That Girl Next Door Ch. 04That Girl Next Door Ch. 04


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The following is entirely a work of fiction. Any similarity to real persons, alive or deceased, including but not limited to names and/or personal descriptions is purely coincidental. Nothing in this story is intended to be defamatory or metaphorical. This work was produced entirely with the intent to entertain the reader. Nothing more. All characters in this story are assumed to be at least 18 years old at the time the story takes place. This is an original work of fiction and the author retains all rights to it. Limited license is granted to ‘Literotica’ for publication according to their requirements and conditions.

This installment is dedicated to Tracey Hassenfus.

I have always loved you. I hope that you found much happiness.

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My sincere thanks to my Beta Reading Crew; shakna, NWX217, middleson, FantasySheWrote, BlowPopJ, Sinthet, and Lady_Lierin for their valuable time, suggestions, and for just putting up with me in general. Editorial credit goes to NWX217. Thanks, buddy!


This is the fourth installment of a multiple chapter story. For the avid fan, Chapter One has been resubmitted with revisions. While the substance of the story has not changed, some of the background information on Jason and Jessica’s childhood together was expanded which you might want to revisit for further enjoyment. This installment was not written to stand alone and the author strongly suggests that you start at the beginning of the story in [Chapter One] before reading any further. Travel at your own risk!

Just as a quick note since some of my loyal readers may have noticed that the time lapse between the publishing of chapter three and the publishing of chapter four was a much shorter gap, I have stated before that chapter 3 underwent so many revisions that it didn’t even come close to resembling the original outline. Some of the scenes written for chapter 3 in its original form were cut & pasted into 4. Therefore much of the delay in getting 3 into your hands translated into work already completed for 4 making it arrive that much faster. That doesn’t really have any ground shaking relevance to the world as a whole. But I know that some of you will find that trivia interesting just the same. Chapter 4 also flowed so much easier from my imagination onto the page. It was a pleasure to write while 3 was truly a chore.


***Chapter Four***


The dishes were gathered up and the three worked as a team. Three separate wash basins had been set up. The first contained scalding hot water with liquid dish soap added. The next had lukewarm water with a cap full of chlorine bleach added to it. The third had just plain cold water. Melanie assumed the washing duty at the first station. Jessica took on the sterilizing and rinsing at the next. Jason stood at the end and retrieved the wet dishes from the cold water station, drying them before putting them away in the chuck box nearby.

Everything was shipshape in less than 15 minutes, so they turned off the Coleman® Lanterns and headed for bed. As they all gathered in their tent, Jessica approached her brother.

“Hey babe…can I ask you for a HUGE favor?”

“Sure, sis. What’s up?”

“Okay, so my plans were for me and Mel to both fuck your brains out tonight. But I screwed up. I didn’t realize just how full of a day that we would have today. Trust me, I really, really want to make love to you right now, but I’m just so damned tired.”

Jason bent down and passionately kissed his sister. “Sure, Babe. It’s all good,” he replied. “I would rather that all three of us be rested and in the right mood so that we can enjoy our first time together and make it a true memory.” Melanie stepped up to the siblings and they both kissed her passionately as well.

“In my humble opinion,” Melanie intoned, “I think that all three of us stayed up too late last night and had a full day today. I’m totally bushed too.”

And so it was that on the night of July 5th, Melanie and Jessica both remained technically virgins. The three lovers climbed into their camp bed, cuddled up close and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


The morning of July 6th dawned with an overcast day. Rain Showers had rolled in overnight with rain starting to fall about 20 minutes before 3:00 o’clock that morning. There had been no thunderstorm filled with flashes of lighting but instead it was just a steady summer rain that beat out a random tempo onto the roof and walls of the tent. The rainwater was still dripping from the leaves onto the surrounding ground as the sun rose, so there was still a light thump against the cloth tent walls that occurred sporadically from random drops as the sunlight slowly şişli escort increased in intensity.

