Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 06Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 06


Chapter 6 An Amorous Foursome

Beverley and Graham’s holiday had been a very low key affair. The weather was poor and the hotel indifferent which all contributed to a rather lackluster weekend. Even the normal rise in holiday sex had not occurred. They returned home feeling rather deflated and Graham had still not had an opportunity to tell Beverley about his fling with Linda.

Shortly after their return Beverley was surprised to receive a call from Sylvia inviting them both to an intimate dinner party. Sylvia explained that she was looking forward to getting acquainted with Graham while Gerald was eager to renew his relationship with Beverley. Sylvia didn’t actually spell it out but her intention was clear; they were being invited to a partner swapping party.

That evening over dinner Beverley told Graham about the invitation. He listened in silence.

‘So Gerald wants to fuck you again,’ Graham said finally with a smile. ‘At least I’ll be able to watch this time.’

‘Don’t tell me you’r not attracted to Sylvia,’ Beverley replied.

In truth, Graham only had a very hazy recollection of Sylvia at the barbecue because he had been heavily involved with her sister Dorothy; something else Beverley was quite unaware of.

‘Will Linda be there?’ Graham asked to deflect his wife’s question.

‘No she won’t,’ Beverley said firmly, ‘this is a party for consenting adults, not teenagers. Shall we go?’

Graham found the prospect of making love to Sylvia intriguing; he had already fucked her sister and her daughter so this would complete the family set.

‘Let’s sleep on it,’ he said judiciously, but right now I like you to do something for me.’

‘No Graham,’ Beverley said firmly, ‘I am not going to suck your cock you know I don’t like it.’

‘Actually, I had something else in mind,’ Graham said. ‘How do you fancy having my cock up your arse?’

Beverley stared at her husband in some surprise and wondered why after so many years of marriage he had never asked her before. Some of her friends had told her about such activity and clearly found it enjoyable.

‘All right, Ill give it a try, do you want to do it now?’

‘Of course, let’s go upstairs.’

Once in the bedroom the couple quickly undressed. Beverley watched as Graham lubricated his cock with Vaseline.

‘Right, madam, if you’d just bend over and put your hands on the dressing table we can begin.’

Beverley watched in the dressing table mirror as Graham came up close behind her and eased his cock slowly into Beverley’s arse. She sighed gently as moved deeply into her anus. Graham reached forward and squeezed her breasts.

‘How does that feel?’ he murmured.

‘Yes, I like it. What made you decide to try this?’ Beverley gasped.

Graham began to gently thrust in and out.

‘To tell you the truth,’ Graham murmured I had my cock up Linda’s bum last week and we enjoyed so much I thought you might like it too.’

Beverley tried to stand up but Graham held her down.

‘Graham, you bastard, have you been fucking Linda?’

Graham reached down and began to probe Beverley’s cunt with his fingers. Despite her anger she was overwhelmed by a feeling of strong sexual arousal.

‘Yes, I’ve been fucking Linda; I spent a very enjoyable day in bed with her.’

Both of them were now totally absorbed in the urgent sexual frenzy of their coupling as Graham began spurting his semen deep into his wife’s anus. After a brief pause Graham withdrew and helped Beverley to stand up. There was a moment of silence.

‘We’ve become quite a promiscuous pair haven’t we?’ Beverley said finally.

The two of them lay down together on the bed and clung tightly to each other. Soon Graham’s cock was hard again and Beverley didn’t resist when he entered her still juicy cunt and began to gently fuck her.

‘I’m going to enjoy watching Gerald fucking you,’ he murmured.

**** On the day of Sylvia and Gerald’s intimate dinner party Beverley telephoned to check what time they were expected. Sylvia bursa escort suggested about 7.30 for drinks before dinner at eight and added that they should bring overnight bags and clothes for the following morning. Clearly this was not the first time that Sylvia and Gerald had hosted such a party.

Graham watched with fascination as a naked Beverley prepared herself for the evening to maximum seductive effect. First she drew on black fishnet stockings and secured them with a six strap suspender belt; then followed black silk French knickers. Her long black semi-transparent dress was slashed to the thighs on both sides. She had decided not to wear a bra so her naked breasts were clearly visible through the diaphanous material. Her ensemble was completed with four inch heels; a long gold chain round her neck and a gold bangle on her wrist.

Graham exclaimed with delight. ‘God Beverley you look gorgeous, I need to fuck you right now!’ Beverley glanced at the clock on the dressing table.

‘We’re running rather late you’ll have to be quick. Alright then, take my knickers off.’

Beverley unceremoniously pulled up her dress and watched Graham pull her knickers down so that she could step out of them. She bent forward over the dressing table and parted her legs. Graham unzipped his trousers and pulled out his erect prick and, after checking that Beverley was receptive, thrust his cock into her cunt.

