The Adventures of a NerdThe Adventures of a Nerd

Alexis Texas

“Congratulations, ladies. You’ve all proven yourselves quite devoted to the sorority. There’s only one challenge left before you can join us as full-fledged sisters,” said Jane, the sorority’s current president. “This last challenge will prove to be the hardest and only the most devoted of you will make it.”

The pledges looked at each other and groaned. The past week had been hell for them and the number of pledges had already dropped in half. Sarah, however, steeled herself and smiled as if she had already passed the challenge. It was a matter of pride for her: both her older sister, Tracy, and their mom had pledged to the same sorority. She wasn’t about to be the first in her family to be rejected.

“If you ladies would direct your attention to Sister Amanda, she has your next assignment,” Jane said. Amanda stood, holding an upturned baseball cap in one hand. “Each of you will draw the name of your target. The rules are simple: you have two weeks to procure a photograph of your target. The photograph must also include your target’s face. We don’t want any of you girls cheating, now do we?”

The girls let out a sign of relief. Sure, the university had thousands of students, but it should be easy enough to track down one person in that amount of time. Sarah thought to herself how lucky she was; Tracy had made the final challenge sound like it was nearly impossible.

“Oh, I forgot to add one more thing: these need to be naked photographs,” Jane added. One of the girls swore, while the rest began to grumble among themselves.

“How the hell are we supposed to do that?” Sarah blurted out.

“Anyway you can,” Jane replied. “And you will remember to only speak when spoken to by a full sister, pledge. Do I make myself clear?”

Sarah didn’t respond. She knew she had broken the rules and didn’t want to make it worse. Instead, she sheepishly nodded in agreement.

“Good,” said Jane. “Now that that’s settled, let’s get down to business. Form a line and draw your names. The challenge begins as soon as you draw your name and ends exactly two weeks from this moment.”

The girls arranged themselves single-file in front of Amanda and began pulling folded pieces of paper from the hat. Sarah, upset from being admonished in front of the other pledges, trodded to the end of the line. She began formulating plans in her head. If he works out, she thought, there’s the possibility of having one of her male friends snap a picture of her target in the locker room. Or maybe she could pay off his roommate to take the picture?

Before Sarah knew it, it was her turn to pull a name from the hat. She reached into the hat and pulled out the final piece of paper. Her hands trembled a bit as she unfolded the paper. Kevin Harrington. Well, Kevin Harrington, she thought to herself, you’re in for a surprise. The other girls were still standing around, comparing their draws to see if anyone knew their targets. Sarah didn’t even bother to stop and talk to them: the meeting was over and the hunt had begun.


Sarah fired up her laptop computer, as soon as she reached her dorm room. The university’s on-line directory made it easy to find information on anyone connected to the school. I hope he doesn’t live off-campus, she thought to herself, that could make this more difficult. Luckily, his address came up as being the dorm across the street from Sarah. Sarah let out a slight laugh; he lived on the same floor as Mandy, one of Sarah’s good friends. This is too easy, Sarah thought. She quickly picked up her phone and gave Mandy a call.

“Hello?” the voice on the other end asked.

“Hey Mandy, it’s Sarah,” she replied. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Oh, hey Sarah,” Mandy said. “Sure. What do you need?”

“What do you know about a guy named Kevin Harrington?” Sarah asked.

“He lives on my floor, but I don’t think anyone knows him too well. He keeps to himself mostly. I don’t even know if he goes to his classes. The only time we ever see him is when he’s working tech support in the computer lab on the first floor of our dorm,” Mandy said.

“Thanks, Mandy. You’ve been a big help.”

“Anytime. But why do you need to know about him of all people?” Mandy asked.

Damn, Sarah thought. Mandy’s a good friend, but she’s also notorious for not being able to keep a secret. Letting her in on the contest would potentially ruin everything. Sarah racked her brain quickly for an excuse.

“Um, someone recommended him to take a look at my laptop. It’s on the fritz,” Sarah said.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, sweetie. I don’t think I could go two hours without the Internet,” Mandy replied. “Let me know how it goes. He’s a bit of a creeper, but he’s supposed to be the best.”

“Thanks again, Mandy. I’ll let you know,” Sarah said before hanging up the phone. Perfect, she thought to herself: her quick thinking with Mandy was the perfect excuse to talk to Kevin.


