Teaching the TeacherTeaching the Teacher


“Stop now! Oh, please. Enough. Enough! I’ve had enough.”

It was Louanne’s third orgasm in 20 minutes. Moments ago she had been moaning just the opposite, panting and thrusting her hips to meet my tongue, pulling my face into her as I knelt before her with her skirt pulled up around her waist. She was laying on her back on her desk in her 5th grade classroom, her legs resting on my shoulders as I provided her with some much needed stress relief.

Louanne was a sweet 23 year-old redhead in her first teaching job out of college. She was off to a bad start, understandable for an inexperienced farm girl out of her element in an inner-city school. I’m a 40 year-old teacher consultant. I’d been working with Louanne, trying to help her establish some discipline and order in her classroom so that she could do her job and teach without breaking down in tears after the school emptied out each day. Her progress was slow and I was near the point of advising her to do her best to fulfill her one year contract while she looked for a job elsewhere. She just couldn’t be tough enough to earn her kids respect. It wasn’t in her nature.

I was in the room to debrief her on my observations for the day. The stress was really getting to her and suddenly she threw her arms around me and let the waterworks fall. I held her in a most fatherly way until the sobbing subsided. When I started to pull away, Louanne pulled me back against her body and somehow (I don’t know who started it) we were kissing, and the kissing soon went from comforting to passionate.

At some point, I slipped away to lock the door. Next thing I knew I was kneeling in front of the prettiest young pussy I had ever seen, and a virgin one at that. How could I resist?

After I had locked the door and returned to the young redhead, she confided in me that she hadn’t had sex before and she wasn’t ready to do that. I told her not to worry, I would find another way to please her. We started kissing again and my hand went under her skirt. I began sawing my fingers between her legs as we kissed. Her panties were sodden after just a few minutes. It wasn’t long before the sweet smell of the young cunt drew me down onto my knees. I pushed Louanne back so she was sitting on the edge of the desk. I slowly tugged her panties down and off over her ankles. I lifted Louanne’s legs onto my shoulders, which forced her to lay back.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said. “What do I have to do?”

“Nothing but relax and enjoy,” I told her. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything in return. Consider this a gift, one you well deserve.” Pussy eating is one of the great pleasures of life in my opinion and I really meant what I said. Louanne didn’t have to do anything more to please me than take all the tonguing she could handle.

I started slowly, caressing and kissing my way up Louanne’s creamy white thighs. When I reached the apex, taksim escort I planted several soft kisses on her labia and tugged playfully on the wiry pubic hair between my lips. I licked tentatively at her pussy lips, getting my first salty, musky taste of Louanne’s vulva and the first deep whiffs of her fragrant bouquet. Above me, I heard Louanne’s breathing quicken.

“It’s beautiful, Louanne. It’s going to taste so good. Just let it happen.”

She gave a quiet mew. I regretted that the skirt bunched around her waist prevented me from seeing her facial expression as I began licking more earnestly, eventually dipping my tongue into the virgin pussy and sliding it up to the pink clit. My first lick there drew a sudden deep breath and a loud moan. The sweet redhead was really ready for this. I began working the perfect young pussy with my lips and tongue, taking cues from Louanne which techniques stimulated her the most. She seemed to like it when I pressed my tongue deeply into her while my upper lip ground into her clit firmly. Soon she was bucking against me and her first orgasm struck her like a closed fist. I continued licking more gently as she came down but soon she was moaning again. I pressed on, realizing she was up for more. I gave her everything she wanted. It was after the third orgasm, that she finally had all she wanted, at least for now.

By that time my face was coated with the thick juices her cunt was oozing. The wonderful smell of her sex filled the room. As she relaxed, I stood and leaned over Louanne, kissing her face and eventually her lips. I wondered how she would react to the taste of her pussy on my lips, thinking this was something entirely new to her. She reacted well, kissing me back with enthusiasm.

As I broke off from her, I took her by the hands and pulled her into a sitting position. Her face was flushed and her hair was damp with sweat. I loved the look on her pretty face after sex. She looked down at the obvious tent in my khakis. “Show me what you want me to do,” she said.

“I told you. You don’t have to do anything. That was almost as good for me as it was for you.”

“But I want to,” she said. I used to give my college boyfriend hand jobs. I’ve never, you know, sucked it. But I’m willing to try. You just have to show me what to do.”

I wasn’t about to disappoint such a beautiful girl. I noticed there was a soft cushion on the chair behind Louanne’s desk. I tossed it onto the floor and had Louanne kneel on it in front of me. I took my time unbuckling my belt and unzipping my trousers, letting them slide to the floor, then the same with my boxers. Louanne reached for my erection. Her hand felt warm as she closed her fingers around it. “How do I start?” she asked.

“Stroke it like you did your boyfriend’s. Go slow. Squeeze a little harder. Lean in and let it rub on your face. topkapı escort Kiss it as it goes across your lips. Just do that for a little while.”