‘Make it quick please Graham,’ she urged again, ‘and don’t spoil my makeup.’

Graham duly obliged coming to a climax in less than a minute.

‘You should have saved that for Sylvia,’ Beverley said as she tidied herself up and sponged away Graham’s semen oozing from her vaginal orifice. Don’t forget to bring some Viagra; you don’t want to disappoint her,’ she said, as she pulled on her knickers again.

‘I think the aphrodisiac of novelty will see me through,’ Graham replied. ‘If I still want to fuck you three times a week after twenty years of marriage I’m sure my lust for Sylvia will cause me to rise to the occasion.’

Gerald and Sylvia lived in a large house adjacent to Gerald’s studio. When they arrived they were ushered in to a large living room and offered drinks. The room was comfortably furnished with several large sofas and, rather unusually, a divan bed. There was a small circular dining table at the far end of the room on which a cold supper had been laid out.

For the first time Graham looked closely at his companion of the evening, Sylvia, and was immediately struck by her resemblance to her daughter, Linda. He guessed she was slightly younger than Beverley and possibly rather less curvaceous with smaller breasts but he would reserve judgment on that until he had seen her naked. She had abundant dark black hair and crimson lips and elegant shapely legs encased in black stockings. She was dressed in a scarlet calf length dress with boot lace shoulder straps and a plunging neckline revealing an enticing décolletage.

Gerald brought Beverley a glass of wine and sat down close to her on the couch.

‘Glad to see you’ve got your gorgeous tits on display,’ he said quietly. He was notably less exuberant than at their last meeting which Beverley put down to the presence of Sylvia.

On an adjacent couch Graham talked quietly to Sylvia.

‘What a beautiful dress but I hope those aren’t tights you’re wearing,’ he began.

‘No they’re hold-ups,’ she replied and pulled her dress up to show him. He caught a flash of scarlet underwear.

‘Shall we eat now,’ she suggested and got to her feet to lead them to the table.

Gerald followed with Beverley, his hand gently squeezing her bum. ‘I’m going to fuck your brains out tonight,’ he murmured in her ear.


The meal and accompanying drinks caused the mood to become more relaxed. Gerald reached round under Beverley’s arm slid his hand inside her dress and squeezed her breasts. Graham had a hand up Sylvia’s dress and was gently tweaking her cunt.

‘Shall we leave the table,’ Sylvia suggested and bursa escort bayan lead them back to the main room. ‘Would someone unzip my dress so I can take it off?’

In a few moments both girls were down to their underwear. Taking his cue from Gerald, Graham began to undress and was soon down to his jockey shorts, Gerald, however, was completely naked and displaying his large rampant prick. Without ceremony he bundled Beverley down onto the couch and relieved her of her knickers. After Gerald’s previous outrageous treatment of Beverley during the photo shoot, Graham was rather disappointed that he was apparently going to fuck her in the missionary position.

Standing close behind Sylvia, Graham unclipped her bra before bending down to remove her knickers. They both watched in silence as Beverley and Gerald writhed noisily and pleasurably on the couch.

‘How would you like me to fuck you?’ Graham whispered in Sylvia’s ear as he gently squeezed her breasts..

‘My sister tells me you’re very good coming in from behind,’ Sylvia replied.

‘Yes, but do you want me up your bum or up your cunt?’ Graham replied while fingering Sylvia’s cunt.

‘I’ll leave it to you; surprise me,’ she replied.

Graham removed his jockey shorts then rummaged around in his overnight bag to find a lubricant. Sylvia watched him applying Vaseline to his cock.

‘Somehow I think the element of surprise has gone.’ She said with a smile.

Graham bent her over the back of the sofa on which Beverley and Gerald were copulating before easing his cock up her arse. He wondered whether he should tell her he’d had his cock up her daughter’s bum the previous week but decided against it. There is such a thing as providing too much information. He began to feel Sylvia’s cunt, looking for her ‘G’ spot; while down below them on the couch Beverley was being fucked to a climax by Gerald.

As Graham pumped his cock in and out of Sylvia’s arse he was dimly aware that Gerald was helping Beverley up from the couch. He made a mental note to watch more carefully next time when Gerald fucked Beverley again. He wanted to look into her eyes as she reached climax and perhaps hold her hand. He felt Sylvia’s spasms coming to a climax as he shot his load up her bum.

Gerald stood with arm round Beverley’s waist and watched as Sylvia and Graham disentangled themselves.

‘Would you like to watch some porn?’ Sylvia asked of no one in particular. She selected a DVD from a pile on the table and switched on the player. ‘Let’s lie on the divan and watch,’ she said to Graham.

They were joined in the divan by Beverley and Gerald. The two women lay in the middle flanked by Gerald and Graham. As they watched the explicit scenes of fornication both men soon became sexually aroused once more.

