Tale of LoversTale of Lovers


The room was gently lit with candles. Shadows lay over her body, the light highlighted the gentle rise of her breasts. Bubbles tickled her ears as she leaned back into the water letting it soak into her hair. Her knees slowly came up from the water and bubbles slid down them, she gasped as she spread her knees apart and water rushed into her. The warmth making her tingly all over.

Slowly she slid her hand down between her legs, spreading herself just a little wider letting the water fill every crevice. She gasped again, the sound far away in her ears from the water. She began to slowly touch herself, feeling her need within her growing. She pushed her finger into her, wishing she could have him in her instead. She flicked her clit gently, knowing that is what he would do. Her hips pushing her pelvis toward her hand. She slowly slid her finger in again, just a little ways. She wanted to enjoy every second of it.

Her other hand reached up and massaged her breast, the movement pushing the water against her cheek like a gentle caress. She pressed the palm of her hand against her and gasped hungrily. Her breath quickened and the water moved brushing the bubbles against her breasts tickling, teasing them. Between her thighs the bubbles moved, caressing her legs as she rubbed a little faster. Slowly she inserted two fingers in her, pressing her hips up to met them, and give them deeper access. Her head leaned back into the water, her lips gently opening in pleasure. She slowly pulled her fingers back out and pressed them back in again.

Arching her back she gently pinched her nipple. Her fingers rubbing her clit softly, slowly moving along her lips, up and down, carefully teasing herself with the tips of her fingers. She didn’t want to cum yet, she was waiting, She knew when he came, her hunger would be strong and her excitement uncontainable. Her fingers hungrily played with her clit, making it hard and sensitive. Her nipples were so hard they began to hurt. The bubbles gently moving along her neck, teasing her, her thighs, her breasts, it was becoming very difficult to control her need.

She felt the warmth in the pit of her stomach filling her, stretching through her breasts, into her neck, it was almost all encompassing. She could think of nothing but feeling him inside her, filling her, deeper and deeper. His hot breath on her neck, his hands massaging her breasts. She squeezed her breast, and tried to slow down, but the hunger was all through her the warmth a tingling in her neck and head. The water in her ears moving in time with her hands, and she felt it becoming too much.

Suddenly there was another hand, it reached down into the warm water by her hand, pressing her hand hard against her clit. Another hand reached in behind her head keeping her face out of the water as she cried out. His fingers penetrating her, sending her over the edge. Suddenly there was no other thought in her, she came hard, releasing all the tension she had built up. Her body trembled, and shivered.

He slowly pulled her from the water, kissing her deeply. He lifted her from the tub, and continued to kiss her hungry lips as he lead her slowly into the living room. She nibbled on his neck, gently biting him with eagerness, her hand sliding down his chest. She undid his pants and slid her hand in. His hardness so warm, she couldn’t wait anymore.

She slid down and knelt before him, pulling his pants down off him as she went. She took him hungrily in her mouth, kissing him gently at first, then sliding her tongue down the shaft, her hand cupping his balls as she approached them. She gasped with pleasure as he got harder in her mouth. She sucked on it as she pulled back up and he moaned and brought his hands to her hair. He pressed her gently back down on him. Her breathing growing harder and her breasts bouncing as she went down on him over and over again.

She felt herself reaching the edge again and suddenly he pulled her off of him. Her mouth coming away just as he came, her hand on the shaft letting him cum on her face and her breasts. He moaned happily and pushed her back against the plush rug. Their lips meeting in a deep kiss. His hand touched her face and she gasped pressing her hips against him. His hand slid down her neck gently over her breast and she trembled beneath him. Slowly he lingered there, his hand cupping her breast, massaging it, teasing the nipple slowly sliding his finger across it. He held her tongue with his teeth, and then let it go and thrust his own tongue deep in her mouth as he pinched her nipple.