Jessica was typically the early riser of the three with neither Melanie nor Jason being morning people. However Melanie would generally be the second one to awaken and this morning would prove no different. After she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, Jessica quietly rose and exited the tent en route to relieve her bladder at the restrooms nearby. The surrounding forest had taken on a “fresher” aroma having recently been bathed clean by the overnight rains.

‘Rain at night combined with slumber are Jason’s Achilles Heel,’ Jessica thought to herself as she ambled down the trail. Then she chuckled to herself, ‘I wonder if he will even wake up before noon! An Atomic Bomb could explode next to him and he would still sleep through the noise!’ When she reached the restroom, she placed the plastic package that she was carrying on the provided ledge before she sat down to relieve herself.

During a road trip several years ago, Jason had pulled into a Love’s Travel Center® truck stop for some sodas and snacks. While browsing in the trucker’s section of the store, he had discovered an interesting item for sale on their shelves. Dude® ‘Shower On The Go’ wipes. Similar in a fashion to baby wipes, they unfolded into a much larger and thicker disposable cloth. They were designed for the user to be able to clean up their entire body on the rare occasion that a shower or bathtub were not at hand.

Boykin Springs had showers available, but only at the facility at the top of the hill above the lake, which was some distance from the campgrounds. The restroom or latrine nearby their campsite was only equipped with a couple of sinks and several toilets. Jessica had elected to bring the wipes with her. She wasn’t soaked in sweat having spent the previous evening swimming in the lake. But she did have a need to freshen up some.

After she finished relieving herself, she used one of the wipes from the package to take a sponge bath, paying extra close attention to cleaning her breasts and sexy areas between her legs. Like her brother had said yesterday, losing her virginity was a special occasion. She wanted to be sure that nothing but good memories were going to be made on this day, not only for herself but her two lovers as well.

While making her way back to the campsite, she encountered Melanie coming down the trail. She was apparently on the same mission that Jessica had just completed. She casually held the package to the side and Melanie completed the hand off as they passed each other. Jessica continued on up the trail and reached the campsite. Opening up the Chuck Box, she began withdrawing the griddle and skillets that she would need for fixing breakfast this morning.

She was NOT about to make love to her brother on an empty stomach, but she was absolutely determined to make the transition from young lady to womanhood before noon today. Only 56 hours, give or take, had passed since she had last made love to her brother. The memories of that passionate romp were very good, especially afterwards as they lay together naked and cuddled. She could almost feel a tangible presence to the emotions radiating from her brother as they lay together that night. But then came disappointment the following morning when she awoke alone. She had actually slammed her fist into the pillow and yelled, “damn it!” before groaning into the mattress of her empty bed.

But as she was dressing for the Independence Day celebrations that morning, she replayed the previous evening over and over again in her head. Jason had been “all in” that night. Not once had he tried to hold anything back from her as they made love. The feelings that he had imparted upon her had been so intense that she had totally blacked out from the experience. The powerful memory of that one thing washed over her and she shivered. Goosebumps appeared suddenly all over her body. She remembered when she had come to from her blackout that Jason was holding her closely and affectionately. He was protecting her from the rest of the outside world as she lay unconscious. For her entire life, he had always been her protector, her gallant knight.

During their lovemaking, he had taken total control over her forcing her into multiple orgasms. She had fought against him in order to maintain some semblance of autonomy. But he had fought back for total dominance taking all of her control away while sending her pleasure meters into the red and completely off of the charts. She had been annoyed with him for enslaving her with passion and angry with herself for the lack of fortitude. But when you boiled it all down to the very essence of the event, she would not have changed any part of it for all of the gold and precious jewels in the world.

Jessica had been aching for the intimacy that Jason had given her that night for many, many years. mecidiyeköy escort All of the pain, depression, and anguish that she had suffered, filled with a desire to be more than just siblings, had been compensated tenfold on that one single night. And then the next day during the flight north, Jason had reached over and gently taken her right hand off of the throttle with his left. They had held hands, fingers laced together until the time came for approach and landing.

