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I played some sports and ran around and played with my friends. I wasn’t a lazy kid that just sat around and played video games. This story takes place when I was 13. I had started puberty and was jacking off a few times a day and having to hide my hard-on a lot. I was 5′ 3″ brown hair and green eyed. I want to say I weighed about 125. I was chunkier, than fat. I hated hearing that my cheeks were `so pinchable’. I loved the summer and being in the pool and outside. I loved the sun and everything about the summer. We had just moved and at the end of the school year and I was happy that my parents waited to move until I finished school. I was excited about going to a new school and was relieved that the high school I was going to would have freshmen from a few schools, so I wouldn’t be the new kid. I would only be the new kid in the neighborhood. The community we moved into was nice and had a pool and I couldn’t wait to get to go there and swim and make some friends. The pool area was really nice. We didn’t have anything like this where we used to live. There was a public pool but it was old and gross. This pool and clubhouse were really nice. There was a gym, locker rooms with a sauna and steam room and showers in both the men’s and women’s locker room. Everything looked clean and like new. My first time to the pool, I was by myself since I was a good swimmer and my mom knew there was a lifeguard. I found a lounger to put my shirt and towel on and jumped into the pool. There were mostly moms and their kids. Most of the kids were little and there really weren’t any kids my age. There were very few guys at the pool at all, what was there looked like they were as old as my grandpa. I had been at the pool for about a half hour when a guy my age and another guy that had to be his older brother because they looked a lot alike showed up. They took loungers down the same row as mine. A few minutes later and the guys came up to me in the pool. The younger one said “Hey, what’s your name?” I said my name was Will and told them we just moved here and that this was my first time at the pool. The younger one said that his name was Seth and introduced me to his brother Eric. Eric was older and more handsome. Seth said he was going to be a freshman and Eric was going to be a senior. I told them that I was also going to be a freshman. We hung out for the rest of the day and I really had a good time with them. They said that they were going to shower and hit the sauna and steam before going home and asked if I wanted to join. I said sure and followed them into the clubhouse and the locker room. We all undressed and went in and took our showers to get the chlorine off. It was weird and exciting to see both of them naked. Seth was about an inch taller than me and thinner, he had brown hair and brown eyes, and he looked like he was about as far into puberty as I was. He didn’t have a lot of pubes but he had some and some hair in his pits and his cock was about the same size as mine (almost 5 inches when hard). Eric on the other hand was probably about 6 foot tall, he had brown eyes but his hair was a lighter brown that Seth’s. Eric’s cock soft was longer than mine when I was hard and it was surrounded by hair. Eric even had a patch of hair in the middle of his chest, hair from his bellybutton to his pubes and more hair on his legs than I did. Neither of the brothers was shy and you could tell that they were used to seeing each other naked. I just followed their lead and did what they did, because I had never been in a sauna or steam room. Seth said “sauna or steam first?” and Eric just walked into the sauna. We followed him in. There were just two long benches stacked along one wall and the heater across from it. There was already a guy in there when we walked in, he was sitting on the top row with his back against the wall facing down the bench. Eric took a seat on the top bench facing the guy. Seth sat on the lower bench near Eric which left me to sit closer to the other guy. I was sitting on the bench leaning forward toward the heater. I was seated closest to the door. When I sat up and looked over toward Seth, he had his head back and was rolling it from side to side with his eyes closed. I looked up at Eric and he was looking down at me and he winked. I just gave him a quick smile but what caught my eye next was that he reached down and adjusted his dick. We were all sitting on our towels exposed but that surprised me. I had never been in a sauna or steam room so I just did what they did since they obviously had been in here before. The guy that was sitting above me stretched out his leg and it rubbed across the back of my neck and shoulders. I leaned forward a little bit and he said `sorry about that’ and I said it was no problem. I looked up at Eric and it looked like he almost had a hard on. I looked at Seth and he was still rolling his head back and forth very slowly. Eric moved and it caught my eye and I watched as he wiped sweat across and down his chest to his dick. It looked like he was looking at the guy above me. It was really getting hot and I was really sweaty. I hoped we wouldn’t be in here much longer. The guy above me said excuse me and got up and stepped down and past me to go out the door. His dick looked hard as a rock and really big. I sat back up once he was past and looked at Eric. He looked like he was getting as hot and sweaty as I was. His face was a bit red. I decided to switch how I was sitting