Her hips slammed hard against him and he felt her shudder beneath him. His hand ran down her stomach and her back arched against him, raising her breasts to his face. He grasped a nipple between his teeth as his hand found the warmth between her legs. Her fingernails pressed into his arm, only the thin material etiler escort of his shirt protecting his skin. Her other hand grasped his shirt and her eagerness made the buttons pop off as she pulled his shirt lose from his chest. He slid his fingers along her wetness, teasing her clit, gently passing over it and back down her lips, circling her but not entering her. He loved what she became, when the passion took her.

He pulled up and watched her face as his fingers probed but never satiated her need. Her bedroom eyes, they nearly pleaded for release. He smiled at her, his eyes full of love. He brought his lips to hers and she arched her back again in hunger. She grasped his hand in hers, pressing him into her. She pressed herself against his hand, sliding up and down his palm. Just as he felt her reaching fulfillment he pulled away. She squeaked as she cried out in dismay.

He sat up and away from her slowly, she quickly followed. She grasped his shirt pulling it off his back. She pressed her lips against his sucking on his tongue. Taking her hips in his hands he pulled her on top of him. She felt his hardness against her and she gasped with pleasure. Her eagerness overcoming but she knew he wanted to play, to go slow this time. She rubbed against him, never putting it in. He moaned, his grasp on her hips tightening as he began to suck on her neck. She arched her back against him and his lips found the nape of her neck. She cried out in pleasure and even though his hands pulled on her hips she continued to tease him with her warmth and wetness. She was so wet that she slid along his shaft easily, she gently moved her hips, pressing him against her clit, and she pulled back down over it again until she felt his balls against her bottom.

She quickened the pace and his one hand slid up and grasped the back of her hair. He pulled her to him, he kissed her deeply, then he reached down grabbing her under her bottom. He pulled her up spreading her wide. She cried out as she felt the tip touch her, poised and ready. “Give it to me. Now.” he ordered. She trembled as she pressed down on him hard. He moaned, leaning into her pressing his hips into her so it pressed even deeper.

He filled her, his hardness tight in her, throbbing. She came hard as he squeezed her bottom and filled her deep. Her fingernails running down his arms. She cried out as she felt the release and he moaned loudly into her neck. He pulled her in close holding her tight onto him as she trembled. “My love.” he whispered in her ear gently kissing her. She moaned into his shoulder. “I love you,” she whispered. They rocked together gently a few minutes longer. Her muscles still lightly contracting over him as he throbbed in her. Wrapped tightly into each others arms.

He slowly lifted her up, and she shuddered again against him. He kissed her hard, lifting her to her feet. He slowly pulled her back into the bathroom. The water had drained and he pulled her into the shower with him. Her eyes were glossy with passion, but still they sparkled with love. He turned the water on, just warm enough to not be cold. He backed her into the spray and she leaned her head back into it, pushing her breasts out. He grasped them gently in his hands, bringing a gasp from her lips.

She put her hands up to her hair, helping the water run through it. He pulled the shampoo down and gently poured some into her hair and she washed her hair as he took the soap and gently, meticulously, began to soap her whole body down. Carefully getting into every nook and crevice, bringing gasp after gasp from her as she pretended to focus on her hair. He pulled the sprayer from the hook and sprayed her down, teasing her nipples with the water, running the sprayer down her stomach he put his hand against the small of her back and pushed the sprayer between her legs and she gasped loudly and almost pulled away. He held her tight and she shuddered, wrapping her arms around his neck and she came loudly in his ear.

He kissed her, then gently finished rinsing her off. Her body hardly gave him enough room to do it properly and he grabbed the soap and pressed it into her hand. As he finished her hair, she rubbed soap suds into his chest, along his neck and slowly down his stomach, before she could reach what she wanted he grabbed her hands and turned so that she could wash his back. She scrubbed it slowly, running her fingernails along his back, down over his legs and back up slowly. He let the shower wash over his face and he slowly washed his hair. Nearly imitating the pretense of busy that she had showed.

She could take it no more and her third trip up his legs she reached between them, she slid her soapy hands along the inside of his legs and under his balls, she giggled as he trembled beneath her fingers. She massaged him, washing halkalı escort him thoroughly. He didn’t turn around and she pressed against him to get a better reach. He slowly grew hard in her hands. Then he took her hands in his and pulled her in front of him. She kissed him, and reached up to the sprayer. Slowly she rinsed him off, not touching at all.