‘Oh my God!’ Jessica thought as she was frying the bacon. ‘Making love to Jase is the only thing better than flying with him! Geezus, but I love to fly! It is almost as good as sex!’ In that moment, Jessica realized that she was more in love with her brother than she had ever been at any other part of her life. He had guided her into discovering new experiences that enriched her life beyond measure. She lifted her eyes looking upwards at the overcast sky through the limbs and leaves of the surrounding forest and said a short silent prayer to thank God for giving her such a good man for a brother. She thanked her good fortune that he wasn’t the asshole that some of her classmates had ended up with for siblings. She knew without a doubt that she was truly blessed and was humbled by this thought.

Melanie arrived back at camp having finished up her morning ritual. She briefly stuck her head into the tent to toss the bathing wipes onto their duffle bags and other belongings in the corner before joining Jessica in the camp’s kitchen. The two girls shared a deep loving kiss before Jessica asked her to start making the grits as she started scrambling up the eggs. When she had finished the pot of instant grits, Melanie started on a fresh pot of coffee. Once the coffee was on the stove, she wandered back over to the tent.

Jason was still passed out, but was close enough to the edge of the camp bed that Melanie could kneel on the ground beside it and still reach him easily. She began to gently run her hands through his hair and kiss his lips in an effort to break him out of his slumber. She was curious about whether or not Jason had a case of morning wood, so she slid her hand down under the sheet and inside the waist band of his briefs. She was certain that she would find him stiff and erect and wasn’t disappointed when her suspicions were confirmed.

Melanie lovingly stroked Jason’s cock with her left hand as her right continued to toy with his hair and her lips kissed his face again and again. Beginning to awaken, Jason rolled partially onto his back giving Melanie clear access to his lips. As she was kissing his lips, Jason’s mouth opened up. Suddenly and without any warning, she felt his hand on the back of her head at the same time that his tongue pressed against her lips. She parted her own lips and their tongues began the passionate dance that was now familiar to both of them. They both moaned together as feelings of love blossomed within them.

“Morning there you!” Jason exclaimed in a voice just above a whisper when he was finally able to come up for air. “I love you, babe. But you probably should let go of my dick before I have an accident in the bed.”

“Don’t tell me that you’re about to cum already,” Melanie said. “You’re not usually that fast of a shooter. At least not with your sex pistol.” She clarified with a giggle.

“No, but I need to go pee very badly. That kind of accident!” Jason said as he swung his legs off of the bed to stand up. Melanie went over to the duffle bags and retrieved the bath wipes that she had tossed over there earlier before handing them to Jason.

“Breakfast should be ready by the time you get back, darling.” She said as they both made their exit from the tent.

Melanie made use of the bottle of hand sanitizer before she began helping Jessica plate their food and put it on the table. A gallon jug of fresh squeezed Orange Juice was brought out of one the coolers (pasteurized, not from concentrate) and it was placed on the table with the coffee pot from the stove. A stick of real butter was set on the table even though Melanie had made the grits with plenty of butter. There was no doubt that it would be needed by someone wanting to butter their bread slice or add more butter to the grits.

During breakfast, the trio shared light conversation. A discussion was made about the Old Aldridge Sawmill site. They knew that all of them wanted to hike over to it at some point during their stay. But by the time that breakfast was over, it was still undecided on whether they would make that venture today or later on during their stay.


After breakfast, the usual after-meal routine of dish-washing was promptly attended to. It did take a little extra time as Jessica kept finding excuses to pass nearby Jason and collect kisses from him. It was readily apparent to the trio that sex was the only item on the agenda before lunchtime istanbul escort would arrive. The pots and pans were the last items to be attended to and after scrubbing they were just turned upside down to dry upon a towel placed on the table for that purpose.

Melanie was the one who won the race to the tent and immediately began stripping down to her birthday suit. Jason just barely edged out Jessica who slipped inside right on his heels. When all three of them were naked, Jessica came to her brother and gathered up his erect manhood in her hands.

