That’s The Way I Like ItThat’s The Way I Like It


Jake Roberts took a sip of his whisky, swallowed and felt the familiar burn. He sighed and pushed the glass back along the hotel bar. It had been another long, busy working week, topped off by having to go to the annual industry awards that Friday night. He was a quiet type, serious and professional and he hated these events, full of arse kissers, rubber chicken and warm beer. However, his boss had been nominated for an award, so that meant getting into the penguin suit and going as his cheer squad. His boss had won, then decided to kick on with a bunch of his new mates as some club but Jake couldn’t be bothered. He made the excuse of an early weekend start and took himself off to the hotel bar for a drink instead, a roadie before going home.

He loved the hotel bar, it was old school, dark leather seats, wooden panelling and bow tied wait staff. It was also a serene space, away from the frenetic movement in the lobby and the blaring music in the hotel ballroom where the award night had been held. So he sat at the bar, sipping his whisky and contemplating life. Just turned the wrong side of thirty, divorced, four years into a career in architecture that he absolutely loved. Physically, work meant he wasn’t exercising as much as he would like, although he was still careful with his diet and happy with his physique. Average build, a full head of sandy brown hair and just the inkling of some love handles around his waist. Have to get out tomorrow for a run, he promised himself.

As he stared down at his glass, lost in thought, he sensed a commotion behind him. He turned towards the entrance to the bar and saw a woman nearly knocking over a man who was holding a camera. She was clearly angry, swearing as she made a bee line for the bar. By the time she reached the counter, she’d stopped swearing, but was still wound up. Her nostrils were flared, the tendons in her neck taught, her face bright red. Jake didn’t know what had happened, but wasn’t game to ask. The woman caught the bar staff’s attention and ordered a whisky. Once it had been poured, she grabbed the glass and sat down on a stool a couple of seats away from Jake.

As the woman fiddled with her purse to pay the barman, she was clearly still flustered because she dropped a bunch of change all over the floor. She swore again, slapping her forehead in frustration. Taking a deep breath, Jake decided to help. He hopped off his stool and bent down to pick up the change. He slowly placed the coins on the top of the bar.

“There you go,” he said. She turned to look at him and gave him a quick thin smile.

“Thanks,” says she, clearly disinterested. He decided to chance his arm, not a usual course of action for him, but the boredom of the evening had given way to a much livelier feeling after her dramatic entrance.

“We’re not all arseholes, you know,” he said.

“What? Sorry, what?” she replied.

“Men. We’re not all arseholes. Well, a large number really are, to be honest. Like your mate with the camera, you have him a good shove. Did he get what he deserved?”

She turned her head to look at him as if for the first time. And for the first time he looked into her eyes and something inside of him just twisted. The deepest, dreamiest dark brown eyes he had ever seen, that seemed to look right through him. He felt his balls shrink, a sudden thought crossed his mind that maybe he was about to get shoved out of the way too.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Just, please, let me finish my drink and I’m on my way.” She turned her head again and stared straight back at the bar.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude. Just you looked real cut up a few minutes back. Just want to make sure you’re okay, as the saying goes.”

The woman bowed her head and shook it slowly.

“Well, that’s a new one. The well-mannered stranger with the heart of gold. Why would I fall for that? Sure you aren’t the good cop to that jerk’s bad cop?” she said fiercely, gesturing towards the entrance she had so recently barged through.

He thought about her response for a few seconds. “No, not at all, don’t know him, don’t know you either. I don’t mean anything by it, just you were pretty angry. Just wanted to make sure you were feeling okay, that’s all.”

Again the woman shook her head slowly. “All right, then. Let’s just say that I’m over being chased at by people with cameras all day. Just want to be off limits to those pricks.”

Jake wasn’t sure if he was slow on the uptake, but the thought crossed his mind that maybe he was supposed to know who she was. He looked at her again. He put her age as somewhat similar to his, maybe a little younger. She was dressed in an elegant, deep vermillion strapless gown, straight dark brown hair falling down her back. A number of regulation tattoos down her right arm, someone’s name in copperplate, boyfriend, child maybe. Thick gold necklace around her neck that look great against her burnished skin. And she glowed health. She looked really fit, she looked like a gym bunny, maybe she did yoga or içerenköy escort pilates. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, but he didn’t have a clue who she was.

“Sorry, but am I supposed to know who you are?” he asked, inquisitively.