He watched her as she licked her lips, he saw she needed it again already. As she finished with the sprayer he took her chin in his hand and kissed her. “You are insatiable, my love,” he laughed and turned off the water. “Please,”she whispered, “I want you again.” She gasped as she said it. He took her hands and they stepped out of the shower. She took a towel from the rack and slowly began to towel him dry. Enjoying touching him all over. Her lips met his and they kissed. Slowly she kissed down his neck, nibbling gently. Her lips ran along his chest, her tongue making circles as she slowly pressed down. He took her chin into his hand again and pulled her back up to his lips.

He kissed her and took the towel and slowly toweled her off as she shivered with anticipation. As he got down to her warmth he gently spread her legs apart and slowly toweled her off. The roughness of the towel made her pull back a little, but he slid a hand behind her bottom and pulled her against it. Then he continued down her legs, each one slowly, and carefully. He dropped the towel to the floor and pulled her against him roughly and kissed her deeply, their tongues intertwining, their breath coming heavy as the passion built again. He picked her up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

Laying her down gently on the bed, he climbed in beside her and ran his fingers gently down her stomach. He kissed her lips and whispered, “Roll over onto your stomach, love” She pouted for a moment and kissed him, then complied. She laid her head onto her arms and watched him walk over to the dresser. His lean, muscular body making her body temperature go up again. He took something off the dresser and came back to the bed. She smiled at him as he came over and kissed her. He climbed on the bed and gently straddled her back. She squealed with surprise.

He began rubbing her shoulders, his hand satiny with the hand lotion he had taken from the dresser. She sighed deeply with dreamy enrapture. His hands worked gently on the back of her neck, carefully pulling her hair to the side exposing her whole neck for him to work with. The tender touch of his fingers massaging imaginary kinks, and teasing known pleasure spots. Slowly he worked his way over her shoulder blades, and down her spine. She giggled lightly as his fingers tickled over her sides. His hands working methodically and soothingly over her entire back. Slowly he lifted himself off her back, moving to her side.

She watched his face as he lovingly massaged little circles on her lower back. His fingers sliding over her bottom, bringing a gasp from her lips. He caressed her bottom, rubbing the lotion into her skin, she buried her face into her arms again and bit her lip. Slowly his hands slid over her thighs, working gently over them. The lotion warm on his hands, he worked down over her legs. Tiny gasps of pleasure escaping her lips. His fingers spending extra time on the knees and ankles and she was slowly losing her ability to remain still. He finally came to her feet. Her body trembling lightly beneath his touch, he kneaded her foot gently. As he finished one and started the other she rolled over, and sat up.

She reached for him and he pulled her firmly into his arms, kissing her deeply. He gently laid her back down on the bed, she moaned with pleasure as he began to repeat the treatment on her front. His hands massaging lotion into the front of her shoulders and down her arms. He softly rubbed her ribs, his hands moving gently over her breasts. Her backed arched, her nipples hard and another cry of pleasure escaped her lips. His hands carefully worked over her stomach, pressing down on her so that her back was against the bed again. He paid special attention to her belly button, causing her to quiver from head to toe, her hands reaching for his. With a smile he gently set her hands back at her side and began to massage her hips, his fingers slowly working down to her pelvis. Her legs parted of their own free will, and he sucked in a deep breath at the sight he was given.

He lightened his touch caressing over her mound, her hips pressing up against him. He slid his fingers over to massage the inside of her thighs. Bringing his knees between her legs he spread her wider, his fingers working slowly just at the edge of her warmth. Her lips spread slightly of their own mind, her pink skin bringing a moan from his lips as he did his best to focus on massaging her legs. Her hands grasped innovia escort his and pulled them to her, she spread her legs wider and he could see the pinkness of her inner lips, the swollen hunger of her clit. She pushed herself up to met his fingers as they touched the silky wet warmth between her legs.