“I want this inside of me and I want it NOW!”

“Slow down for a second, baby girl. I want to kiss your virgin pussy one last time before I deflower you.” Jason said.

Jessica took his right hand and guided it between her own legs. “Do you feel this, mister? My pussy has been drooling all morning long because I can’t stop thinking about what we are about to do together. You don’t have to eat me to get me ready for you, honey. I’m already there!”

“Please,” Jason pleaded with his sister. “I want to taste you as a virgin one last time before I take that away from you forever.”

“Okay hun, but make it quick. I’m totally dying here. If you make me cum, then you’re finished dude! Do you hear me? If I cum because you’re eating me, then you’re done. You crawl yourself up on top of me and fuck me good and proper. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am!”

Melanie joined Jessica on the bed, cutting Jason off before he could get between her legs. Jessica looked at Melanie with the unasked question on the tip of her tongue.

“I hadn’t thought about it until just now when Jase said something. I want my turn at ‘one last time’ too. Don’t worry Jase, I’ll be quick about it.”

As she dove between Jessica’s legs and brought her mouth to Jessica’s cunt, Melanie realized just how much she liked going down on her best friend and lover. As she began licking Jessica from the entrance of her vagina up to her clit and back down again, she was overwhelmed by the aroma of pussy and the taste of girl cum. Until now, Melanie had been undecided on whether or not she would do this with any other woman besides Jessica. But in that instant she decided that she was going to have to have a chat with her two lovers about getting a hunting permit from them.

This was the moment when Melanie knew with an absolute certainty that she was bisexual just like Jessica. The thought of eating out another woman other than Jessica lit a fire in her abdomen and she moaned into Jessica setting off her orgasm. Jessica’s whole body jerked in ecstasy as Melanie sent her crashing over the top.

“You’re done, baby.” Jessica announced as she gently tapped Melanie on the top of her head. Melanie reluctantly crawled up further onto the camp bed, giving Jason his turn to go down on his sister. Once he had his lips on her pussy, Jason took extreme care to thoroughly explore everything between Jessica’s legs.

He pushed her passions higher and higher by getting close to her clit, teasing her several times but backing off before he could cause Jessica to crash over the top. Her agony from this edging was evident by the way that he had her writhing on the bed. Jason kept on with his tactics pushing her further and deeper into ecstasy and passion. Just like the other night, Jason knew on instinct which one of his sister’s buttons to push and just when to push it.

For Jessica herself, she had reached a point of irritation with her brother. It just wasn’t fair that he could play her like a premium-built, fine tuned musical instrument. ‘That cheeky bastard!’ Jessica thought to herself.

“Okay, I don’t care whether or not you have made me cum mister. You’re duuunnn…!” She never got to finish the sentence as Jason brought his mouth and tongue to Jessica’s clit and sucked on it….hard. Jessica’s body responded just as mother nature had intended and she crashed over the top in a mind numbing, body thrashing orgasm.

“Holy shit!” Melanie muttered while she watched Jessica’s entire body shake and tremble as she came.

With the speed of lightning, Jason kissed his sister’s cunt one last time and rushed to climb on top of her while notching his dick into her opening. His idea was to take his sister’s cherry while she was still in the throws of her orgasm and maybe she wouldn’t find it so painful. He had no idea that Jessica had already been working on a solution to that issue.

He found that he was met with some steady resistance as he urged himself to penetrate her. Melanie was studying Jessica’s face and she gathered up her hand to hold it. With her free hand Melanie brushed back Jessica’s bangs, giving her forehead loving caresses as she looked into her eyes. Jason felt the resistance that he was pushing against suddenly give way to his assault. There was already a healthy wet spot on the bedding directly beneath Jessica’s cunt from the pussy juices flowing out of her body. All of that lubrication at the entrance coated Jason’s manhood as he slipped deeper and deeper into his sister, taking her innocence. The full length of his cock slipped inside of her in one single stroke.

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