Teacher’s Pet Ch. 01Teacher’s Pet Ch. 01


Paul Baxter’s son Ryan woke up with chills and a fever. His wife had a mandatory meeting at work so Paul was left with arranging Ryan’s absence from school.

Paul called the school and explained that Ryan was ill and would miss classes.

About 30 minutes later Paul got a call from Ryan’s English teacher Lacy Phillips. Paul hadn’t seen Lacy since the school dance three weeks ago when he’d fucked her for the first time.

“Hi Paul. Did you miss me?”

“In all honesty I can’t stop thinking about your wonderful ass and enormous tits.”

“Is your wife home?”

“No, she’s at work and won’t be home until after 6:00.”

“Why don’t I drop Ryan’s homework off after school? I can be there around 3:30.”

Paul told Lacy that he couldn’t wait to see her and spent the rest of the day thinking. He thought about his wife Jeanne. She was a good wife and a great mother. She was also thin and flat chested. Their sex was infrequent and unexciting. Then he thought about the voluptuous Lacy. Lacy rang all of his bells. She had a great ass and unbelievable tits. She was sexy and bold. He got a hardon just thinking about her.

At 3:35 the doorbell rang and Paul went to the door. When he opened it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Lacy was standing there in a black leather miniskirt and matching vest that could hardly hold her huge tits. She wasn’t wearing a bursa escort bra, and Paul was practically hypnotized. Lacy spun around and asked “How do I look?”

Paul could hardly speak but managed to control himself well enough to growl out his approval.

“Paul, the last time we met, I asked you not to have sex or jack off until we could get together again.” In her sexy voice she asked “It’s been three weeks. Have you been a good boy?”

Paul answered by grabbing Lacy in a bear hug and complaining that he’d been so good that he might cum just from looking at her.

Lacy laughed and said, “Don’t waste any of your precious cum before I have a chance to see that big dick of yours.”

With that she pulled his head to hers and practically shoved her tongue down his throat. “I’m glad to see that I still turn you on, Paul.”

“Are you kidding? You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.” He started to unbutton the leather vest so he could get to her big tits.

Just as he got the second button open, the front door opened, and in walked Paul’s wife Jeanne. She came in just in time to see the kiss and Paul’s hand snaking down the front of Lacy’s deep cleavage.

Before Jeanne could even react, Lacy said, “Hello Jeanne. I’m glad you’re here. I was getting tired of sneaking around. Paul’s about to fuck my hot pussy, and you can watch.”

Jeanne bursa escort bayan could hardly believe what was happening. She looked at Paul expecting an explanation. In the meantime, Lacy had unzipped Paul’s pants and was fishing out his big, rock hard cock. Lacy wanted to really get him going so she started slowly stroking it and said “Paul, tell Jeanne about my big ass and giant tits.”

Paul tried to think of a reasonable explanation, but was so turned on all he could do was groan. He forgot about his wife and picked Lacy up and laid her on the sofa. He ripped down her skirt and finished unbuttoning the vest. He started sucking on her tits and mumbled over and over how he loved her curvy body.

Lacy said “Tell Jeanne how much you love fucking my wet pussy.” With that she scooted around and sucked his huge fat dick into her mouth. He went deeper and deeper until the head was buried in her throat. She then ran her tongue in circles around the shaft and started tickling his balls.

Paul was beyond sanity at this point. He turned his head to Jeanne and said “I can’t help myself. I still love you, but I can’t resist this pussy.” He pulled his dick out of Lacy’s mouth and lined it up to the entrance of her pussy. “I’m sorry Jeanne” He looked at Lacy with lust in his eyes and said “I’m gonna fuck you senseless.” He stuck his dick escort bursa in and started pushing. He got about two inches in right away and Lacy moaned. He pushed again and buried another three inches. By the fifth stroke he had all nine inches in Lacy’s hot pussy and they were both in heaven.

Paul was like a man possessed. He started with deep slow strokes while Lacy groaned. He gradually increased the speed causing Lacy’s eyes to roll back in her head. Soon he was driving with power strokes and Lacy cried out “This is the best fuck I’ve ever had.” She started to quiver and Paul kept pounding her as hard as he could. This kept on until they were both covered in sweat. Lacy was building to a monstrous orgasm.

“Oh my God, oh my god, my god, my god… “With that every muscle in her body tightened and she let out a piercing scream as the orgasm hit her.

Jeanne was shocked. She’d never seen such a powerful orgasm. Lacy seemed to pass out for a few seconds and Paul kept up the power fucking.

He felt himself getting ready to cum and started to pull out so he could jack himself off on her tits.

Lacy pushed him over the edge by moaning “Paul, don’t cum on my huge tits this time. I need your hot cum in my pussy.”

Paul gave Lacy one final thrust and filled her with his biggest load ever.

Lacy turned to Jeanne and said, “I’m spending the night. I’m going to milk Paul till he’s dry. I can’t get enough of his oversized dick.”

With that, Jeanne packed a bag, grabbed Ryan and left for her mother’s house.

Paul thought to himself that he’d just replaced his conservative wife with his dream slut.

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