since the guy left and leaned against the wall facing Seth. Seth was just leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands with his eyes closed. I was sitting with my legs crossed and was leaning my back against the wall and enjoying the heat on my back. I crossed my arms across my chest and when I opened my eyes Eric was staring at me. I said that I needed to cool down and headed to the shower. Eric came out of the sauna and his cock was hard and bounced as he walked to the shower. He took the shower next to me and said “it gets pretty hot in there” and I just said “yeah”. He said “cool off and we will hit the steam room next”. I said “ok, I’ve never been in a steam room before”. He told me about how it was hot but different than the sauna and that it was hard to see in there and to be sure to sit on my towel and not on the bench. While we were still under the showers and talking a guy came out of the steam room and joined us in the shower area. Eric kept talking about how much he was looking forward to getting some steam. Eric told me to turn the water temperature down so we were chilled when we went into the steam. He told me to take an open space and to be careful that I didn’t sit on someone because it could be that steamy in there. I just followed their lead again. Eric went in first, then Seth and then me. I couldn’t see a thing. Once you walked in the door (I would discover later) there was a bench on each side of the room. I felt like I had a white blindfold on, I couldn’t see anything. I made my way to my right since I knew that the sauna was next to the steam room and they shared a wall. I kept sweeping my feet as I took steps, I figured that I would bump something or someone with my foot. I hit the tiled bench and reached around until I figured it was safe to sit. I remembered what Eric said about sitting on my towel. After sitting in there for a little bit the steam hissing noise stopped. You could hear that people were in here but I couldn’t really see anyone. I put my hands on the bench next to my hips and inched them out until I touched someone on each side of me. I said “excuse me” with no response. About a minute or so later I felt a leg touch my leg on both sides, it wasn’t at the same time but close. It felt like the guy on my right had really hairy legs and the guy on the other side seemed like he had the normal amount but I couldn’t see who it was. I leaned back against the tile and enjoyed the heat against my back. The door opened and enough light shined into the room that I could tell someone was coming in. I had leaned forward because of the guy on my left moving and bumping me. I was trying to look through the steam but it was useless. Someone bumped right into my face and it felt like their dick smeared across my face. I wasn’t sure and I didn’t say excuse me since they bumped into me. I figured he was just trying to find an open place to sit, like I did when I first came in. The guy on my left started grunting and said fuck a few times and he got up. I was about to move over when someone plopped down and almost landed on me. The new guy on my left reached over and grabbed my left thigh and said sorry. My dick got hard from him touching me. The door opened and I could tell someone walked out. The guy on my left whispered `I’m so fucking horny’. I figured that he was talking to himself. The steam started hissing back on and I couldn’t see or really hear anything again. The guy on my left was rubbing his leg and kept accidentally touching my leg. My dick was really hard and I wanted to jack off because I was getting really horny. The guy on my right scooted over toward me and was pressed against my body from my knee to my hip. I sat forward again and was leaning on my knees when someone went to go out the door. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it in the steam. I was really horny and needed to find a stall and jack off and I was really getting hot. The guy on my right with the hairy legs rubbed his leg and touching mine at the same time, but I felt him move his hand across my back. I froze, I didn’t know what to do. His hand went down and across my butt and toward my crack. I couldn’t stop it and stayed leaning forward and came as he ran his finger down my crack and started tapping on my hole. I shot right then on my chest and on the floor. I was so thankful that no one could see anything or really hear anything. I got up and took my towel with me. I went to the shower and got under the water to cool off. A few moments later a really handsome man came out of the steam room. He looked like an older version of Eric, but hairier and more muscular. He took a shower across from me and began rinsing off. He was covered in black hair and I wondered if he was the guy next to me in the steam. He smiled at me şişli travesti a few times and winked. He is what I hoped I looked like when I got older, but being a husky boy didn’t really think it would happen. He seemed to look at me a lot or he just caught me every time I looked at him. I left as quick as I could but knew that the sauna and steam room were going to be someplace that I would be spending a lot of time in the future. I kept running into Eric and Seth a lot and we really became good friends. They always tried to get the lounger next to me or saved one for me if they got to the pool first. I really liked that Seth and I were going to be going to the same school in the fall and I really liked that Eric as an older cool guy that didn’t mind hanging out with me and