Subject: Tales of Sol 3 The Tales of Sol 3 By Joe hoo This my second attempt to right so please tell me what you think. This is a fictional story it is not intended to imply that any of the celebrities mentioned are homosexuals. If you are not old enough to read these stories do yourself a favor don’t get caught. The same goes for those people whose countries have these sites made illegal. And for everyone else enjoy Captain Planet and related characters was created by R.E Turner and copyright by AOL Time Warner Company and Trademark by TBS Productions Babylon 5 and all related characters and props were created by Michael Straczynski and copyright by Warner Bros. Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Transformers and all related characters, and props are trademarked by Hasbro inc. Copyright Rhino Home Videos and AOL Time Warner Entertainment CO HE-Man, She-Ra, related characters, and props are trademarked by Filmation 1980’s Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox. Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros. X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. The Tales of Sol 3 Homecoming After 6 hours in the air the plane finally landed at Philadelphia International Airport. I watched as we came up to the terminal and from where I sat in the plane I could see the jetway extending outwardly and while we were to close for me to see that actual connection being made. We all felt the plane shake slightly as we were attached to the airport terminal “Thank you for flying with us we hope you all have a wonderful stay in Philadelphia,” The flight attendant announced. Disembarking from the plane I didn’t waste any time getting to the baggage claim and then waited to for my gear to start coming up to the conveyor belt. “Petty Officer Pennock,” a voice startled me I wasn’t expecting anyone I turned to see a man standing baggage claim he held up a sign. The man was 6’8 with chestnut color hair, a neatly trimmed mustache. He had grey eyes and fair skin he was wearing a dark blue polo with grey slacks, with white sneakers. I responded, “I am Petty Officer Pennock,” “I am Petty Officer First Class Jack Doggin,” He announced walking up to me and extended his right hand “I wasn’t expecting anyone,” I told him accepting his offered hand and giving it a good shake. “Well, Commander Reeves called ahead, and told us you’d be joining us,” Doggin responded “That was fast,” I laughed “Well, we do like to be efficient,” Doggin laughed “And I commend you for it,” I responded he helped me gather up my stuff and we were off. “So do you have a place to stay?” he asked “My father had moved while I out to sea,” I told him “Oh?” He inquired “Yeah I helped by buying the house which has been sitting unused since I was gone,” I told him “I see,” He said “Yeah well I still have to get furniture for the place I haven’t been around enough to do any of that,” I laughed “Well why don’t we get you over there then we can go and get you shopping,” Doggin suggested “I’d like that but I can’t ask you to drive me around,” I said “It’s no problem,” He told me “How’s this how about you drop me off at a car dealership,” I suggested “Sure we can do that any idea?” He asked “Yeah,” I gleamed We dropped my stuff off at my place and headed for a dealership. When we got there the man asked, “Is there anything I help you with?” “Yes I am looking for a truck,” I told him “Any one in particular?” He asked I was about to tell him when I saw it and she was a beauty a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab black paint with silver band running along its body. “Can I look at that one?” I asked bursa escort bayan “Be my guess,” He went back in got the keys and looked her over “My is she a beauty,” I told Doggin “Yes she is,” He agreed I truly fell in love with her after her test run she ran like a dream it was almost too good too be true. After a stop to the bank to make the payment I drove off with Doggin on my tail my first stop was Ikea where I picked out my Living room set and my bedroom set. Then to Sears to pick up my Kitchen set while there I was able to get my dining room as well. Going to home depot I picked out the paints I was going to use for each of my rooms even found what my bathroom needed. We stopped to get a bite to eat Doggin just laughed, “I can’t believe how much you spent already,” “Hey I have a three bedroom house to fill and I still have to find what I want for my office and basement,” I told him “It should all be delivered tomorrow so that good,” Doggin stated “Yeah so I need to get home so I can start painting,” I told him after finishing up my lunch. We left and heading for my home the first rooms we began with were the bedrooms going with the air gun approach it saved a couple of hours per room. I painted my master bedroom a nice cobalt blue with light blue trim. What will be my office I painted a deep maroon. I painted my guest room a nice sunset orange with royal purple trimming. The bathroom we painted titanium. While the rooms