The woman looked at him, her lips curving ever so slightly. At that moment he felt like she was a cat, toying with him, who in turn was like a little mouse. A manicured eyebrow arched its way up her forehead.

“Well, that’s a new one on me as well. Pretending not to know me, hey?”

Now Jake was really confused. “But, I really don’t know who you are. What are you, an actress? Play pro sport? News reader? Famous for just being famous? Definitely not a politician.”

She looked me up and down for a few seconds. “For real? You don’t have a clue who I am?”

He shook his head. “Nope, and you have no idea who I am, so at least we’re even.”

She smiled at that one. Stuck out her right hand to shake his. Her hand was soft, warm, dry. He looked into her eyes again and once more felt his balls contract. She was gorgeous and she knew it, and she looked like she was enjoying this, he could tell. The smile played at her lips as she looked back at Jake.

“Hi, my name is Valentina. Friends call me Tina. And you are…?”

“Umm, I’m Jake. Jake Roberts. And what do you do, Tina?”

“Nice to meet you Jake, I’ll get to that. What are you doing here tonight?”

“An industry awards dinner. That’s why the tux, don’t normally go in for this sort of gear. Having a last drink before heading home when I saw you and your paparazzi mate. What about you, you’re pretty well dressed up.”

“I had an awards night too. Music industry. I’m…I’m a singer, Jake. Rock. In a band.”

“Okay, good for you. Been doing it for long?” Again, she smiled quizzically at Jake, as though she was not sure whether to trust his apparent lack of knowledge of her body of work.

“Well, it’s taken ten years to be an overnight success.”

He nodded. “Well, good for you. You must go all right given the reaction from camera boy back there.”

Tina smiled again at him. “Yeah, I go all right,” she replied, softly. “So, Jake, if I’m a relatively well-known singer in a rock band, who are you?”

Jake was staring at his glass but looked back up at those dreamy eyes.

“Sorry to disappoint you, without the tux on I’d say I’m just an ordinary boy.”

Tina broke into a big smile this time, her beautiful white teeth showing.

“An ordinary boy, hey. You know what, Jake, that’s the way I like it.” Tina picked up her glass and clinked it next to his. “Good to meet you, Jake Roberts.”


Jake smiled back at Tina. It felt so good to be told that by her. He decided to learn a little bit more about her. “So, what’s it like, being in a band? Has it really taken you ten years to make it?”

Tina looked at Jake, pondering whether to continue the conversation, or politely take her leave. Through bitter experience she was guarded in public situations, but she liked this man. He had been kind to ask if she was all right after that jerk of a paparazzi had interrupted her evening. She looked again at him. He had an open, friendly face, a near smile at the corner of his lips. His hair was unkempt, in contrast to the smart, formal suit which, she considered, he filled out very nicely. She took a breath and decided to see where the night would take her.

“Yeah, ten years with this band to get to the point of getting papped. Guess that means I’ve made it, whatever that means. It’s been a long, hard struggle and there have been days when I’ve just not wanted to carry on, chuck it in and get a real job. But then you get on stage, feel the rush of being in front of a crowd and it’s back to being the best thing in the world to do.”

Jake nodded slowly. “I can comprehend that. Though I’m afraid I’m not a music fan, really. I mean I’m the guy that wanted Tears in Heaven played at my wedding.”

“But that was about…”

“Yeah, I know, his son dying. Lovely tune though.”

Tina smiled briefly. “Yeah, probably not appropriate. Wedding you say? Does that mean you are still…”

“Married?” Tina nodded. “Nah,” said Jake, dismissively. “We were too young, didn’t know what we were doing and realised two years into it that we didn’t have anything in common. Thankfully no kids so as these things go a pretty clean break for both of us.”

“How…wise and grownup of you. So…is there a new Mrs Ordinary?” Tina teased.

Jake shook his head. “No, no new Mrs Ordinary. Just the Ordinary Boy, all alone. What about you? Is there a Mr Overnight Success?” Jake kidded her.

Tina smiled, appreciating the comeback. She shook her head.

“Me, I’m a rock star, no-one comes between me and my mirror,” she said sarcastically. “It’s a transient life,” she continued,” hard to take the time and energy and put that into a relationship when you know you’re about to go on kadıköy escort tour. And play in front of people and get paid for it. That’s my relationship right there,” she said.

Jake nodded his head again. “Makes sense. I can imagine it must be pretty breathtaking being in front of a large crowd who just want to see you play.”