his little brother. One day while we were at the pool Seth asked if I wanted to spend the night on Friday. I said that I would have to ask my parents, but told him that I did and that they would probably say yes. They did say yes and Seth told me to bring my stuff with me to the pool on Friday and that we would just go to their house after the pool. I was excited and looking forward to Friday. We were having a great time at the pool on Friday and we did the sauna and steam room again. I was getting more and more used to it and discovered that I could jack off in the steam room without anyone knowing. I became used to people bumping into me and sometimes rubbing against me. I didn’t get to shoot off since Seth announced loudly that he was leaving the steam room. We got to Eric and Seth’s house and it looked really nice on the outside but the inside was a huge mess. I thought their mom must never clean. I asked where their mom and dad were and they said that their dad was at work and would be home around 8:00 and he was bringing home pizza. They said that their mom divorced their dad and married her boss and lives with him and his 4 kids. They said that it has just been the `Boys’ house for a few years. Eric took off his shirt and said that we should get comfortable and then dropped his shorts and started walking around naked. Seth looked at me and said that since it was just Boys, they are naked a lot so they don’t have to do laundry all the time. Seth said “you can get naked too, we see each other all the time at the pool”. I didn’t want to be the odd one so I took my clothes off and put them on top of my bag of clothes. Eric started telling us about how he had felt up this girl and about sticking his fingers in her cunt. Eric said “I can show you guys” and Eric asked if he had pictures or video and Eric said no. Eric looked at me and said “Will, I could use your chest as the girl’s since yours are about the same size as a girl with small tits. What do you think? I could teach you guys some stuff that girls like.” Seth said “Will your boobs are bigger than some of the girls at the pool.” I knew they were but still it kinda hurt my feelings. I looked from Eric to Seth and they both looked excited for my answer. I finally said “fine, I guess”. I said “what do I have to do?” and Eric said that he would be right back and ran up the stairs. Seth said “what do you think he will teach us?” I just shrugged my shoulders and crossed my arms. We were waiting on Eric to come back when the front door opened and shut and a man’s voice yelled “I’m home. Got the pizza” Seth started going up the stairs and I followed. Seth said “I’ll introduce you to Dad.” We walked into the kitchen and there was the handsome man from my first time in the steam room. He had already taken his shirt off and smiled and winked at me. He said “I see the boys told you about how we dress, or don’t, when we are at home. You must be Will, you can call me Ted” He said “help yourselves to the pizza and I will meet you guys downstairs and we can watch a movie” and walked out of the room. We grabbed a couple of slices and each grabbed a soda out of the refrigerator and went back downstairs. We were eating and talking about the pool and the kid that got a bloody nose, when their dad came downstairs. He was naked too and carrying a plate of pizza and a beer. He sat down in the corner of the couch and it sure wasn’t like being at home with my parents. By the time the second movie ended their dad was snoring. Eric stood up to wake his dad up and he was hard, which surprised me. Their dad went up to bed and Seth took the dirty dishes upstairs. Eric came over to me and was standing over me and smiled and looked down at me. He stroked his dick a few times and then went back over to sit down. Seth came back down and Eric said that he was going to pick out another movie. It was about a high school guy that was a virgin. The movie had a lot of hot girls with nice tits and we were all hard. Eric asked if we wanted him to teach us some stuff about girls and feeling them up. Both Seth and I were both really excited about him telling us and teaching us and we both said that we wanted him to show us. Eric said that he would be right back and went upstairs. Eric and I were watching the movie when Seth came back into the room. Eric said to me “here put this on” and handed me a tank top. I put the tank on and Eric told me to come over to where he was sitting on the couch. I sat down next to Eric and he said “ok, no laughing or I will quit. Will’s chest is bigger than some girl’s boobs, so I am going to show you how to feel and play on his. Will, if you want you can feel mine like I do yours for practice if you want. You can’t tell anyone what we do, deal?” Seth and I both agreed. Eric said that there may be some small kisses and touching private parts if it went that far. Eric and I were sitting next to each other and Seth was sitting on the chair next to us. Eric whispered to me “do you care if I kiss on your ears and neck a little to demonstrate?” I nodded my head yes. Eric said “ok, ready to start” and Eric looked at me then Seth. Eric explained that you don’t just reach out and grab a girl’s boob and that you had to ease up and get the girl to let you touch her or not notice it right away. He said “if you do this you can usually get a girl to let you touch at least one tit” and he started kissing on my neck. I started to lean into Eric as he kissed, licked and nibbled on my neck. Eric reached across and started feeling