slipped onto his rigid clitoris sucking on his engorged organ of joy as if it were an erection. Tyler threw his head back and wailed in joy as his vaginal opening and clitoris exploded in unison.

While the man’s mouth, lips and tongue paid homage to his clitoris, he nudged three fingers into Tyler’s eager and welcoming vagina. They twisted and turned as they slithered inward and Tyler’s hips began grinding his sex in wild circles. The fingers were joined by a forth and the man began stroking them into Tyler’s spasming vaginal passage. Tyler was thrown into a sexual frenzy and his hands grasped the man’s head, pulling the devouring mouth into his enflamed sex.

Suddenly the man stopped and stepped back looking at Tyler’s highly aroused body and Tyler screeched with orgasmic denial.


The man smiled at Tyler’s orgasmic torment and extended his right hand, palming the wet, swollen folds causing a deeper groan to be heard.

The man shuffled in close between Tyler’s spread thighs and Tyler looked at the man’s magnificent package that swayed between his thighs. With his femaleness controlling his actions, Tyler reached out, the left hand went to the man’s testicles and the right hand to the man’s penis. The testicles felt soft and heavy, and his hand unconsciously started to lift and massage them. The penis in his right felt warm and thick, and he closed his fingers around it with a slow squeezing action. As it stirred, Tyler’s breath quickened and he removed his hands, watching the rising of another male’s erection for the first time.

5.50″ x 1.25″ … 6.00″ x 1.50″ … 6.50″ x 1.75″

Tyler looked in awe as it grew longer and thicker before his wide open eyes. His clitoris tingled and began twitching in the air.

7.00″ x 2.00″ … 7.50″ x 2.25″ … 8.00″ x 2.50″

Small pants could be heard from Tyler as the man’s manhood neared its erect state.

8.50″ x 2.75″ … 8.50″ x 3.00″ … 9.00″ x 3.00″

Tyler’s eyes were riveted to the man’s incredibly huge erection. Thoughts of the canine’s erection and the girl’s lower forearm filled his mind and a deep need to be penetrated saturated his sex.

The man saw Tyler’s intense stare and flexed his granite-like pillar and Tyler as if in a trance and a sharp intake of breath was heard as his hands wrapped themselves around it. His vagina and clitoris spasmed with anticipation as the massive thickness throbbed in his hands. His hands dropped down lifting the heavy, swaying balls and his mind reeled as bloated pouches overflowed his hands.

Two men adjusted the ropes of the Harness and Tyler felt himself being put into a reclined position, lifting his sex so he could be easily penetrated. The man smiled Tyler’s erotic position moved inward, pressing his engorged hardness between Tyler’s swollen folds, pushing them further apart. Tyler cooed as the man began an ecstatic sawing motion, up and down, up and down, causing him to shift his sex in a futile attempt to get the thick gland to nestle into his clenching inner lips. A desperate Tyler reached between their bodies and grasped the thick hardness with both hands. With a sense of urgency he guided the slick head so it slid up and down his swollen, wet crease, not letting it lose contact with his sex until it was poised at the eager opening to his womanhood.

Tyler looked at the man with pleading eyes,

“Please .. Please.”

Tyler’s loins rippled with ecstatic sensations as the head nudged against the entrance to his enflamed vagina and then slowly slipped inward. The elastic opening stretched eagerly to accommodate the incredible thickness and a sharp hiss of joy escaped his mouth as the gland ‘popped’ inward and his vaginal entrance kissed and caressed the slick crown of his Lover. The man nudged the first inch of his manhood into Tyler’s seething vagina which eagerly stretched to accommodate the man’s engorged erection.

1″ .. 2″ .. 3″

Three inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into his enraged passage. Tyler wanted more, he begged for more.

4″ .. 5″ .. 6″

Tyler moaned as the man’s thick manhood kept slipping into him and his mind reeled with the ecstatic sensations that his stretching vagina was giving him.