Tina’s eyes lit up at the thought, her face coming alive. “Yeah, that’s the best feeling. Almost makes up for the rest of the crap, the boring driving, the waiting around for what seems like forever. Not washing my jeans for three months or more, well, because I don’t want to and I’m probably hung over anyway and not wanting to spend two hours in a laundromat. The interminable fights with the guys because no-one can spend three months living in each other’s back pockets without some sort of shithousery breaking out. But I love them like brothers, so we fight, sulk, then kiss and make up.”

“A different world to mine, that’s for sure,” said Jake. “Do you have a tour planned any time soon?” he asked.

Tina gave a short laugh. “Yeah, we leave tomorrow. Goodbye party frock and hello crusty jeans and leather boots. Six weeks of the Eastern seaboard coming up, I’m on a train to the Gong in the morning.” She groaned at the word morning, realising that another late night wasn’t going to help her mood for a two-hour train ride.

Jake signalled for another round. When the drinks were served, Valentina clinked her glass with Jake’s and looked at him with a small smile on her lips. Emboldened by the alcohol, Jake decided to be a bit more forthright.

“What’s with the smile?” he asked. Valentina continued to look at him. “Why do I feel like you’re a cat and I’m a little mouse and you’re just toying with me?”

Valentina laughed at his description. She reached out and began to stroke his arm slowly.

“Not a bad analogy. Do you enjoy being played with?” She looked back into Jakes’ eyes, daring him to respond.

He thought for a moment. “Well, I’m not used to speaking with women who are quite as assertive as you. But yeah, I like the way you look at me, makes me wonder what’s going on inside that beautiful head of yours.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” said Valentina. “But I’m not really that mysterious. Let’s just say that when I see something I want, I usually get it.” She continued to smile at him, which belied the conviction in her voice. She was confusing him, was she serious or not?

“Okay…and would I be one of those things that you want?” Jake looked back at Valentina, uncertainly. He was suddenly alert, despite the late hour. He knew he wasn’t in this woman’s league, but here she was, blatantly flirting with him. And it felt good.

Valentina nodded slowly. “I like you, Jake. Quite a lot. I feel so comfortable talking to you, it’s been quite a while since I met someone…normal…like you. My life tends to be full of crazies, strong opinions and emotions. That’s why I liked it when you said you’re an ordinary boy. I get the feeling there’s no front to you, what you see is what you get and I like that you talk straight to me. Far too many people in my life pumping up my tyres, trying to make me believe I’m something I’m not. You’re an antidote to that sort of talk. So, yes, I do want you.”

With that, Valentina leant over and kissed Jake softly on the cheek. He could smell the whisky on her breath, and her perfume, spicy and sharp. Inhaling deeply, he shut his eyes. What a crazy night, he thought.

When he opened my eyes again, Valentina was sitting back in her seat, watching him.

“You okay?” she asked. Jake nodded.

“Yeah, sure. Just wasn’t expecting that. Nice though.” he smiled back at Valentina.

“Nice?” She grimaced at the word. “Been a long time since anyone called me nice. Come on Jake, you can surely do better than nice — I’m a rock star after all,” she said, self-deprecatingly.

Jake swallowed hard. Had he made a mistake? He hurriedly thought of a more appropriate word to use.

“Well, ummm, well, yeah…sorry, I…” stumbling over his words, Jake couldn’t think straight, she was making him nervous.

Valentina laughed. “Well, you really are uncomfortable with a woman who’s direct, aren’t you? Relax, Jake, did I say I didn’t like it? Coming from you it’s a good word. Comfy. Familiar.” With another grin, she placed her right hand over his and squeezed it. Her hand was smooth and warm. “You’re all right, Jake. Really.”

He felt his heart beat faster, heat flooding through his chest. He started to get hard, as he leant over to his beautiful bar companion, kissing her softly on her lips. Once more he could smell her perfume, as he reached out to stroke her soft cheek. The couple kissed again, slowly bringing their lips apart.

“You’re all right too, Tina. Really,” Jake said. The couple rested their foreheads together and were silent for a few seconds.

As they sat with their own thoughts, the bar staff suddenly appeared. kartal escort “Sorry guys, I’m calling last drinks. Would you like anything else?”

The two bar companions looked at each other. Tina made the decision for the two of them. She grabbed Jake’s hand as she slid off the bar stool.