Louanne gave my cock a tentative kiss, then rubbed it gently over her cheeks. She kissed again from the tip to base, then worked her way back up. She held it in her hand and stroked it gently. “You like this?” she asked.

“Yes. That’s nice.”

She repeated what she had done before. This time when she got back to the end, she opened her mouth and put her lips over the tip. She pushed down until the swollen cock head was in her mouth. I could feel her swirl her tongue instinctively around it.

“That’s it, baby, just like that. Don’t try to take more than you’re ready for.”

She pulled away to ask, “am I doing it right?” Do you like that? I can take it a little deeper.”

“Go slow,” I said. “It feels fantastic. Work it with your hands and mouth together.”

She took me back into her mouth. She experimented with taking more, gently sucking, while stroking with her soft hand. I looked into her her face. Her eyes were closed.

“Open your eyes and look up at me, Louanne. It’s so sexy to watch you but I want to see your eyes. Hold your hand still against your mouth. Let me do the moving in and out for a bit. Use your hand to keep me from going too deep.”

She did as she was told and I watched her lovely hazel eyes as I gently fucked in and out of her mouth. She began to gag and I withdrew until the reflex passed. I proceeded with care until it was clear that Louanne needed a rest. I removed my dick from her mouth and pulled her up to kiss her.

“Ready to try something else?”

“I wasn’t very good at it, was I?”

“You were incredible, but I want to do something we’ll both like. Turn around and lean on the desk for me.”

“But I told you I’m a virgin,” she said.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t do anything you aren’t ready for. No, this is just a little play that will pleasure us both.”

Again, Louanne did as she was told. Once she was bent over the desk, I lifted her skirt and folded it up over her back. I caressed and kneaded her bare ass cheeks and her lower back. “Spread your legs a little,” I told her.

She did and I slipped my cock between her thighs and brought the shaft up against her naked pussy. “Now put your legs together,” I said.

“You’re not putting it in me?” She sounded worried.

“Of course not,” I said. “I wouldn’t do that. Now I want you reach down and pull my cock up tight against the lips of your pussy. Hold it there while I move it back and forth in the cleft.”

She did as she was told and I began sliding my cock over the lips of her wet pussy. She was still soaking wet and slippery from our previous activity. I could hear the squishing sounds. Each time I thrust forward, Louanne let forth a low groan tüyap escort as my dick grazed her clit. Soon we had a nice rhythm going. Her hand became wet and slippery too and it felt for all the world like I was actually fucking her instead of humping against her. I could feel myself building to a climax. I did my best to hold back until I felt Louanne nearing her own orgasm, her fourth of the afternoon. She suddenly stiffened and cried out.

I made a final few strokes as Louanne climaxed, then pulled my cock away and gave it a final stroke or two with my hand, shooting streams of cum across her ass, coating her cheeks and her pretty asshole. When I stopped cumming, I rubbed the end of my dick through the pools of cum on her skin and turned Louanne around, pushing down on her shoulders until she dropped to her knees. I gathered a hand full of her long red hair and pulled her face to my dripping cock. “Take it,” I said. “Take it in your mouth.”

I felt hesitation, but I was determined she would get her first taste of cum from my cock. I wouldn’t be the first man to fuck her but I wanted to be the first to fill her mouth with sperm.

Reluctantly Louanne opened her mouth. I pushed into it as deeply as she could take without gagging. I stroked my dick up and down, squeezing the last drops of cum onto her tongue, watching to make sure she swallowed.

“You like the taste of my cum and your juices together?”

“I wasn’t ready for that,” Louanne choked as she pulled her head from my dick. “You could have warned me.”

“Sorry,” I said. “It’s so hot to watch you suck and swallow. I just couldn’t wait. I had to see it in your mouth.”

“It’s okay,” she said as she stood. “It just came as a surprise. I guess I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I hope you liked it.”

“It was fantastic,” I said. “You’re fantastic. I hope you liked the feel of my cock against your pussy. You seemed to.”

“It scared me a little. I was afraid you might loose control and put it in me, even if you didn’t intend to.”

“No way I’d let that happen. But we need to put ourselves together. That door has been locked a long time. If anyone heard us we’d have a lot of explaining to do.”

Louanne bent down to pick up the white satin panties I had dropped to the floor. I took hold of her wrist and stood her up, taking the damp underwear from her. “These are mine,” I told her, stuffing them into my pocket.

I ate pussy and in return I got blowjobs, pussyjobs and handjobs two or three times a week for the rest of that school year. Louanne developed a real taste for sperm and a love for having me coat her small tits with sticky loads of cum. I was careful that she never developed any misconceptions about who we were to each other. I was her mentor and counselor in both the classroom and the bedroom.

I finally told Louanne she wasn’t cut out for teaching in this environment. I offered to help her find a more suitable job in a suburban district, but at the end of the year she decided, instead, to go back to Iowa and look for something with a private school. I think that was the right decision for her, but damn how I miss watching those beautiful eyes while fucking that mouth and the musky taste of the that virgin pussy.

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