7″ .. 8″ .. 9″

He gurgled and mewed as the man sunk into the depths of his sexual being and could feel every fleshy ridge of the massive organ buried within him. The man waited patiently for Tyler to became accustomed to his thick hardness, flexing gently deep inside him, but still not moving his body. The man waited a moment, flexed again and another moan of rising pleasure escaped Tyler’s open mouth. The man slowly withdrew, almost all the way out, and then slipped all the way back in. The methodical thrusts varied from slow to fast, part way to all the way in, always flexing, always twisting.

“Oh God .. Yes .. More .. Deeper .. Faster ..”

Suddenly, Tyler thrust his enraged sex forcefully upward skewering his enraged sex in tight circles and his legs shot outward in a wide ‘V’ kicking franticly in the air. His eyes and mouth snapped open as the man caused his body to ecstatically explode with its first female orgasm. The orgasmic lightning struck inside his spasming body and he screamed as his toes curled and his hands fisted.


Tyler’s foaming wetness gushed outward past his swollen and clenching folds. His inner muscles squeezed and massaged the pulsing flesh that was deeply embedded within his body. His rigid, jerking clitoris felt as though it was going to explode and his body shook and trembled as his orgasm seemed to last forever.

The man let Tyler rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within in him. Soon, Tyler cooed again as his lover withdrew and began to stroke into him with slow full length thrusts. He felt the man’s huge, heavy testicles push between his spread thighs with each inward thrust as delicious aftershocks continued to flood his trembling body.

The man lunged inward and Tyler felt incredibly full when the wonderful pillar entered his cervix and pushed against the flowering portal to his womb and breathed heavily in quick pants in response to the delicious impalement. The man withdrew so the thick head teased the sucking inner lips and then slithered back into the depths of his seething passage.

Tyler once again moaned and gurgled as his body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

“Yes .. Yes .. Don’t stop .. Oh God ..”

The man again started a slow, building rhythm as his erection stroked steadily in and out of Tyler’s, frothy, excited vaginal passage. For the first time he was hearing the man’s deep, gasping pants as his thrusts took on a sense of urgency. Tyler began clenching his vaginal muscles with exquisite squeezes and massages and the man gasped as his straining manhood became encased within a deep sucking and milking sheath.

Tyler now wanted, now needed and now craved for the man’s thick, jettisoning essence to flood into his enflamed sex. Suddenly the man plunged inward and his jerking member began to thicken and flex wildly within Tyler’s milking passage. Tyler felt the most incredible ballooning sensations in his seething vagina as torrents of thick, hot semen began jettisoning into womanhood. Tyler thrust his hips forcefully upward, skewering himself deeply onto his Lover, squealing with joy as the man’s thick ejaculant kept gushing into womanhood.

The man pulled his straining erection outward and then thrust inward again and again as the spasming gland unleashed streams of his essence. The ecstatic feelings spread throughout Tyler like a series of freight trains, rumbling from his vagina and connecting with his exploding clitoris, up to his breasts, into his nipples and then flooding into his mind.

Tyler’s orgasm was total and all consuming.


His toes curled and his hands again tightened around the man’s neck and his orgasmic scream drowned out the deep moans of his lover. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across his wide open eyes. The man’s ejaculations and Tyler’s orgasms seem to go on forever.

Tyler screamed in orgasmic joy.


Tyler’s sensory system went into overload and he slumped unconsciousness onto the Harness for several seconds. He recovered to intense multiple aftershocks and felt his Lover’s huge member still flexing within him.

The man hunched up with his hips and slowly his softening member slipped out of Tyler’s stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound. Torrents of vaginal juices and ejaculant gushed out of the gaping opening and flowed down his thighs.

Tyler looked at the man’s soft, slick, thickness that still drooled with his semen. His male side resurfaced and he looked away, knowing that he had just sex with another man.

He saw the Tribal leader talking to Andre.

Andre motioned for the men remove Tyler from the Harness. As the loops were being removed from his body natives, dressed like the Tribal leader came forward.

Andre told Tyler,

These two people are from a neighboring village and want you to spend a week or so, entertaining them and their animals.

End of the Amazon Rainforest

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