Ten AM CruiseTen AM Cruise


The flight to Miami was long and boring; yet necessary for the trip I am embarking upon. My luggage was, of course, the last ones to come out at the baggage claim area. ‘Why the hell did I book this cruise anyhow,’ I ponder to myself. I have to wait an hour for the bus from the hotel to pick me up. ‘Could this day get any worse,’ I wonder. I am about to have my answer. All the non-smoking rooms are gone and the room I do get smells like a bowling alley. As the door closes behind me, I just stand there, not really thinking of anything specific, just disgusted at the moment. I decide to put a merciful end to this day and go to bed early, ever hopeful tomorrow will be better, not at all convinced it will be.

I sleep ok, but wake up early, so I decide to hang out at the cruise line terminal. I take a quick shower, shave and brush my teeth. After getting my luggage together, I walk to the back of the room and pull open the curtains covering the glass windows to the balcony. The sun is just rising above the Atlantic Ocean, with a cloudless blue sky above. “Incredible!” escapes my lips and I open the door and walk out into the day. The Morning is crisp and cool; the air is fresh and clean, unlike the stale smoky air in the room. For the first time since leaving for the airport yesterday a smile creeps across my face.

I walk back into the room leaving the balcony door open to help ventilate the area and grab my luggage. I open the door to the hall and set my gear down to take one last look around the room to make sure I have all my belongings. Grabbing my suitcases I head to the elevator, ride downstairs and then walk to the front desk. As I check out I inform the desk clerk that I need the shuttle to take me to the Carnival Cruise Line terminal. He motions at the lobby and tells me to have a seat; the shuttle will be back in 15 minutes. Picking up my luggage I move over and set them down next to a chair and then have a seat.

Without really realizing it my mind slips into a sort of mindless daydream while waiting on the shuttle bus. The ding of the bell for the elevator pulls me out of my daze. My awareness of the surroundings being slightly raised I glance uninterested in that direction. As the doors to the elevator open my interest increases dramatically as out steps an exceedingly beautiful woman. She is absolutely stunning, her hair is long and flowing, the light just shimmers off of it like moon light off the water and the room seems brighter instantly. She is wearing a light blue linen sundress that hugs her gorgeous body in all the right places. High and firm perky breasts that slightly bounce with each step, her ass sways seductively side to side as she walks on a pair of remarkably long sexy legs. ‘Wow!’ I think to myself, ‘I sure would like to meet her!’ As she walks up to the front desk I eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Good Morning. May I help you?” ask the clerk.

“Yes,” you reply, “I need to check out and I will need to take the shuttle over to the Carnival Cruise Line terminal.” My heart jumps in my chest, ‘Yes!’ I think to myself, at least I will get to feast my eyes on this awesome creature for a bit longer.

The desk clerk points at me and informs her, “So is he, have a seat over there and the shuttle will be here in a few minutes.”

You turn and see me looking in your direction so you flash me a smile, I smile back and get up out of my seat and walk over to the desk.

“May I help you with your bags?” I inquire.

You smile and answer, “Yes, thank you.” I take your two large suitcases and move them over next to mine. You reach down and pick up your small travel bag and start to reach for your hanging clothes bag.

“Leave it,” I say, “I’ll get it for you.”

“Thank you, your too sweet,” is your response and you take the seat across from where I was sitting. I get your hanging clothes bag and put it with your other belongings, sitting back down in the chair across from you.

“So, is this your first anadolu yakası escort cruise?” I question.

“Yes,” you respond, “I am a little nervous about it, I have never been on a long trip before.”

“Relax,” I comment, “You are about to experience the best vacation you’ve have ever had!”

“I can tell by the smile on your face, you have done this before,” you tell me.

“Yes, once before,” is my reply.

We then spend the next few minutes talking about dos and don’ts on the cruise until the shuttle bus arrives. I take your suitcases to the shuttle bus and have the driver bring mine. We continue our discussion on the way to the cruise terminal. Lucky me, there is no one else on the shuttle. I am totally mesmerized by you; you are stunningly beautiful, incredibly friendly and have the most captivating personality of any person I have ever met. The ride to the terminal is nowhere near long enough for my liking; I could sit here talking and look intently into your sparkling eyes for days and days. When we get to the terminal, employees of the cruise line take our luggage and unfortunately we are separated.

“See you on the ship,” you tell me.

“Will make sure of it!” I promise. I keep glancing your direction and moving to make sure I keep track of where you are going after you check in your luggage.