Licking his lips hungrily, he leaned down, pressing his lips to her clit to gently kiss it. She cried out with need, and wrapped her fingers into his hair. Her divine smell captivated him and he immersed himself in bringing screams of ecstacy from her. She cried out, pulling him into her as his tongue penetrated her. Her legs trembled beneath him, he worked his tongue over her lips, and back over her clit. Barely keeping her grasp from restraining his movements, and thrust his tongue back into her. She screamed again, her legs writhing beneath him as she came hard on his face. He sucked on her softly as the waves overcame her, letting them wash over her, taking her over the top. Her fingers locked tightly in his hair, her eyes glazed with ecstacy.

As she slowly came down he began again, she tried to pull away, but he held her thighs tight. She shook beneath him, succumbing again to the waves of passion. Her fingers tugged hard on his hair and her legs wrapped tightly around him. He slowly brought his fingers to her, pressing them deep into her. Ecstacy overwhelmed her, her back arched as her hips heaved against him. His mouth pressed hard against her clit. With a scream she gushed on his hand, her muscles convulsing over him. He held on gently to her, her legs quivered over his shoulders, the cry of her orgasm bringing his need to the peak. He planted kisses on her inner thigh, softly touching her as she settled back to the bed.

As she let him lose, her body collapsing back against the bed, he climbed up beside her. Gently he traced circles over her stomach, little tremors following his fingers path. He pressed his body against hers and she felt his hardness against her thigh. She gasped again. Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him, her tongue provoking his into dance. She rolled towards him so that she could feel him against her lower stomach. Her need rising again at the feel of him jump against her. They kissed for awhile, her fingers softly curled into the hair on the back of his neck, her hips pressing her against him, feeling him grow even more with every thrust. Slowly she pushed him onto his back.

Straddling him she pressed her wetness firmly over him. He moaned, his eyes closed a little as his enjoyed her warmth. She grabbed the lotion he had abandoned, and rubbed it into her hands to make it warm. Slowly she ran her fingers over his shoulders, massaging the lotion into his skin. Her fingers moved lightly over his chest as her hips rocked, causing him to buck again beneath her. She smiled at him and pressed down harder on him. Her hands moved to his abdomen and pressed the palm of her hands into his sides, rubbing his strong muscles.

Her hips moved little circles over him, rubbing her wet inner lips along his hardness. His moan of pleasure brought her eagerness back and she pressed down harder on him. Her fingers moved up over his nipples rubbing gently around them. He pulled her to him their lips meeting, touching, he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. His hands slid into the back of her hair, holding her close to him. His other hand reached down to her breast and slowly tweaked her nipple. A gasp broke from her lips and sucked in it as he pressed his hips up against her.

Their gentle movements, hips pressed against hips, his hardness jumping against her clit. They kissed, her arms wrapped around his neck and his hands slid down to her hips and slowly lifted her high enough off of him to press into her tight warmth. As the tip popped in, her back arched and trembled over him with pleasure. He slowly pressed her down, pushing himself deep into her. Her lips came back to his and slowly they rocked gently moving against each other. Her muscles tightened over him, rhythmically, as he began to arch against. His fingers kneading her hips as they held the rocking motion. His became even harder in her, filling her deeply and pushing gently into her over and over again.

They held tight to each other. Their tongues entwined and their hips gently moving slowly against each other. Suddenly he thrust hard, his hand reached up behind her neck and held her lips pressed tightly to his, his tongue thrusting hard into her mouth. She screamed in his mouth as he came in her. Hot streams of liquid filling her deep inside. Her body trembled over him, her hips pressed hard into his. He bucked under her, his manhood jumping in her as her muscles convulsed over him. They shuddered together as she collapsed on him. Laying her whole body across his. He continued to kiss her, sucking her trembling screams of ecstacy into his mouth.

Slowly their trembling ceased, she laid her head on his shoulder, still holding tightly to him. He buried his face in her hair drinking in her smell. Soon she was asleep in his arms and he smiled happily at her. He closed his eyes savoring the moment, then they were both asleep, still in the grasp of love and pleasure.

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