Switched Pt. 03Switched Pt. 03


To get you all up to date: I used to be Roger, now I’m Ellie. No, I’m not a transwoman, I died and my soul was sent back, but it got put into Ellie’s body. I was never supposed to be Ellie. It was a fuck up of the highest order. My soul and another’s got switched by mistake and we ended up in the wrong bodies. To make matters worse, I’ve undergone a physical change and I’m now futanari. So now I need to deal with the consequences of that heavenly error and all the extreme weirdness that follows…



Fuck fuck fuck!

This is not good.

“You know I can read your mind, right, Ellie? Tsk. How soon we forget,” Piper said.

My shoulders slumped and I fell back into bed, pulling the covers over my head.

Screaming, I said, “Leave me the fuck alone!”

Piper pulled back the covers, fully exposing my nakedness to her, and she said, “Stop being an infant. We can do this the hard way or the harder way. Either way, you’re stuck with me, so you might as well grow a pair… oh wait, you did… ahem. So you might as well accept that this is happening. Because it IS happening. As I said, this is how it’s going to go with you and me, so listen closely futa girl because I’m only going to say this once: your ass is mine. I am here to make sure you do not fuck up anything else and I’m also here to protect you. Angela did her duty and got your magic under control, but because of your uniqueness, you’ve attracted the attention some rather unsavory folk. You’re a one-of-a-kind being. Period. There are some very powerful beings who seek out such things as you.”

I was stunned to silence, but I guess the look on my face said it all.

“Ah, it’s sinking in. I guess that excessive cumming didn’t destroy all of your brain cells. Yes, you are now among the hunted. As long as I am around, you’re safe.”


“Hm. Yes, you don’t know any of that. It’s been so long since I’ve dealt with anyone on the terrestrial plane, I’ve forgotten I need to dumb it down for you. Truly one-of-a-kind beings, like yourself, are sought out. I know Angela told you that no one like you has ever existed before. When she said that, she wasn’t exaggerating. Of the quadrillions upon quadrillions of souls in this universe, you are the only futanari.”

“Y-yeah, she said that, b-but I thought she just said that for effect.”

Laughing softly, Piper said, “No, young one, she did not. You have much to learn about how things work and about how dangerous things have now become for you.”

“Wait! What about mom, dad, Becca, Joy… my friends?!?!?”

“Oh yes. Them. Well I am the one tethered to you now, so I have ways to keep them safe.”

Handing me a pen that looked like a quill and a piece of paper that looked like ancient parchment (where the fuck did those come from?), she said, “Write their full names down on here. Once done, they’ll be tethered to me as well and just as protected as you.”

I took them and said, “Um, ok. What do I use for ink?”

“Ah. That. Hand me the quill please.”

I did so and with one swift motion she stabbed me in my neck!

“OW!! FUCK!!! What the hell, bitch?”

“Tsk. Manners. The blood binds them to me as I am to you. Here. Take it. And stop your whining, your wound is already healed.”

I rubbed my neck and she wasn’t lying. But, fuck, that hurt! I took the quill and did as she asked. Ellie’s memories flowed in and I recollected everyone’s full names and wrote them down. When I finished, I saw them disappear as if they were absorbed into the paper. Piper took the paper and pressed in on her chest and it melted into her.

“There. Done. Mm, your blood is definitely very rich with magic. I may end up enjoying this assignment after all.”

“So now what?”

“Now? Nothing. I did what I came to do. Ta.”

Poof. Gone. Red sheen gone.

“Wait!!!! Hey!! What the FUCK?!?”

Holy fucking shit! Just what kind of fucked up life am I living now?? I was a Goddamn accountant last week!!!!! AAaargh!!!

I fell back on to my bed again, grabbed the sheets again, pulled them over my head again.

“Why me? Why? Whyyyyyy???”

I got no answers to that question. It fucking figures. Then I heard knocking at my door and someone enter my room.

“Punkin, you all right? I thought I heard you yelling at someone.”