“Sir, sir,” says the luggage handler trying to get my attention.

“Oh, sorry,” I tell him glancing at him so that he is acknowledged; yet watching to see where you go.

“Your luggage is checked all the way to your room, but you cannot board the ship until 12:30, there is a waiting area in the terminal,” he informs me.

Now having been distracted by him for several minutes I turn and see that you are no longer checking in your luggage. ‘Damn!’ I think to myself. I hurry to the terminal and hope that you are there. I walk in the door and take a quick look around, but I don’t see you. I walk in a little farther and over to my right, there you are!

“Crap!” I say under my breath. There is some guy all over you like ugly on an ape.

You look up, smile broadly and interrupt him and say “Nice meeting you.” You walk over and take me by the arm and direct me to the chairs on the opposite side of the room from that guy.

“God, I was praying you would come in here, that guy was all over me from the minute I walked in the door,” you lament.

“I am glad I could rescue you, but I don’t blame him, you are a very beautiful woman,” I state.

“Thank you, you’re sweet,” you retort, totally ignoring the comment about the guy.

I look over at the guy and he is giving me a dirty look. I flash him a very big fuck you smile and say “It is a beautiful day, let’s go up on the observation deck.”

Your eyes light up, “They have an observation deck!”

I smile, stand up and extend my hand for yours. Looking up we make eye contact, you flash me a smile and reach up and take my hand. I support your hand as you stand up then I lead you to an opening in the wall and around the corner. There are some glass doors that lead to a stairway. I hold the door open for you and follow you up the steps.

As you turn the corner to head up the second set of steps I hear you gasp, “Wow!” All that can be seen is the top part of the cruise ship. You hurry up the stairs and over to the edge of the observation deck.

I walk over and stand next to you, “Very impressive,” I note.

“Yes it is,” you reply, absorbing the view.

“No, I meant you,” I whisper looking at you.

You are so busy looking at the ship that it takes a second for you to catch my comments. You turn to look at me, smile and put your hand on mine. I take your hand and start walking for a bench to sit on. We sit down on the bench and take in the view. We talk about the ship; I point out some features and try to give you all the information that I can.

“Thank you,” I hear atalar escort you say.

Turning to look into you eyes I respond, “For what?”

“For being so nice and taking the time to help me feel better about going on this big ship,” you say.

“You know what, Thank you for allowing me to be here with you, I am really enjoying myself,” I reply.

We just sit there for a few seconds not saying anything, just gazing into each other’s eyes. Your lips make a slight embarrassed smile, then you momentarily dip your eyes from mine then glance back up at me, and then you lean forward and give me a little kiss. I am totally blown away as you lean back and smile at me again.

I get a little devilish smile on my face and say “Wow, that was very nice, I think I would like to try some more of that.”

You smile and lean forward again, but this time you are met half way. Our kiss is soft and caring, it lingers with the development of our feelings, getting to know each other’s touch. As we end the kiss, we both slowly open our eyes, and smile as we gaze at each other. I move closer to you and put my left arm around you and take your left hand in my right and intertwine our fingers. I move your hand to my lips and kiss it softly, then hold it to my chest then lean forward and kiss you again. Softly at first, just nibbling on your lips, but then adding a little pressure and passion. I hear you respond with a light moan and you return the pressure, and I feel your right hand touch my chest, just below the shoulder. We continue to kiss and become more comfortable with each other. We break our kiss at the sound of an announcement in the terminal; we can prepare to board the ship now. We look each other in the eyes and smile; I give you another little kiss and then stand up. You slightly close your eyes and take a deep breath of the moment and then stand up and we walk hand in hand down to the counter to check in. We are talking in line, laughing and just having a great time.

We finally make our way to the front of the line and the lady at the counter says, “Next, please.”

I tell you “Go ahead,” but you say “No, I want you to wait for me when I am done.”

I smile at you and walk up to the lady at the counter and she says to me, “Your not with the young lady?”

“No, we just met,” I tell her.

She says “Oh,” then looks at you and waves you over.

You walk over and the lady says to us, “I normally don’t do this, but we are extremely over booked and need lower level rooms very badly. I can give each of you half the cost of your room back and move you up to the Promenade deck to an inner cabin. We can put up a divider between the beds, make it like small rooms.”

You look at me and I look at you, then turn to the lady and say “No.”

