Subject: That Damn Kid Chapter 2 “Right? You really know how to fuck a boy.” He winked and I blushed. Suddenly his eyes grew wide and he pointed behind me. I turned and saw my brother, Ian, and 8th grader, standing there staring at his brother and the boy he just fucked. Without a word he put his backpack down by the door and went upstairs to his room. “Shit! Shit shit shit SHIT!” Evan whisper-yelled. “Shhh, it’ll be fine.” I grabbed his shoulders, unsure myself. “Let’s clean this up,” i gestured to my cock and the bit of carpet soaked with his cum, “then I’ll go talk to him.” We cleaned up quickly, VERY quickly, and got dressed. I went upstairs and told Evan to wait in my room, then went into the one next to it. Ian was sitting there staring at his computer monitor. It had nothing but his desktop background on it. “Hey.” I said. “Hey.” He replied. “Listen, I know this is a shock to you, but-” “I’m gay.” I stared at him, dumbfounded. “Huh. Why didn’t you tell me? Actually, no, I know exactly why you didn’t tell me. Evan’s brother is exactly like me, in a lot of ways.” “So his names Evan? He’s cute.” I blushed. I took a seat on his bed, trying to figure out what to say. “I won’t tell anyone.” He said. “Thank you. I won’t tell anyone about you either.” “So are you gay?” He said, swiveling in the chair to face me? “What? Fuck no!” But then I thought about it. “Fuck, I don’t know, maybe. I’ll get back to you on that one. For now I gotta check on him, he’s had a rough day.” I got up to leave, and I coulda swore I heard a barely audible “I’ll bet he did.” And Ian might’ve glanced at my crotch, but I just stalked out of the room with a slight blush on my face. I went into my room to find Evan rubbing his crotch through his pants while sniffing one of my dirty jockstraps. “What the hell?” I gasped. He jumped and threw the jock at the wall and tried to hide his boner. “Oh my god I’m so sorry! I just saw it and thought I’d…and…” He broke into tears, “I really am a disgusting faggot. I’m so sorry.” I sighed and sat down next to him. Again, I felt massively awkward. “Hey man, calm down. It’s not you, trust me. It’s assholes like me and your brother that say stupid shit like that. Honestly, that was…well…” “What?” “Kinda hot.” I blushed hard and looked away. Evan did that sort of post-cry laugh people do, and it sounded so cute on him. While I was looking away he tackled me to my back and we kissed a bit before he rolled off of me and wrapped his body around mine. “So,” he said after our teenage-girl giggle fit was over, “are you? Gay, I mean.” “Fuck, I don’t know anymore, man. This morning I was thinking of Chelsea’s pussy and now I’m cuddling with the guy I fucked.” “It was more than fucking, though.” Those huge emeralds of eyes looked up at me. “What happens in the bathroom, that’s fucking. It’s sex just to get off. But I care about you. Do you care about me?” “Yeah, I do. I think I always have. That’d explain why I took the time to ask you what was wrong in the parking lot.” Another pause. “Hey, do you like what happens in the bathroom?” “Physically yes. I mean, no guy could resist near constant prostate stimulation, but it just feels so dirty and emotionless. I wanted my first time to be something special, but I guess that can’t happen.” He began to tear up again. “Hey, man, your first time was special, downstairs, remember? You said what we did was different, so just ignore the other shit, ok?” “Ok.” He smiled up at me, but that quickly turned into a frown again. “What if bursa escort Tony puts me there again?” “He won’t.” I looked at my nightstand clock. 7:36. “I’m gonna pay your brother a visit to make sure, you want to come with me?” He looked scared. “What if he hurts you? How will you make him stop?” “A: he can’t, I beat the shit out of him early, he’s probably still dazed. B: I have dirt on him that I can use to persuade him. So I assume you’re not coming?” He shook his head. “Ok then, I’ll be back soon. Feel free to make yourself at home. My laundry hamper is in the closet, if you’re interested.” I winked then laughed at the shade of Crimson his face turned. So I left my house and, deciding to walk, made my way to Evan’s house. When I got there, I knocked politely. I saw a shadow move in the background after a few minutes, so I turned the door handle. Luckily, it was unlocked. I threw the door open and marched inside, straight back into the kitchen where I found Tony. “What the fuck do you want?” He said as he held a bag of frozen peas up to his face. “Coach Johnson.” I said flatly. His face went white. “Wha…what?” “You heard me. I lied, I wasn’t too high to remember. Coach Johnson fucked you in the ass and that’s why he got fired. I remember, and if I see your brother in