I flopped the sheets off of me and looked at dad, saying, “No, not talking to anyone. I had a bad dream is all.”

He sat on the edge of the bed, looking very concerned, and said, “It seems you’ve been having a rough time lately, the roughest you’ve had since you changed. Are you sure you’re all right?”

I sat up and looked into his eyes. My God, even with all this crap going on, my pussy is getting wet just looking at him.

I said, “I’m sure. I don’t know what it is, just feeling kinda weird lately is all. I guess being out of high school, being a real grown up now, it really hit me, maybe?”

He hugged me and said, “It is a big deal, so I understand. Everything you’ve had to go through these past few years, all the pressures, Yenibosna Escort all the unwarranted attention… no one would blame you for feeling weird.”

I pulled him in and kissed him deeply. We both moaned at the same time. God, what a feeling.

“Daddy, please fuck me. I need you right now.”

I laid back down and spread my legs wide so he could see how wet I was for him. He removed his clothes quickly and I could see he was ready to go. He looked to be about 7 inches in length and decently thick. This was the first time I was actually getting to see him naked for real and not through memories. He wasn’t as tall as me at 5’10”. His wavy brown hair seemed like it was always in need of a comb. His eyes were a deep dark brown, but sometimes it looked like he gold flecks in them when they sparkled. And his body, oh boy, he was chiseled and very hairy. Looking at him like this got me even more aroused. (Weird.)

He got between my legs and started to slowly stroke my cock as he pushed his cock into my drenched pussy. The combination of the two was fucking wild! I wasn’t sure what to focus on! His cock was hitting me in spots I never knew was possible and he knew exactly how to handle my cock. God this is so damn fucked up, but I’m loving every bit of it!!

“Oh, fuck me, daddy. I love your cock buried in me! Mmm, yesss….”

He increased his pace slightly and my pussy began to spasm a bit as I got close to cumming. I felt the tip of his cock just start to hit the entrance of my cervix and it pushed me over the edge. I wrapped my legs around him and came loudly. He followed shortly thereafter and filled me up with his hot cum. He continued to stroke my cock and his pace quickened. Because of my extreme arousal it didn’t take long before I was cumming all over myself. God I was a mess.

Both of us sated, he moved up to me and laid next to me.

“Better, punkin?”

“Oh my God, yes! Thank you, daddy. You do know how to treat a girl right.”

He laughed and rolled out of bed. He picked up his clothes and said, “Oh, before we got distracted by our carnal needs, your mother sent me up to ask what you wanted for dinner. Joy and Becca are coming over too.”

“Oooo… Let’s get burgers! You know what I love. I’ll be down in a bit. Love you, daddy!”

Kissing me on the lips, he said, “Love you, too, punkin. Hurry down. I’ll get the order in once the girls get here.”

I watched him walked out and just sunk back into bed. Wow. The first time I’ve ever had sex with another guy… Oh wait. I’m not a guy any more, am I? Ok, first time I’ve had sex with a guy and really wanted it to happen! The memories are getting fucking jumbled here. Old life, new life, new timeline…. I no longer know what’s real or not or how to keep track of it all!

I got out of bed, quite reluctantly, cleaned myself up, and got dressed. I opted to dress as sexy as possible. No bra, no panties, super short crop top and a skirt. I was letting things hang loose tonight!

I reached for the door and the red sheen appeared.

“Ah, ah, ah. Naughty.”

I turned around and there was Piper. An obviously unhappy Piper. Oh fuck.

“What did I tell you? No more fuck ups. Put on some panties and stop looking like a slut. No more sex for you for awhile.”

“What? Why???”

“You need to conserve yourself. You’re draining yourself physically and you’re drawing on the magic.”

“But if they want to fuck and I want to fuck, how can I say no?”

She sighed deeply and shook her head like I was the biggest disappointment in the world.

“All right. I can see you’re not going to listen to reason. What I do now is to prevent you from showing up like a bright beacon. The more sex you have, the more you cum, the more you draw on the magic, the greater chance you make yourself known. You’ve cum to excess today. Haven’t you figured out yet as to why you cum so much? It’s the magic. Sigh. Come here and don’t ask questions.”