‘Do you want to sit on my cock?’ Gerald prompted Beverley. Instead she sat astride his stomach with her back to him so that she could continue to watch the pornographic display on the large screen mounted on the wall. Gerald large prick stuck up rampantly between her legs. Beverley lubricated her palm with the semen oozing from Gerald’s tip and began to stroke his cock. Sometimes when she watched pornography with her husband she contrived to make him reached climax in unison with the onscreen activity. She decided to do the same for Gerald who finally spurted out fiercely in a parabolic arc of paroxysms that landed on the floor about five feet away.

‘Have you and Beverley ever thought of making a porn film yourselves?’ Sylvia asked Graham as they watched Gerald’s orgasmic exhibition.

‘Not really,’ Graham replied, ‘but I would certainly like a record of myself fucking Beverley.’

‘Well at least you’ll have a record of me fucking your wife and you fucking Sylvia,’ Gerald interrupted. ‘I’ve got cameras recording our activities in here and in the bedrooms.’

Graham glanced round and noticed several cameras strategically placed around the room.

‘I rather wish you hadn’t told us that,’ Beverley said, ‘I’ll feel escort bursa I’ve got to act and I’d rather be spontaneous.’

Gerald reached forward and began to play with Beverley’s tits. ‘Don’t worry darling, I’ll edit out all the bad bits before I send you a copy.’

‘Would you like me to suck your cock?’ Sylvia asked Graham.

‘Oh yes,’ he replied, ‘but I’d better wash it first; after all it’s been up your bum.’

‘Come on then, I’ll show you where the bathroom is,’ Sylvia replied.

Left temporarily on their own, Gerald continued to play with Beverley’s breasts.

‘Your tits really are perfection,’ Gerald said appreciatively, ‘you really ought to make a porn film.’

‘Actually I once auditioned for one but I’m a bit too old really.’

Gerald shifted Beverley off his stomach so that she was lying on the bed again. He opened her legs before sliding down the bed and burying his face in her cunt. He began to caress her with his tongue and to search for her ‘G’ spot with his fingers. Beverley abandoned herself to the exquisite pleasure of Gerald’s expert oral technique.

When Sylvia and Graham returned Beverley was writhing and moaning with orgasmic pleasure. Graham crouched down beside her and began to feel her tits. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

‘How do you like being married to a disgusting dirty slut like me,’ she gasped.

Graham knelt on the bed beside her and began to play with his cock; all thoughts of Sylvia temporarily banished from his mind by his wife’s exuberant display of sexual abandon. As she came to a screaming climax Graham ejaculated all over her face.

‘Sorry Sylvia, I’m afraid I got a bit carried away just now,’ Graham said apologetically.

‘Never mind,’ Gerald said, ‘she can suck my cock instead.’

‘Would you like to show Beverley where the bathroom is,’ Sylvia suggested,’ so that she can wash your semen off her face.’

‘Well at least you avoided having Gerald’s cock in your mouth,’ Graham joked as he led her to the bathroom.

‘Really Graham, there’s no way I’m having it in my mouth; it’s enormous.’

When they returned Sylvia was kneeling on the ground in front of Gerald with his cock half way down her throat. Beverley watched in amazement as Sylvia effortlessly sucked Gerald to a climax and swallowed his ejaculation before downing half a glass of wine.

‘Shall we have some coffee?’ Sylvia suggested casually.

The promiscuous foursome sat around in an easy relaxed atmosphere brought on by their temporary sexual satiation. Finally Gerald stood up.

‘Well, Graham, I suggest you take Sylvia off to bed because I certainly intend to spend the night with your lovely wife and fuck her brains out.’


There I think I will draw a veil over the activities of the adulterous couples and leave it to you the readers to speculate on the delights of spending a night in bed with a casual acquaintance; to imagine the pleasures of exploring previously unknown bodies; intervals of frenzied sexual delight interspersed with restless sleep followed by further bouts of unrestrained lust. Inevitably the following morning dawned with some feelings of regret and shame at the excesses of the night.


Beverley woke late the following morning to find Gerald standing beside the bed with a cup of tea.

‘How’s my suburban sex Goddess this morning?’ he asked with a smile. He was clearly still full of energy with his prick about half erect. Beverley for her part was exhausted. She had lost count of the number of times he had fucked her and her arse was still sore from his exploration of her anus with his cock. Not to put too fine a point on it she was shagged out.

Downstairs in the breakfast room much later, Sylvia and Graham seemed less frazzled probably as a result of them being more abstemious than Gerald and Beverley had been. In the cold light of day their excesses of the night before seemed rather disreputable and tawdry.

After a light breakfast Beverley and Graham took their leave and headed home. In retrospect it had been an interesting and enjoyable experience but not something to be repeated too often. Next week they would be heading off to Spain for a holiday in the sun. A time to rest, relax and recover.

To be continued…

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