and squeezing my chest. My dick got harder and I know that I moaned, it felt so good. Eric was playing with my chest and pinching my nipples lightly. Eric stopped and I looked at him and then to Seth. Eric asked Seth if he wanted to try and he said no. I said “can I try on you” and Eric said yes. I started kissing and licking on Eric’s neck and he stopped me and said “no, like this” and started kissing and nibbling on me again. This time he put his hand on my upper thigh and I felt myself spreading my legs a little. He stopped and told me to try it again, so I started kissing on Eric’s neck and started feeling his chest. “Are you guys seeing what I am talking about with easing up. People love getting kissed on the neck. Have either of you kissed a girl yet?” asked Eric. Seth and I both said no. Eric started kissing my neck again and was feeling up my chest. He was leaning more and more on me until I was laying on my back on the couch. Eric moved my right arm which was against the back of the couch down his body and he was moving his left hand between my legs. His fingers went below my balls and touched my butt-hole. I start to say something when Eric kisses me on the mouth and sticks his tongue in my mouth. He started rubbing his dick against mine while he was kissing me. All of a sudden Eric stopped and sat up and pulled me up and said to Seth “want to try” and he shook his head no. I still had the tank on but my cock was showing and when I looked over at Eric’s dick, he had pre-cum running down the sides of his dick. He pulled my head back down and started kissing me again. Seth groaned so Eric and I looked over at Seth and he had cum running down his hand and stomach. Eric said “dude, you came already” and Seth said that he couldn’t help it. He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and Eric started kissing me right away and said we will get off together tonight. I felt his hand on my butt and pulling my cheeks apart. He brought his fingers up to my mouth and put two in and pushed them in and out. He then pulled me back into a kiss and started rubbing my butt hole with his wet fingers. It felt good and he really surprised me when I felt his fingertip slide in my butt. I moaned into his mouth and I started humping my dick against his. Eric put his mouth next to my ear and whispered. “Let’s play around more when Seth falls asleep.” I was so horny that I nodded in agreement. We stopped before Seth came back. I asked Seth where we were sleeping and he said that he was going to set up an air mattress and one of us would sleep on the couch and the other on the air mattress. We went to bed after Seth got the air mattress inflated and he brought the blankets and pillows down. Eric said goodnight and me and Seth were laying in down with the lights out and started talking. Seth asked if what Eric did feel good. I told him that some of it felt good and some was different. He asked if he could feel my chest and I told him he could and he started squeezing my pecs hard and then letting them go. I told him he was doing it too hard. I tried to show him and he didn’t want me to. He said that we should just go to bed. So, we both laid down. I waited until Seth was snoring before I whispered his name. He didn’t answer so I got up and went upstairs and into the kitchen and got a glass of water. I walked down the hall to Eric’s room. His door was open so I whispered his name. Eric sat up and said my name, then got out of bed and came over to me and kissed me on the lips. He took my hand and led me into his room and onto his bed. Eric pushed me onto my back and started kissing me and climbed on top of me. We were kissing and grinding our cocks together when he pushed two fingers in my mouth. He reached down and slid his fingers down between my legs and started touching my butt hole. He kept pushing his finger against my hole until one of his fingers slid in. We were kissing while he did this and I moaned while his finger went in and out of my hole. He whispered “we need to be quiet so we don’t wake my dad or Seth up” and kissed me again. He pulled his finger out of my hole and asked me how it felt. I whispered that it felt amazing. He stuck his fingers in my mouth again and then back down to my hole and this time it felt like he stuck two in at the same time. I spread my legs wider and he whispered “that feels so good”. He started pushing his fingers in and out of my hole and was really making me feel good. Eric stopped and said he would be right back. He came back in and said “I got something that will make things easier”. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He told me to spread my legs and then I felt something cold and wet on my hole and then two of his fingers slid in. He was right, whatever it was did make it easier. I was loving it. I felt Eric move around on the bed and then he pulled his fingers out of me and he climbed on top of me and started kissing me again. I felt his cock beylikdüzü travesti touching my hole and rubbing against it. I started to push back against it while he kissed me. He reached down and I thought he was going to stick his finger back in when I felt his cock head push against my hole. He kept pushing and I felt like I was trying to get it in too. I felt his cock start to enter me and it kinda hurt but not bad. He started kissing me like crazy. I pushed down on his cock and it felt like my hole was on fire at first but he pushed a little bit and he hit something inside me that made me moan out loud. He said “shhhh, keep