I walked over to her and she dropped to her knees. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it to get me hard.

“Mind you, Ellie, I take no pleasure in this. I only do this to essentially… oh, you are a big one… to essentially control the magic in this safe zone. If you cannot restrain yourself to not have sex tonight, at least you can do so safely then without any possible dangerous repercussions. I hope.”

I caught about a fifth of what she said, she was giving me one hell of a hand job!

“Oh yeah, Piper, that feels really good.”

“It’s intended to feel good. It’s been centuries since I’ve done this. I’m not easily impressed, but you do have a very nice appendage here. Not the biggest or the thickest I’ve ever seen, but a very nice one. Oh, but you do have very large testicles. Now these I like. You enjoy them getting fondled? Oh. That’s a yes.”

Fuck, this woman was driving me crazy, I needed pussy or a mouth or something! I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards me. I put my cock right on her lips and pushed in. She tried to resist, but I wasn’t to be denied. I pushed Yenibosna Escort Bayan in firmly and I felt her mouth open to take me. Finally! I began to fuck her face as fast as I could. She stopped resisting and just accepted it.

As I kept pumping my cock into her mouth, I was also calling her all sorts of names like slut and cunt. I swear I heard her moan softly at some point. In no time I could feel my balls starting to tense up. Somehow she knew what was about to happen and moved back and released my cock from her mouth.

“Ah, no, I don’t swallow on the first date, but use your hand to keep pumping it, I’ll take it another way.”

A few strokes later and I was covering her in my cum. Magic or not, I still couldn’t believe the amount I produced! She was completely drenched. It looked like I covered her with a bucket of cum!

I staggered back a bit and said, “Oh fuck, that was good. Good for you?”

Wiping some cum from her eyes, she said, “It really doesn’t matter, I told you I got no enjoyment from this. I only did this to get the magic under control. Though… mm… I must admit you are surprisingly quite tasty. My first taste of cum in a very long time. This may not be a bad assignment after all. Just try to have LESS sex. I do not want to repeat this process.”

“Ok, Piper. Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“No, you did not, but I didn’t think you would fuck everything that was in front of you either. Tsk.”

Heeding her warning, I got a pair of panties and put them on, just to alleviate any possible temptation. I doubt it would work though.

I said, “Ok, now what? After what you did, do I still need to be careful?”

“Yes, of course, did you not hear me? I got your magic under temporary control, I cannot do this every single day. I could, but I won’t. Sigh. I suppose just telling you to control yourself won’t work, will it? Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical because I know you won’t. You’re worse than a fluffle of bunnies. The harder way then.”

The sheen grew brighter and suddenly there was a flash and Piper was holding something silver in her hand.

“Do not argue, put this on. This will control the magic that you put out with your excessive sexual escapades. This is NOT ideal, but it will do for now.”

She handed me an anklet and I did as instructed. The moment the clasp was latched, I felt a sharp stinging pain around my ankle and it felt like my body was on fire!

I screamed, “OW! What the fuck..??”

“Oh, good, it’s working. That pain you felt is something you will feel every time the anklet keeps your magic under control. The higher the level of magic, the greater the pain. The intensity will increase with each sexual encounter. As for that sensation your body is feeling, it’ll pass. The anklet is configuring to your body. “

I reached down and rubbed my ankle, the pain was going away, but that fucking hurt.

“So now what, Piper?”

“Hm? Oh. Nothing. Go on and keep fucking like a bimbo slut. I would tell you to stop, but you need to discover things the hard way. That little trinket around your ankle is temporary, so I suggest you try not to abuse it. Its ability to control the magic is finite. It would end badly.”

“How can I abuse it? What do you mean by ‘end badly’?”

“I have no doubt you’ll find out soon enough.”


Piper gone, red sheen gone. I fucking hate that bitch.