the school against his will then the whole school will know. Plus, I’ll kick your ass again, and Evan won’t be there to save you. That’s right, after your pansy ass passed out, he was the one who pulled me off you. So you are going to start treating him like an older brother should treat his younger brother. No more beatings, no more ‘bathroom’ and no more insults. But really it’s up to you. You can continue to be an asshat to him, or you can become the town pity party and also wind up in the hospital. If it comes to it, I will take this to the police. Do you understand me?” He nodded his head and I turned to leave. “Jake, wait. Why do you give a shit about some faggot?” He asked, so I turned and punched him in the face again. I left him lying on the kitchen floor surrounded by frozen peas. When I got back home, I saw Evan and Ian sitting on the couch together, facing each other slightly and watching TV. They were giggling about something. “Well that’s suspicious.” I said. “What, am I not allowed to be friends with your boyfriend?” Ian asked and I blushed again. Seriously, at this rate all the blushing was gonna make me pass out. “Nope!” I said, as I pulled him onto the ground and we started play wrestling. Usual brother stuff, we’ve been doing it since he could walk, but back then he barely stood any chance. Nowadays, with him hitting puberty, the little bastard stands a chance! He’s just so lithe that I could never get a hold of him. He was built sort of like Evan, in a way, but Ian was taller. We wrestled for a good ten minutes with Evan laughing and giving Ian advice (bastards) but that’s when I noticed my little bro had sprung a boner. I stopped, using the bullcrap excuse of getting tired, and stood up, fixing my clothes. “So do I win?” Ian jumped up, practically bouncing with excitement. Apparently his ‘situation’ was lost on him. “Sure, what the hell, why not?” I said. “Hey Evan, want a drink?” “Sure, thank you. What do you have?” “Come on, I’ll show you.” So he got up and followed me. Luckily Ian gave us some alone time. We went into the kitchen and I opened the fridge. “So me and Tony had our little talk.” “How’d it go?” Evan asked nervously. “Good, he won’t mess with you anymore. You can have whatever bursa escort bayan you want, by the way.” I motioned at the fridge. “How can you be sure. And even the booze?” He asked, and added the last bit quietly, almost scandalously. I laughed at his innocence. “If you want, but don’t get too drunk. And trust me, ok? If he does mess with you, just text me or call me, any time day or night. Oh shit! I never got your phone number.” He pulled out his phone and handed it to me. I entered my number and name (Jake Hawken, for anyone nosy) as he picked out a drink. He seemed to think about grabbing a beer, but settled on a coke. We went back to the living room and I lounged out on one corner of the couch with Ian on the love seat. Evan plopped down between my legs with his ass nestled in my lap. I noticed Ian give us a big, shit-eating grin but I glued my gaze to the TV. Some cooking show was on. Evan rubbed his feet on mine. Mine were a size 13, and his were a lot smaller, maybe 7 or 8’s. They were so soft and smooth, the perfect shade of white. I boned up real quick. ‘Fuck!’ I thought, ‘now you are getting turned on by this kid’s feet?’ Evan turned to look at me with a cocky grin. He weaved his toes between mine and rubbed his ass against my aching cock. I must’ve let out a small gasp or moan, because Ian gave us a weird look and said “Get a room!” “Maybe we will.” Evan said and gave Ian a wink. I just stared at the TV. A commercial came on and I pulled out my phone to distract myself and noticed the time. “Hey Evan, you said your parents get home at 9, right?” “Yeah.” “It’s 9:10” Evan leapt to his feet “Oh shit! I gotta get home!” “Calm down! I’ll walk you home.” “Ooooooh!” Ian said in that gossipy-bitch voice people do when someone gets sent to the principal’s office. “Shut the fuck up!” I said, but he and Evan laughed. Evan and I got our shoes on and went outside. We chit-chatted on the walk, but I could tell Evan was a bit nervous about going home. I tried to take his mind off of it with anything I could think of (music, movies, games, etc.) but nothing worked. We got to Evan’s house, and we said our goodbyes. Surprisingly, before he opened the door, he went up on his tip-toes and gave me a kiss. I giggled and kissed him back. “Fag.” I said. He winked and replied “Douche bag.” He opened the door and went in. I followed him without him knowing. Inside, in the living room, I saw his mom and dad sitting on the couch together watching TV. “Evan, you’re home late.” His dad said, without looking away from the TV. “And who’s your