Taking Flight With KellyTaking Flight With Kelly

Ass Eating

It was April of 1993. One of the nice things that my boss would do for me was to invite my wife along to our annual convention and trade show, on the company’s dime. For the most part, they were boring events, but it was fun having Kelly along to keep me company. The convention was in San Diego. We had time to do a bunch of tourist stuff, USS Midway, the zoo, etc.Although Kelly was always dressed to catch the eye, and we fucked like bunnies every night, nothing special or unusual came our way. I could sense she was a tad disappointed as we boarded our flight to Chicago.At six-four, I always requested an aisle seat. At five-two, it seemed that Kelly was always squished in the center seat, between me and, usually, another large man. I could see it in her eyes that the window seat passenger had arrived.I turned my head and looked up and realized that it was Ben, a sometime customer of our company. Kelly and I stood up to give him room to get in and settle. It was hard for him to squeeze past her without rubbing across her 34F tits.I’m not much of a plane-talker. Kelly, however, could carry on a fascinating conversation with a doorknob. After Ben and I had our brief “great to see you; yes, weather was amazing; good meeting” bullshit, I got back into etimesgut escort the book I’d brought along.I could tell that Ben and Kelly were becoming fast friends, chatting away at a zillion miles an hour. As it was an evening flight, soon the cabin lights were turned off. I turned on my reading light to continue reading.Kelly was wearing a somewhat lowcut dress with a short, but not shockingly so, hemline. At some point, she usually gets cold on airplanes and she asked me to grab her a blanket from the overhead bin, which I did. When I stood up to get it I noticed Kelly’s hand was on Ben’s thigh and it was about a hand-width closer to his cock than his knee. I also noticed him touching Kelly’s thigh as they laughed about something.Kelly covered her lap with the blanket and discreetly slipped some of it over Ben’s lap. I honestly was exhausted. I closed up my book and shut off the reading light. The next closest reading light was about three rows up. I didn’t notice it at first, but once I tuned in, I realized that Kelly and Ben had gone silent.Kelly, of course, filled me in later…She and Ben hit it off immediately. Quickly they were both being very flirty. Ben made some comments about her being lucky to have eryaman escort me along. She asked him what he meant and he said, “you know, to keep you satisfied.”Kelly agreed with him. “That is true. I’m just a horny little bitch,” she said with a devilish giggle.Ben confessed he had a case of blue balls, having been away from his girlfriend for a week. Kelly reached down and cupped his nuts through his slacks. “Yes, you’re right. They feel huge. You need to release, you know, for medicinal reasons.” They laughed and Ben gripped Kelly’s thigh. She felt lubrication leak from her pussy onto her panties.The blanket and darkness were all the cover they needed. By the time I turned off my light Kelly had Ben as hard as stone. Moments later she whispered into his ear asking him to unzip and release his cock. Ben couldn’t believe his luck! “Are you serious?”“Yeah, I’m serious. Let him out to play.”As Ben quietly unzipped and tugged his trousers open, Kelly pulled her dress up, past her butt, nearly to her waist. When Ben could tell she was wiggling, he slipped his hand to her inner thigh and worked his way north. Kelly met him as she was tugging her panties to her knees.Ben found a warm patch of freshly shaven pubic area. sincan escort “You shave?”“Everything. I like it bare and slippery,” she whispered back. By the end of her sentence, Ben had a finger slipped into her vagina. “You have to go easy. If you make me cum I’ll wake up everyone on this plane. And it’s really, really easy to make me cum.”“You’re a screamer?”“You have no idea…”They sat in silence as Ben explored Kelly’s folds, lips, clit, and sheath with his fingers. Not pressing too hard. Not staying in one place too long. Kelly was running like a leaky faucet, but still under control.Kelly had been slowly stroking Ben’s cock under the blanket. His cock was larger than mine. Kelly figured he was more like seven inches and thick as a cock that long should be. His tip was staying slick with all of the pre-cum he was producing.They kept playing with each other for another ten minutes or so. Ben was starting to grip his armrest and his thigh muscles were tightening and loosening. He was trying so hard to control himself. Kelly wasn’t pounding his meat. She was just slow and steady.They caught each other’s eyes and it was complete lust. Kelly closed her eyes and moved her lips toward his. He locked on and they kissed gently for a second, then quickly the kiss became one of a couple of sex-starved teenagers thinking of nothing other than getting off.Ben’s fingers attacked Kelly’s clit with a clear mission: Make her cum. Kelly was softly moaning into Ben’s mouth. It would be his job to keep her quiet if they wanted to remain uncaught.

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