it down. Are you ok?” I whispered it felt great. He started thrusting into me and I was experiencing all kinds of amazing things in my butt. Eric said “flip over” and pulled out. I flipped onto my stomach and Eric shoved his cock back in. He told me to use the pillow to keep the noise down. Eric was really fucking my butt and I whispered to him that I was going to cum. He told me to do it and he was going to cum too. He started to fuck me harder and I couldn’t take it and started shooting onto his sheets. He pushed on my lower back and started saying he was going to cum over and over and then after banging into me a few more times he said “Oh Fuck Yeah!” and I could feel his cock twitching as he came inside me. Eric collapsed on top of me and between his panting asked if I was ok and I said I was. He said “that was awesome” and I said “it felt amazing”. He asked if I would ever want to do that again and I said that I would. I said that I needed to go back down to bed. I snuck back down and climbed back into bed. Seth was snoring away. The next morning Seth woke me up and said “my dad made breakfast, get up” so I did. I went to the bathroom and then headed into the kitchen where Eric, Seth and their dad Ted were sitting at the table. They all said “morning” and I said “good morning”. There was a plate of bacon and eggs and orange juice waiting for me. We ate and talked about the movie we watched last night. Ted asked if anyone wanted some more eggs since there was some left. Seth said he did and Ted got up to get them and had a hardon. This was so weird I had never seen my dad naked and here was a family that was naked all the time. Ted had a big dick! Eric said “dam Dad”. Ted said “what?” “That” said Eric and pointed at his dick. Ted said “I had a horny dream last night and well” and pointed down with the spatula and the pan of eggs. Ted came and stood between Seth and me while he scooped some eggs onto the plate. I was looking at the big hot cock right in front of my face. He asked Eric and me if we wanted some. I said sure and Ted said “oh fuck yeah” and I looked up at his face and he smiled at me. Eric was sitting there with his mouth open. Seth said “why did you say that Dad?” Ted said “it’s just awesome we finished off the rest and we didn’t waste any.” Seth finished first and carried over his plate and put it in the dishwasher and left the kitchen and we heard a door shut. Ted smiled and said “I think it would be great if you could spend the night again tonight Will. I fell asleep to early last night.” I said I would have to ask. We heard the toilet flush and the door open and Seth reappeared. Ted said “Seth since you just took a shit, why don’t you hit the shower first”. Seth said ok and left. Ted walked over and leaned against the counter with his hard cock pointing at me and said, you should call and see if you can spend the night again and I will make sure we have a real good time today and tonight. My dick was hard and I was embarrassed to get up in front of Ted, even though he was standing in front of me with a hard on. I got up and carried over my plate and Ted took it from me and said “nice”. I went and called my dad and he said that it was fine but wanted to talk to Ted first to make sure that he didn’t mind. I came back into the kitchen and Ted was still standing in the same spot and was slowly rubbing his balls. I told him “my dad wants to talk to you” and handed him the phone. They chatted for a few minutes and then he hung up and said “we are going to have a fucking amazing day” and walked out of the kitchen. Eric said he was going to shower next and left me in the kitchen alone. I started rinsing the dishes and was loading the dishwasher when I heard someone behind me. I turned and looked and it was Ted standing behind me stroking his cock. He said “thank you for starting to clean up the dishes”. I kept looking at his cock and then back up to his face while he talked. I told him that I didn’t mind since he cooked and Eric and Seth were in the shower. Ted continued to stroke his cock the whole time. I kept cleaning up the kitchen while he leaned against the counter and watched me. A huge crack of thunder made us both jump. “FUCKIN A! That made me jump!” Ted said with a laugh and I laughed and said, me too. He said, well my plans for the day need to change. “What do you think about us going to the clubhouse and using the gym then the sauna and steam?” Ted asked me. I said “sounds like a plan” and he said that we didn’t need to shower since we could at the clubhouse when we were done. Ted was still running his hand up and down his cock and watching me. I had most of the kitchen cleaned up including parts that just needed it. I was hard from looking at Ted and I knew he was watching me. Ted was doing things like tasting his pre-cum and squeezing his dick to get globs of pre-cum to come out the tip. I said, “I’m going to get dressed and ready to go to work out.” I walked past Ted with my hard-on pointing the way. He said, it is a shame to have to get dressed. He yelled to Eric and Seth that we were going to go to the clubhouse and work out in the gym since it started raining. He turned and walked down the hallway toward his bedroom. I took the opportunity to look at his butt covered in black fuzzy hair. He yelled “10 minutes” and walked into his room. I went and got dressed and went back up to the kitchen to wait. Eventually we were all in the car and headed to the clubhouse. There were a few cars in the parking lot. There weren’t very many