I see you taken aback by this then I tell the lady, “You give her all her money back and put us on the promenade deck, outer cabin with a balcony and the divider.”

She looks at me, skews her mouth to the side and types on her computer, then looks at me and smiles, “Ok, we can do that,” then she looks at you and say, “Is that alright Miss.”

You look at me then at her and say, “No, I don’t want the divider, we will be ok without it.”

Then you look at me and smile you are wearing a white lace bra and matching panties. I take you in my arms again and start kissing your neck and then down your chest. You cup my head in your hands as I kiss and lick my way down your body. When I reach your panty line, I start to kiss my way around your pussy in a big circle, slowly working my way to the center. When I get my mouth over your pussy, I blow a deep hot breath into your panties. You moan loudly, “OH!” and pull my head into your pussy tightly and then almost fall backwards onto the bed. I grab the elastic waistband of your panties slowly move them down your legs, focusing my eyes on your exposed neatly trimmed bush. I kiss your thighs ataşehir escort around your sweet mound, and then I run my tongue lightly along your lips. You let out a gasp and then a load moan as I slide my tongue between your lips and it lightly brushes past your clit. You pull my head into your pussy as you back up and slowly sit and then lie back on the bed. I continue to tongue your clit until I feel your body get rigid, and you moan in shear delight. I lean up and watch you as you catch your breath.

You stand up and tell me, “Lay on the bed, I want to make love with you.”

I smile and do as I am told, you look at me and cup your breast in your hands and say, “Do you like my tits?”

I shake my head yes and you say, “Do you want to see them?”

Once again I shake my head yes with a devilish smirk on my face, and watch as you put your hands behind your back then pull them out again with a clasp for the bra in each hand. You move your hands back and forth, teasing me, with a big grin on your face.

“Attention Guest! We are conducting our mandatory life vest drill please put on your life vest and go to your designated muster station,” the voice on the intercom says.

My head hits the pillow and I mumble something in a disgusted tone. I see the pain on your face and the inquisitive look of can we still make love. Knock! Knock! At the door and someone saying something about life vest drill, tells you the answer is no.

“Well, I guess we better go” you say and start to refasten your bra.

“Wait” I say and I grab one of your arms, “Let’s have some fun with this!”

You smile and say “How?”

I stand up and start undoing the belt on my shorts and tell you “Leave your bra off, we are going to go Commando!”

You giggle and quickly slide your white lacy bra down and off your arms. I cannot help but stare at your mind-boggling perfectly perky breast, with small rock hard pink nipples.

You look at me and say “That’s for later, you. Hurry up and take off your boxers!” and with that you step forward and grab the side of my boxers and yank them to my ankles.

You grab your blue sundress off the floor and as you stand back up your hand accidentally rubs across my crotch. “Oops” you say, and smile at me.

I smile back and step out of my boxers and pull my shorts back on. You finish putting on your dress while I grab two-life vest from the closet. I help you put yours on, then I put mine on and I take your hand and we head to the door. I open the door and we step into the hallway, there is no one else around.

“I think we took to long” I tell you and we head for our designated muster point.

There is a large crowd in the Blue Sapphire Lounge when we arrive and all the seats down front are taken. I spot a table all by itself in the corner and we walk over to it. ‘Well, hell’ I think to myself, as there is only one chair left at the table.

You look at me and say, “What are we going to do?”

I sit down in the chair and then pat my leg for you to sit with me. A representative of the cruise line starts to go over the drill procedures on the stage of the lounge. I feel you lean back against me and I put my arms around you. I look around us and realize that no one to the side of us can see us and we are at the backs of the people in front of us.

I smile to myself and think, “Hmm, this is perfect for being commando.”

I move my left hand up and slip it under your life vest and squeeze your breast with my hand. I feel you move your right hand from your lap and put it on my leg just above my knee. You slide your hand up my leg, under my shorts and slide it between us to grab my now hard cock.

We rub on each other for a few seconds, when you turn your head toward the wall and tell me “take it out of your shorts,” and you lean up slightly.

I reach down and unzip my shorts and free myself. I feel your warm hand take my cock and start to gently rub up and down on it as you lean back again. I kiss you on the nape of the neck and hear you softly moan and I slide my hands down to your thighs. I grab the hem of your dress and begin to pull it up. You lift up a little so the dress can be pulled past the chair. Once this is done I arrange your dress again to cover your left leg to the crowd and slide my right hand underneath to find your hot pussy.

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