The next day, Sarah walked into the computer lab of Mandy’s dorm, holding her laptop. çekmeköy escort She had popped the battery out slightly so that there wasn’t an electrical connection, but wasn’t noticeable at first glance. She took one last deep breath before approaching the guy sitting at the help desk. Kevin Harrington, resident computing assistant, the sign on the desk read.

“Oh, please, you have to help me,” Sarah begged, frantically. “I have a paper due today and my laptop is completely dead.”

So this is Kevin? Sarah thought to herself. He doesn’t look terrible, at least. Kevin was tall, had an average build and light brown hair. His eyes were an emerald green. He was definitely a nerd, though, as if you couldn’t tell from his Transformers t-shirt. His thick glasses had probably gone out of style decades ago, too.

“Alright, let me take a look at it,” Kevin said. Sarah handed him the laptop case and he unloaded the computer onto his desk. She tried her best to fake crying and thought about her dog, Riley, that had died when she was little. A tear streamed down her face, although Kevin didn’t even seem to notice.

“The first thing that we need to check is if it’s getting power,” Kevin stated. “Then, we’ll know if it’s the motherboard or the power supply.”

Kevin plugged the cord into wall socket and then removed and replaced the battery. Sure enough, the computer started right up.

“Oh, thank you!” Sarah exclaimed, wiping her face. “You’ve saved my life.”

“It must have been a loose connection,” Kevin explained. “It was no big deal at all.”

“It was a big deal to me,” Sarah said. “I need to repay you, somehow. Hmm. What are you doing Friday night?”

“Um, nothing, I guess,” Kevin said. “I’m not much of a partier.”

“Well, I have an extra ticket to the concert playing at the Rave, if you want to go with me,” Sarah said. The Rave was a popular hangout for college students and featured local bands on Friday nights. “I’ll drop by here around six and we can head over there together, OK?”

“I guess,” Kevin said, nervously.

“Good. Then, I’ll see you then,” Sarah said, as she headed towards the door. “Oh, by the way, my name’s Sarah.”


Friday night came and Sarah headed over to Kevin’s dorm where he was standing outside the computer lab. She had made it a point to look as good as possible: she wore her tightest jeans and a low-cut top that showed more than enough cleavage. Kevin, however, was wearing the same outfit he had on the other day.

They talked on the way over to the concert. It turned out that Kevin was majoring in computer science and was already taking graduate courses. That’s why they never see him, Sarah thought to herself. Overall, he wasn’t a bad guy, she admitted to herself; he’s a bit of a dork, but pretty sweet.

Once at the concert, Sarah put her plan into motion. The idea was to get him as drunk as possible, which meant only one thing: tequila. Kevin protested for the first three shots, but loosened up after that. He seemed to be letting his hair down and was starting to have a good time. The band wasn’t particularly good, but it didn’t matter to the two of them; they were both having fun. Around midnight, Kevin began ordering shots of his own. Sarah, being the more experienced drinker, declined his offers.

The band played their last song around 1 AM and the club began to empty. By then, Kevin was fully drunk and Sarah had a good buzz going. They stumbled back towards campus, laughing the entire way at each other’s jokes.

Upon reaching the entrance to Kevin’s dorm, Sarah leaned in and kissed him. It’s now or never, Sarah thought to herself. The time had come for the next step in her plan.

“Aren’t you going to invite me up?” Sarah asked.

“Um, sure, I guess,” Kevin slurred.


Kevin had trouble opening the lock to his room and the couple finally stumbled inside. His room was dimly lit and poorly decorated, for a dorm room. He doesn’t even have a single poster on the wall, Sarah thought. Three computers whirred on the desk in the corner, opposite his bed. How does he sleep with all that noise, Sarah wondered.

Sarah leaned in and kissed Kevin again. His breath smelled like alcohol, but Sarah pressed on, thinking of her sorority. She pressed her body to his as they made out, her chest pressing softly against his. The final part of her plan was simple: get him to strip down and close his eyes, take a picture with her phone and then excuse herself to go to the bathroom. Once she had her prize, she was free to leave. It was slightly mean-spirited, Sarah admitted to herself, but she couldn’t think of a better plan.

“I want to see you naked,” she whispered into his ear.

“You first,” Kevin slurred. His hands reached up and began to unbutton Sara’s shirt. For a split second, Sarah panicked, but then calmed herself. So he gets a glimpse of your chest, she thought to herself, what’s the big deal? It’s the cevizli escort least I can do to repay him, considering how I’m just using him, she thought.