people working out it was mostly men. Ted said that he wanted us to like a follow the leader and took turns on machines. This gave us the opportunity to learn how to use the machines the right way. I was loving all of the attention that Ted was giving me and the small touches on different parts of my body. I really liked when he would touch my butt. A few times men would come up and talk to Ted and us while we were working out and then disappear into the locker room. Finally, Ted announced that it was time for us to hit the showers. We all went into the locker room and got undressed. We all took showers and then followed Ted into the sauna. There were two guys in there that had talked to Ted earlier, both looked about Ted’s age. One was more handsome than the other, but both were handsome. They were both sitting on the top row facing each other when we walked in but turned to face forward. Ted took a seat between the two of them and Eric, Seth and I all sat in front of them on the bottom row. Ted was talking to them and said “this one here” and put his hand on my shoulder “is spending the night with the boys and I again tonight. He’s a GOOD one and new to the neighborhood.” I felt myself blush. Being in the sauna with Ted was different than when me and Eric and Seth were here. The man behind Eric got up and left and Eric moved up to the upper row. Seth moved down to the far end and moved to sit so his back was against the wall and he was facing my side. I turned and sat the same way facing Seth. I noticed that the handsome man’s cock was now close to my face and he smelled really manly. I felt my cock start to get hard so I switched how I was sitting and sat with my legs crossed and my hands in my lap. I looked over to Ted and he smiled at me, then I looked over to Eric and he was looking at me a smiled and winked. I smiled and looked down. When I looked back up the man above me reached down and stroked his cock a few times and it was almost hard. I looked up to his face and he was looking down at me and smiled. I quickly looked at Ted and he reached down and I couldn’t see his cock but it looked like he was stroking himself. We sat there for a few more minutes when the man above me said excuse me and stepped down and left. Ted scooted down a little bit and lifted his right leg and put it on the top bench, this put his cock and balls right in front of my face. He reached down and stroked his cock and said “Will, you seem to fit right in with me and the boys. I hope you hang out with us some more and spend the night some more.” I was looking from his face to his cock since he was stroking himself while talking to me. I was hard as a rock. I looked at Eric and Seth and they both seemed to be happy about what their dad was saying. I knew why Eric would want me to spend the night so we could have sex again at least I hoped we would again tonight. Ted said he had to run to his locker real quick and that he would meet us in the shower. Once Ted left Seth started talking about how cool it was that their dad likes me and thinks it would be cool if I was to spend the night again and hang out. Eric said “it will be great having you spend the night a lot” and when I looked up at him, he winked and stroked his cock a few times. I heard a shower turn on and said “let’s hit the showers with your dad”. We were all in the showers with Ted and he asked if we were up for a steam. Ted told Eric and Seth to lead the way. When we walked into the steam room it was impossible to see and I headed to the right like I always did. I found a good space and sat down. A little bit later someone sat down next to me and I figured it was either Eric or Seth. I scooted over a little to my left and could tell that someone was sitting there. I leaned back and was enjoying the heat on my back when I felt someone touch my right thigh, so I figured it was Eric. I sat forward and whispered “Eric” and was answered with “shhh”. The hand went from my thigh to my ass, so I leaned further forward so Eric could touch my hole like he did last night. I felt him rub his finger up and down my crack and then quickly rubbing my hole. He pulled his hand away and then a second it was back and it was slippery so I thought he put spit on his fingers. He pushed a finger in and I moaned a little and again I heard “shhh”. I let him keep fingering my butt. I was loving it! He took his finger out and it came back seconds later and this time he put two fingers in and started sliding them in and out. I put my hand over my mouth to try to keep from making any noise. He wet his fingers again and it felt like he put another in and I had to bite my hand from making noise. I was really horny now and I felt like if I touched my dick I would shoot. His fingers pulled out of me and I barely heard him spit. He reached across my back and pushed my butt up off the seat and moved me so I was between his legs. He scooted me back and down until I felt his cock touch my hole. I spit onto my fingers and rubbed them on my hole and started lowering myself until I felt the head of his cock start going istanbul travesti in me. He put his hand over my mouth and pulled me down until his whole cock was in me. It felt so good! He started pushing up and into me and I started bouncing on his cock. We kept going for a long time until he groaned and I felt his cock start to pulse and twitch and I knew he was coming. He pulled on my left hip and his other hand stayed on my mouth until he was done. He started to stand up which made me move forward. He