“Come on, let’s go. Nightcap in my room. You won’t get a better offer tonight.” She smiled at Jake, then started to pull him out of the bar.

The couple walked towards the lifts, Jake scarcely believing what was happening. The lift doors opened and Valentina pressed the button for her floor. She turned to look at Jake, casting her eyes down to his groin. She suddenly reached out and grabbed him, feeling his hardness.

“Good boy, we’re going to enjoy this,” she smiled again and draped her arms over his shoulders. Jake swallowed hard. Tina was overwhelming, direct, forceful, but in a thoroughly sensual way. She put a hand behind his head and pulled his face towards hers, their lips touching softly.

“Cat got your tongue?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. Jake swallowed again and shook his head.

“No, I…I just can’t put the words together to describe how I feel right now, how you make me feel. You’re…intoxicating,” Jake settled for. Tina smiled back at him, her eyes glimmering.

“Well, you know the right words to use on me.”

The lift stopped, the doors opened. Tina stepped out first, pulling Jake by the arm. He felt as though he was moving in slow motion, still not believing what was occurring. Twenty metres down a softly lit corridor and Tina opened her room door. She turned and smiled again.

“Last chance to back out. Walk through that door and you are all mine,” she said, firmly. Jake nodded dumbly. His face felt as though it was on fire, his cock was hard, painfully stretching his trousers. He stepped into the room.


Jake closed the door behind him. Tina stood next to the minibar, leaning on the cabinet, staring at him. He stood still and faced her.

“I’ll make us a drink first?” said Tina. Jake nodded. Tina grinned, opened up the mini bar and quickly poured two more whiskeys, the glass tinkling as she added some ice. She walked towards him, her hips swaying gently from side to side. She held a glass out towards him, which he took. Clinking the glasses together, they each took a small sip. Tina sighed, then placed her tumbler on the small glass table to her side. She stood facing Jake, a smirk playing across her lips. Tina held her arms out towards him.

“Come here, my ordinary boy, you’re mine now.”

A shiver ran down Jake’s back as he stepped into her embrace. She held him close, hands slipping down his back before resting on his bottom. Tina squeezed his bum cheeks and gave a throaty laugh.

“Nice, doesn’t feel that ordinary to me.” Her hands moved to his front, again she reached out and squeezed between his legs. Jake breathed out quickly as he felt his cock throb under her hands.

“Mmmm…and that doesn’t feel ordinary either.” Tina laughed again, with a dazzling smile. She reached out and pulled his dress shirt out of his trousers, her left hand holding the shirt front away from his torso as her right hand snaked under and ran up his chest. Jake was fit, muscular without being too gym hardened. Tina smiled in satisfaction as her hand stopped on his pecs. At the same time, she let go of his shirt, raising her other hand behind his head. She stroked the back of his head slowly and softly.

“Nice, Jake, really nice,” she said, looking him straight in the eye as she suddenly twisted his nipple, hard. He yelped, tried to pull back from her embrace but Tina held the back of his neck firmly.

“Mmmm…I did give you a chance to leave, you know. You chose wisely, and now you’re mine, all mine.” With that, Tina twisted his nipple again, squeezing hard. Jake felt a rush of pain, but then a strong tingling sensation from his chest down to his balls. He took a sharp breath, closing his eyes as he arched his back. She pinched his nipple again, the tingling grew stronger. He exhaled, moaning softly.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” Tina asked him. He nodded his head mutely, reopened his eyes to see her staring at him, the little smirk still at the corner of her lips.

“See, Jake, making love to me is like licking honey from a rose thorn. It’s a very fine line between pleasure and pain, and I cross that line frequently. But accept it and you’ll come for me like you’ve never come before.” Jake moaned again, her talk was turning him on and making him apprehensive in equal measures.

With that, Tina released her grip on his nipple and placed both of her hands on his shirt front. Leaning into him, she kissed him, hard, pressing her lips against his. Her tongue prised his lips apart, she searched for his tongue and sucked the end of it. Jake acquiesced to her ministrations, his mind a jumble of thoughts. He wasn’t sure where this was going, but he couldn’t get enough of the beautiful woman before him.

Jake broke off the kiss and looked Tina in the eyes. He surprised himself by uttering the words “I’m yours, Tina, take me. Do what you want to me.” It was true, he felt in thrall to her, never before had a woman taken such a dominant role with him from the outset, and while he was surprised at his response, it felt natural. A rush of desire washed through his body, he wanted her.

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