Tell Me what You were ThinkingTell Me what You were Thinking


I’m on my knees. It’s Halloween. We’re at a party. I’m dressed like a slut. Which, I guess I am, since I’m on my knees. Giving blowjobs. It was only supposed to be one. You said a friend of yours from work would help me live out my fantasy. Really, your fantasy for me. My fantasy is much simpler. You let me dress in panties and sleep in lingerie. And let me be your bitch.

And, I guess I am that, too. Since I’m giving blowjobs to your friend from work. And, apparently, a few more friends. Yours. His. I don’t know anyone at this party. Thank god.

You sat in a chair right behind me for the first blowjob. Talking me through it. Encouraging. Teasing. Calling me all the names that I love. In private. To prove my submission to you. Sissy. Bitch. Slut. Plus some new ones. Cock sucker. Cum slut.

You tell me to finish your friend in my mouth but not to swallow. You want me to let it drool down on the bra I wear. My faux cleavage showing because you unbuttoned the white silk blouse when we walked into the room. Purple push-up bra adds a cup and catches cloud storage the cooling spunk as it slips between my lips.

Your friend leaves but, you say, word’s gotten out. Free blowjobs in the back bedroom. Helluva party. Now there’s a line. Out the door. Down the hall. You leave me alone on my knees. Pink leather mini skirt bunched up high on my thighs. That and the dark hide the purple thong that is slick with my precum. White thigh-high stockings. Thank god you let me take off the four-inch pink stilettos when we first walked back here.

I remember your words now: “You won’t need these for a while, sweetie.”

Four blowjobs is “a while”, I guess. You come back in the room and squat down beside me. There’s cum on my face, tits, hands, shirt, skirt, hair. Thank god I’m wearing a wig.

“Having fun?” You ask but I can’t answer. The fifth friend has his smooth balls in my mouth while he furiously jerks with his left hand. You laugh.

Soon, I have cum on my face. And you’re introducing me to yet another cock. This is the biggest cloud file storage so far. You tell me there’s something really special about it. About him. Up until now, you’ve had me giving blow jobs. I didn’t have to swallow. But I had to finish them. Make them cum. Be the rag for their salty sticky.

This one, this new cock, this huge cock is different. Special. You tell me that this cock is going to finish inside of you. Not me. You.

In fact, this cock has finished inside of you more often than I have in the last three months. Ever since you let me wear panties full time. This cock belongs to your lover. Which means, that I have to worship it. Just like you worship it. And I worship you.

I stay on my knees and suck him. Lick him. Tease him. Take him. Deep.

I stay on my knees while you fuck him on the bed. You scream your orgasm as you ride him. Then another as he takes you from behind.

I stay on my knees while you bathe in the afterglow of your sex. You push him away when you are too sore. Too tired. Too fucked out.

I file upload stay on my knees when you tell me to taste your pussy on his cock. He stands above me. Grabs my head. Slowly saws himself in and out.

I stay on my knees as you kneel behind me, tits pressed into my back. One hand inside my bra twirling a nipple. Playing with the dried cum that has pooled in the bottom of the cup.

I stay on my knees as your hand other reaches inside my panties. I feel your tits press into my back. Their heat. Their weight. I wonder how the sweaty silk of my blouse feels against your sensitive nipples.

I stay on my knees as the hand in my panties, your dominant hand, slick with my precum, rubs circle on the head of my enraged cockette. Like you are masturbating a girl. Not stroking up and down like you would a cock. Rubbing. Tweaking. Teasing. Tormenting.

I stay on my knees even as you whisper in my ear: “Now you have the chance to not just suck a cock. But make it cum. Make it explode. Take all that juice straight from his balls into your sissy belly. He makes me cum so good. Now you do the same for him. Pay him back for all the incredible fucking he’s given me over the last three months. Pay him back, bitch. Be his cum rag. Swallow it all down. Taste the cum. Make him cum. Be my little cum whore.”

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