whispered “stay” between breaths and pushed past me. I saw the light from the door opening and close and I went to sit down. The cool shower felt really good and no one was out there. I closed my eyes and just let the water run over my body. I pushed a little and felt cum slide out of my hole and watched a big glob run down my leg and onto the tiled floor. I reached back and rinsed off my hole and was then reached and turned the temperature down a little more. I had been fucked and still hadn’t cum yet. Ted came out of the steam room and walked over and took the shower next to me. He said “that steam room feels good doesn’t it” and I said it did. He asked me if I was ready to hit the steam again and I said sure. He said “sit on the right side when we go in” and I said “ok” and followed him in. I found a seat on the right side like Ted said and was at the far end furthest from the door. It seemed even darker. I was sitting there and started to stroke my cock when the guy to my left got up and left. I felt someone take his place. I felt a hand slide from my knee to my ass then back to my hole. I don’t know why but I leaned forward to allow the fingers to keep touching my hole. I spread my legs and when I felt my left leg touch the guy’s leg next to me it was really hairy. Could it be Ted? Is Ted fingering my hole? I reached down and felt the guy’s arm and it was hairy and then I touched his chest and it was hairy. I hoped it was Ted but I didn’t know if he knew it was me. I decided that I wanted to sit on his cock. I brought my hand up to my mouth and got a lot of spit on it and reached over and stroked his cock smearing it with my spit. I lifted my butt up and off of the bench and scooted over a little and started to sit down on his lap. I heard him spit and then I felt his hand slide up my crack. He pulled me back and onto his cock. His cock was big and it felt like it was really stretching my hole. I arched my back and started leaning forward and he took it as a sign to push in further. I moaned out loud but I don’t think anyone could hear me over the hissing noise of the steam. He really started pounding all the way in with short little strokes. He pushed and pulled me by the hips until I was standing and he turned me around so that I was facing the wall. He started taking bigger thrusts into my hole. He really started pulling almost all the way out and then shoving all the way in. I braced myself against the wall as he fucked me. I heard a real loud “Oh fuck Yeah” and knew it was Eric. I could tell that it came from the other side of the steam room. I felt a hand reach around and start pinching my nipple with one hand and the other started stroking my cock. I was about to cum when both hands let go of me and grab my hips and start banging in and out really fast then start to deep seed my ass. I could feel my dick start to blast off and no one was touching it. My hands were still on the wall and his hands were on my hips. His hand slid back up my body until he was rubbing my chest and then down to my cock. He pulled out and a few seconds later I heard the door open so I figured that I should go meet Ted in the showers. I walked over to the door and went out to the shower area and Ted wasn’t there but one of the guys that Ted had talked to earlier was showering. The door to the steam room opened and Seth came out followed by Eric. About a minute or so the door opened and it was Ted. I was really confused. I thought for sure that it was Ted that had just fucked me. Eric was showering next to me and he whispered boy do I have stuff to tell you. We all got dressed and went to leave and it was really pouring down like crazy. We all ran to the car and jumped in. We all looked like we had showered in our clothes. Ted said “well, I hoped that we could go to the zoo today but what do you think of heading home to change and then going bowling and dinner after?” Everyone was in agreement. Ted pulled the car into the garage and we all went inside through the garage so we didn’t have to go out in the rain again. We all took our clothes off and Ted took them to throw them in the dryer. Eric told me and Seth to come with him, so we followed him up and into his room. He told us to sit on his bed and that he had to tell us something wild. Eric stood in front of us while we sat on the edge of his bed. He started telling us about someone sucking his cock in the sauna. Seth said “no way” and Eric’s cock was starting to get hard. He told us all about how it started and how it ended with him shooting in the guy’s mouth and that the guy swallowed it with Eric’s cock still in his mouth. Seth looked a little pink like he was embarrassed or something. I asked Seth if anything happened to him and he said that someone bumped into him a few times and accidentally touched his leg, back or butt but nothing like that. Eric looked at me and asked “what about you?” and I just looked at him like he already knew since he fucked me in there but I didn’t want to say anything about it in front of Seth. So, I just said “I must have sat in the wrong spot and the most that happened to me was someone stepped on my foot”. I lied. We were all sitting there with hard-ons. Seth said he had to go pee which left me and Eric alone. Once Seth closed the door, I said to Eric “I didn’t want to say anything about you and me messing around in the steam room.” Eric said “what are you talking about?” and I said “fucking my butt” and Eric said “I didn’t but we should do that next time” he paused and then said “wait, someone fucked you in there?” I just nodded my head. Eric asked for details and I was half way through the story when Seth came back into Eric’s room. Seth asked what we were talking about and Eric said that we were talking about other things we could do in the steam room. Ted yelled for us and we started to walk out and leave Eric’s room when he reached forward and pushed his finger into my hole. I moaned and Seth turned and said “what was that” and I said “I was started to say something and yawned at the same time” and felt myself turn red. We walked into the kitchen and Ted was standing there with a hard on and said “I was thinking, do we just want to get dressed and head out or wait for our clothes to dry then go?”