As they rode along the on a late summers evening on a bicycle made for two he couldn’t help but notice the sensual sway of her hips above her saddle as she rode in front of him in her slightly impractical summer skirt tightly hugging her bum showing its well defined outline in the summer sun. Although she didn’t know it the bottom of her knickers could be seen with each rotation of the pedals as she raised herself so did her skirt. He could see the beads of sweat running down her back and felt a surging within him. He suggested they stopped to rest in a quiet country lay-by for a rest and a drink.

They laid out a picnic blanket and lay in the sun snuggling. After a few minutes of playful touching the summer heat and the urges brought on by the smell of her clean sweat took over.

He reached for her waist and drew her near and their legs entwined. He ran his hands from her waist down over her rounded pert little bum and felt himself rise against her soft skin. He looked at her and smiled and he ran his hands up her smooth thighs across the top of her white stockings to the hem of her tight slightly damp panties moistened with her sweat and natural wetness. bursa escort As he breathed in her scent mixed with that of the summer blossom and pollen on the breeze she raised her legs and spread them slightly he lifted her underwear from underneath her bottom, up over her ankles and away onto the picnic blanket. Giving him a full view of her cute little clit and wetness glistening with sweat and arousal.

He lowered himself kissing from her inner thigh rising up to her wetness, licking from the top slowly to the bottom where she dripped on to the blanket. Savouring her taste as she bucked against his lips she moaned softly, she clawed his back lustily as waves of warm pleasure ran through her, and out of her.

He removed his belt and his trousers, already topless due to the warm day her rose to his knees and took hold of the bottle of champagne that had been opened when they arrived. He passed it to her and she took a mouthful rather than swallowing the coolness she sprayed it all over the pair of them, as the cool rush hit them he kissed form her neck down over her chest loosening her shoulder straps exposing her smooth breasts and pierced nipples bursa escort bayan taking each into his mouth alternately as he ran his fingers across the folds of her opening rotating his thumb about her clit and gently inserting one finger simultaneously.

She gasped softly and pulled him to her as she laid back fully spreading herself he lowered himself into her, she moaned with shock, she’d expected it to be as it was but it had been a month or so since their last rendezvous and she hadn’t touched herself in days so she was a little tight. He went gently but could not hold back and filled her with his manhood as she bucked with the electricity of the moment. They ground against each other in the throes of passion her breasts bouncing gently with each stroke. She expected him to finish soon but her did not he pulled himself from within her, she took him into her mouth tasting herself and him mingled with the heat and arousal. Her tongue ran the length of his shaft bringing him into a state of almost trance like pleasure. He looked down and watched her beautiful lips around him, up and down over his length.

He gently took her by the chin and raised escort bursa her up; they knelt facing each other in the quiet spot near the tree. She looked and smiled and turned away from him reading his mind, her hands resting on the warm bark. He moved behind her running his hands across her smooth wet stomach and over her well defined chest and proud nipples. He pressed himself against her damp now dripping slit juices running down her thighs in a cascade of arousal. He entered her, from this angle she received his full manhood pushing into her in one gentle movement he was deep into her warmth. They again built up to a rhythm more frantic than the last, she breathed erratically and lustily small grunts of pleasure arose from her partner also.

She said she was close and her hips began to shake and her knees trembled she again smothered him lower torso in her wet arousal intensifying his pleasure also. He began to feel the uncontrollable rise from below and then realised there was no barrier between their individual sexes and in the heat of the moment they had forgotten such trivialities, he pulled from inside her and erupted over her behind spraying her back, ass and womanhood with his ecstasy. It ran down between her lips mixing with her own moisture pooling in a mess on the blanket. They both breathed out heavily and collapsed exhilarated and exhausted, falling gently asleep her cradled in his arms.

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