Kevin undid the final button and Sarah’s shirt hung open, revealing the black, lacy bra that she was wearing. It was her favorite bra: it made her already ample C-cups look enormous. Kevin’s head instinctively moved in and he began to kiss her cleavage. His hands, meanwhile, reached up her back and began fumbling with the clasp of her bra. Frustrated, Sarah finally reached back and undid it herself. She couldn’t decide if Kevin’s problem with the clasp was due to his drunkenness or from inexperience with women.

Sarah slid off her shirt and allowed her bra to fall to the floor. Kevin repositioned his hands from her back and began to cup her breasts, gently kneading them with his hands. He continued to kiss her until he reached her pink nipples. Then, he alternated between sucking on Sarah’s nipples and tracing circles on her areolas with his tongue. Sarah became lost in the pleasure of it and let out a moan that snapped her back to reality. Remember why you’re here, she thought to herself.

“OK, your turn,” Sarah said, pushing Kevin backwards towards his bed. Kevin laid back, pulling Sarah on top of him. He kissed her again on the lips and she smiled back at him. “Now I want you to close your eyes and promise not to peek.”

Kevin closed his eyes without saying a word and Sarah began moving down Kevin’s chest. When she reached the top of his pants, she undid his belt buckle with one hand, while pulling her phone out of her pocket with the other. She then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, revealing boxer shorts with Spider-man on them. You’ve got to be kidding me, she thought to herself. She diverted her attention away from his crotch and set her phone to camera mode. Here goes, she thought to herself. With one motion, Sarah pulled off Kevin’s jeans and underwear.

“OH…….MY…….GOD,” Sarah exclaimed.

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Kevin was HUGE. She had been with several guys before, but Kevin’s flaccid cock already dwarfed them. It almost didn’t look real to her. There it was, though, attached to Kevin, the nerd.

“What is it?” Kevin asked, breaking her away from her trance. She pressed the button on her phone to take the picture, making a clicking noise. Kevin sat up just as Sarah was able to get the phone back into her pocket, just in time. Sarah felt a wave of relief: she had her prize and her mission was complete.

“Nothing,” Sarah replied. She reached down and began collecting her bra and shirt, making it a point not to look at Kevin.

“Did I do something wrong? I….I’m sorry if I did something wrong,” Kevin said. “I’ve never, um, done this before.”

Sarah felt a tinge of remorse. Kevin was a nice guy and this would probably shatter his confidence with girls forever. She decided to let him down easy, instead of never coming back from the bathroom.

“Look, Kevin, I had a great time tonight, but maybe we’re moving a bit too fast,” she said, looking up at him. She tried to maintain eye contact and forced herself not to look down at his cock. “You’re a great guy and you really helped me out of a jam, but I don’t know if I’m the right girl for you. Besides, with a dick like that, you’re bound to get plenty of girls. You’re hung like a porn star.”

“You think so?” he asked, looking a hint cheerier. “You’re the first girl to ever see it. I guess I never gave it much thought.”

“Absolutely,” Sarah said. “I know plenty of girls that would love to get their hands on that thing.” Sarah found herself looking down again at Kevin’s gigantic member. It was curiosity, after all, she told herself. She might never see one this big again in her life.

The reality of the situation hit home for Kevin. Here he was, pantsless, talking to a topless girl about his penis. Unwittingly, he began to stare at her perky breasts as he talked to her. In that moment, he began to get aroused without even thinking about it.

“That’s all well and good, but how would they know?” he asked. “I don’t talk to many girls as it is, but I’m usually wearing pants when I do.”

Sarah continued to stare at Kevin’s cock as he talked. She was mesmerized as it stiffened right before her eyes. It reminded her of those noise makers you’d find at a birthday party, the kind that unroll when you blow into them. What looked almost comical flaccid now looked almost menacing; it was rock solid and about as big as her forearm.

Kevin noticed Sarah’s gaze and then realized that he was now fully erect. His face reddened out of embarrassment and he reached for a sheet to cover himself. “Sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean….um…..I couldn’t control it. Sorry,” he said again.

Sarah continued to stare at Kevin’s cock as multiple thoughts went through her brain. Part of her felt genuinely sorry for Kevin. Part of her felt ashamed for using him the erenköy escort way that she did. Still another part, one that she had been trying to repress until now, was turned on by Kevin and his enormous hard-on.

“Kevin, do you really want to lose your virginity?” she asked.

“Yes,” he mumbled.