were drying Doggin and I went off to get more stuff like fiber optic cables and solar panels they were going to be installed by professionals. While taking a break my old neighbor came out he was putting up a for sale sign, “Steve what going on?” I asked “The Miss’s want to move and I agreed to it,” He told me “Really?” I began pondering “Mike I know you are not thinking?” Doggin asked “Thank God for weekends,” I smiled I called the bank to see if I could afford the house after a few exchanges I had the house put in my name and had to call for contractor so they could remake the interior of both homes. Doggin left that night and I spent the night in my living room on an air mattress thankfully it was a summer so the windows were opened The next morning the contractors were early which was nice we went over what it was I wanted out of both houses the two combined would make an impressive interior. There were a several pairs of contractors some had began by knocking down the wall that separated the two homes, while others took out the stairs and another took care of the fireplace. Outside I had guys installing the solar panels to the roof while another group was installing the fiber optic cable lines all through out the new home. I had new painters come in and we picked out new paint schemes for the new living room and new dining room. That was day 1 of the project I was still sleeping on my air mattress when they left. The Next day I went to the Willow Grove Air Base showed them my ID and was let in. I stepped in side the hangar bay where I met First Class Petty Officer Jack Doggin I reported “Petty Officer Mike Pennock Reporting for duty.” “Welcome on board P.O. Pennock.” P.O.1 Doggin smiled “So how is the house shaping up?” Doggin asked “The contractors will be working on the kitchen, dining room and living room this morning and then second floor by noon,” I told him “So you’ll be sleeping on the air mattress a little longer,” Doggin smirked “Just a wee bit longer,” I replied while holding up my hand bringing my index finger and thumb closer together. “Ok how about I show you around the Hangar.” Doggin said “Cool so do we have anything in today for me to work on?” I asked “That eager huh? I think we have a jet in today. So what is your specialty?” Jack asked “Avionics,” I told him “Oh we haven’t seen görükle escort a new AT on this base in a while. Welcome aboard” Doggin said again “I am happy to be here.” I said In the main bay there was an F-14 Tomcat and an F-18 Hornet. “So which jet is your specialty?” Doggin asked, “I wish I could say Tomcat,” I replied looking over at the majestic titan “But no I worked on the Hornet.” My gaze turned on the smaller yet equally imposing jet to my left. “Well let me introduce you to your team.” Doggin told me We walked over to the graceful warplane it was still hard to believe that these two girls were meant to kill but that was their role and they knew it. As we made our way I ran my hand along the vertical stabilator I could feel its smooth texture a brief reminder of life in the service when I would work next to these jets. I traced the aft fuselage which housed the powerful engines running my hands along the trailing edge flap I could tell the different with my eyes closed. I could feel the fasteners that held the much of the plane together. Putting my hand along the fuselage feeling the cool to the touch of her carbon fiber skin. “Would you like to be alone?” Jack asked when he came up to my side. “Nah I like her but she isn’t my plane,” I replied. We were interrupted by the very load and southern accent coming from the cockpit, “Hey can someone come get this HUD?” I ran over and said, “I got it.” “Are you sure? Have you ever worked on a HUD before?” He asked, “I’ve lost count on how many HUD’s I have replaced and installed.” I laughed, “OK here it comes.” He informed me handing it to me backwards “You know that there are handles on these things for a reason.” I told him “There are handles why I didn’t know that.” He said sarcastically “Why don’t you pull it back up and hand it back to me the right way before you drop it.” I responded with my own sarcasm “Yes Sir.” He said sarcastically “I am not a sir but thanks for the promotion.” I came back He pulled the HUD back, and then handed it back to me the right way that time I grabbed it “Ok I got it you can let go now.” I told him “Ah Pennock you met the Jackass of this Hangar Petty Officer third Class James Hill.” P.O.1 Doggin introduced Hill climbed down of the Jet as P.O.1 Doggin introduced us. “Nice to meet you Hill.” I said, “I’d shake your hand but my hands are full.” “Nice to meet you too Pennock.” Hill smiled I put the HUD down, and we shook hands “so what is wrong with the monster.” I point to the HUD. “Start up trouble.” Hill informed me I looked at the HUD, and noted the part number then asked “What lot is this Jet?” But just by looking at her fuselage I already knew the answer. “Lot 12 why?” James asked “Well this is the wrong HUD for this Jet.” I stated “And how can you tell?” Doggin asked with surprise “Well I’ve worked on Lot 12 Hornets first of all so I know what look for when it comes to the Avionic part.” I said They were shocked I continued by holding up the HUD and pointed to the Plate and said “And the Part Number on this HUD is wrong I bet if you take off the Up Front Control you will find that connectors are wrong too.” Hill looked at me crookedly “Well I could have figured that out.” “How many times did you run it up?” I asked “Twice” he replied shyly We worked the Jet’s HUD problem the whole day. After we got sent home. I was asked to be there tomorrow to help with the Hornet, and told them I would be there bright and early. I had to stay at a motel for the rest of the week while they continued the work on my home. After getting dressed for the night I went to sleep. The next morning I got up took a quick shower then headed out to the base showing the guy at the front gate my ID and went to the Hangar. When I got there I bursa escort bayan changed into Coveralls, and went out to the aircraft there I met Hill who was just getting in the cockpit “So” I started, “What other gripes are on this old girl?” inquired “Well the Pilot said he couldn’t get his RADAR to work so that is what I am about to fix.” Hill told me “Do you want me to open the RADAR package?” I asked “Go ahead I will hold off on power until you open it.” He told me I opened the Radome and pulled out the RADAR package “Ok the RADAR is out you can run her up.” “You got it.” I heard the jet powered up without any problems, however the moment he turned on the RADAR sparks shot out, and blue smoke began billowing out “SHUT IT DOWN!” I yelled running to get the CO2 bottle and began to spray down the RADAR. “Why what is wrong?” He asked while he shut down power when he came down smoke and extinguisher was still coming out of the Jet “Well ask a stupid Question Get a stupid answer.” He Laughed Waving my hand to clear the smoke I saw the Maintenance Chief come running out, and asked “What the Hell was that? I saw the whole thing from Maintenance Control” He said, “I have no Idea Chief.” Hill supplied “Well we have to let it cool down before we work on it again.” I said “Well Duh I could have told you that one Pennock.” Hill said sarcastically “Shut up you redneck,” I laughed After the RADAR had a chance to cool down we were able to pinpoint the problem to a couple of wave guides that had ruptured and had let moisture which was in turn burning up the RADAR transmitter. After we had put in for new parts we went home for the night and I wanted to see how my home was shaping up. When I got there I noticed that they replaced the door with a solid oak door with a diamond shape window and replaced all of the windows with bullet proof glass. I knew it was going to take me a few years to pay off this project but I also knew it would be well worth it in the end. Opening the door I found that they had finished with the first floor. The living room was now a nice fire red with gold trimming the rug they put in was red with gold leaf patterns. I came up to the fire place they had combined the two into one single elegant hearth with slate slabs for the base and granite frame. The mantle was looked like it was made of maple with a coating that brought out the woods natural beauty. The living room was now divided into two section one looking like it was going to be the main sitting area with a my new entertainment center built right into the wall. I still had no furniture since the new couch and stuff had to be put on hold until they were finished with reconstruction. I looked to the stairs and they too looked just about done I had given them a load of my great uncle’s railing post and they integrated them into the new design the railing itself was made of solid chestnut as were each of the steps. I got to the top of the floor and saw that they had changed the landing leaving a large square for an opening in the center. Going straight ahead they had totally redone my bathroom I had a new graphite color vanity and matching graphite color sink in fact everything was the same graphite color but the shower curtain it was the same titanium color at the bathroom walls. After coming out of the bathroom I went to the room on the right it was still spacious but the walls were painted a rich cobalt blue with silver rug. The next room was probably going to be my office was now had copper for wall with copper green rugs. The master room was now a maroon with burgundy rugs. I checked out the last rooms but they weren’t done yet so I left for my hotel room. Please tell me what you think hoo I also recommend the following stories it was because of them I got into writing in the first place. “Tales of a Real Dark Knight” by authorjames “Marvel Knights” also by authorjames “Tales of the New Phoenix” by Blake “Tales of a Superhero Band” by Leo “Tales of a Young Mutant” by Jeremi “Tales of a Thunder God” by Tony Justiss

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