. I was staring at Ted’s cock thinking about whether or not he had fucked me since I thought Eric did and he didn’t. Who did fuck me? I could feel my hole start to throb and kept looking at Ted’s cock. I watched as a glob of pre-cum started to form on the tip of his cock. I wasn’t paying attention and Eric bumped me and said “earth to Will” and I said what and looked up to his face and then to Seth and Ted. “What do you think?” and I asked about what and they said “movie or bowling?”. I said both sound fun. Ted was looking and me and reached down and stroked his cock and said “we are going to have fun tonight.” Seth said “I vote we wait for the clothes, I feel like I could sleep until they are done.” Ted said “I like that idea, why don’t we all take a quick nap. I will throw our clothes in the dryer, set an alarm and we can get up in about forty-five minutes, then head out.” Seth turned and left the kitchen and then you heard a door close. Ted looked from me to Eric and stroked his cock and said that I could climb in bed with him. Eric said “Will you could climb in with me” and Ted said “we could all fit in my bed, it is big enough. Follow me boys” and we did. We walked into Ted’s room and he said “Will you climb into the middle and me and Eric will get on each side”. We climbed into the bed and I was a bit nervous and noticed that both Eric and Ted were hard. I was laying on my back and looked over at Eric and he was on his back but looking over at me, I turned to look at Ted and he was laying on his side facing me and stroking his cock. I looked from his face to his cock and then to his hairy chest and then his face. He scooted closer again and his cock was now rubbing on my hip. I looked over to Eric and gave him a look and touched his side. He leaned up a little and looked over to his dad. I felt Ted start to rub my hip and across my thigh reaching toward my cock. He reached his hand down between my legs and I started spreading my legs and he reached for my hole. I was freaking out and was SO hard. Ted scooted forward and I looked over to Eric again and I reached for his hand to move it to his cock and then reached down with my other hand to touch Ted’s cock. Ted said “turn on your side” and Eric looked over to his dad and said “what” and Ted said “not you, Will”. I turned onto my side facing Eric. Ted slid forward and then I felt him flip over and heard a drawer open and a click noise. I felt Ted turn over again and his fingers were sliding something slippery on my hole. Eric turned onto his side facing me and propped himself up and was looking over me to his dad. I felt Ted’s cock rubbing on my hole and I moaned and pushed back a little and he pushed forward. I felt his cock start to slide into me. Eric said “are you fucking him dad?” and Ted said “Oh fuck yeah!”. Ted started fucking me good and told Eric to stick his cock in my mouth, so he did. Ted leaned forward and pulled Eric into a kiss. They were kissing and Ted started fucking me real hard and suddenly stopped pulled out and told Eric to climb on. He said “I want to watch my boy in action, it was too dark last night”. OMG! Ted saw us last night. Ted said “he is a good fuck isn’t he boy” and Eric just grunted out an agreement. Ted got up on the bed and was standing by Eric and said “suck daddy’s cock boy” and Eric opened up and took Ted’s cock into his mouth. This sent Eric over the edge and he started shooting his cum into my ass. He let Ted’s cock slip out of his mouth and slumped onto my back. Ted told Eric to move out of the way so daddy could get off. Ted started fucking me good and told Eric to kiss him. They were kissing while Ted fucked me hard and Ted told me to flip over so I was on my back. They started kissing and Ted got back into his rhythm of fucking me deep and long. I was moaning and the bed was squeaking and shaking. I announced that I was going to cum and then started shooting my load. Ted fucked me for a few more minutes and I felt Eric’s second load start landing on my face and neck. Ted yelled “OH FUCK YEAH!” as he buried his cock all the way in me and started unloading his balls in my hole. “DAD!” We all looked over to the door of the bedroom and there was Seth. He had cum dripping off of his hand and still shooting. “Come up here boy” Ted said to Seth. Seth climbed onto the bed with us. By the end of the summer, I had grown a few inches and my baby fat seemed to disappear. It may have been all of the sex that I had with Eric and Ted or all of the time I spent in the steam room. It turned out that Seth had sucked off Eric in the steam room that rainy day and he enjoyed being a bottom as much as I did. I still don’t know who fucked me in the steam room that first rainy day, it wasn’t Ted. End of chapter 1

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