“OK, then, let’s have sex,” Sarah said. She dropped the shirt and bra that she had collected and began to unbutton her jeans.

“B…but I thought you didn’t like me,” Kevin stammered.

“Shhh,” Sarah replied. Her jeans slid down her legs, revealing lacy panties that matched her bra. She grabbed the sides of them and pulled them down to her ankles. Kevin stared in fascination at her mound, only a few feet in front of him. Sarah’s pussy was shaven except for a strip of pubic hair leading down to top of her folds. He had seen naked pictures of women before, but this was a thousand times more exciting.

“Lie back,” Sarah commanded, pushing him backwards onto the bed with her hand. Kevin complied, his cock standing straight upward, reminding Sarah of a flagpole.

“Do you have a condom?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, in the nightstand,” Kevin said. “A friend of mine gave me one as a joke, once. He didn’t think I’d ever use it.”

Sarah retrieved the condom from the drawer and tore open the package. She then positioned it at the head of Kevin’s cock and unrolled it down his shaft. Kevin’s cock felt amazing; it seemed to pulsate in her hands. She was a bit surprised when the condom stopped short of Kevin’s full length. A good three inches of his shaft still remained outside of the condom. Good enough, she thought to herself.

Sarah climbed onto the bed and squatted over Kevin’s shaft. Kevin lay motionless, his eyes trailing upward from Sarah’s pussy to catch Sarah’s gaze. She looked back into his eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? This is your last chance.”

“God yes,” Kevin replied.

“OK, just checking,” Sarah said. With that, she lowered herself onto his cock.

It was like nothing Sarah had experienced before. The head of Kevin’s cock alone stretched her pussy wider than it had ever been before. Inch by inch, she lowered herself further down. Her eyes never left Kevin’s face; he looked like he was in ecstasy. Before Sarah’s pussy reached the base of his shaft, the head of Kevin’s cock reached her cervix. She paused a moment to enjoy it. Sarah had never felt as full as that moment. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her; the walls of her pussy doing everything they could to contain his monster cock.

Meanwhile, Kevin watched as Sarah’s pussy slowly devoured his cock. Even with the condom, the feeling was incredible. It was nothing like masturbation. Her pussy gripped his cock in ways his hand never could. It was smoother and wetter and warmer. He could feel her in a way few people ever would; he was inside of her. He rolled his eyes back in the ecstasy of the moment.

Sarah began to ride Kevin’s cock, making sure to stop shy of hitting her cervix. She wanted to take in all of his cock, but it hurt to go too deep. Kevin played with Sarah’s breasts as she rode him, occasionally leaning forward to suck on them. Her body tingled all over. She couldn’t think straight. All thoughts of Kevin being a nerd were replaced by thoughts of her being impaled on his gigantic shaft. She felt a shudder and knew that she was close to an orgasm.

“Cum with me,” Sarah said, as Kevin met her eyes. Sarah reached backwards and began gently squeezing his balls. Kevin pulled her face down to his and they kissed.

Suddenly, Sarah orgasmed, a wave of pleasure washing over her. She was amazed; no guy had ever made her orgasm during sex before. This, though, was unlike any sex she had ever had. Her body convulsed in pleasure.

The feeling of Sarah’s orgasm was too much for Kevin. Her pussy spasmed as she orgasmed and felt as if it had tightened its grip on Kevin’s cock even more than it had been. Sarah felt Kevin’s balls tighten up in her hand, as he exploded inside of her. She could feel every twitch of his cock as he shot load after load into the condom. The two of them continued to kiss, long after their orgasms subsided.

Sarah decided to spend the night. She was exhausted and fell asleep right away in his arms. Kevin lay awake for a while before falling asleep, reveling in what had just happened.


The next morning, things between Kevin and Sarah weren’t as awkward as she had feared. He recognized that she wasn’t interested in a relationship, although she said she’d be open to a friends-with-benefits type of situation. He reminded her of his work and said that he was too busy for a relationship, anyways.

Sarah didn’t even bother to return to her dorm room and went straight to the sorority. It turned out that she wasn’t the first of the pledges to complete the challenge, but that was only for bragging rights. The important part was that she was going to be admitted. Jane even hugged her when she handed over her phone to download the picture of Kevin.

“I think you might have a charter record,” Jane said with a laugh.


Pledge Day was a source of pride for Sarah. Only seven of the pledges had completed the challenge, the lowest number in years. Former sisters from all over returned for the ceremony, including Sarah’s mother and sister.

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