friend?” His mom asked. Evan turned around with a start and stared at me. “My name’s Jake, ma’am. I needed help with calculus, and I remembered Tony mentioned he had a genius brother so I figured I’d get him to tutor me. Nice to meet you, and you too, sir.” I walked forward and shook both their hands. Being a ‘disreputable child’ teaches you how to fake manners extremely well. “Well isn’t that nice! And such manners! How long is this tutoring gonna last?” Evan’s mom asked. “Well the class is all year, so probably until I graduate, unfortunately.” “As long as you bring him home safe and sound every day!” “Moooom!” Evan said. I laughed. “Well, I’ve gotta get going home, nice to meet you two again! Goodnight, Evan!” I patted his back on the way out. At home, I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and set out to find Ian. I walked into his room, starting to say ‘hello’ but stopped as I saw him hide something glass under his bed. “You gonna share?” His escort bursa face was beet red “Share what?” “Oh come on, the room is smoking, your window is open and your eyes are as red as the devil’s dick.” I plopped myself down on the bed next to him and grabbed the pipe. I took a hit and blew rings out the window. “Jesus, I needed that. Long fucking day.” “I’ll say.” He laughed and I passed him the pipe. “So…Evan seems nice.” “Yeah. Kid’s had a rough life. It’s weird though, I thought gays knew they were gay younger. Like, your age.” Evan blushed again. “Dude, its fine. You caught me with my dick in a guy’s ass, do you really think I care if you’re gay?” Thinking about Evan boned me up again. Ian looked away and there was an awkward silence. “Can I see it? Your dick, I mean?” Now it was my time to blush. “wh-what? Why?” “To know how big it is. Mine’s small and I wanna know if it’ll get big. And we’re related so it should be as big as yours, right?” Couldn’t argue with the kid’s logic. “I mean, I guess.” Maybe it was the pot, but he did make a lot of sense. I had similar thoughts when I was his age. I pulled out my hard cock and he stared in aww. “Like what you see?” He nodded his head. “Well, let me see what you got!” That broke his gaze. “What?! Hell no!” “Come on, you’ve seen mine! Now show me yours!” I tackled him and tried getting his pants off, but it was a hard angle and he had a belt on. Luckily, I knew that if I tickled him he’d go limp as a sack, so I tickled grabbed one of his ankles and tickled his feet. I cackle-laughed and cried for me to stop, jerking his legs back and forth trying to get free. Without thinking, head cloudy as fuck, I bent my head and licked from his heel to his big toe. He shuddered and gasped. “What the hell man? What was that?” I shook my head. “No idea.” “Do it again.” He said. So I did, I slobbered all over his foot, then I grabbed the other one and did the same. I looked up and noticed he had fished out his cock and was jerking it wildly. He was a decent 5″. “Nice cock bro!” “DON’T LOOK!” He yelled. He jerked as I licked his feet, then spasmed, oozing clear cum from his dick. As soon as he came he pulled his knees up to hide his cock and cum, but it just gave me a great view of his ass. Wait, this is my brother! I shouldn’t think shit like that! “Don’t worry man, my cum was clear when I was your age. Puberty will sort out all that shit. Just one problem bro.” He was lying back, eyes closed, basking in the afterglow. I crawled up and slapped his face with my dick, smearing cum on his face. “Suck it.” I commanded. He opened his mouth to protest, but instead stuck out his little tongue and tentatively swiped at my dick. “Don’t be shy, little bro.” I rubbed his head with my hand. He put his lips to my dick and slowly slid down until he had half my dick in his mouth. He tried to get more but gagged. “Don’t hurt yourself now.” He worked my cock for a good ten minutes. Over time I moaned more and more, and that really got Ian into it. He sucked harder, twirling his tongue all around my dick. “Shit man, I’m gonna cum!” He pulled back far enough to rest my head on the tip of his tongue and I blew my load straight into his mouth. When I was done cumming, he swallowed it all and gave me a cocky grin. I lied down beside him. We cuddled….I mean, lied there for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow. After a while, I looked at him and realized he was asleep. I laughed to myself and got up. I grabbed his blanket and tucked him in, then gave him a pat on the head before I headed to my own room. With the speed that everything happened, I had forgot how long of a day it was. I lied in my bed, unable to keep my thoughts from racing as I thought about the implications of all that had happened.

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