I could feel my body returning to normal, I wasn’t on fire and the pain around my ankle was mostly gone. I lifted up my foot to take a close look at it and it was definitely pretty. Little hearts linked into a chain… HEY, the clasp is gone. How do I remove it?? Fuck.

I heard a knock on the door and mom entered the room.

“Sweetie, are you coming downstairs? Joy and Becca just got here.”

I stood up and said, “Yes! I’m starving!!”

Mom laughed and said, “For burgers or pussy?”


I followed mom downstairs, admiring just how fucking hot she looked. Nope.. nope… I cannot have any sex tonight… clear your mind of it… but, God, that ass.

As soon as I got downstairs, Becca tackle/hugged me and kissed me very deeply. My cock started to stir and I tried to think of anything else but how much I fucking loved Becca. (New memory from the new timeline, interesting.)

Becca said, “I am so glad you invited us over tonight. Even though we spent a glorious day by the pool today, I was really missing you.”

I said, “Yes, today was definitely glorious! I can never get enough of you or Joy.”

She kissed me again and said, “Ditto, lover.”

We all sat down for dinner after the burgers were delivered. Mmmm, 5 Guys. I love me some bacon cheeseburgers with grilled mushrooms. I am so glad that this new timeline seems to have combined what I loved to eat as Roger to what Ellie loves to eat now. And based on the body, it doesn’t have a negative effect on me. I need to remember to ask Piper about that. I’ll deal with the bitch later then.

The talk around the dinner table was bawdy and fun. As we all talked, new timeline Escort Yenibosna memories filtered in slowly and things began to make a lot more sense. When I began to change, of course I told Becca who in turn told her parents. Her dad did not react well and ordered her to quote stay away from that freak end quote. That created a huge rift between him and both Joy and Becca. He stormed out of the house 5 years ago and was an unfortunate gunshot victim during a liquor store robbery that night. After the funeral, our families grew closer. A LOT closer. While Becca and I were exploring on our own, Joy and my parents tried a few threesomes. Dad also introduced Joy to bodybuilding, which is why she’s so fucking buff.

My involvement with Joy happened when she caught me and Becca and joined in. Since then it’s been pretty much a sexual free for all. My turning futa seemed to have opened up everyone to being highly sexual. The media intrusion we had to deal with early on brought us all even closer together and things progressed from there. It’s a shame about what happened to Lucas, but he made his choice and it seems it’s worked out for the best for everyone here.

I then felt Becca’s hand rubbing my leg and giving me a come hither look that was very hard to resist. I had to acquiesce to Piper’s “demands” of no sex, but tell that to my cock.

Leaning over, Becca whispered, “Can we go up to your room? I need you.”

I should say no. I need to say no. I’m going to say no. No. It’s easy. NO. Very easy. No, no, no…

“Yes, let’s go.”

We excused ourselves and left the dinner table. They all knew what was about to happen.

Once the bedroom door was closed, Becca was all over me. Pulling me in to kiss me deeply. With both of us in our bare feet, I could really tell how much taller I was now. Becca was easily 2 inches shorter than me now. And she’s nearly 6 feet tall. So fucking weird. I grew 9 inches of cock and 9 inches in height, that’s one hell of a coincidence.

“Mmmm, Ellie, I love how you kiss me. I can never get enough.”

“Well, we’ve had a lot of practice, but I agree with you about never getting enough. I kiss you once and I want 5 more.”

Becca pulled me to the bed and wanted to get friskier, but I was resisting her efforts.

I said, “Baby, let’s just cuddle a bit for now, ok? You can spend the night because I think our parents are going to be having their own fun tonight.”

She looked at me quizzically and asked, “Is everything all right? You never say no.”

I told her what had happened about passing out and how I still had a headache. Plus all the sex had really drained me.

“I understand, babe. But it looks like your third leg isn’t paying attention to your desire to cuddle.”

I looked down and my cock was pushing hard against my panties. Traitor! This thing is complete insatiable! BUT…. Piper did get the magic under control and I have the anklet, so a little tumble in the sack with Becca shouldn’t be a problem!

I said, “You’re right. Let’s get undressed and have fun!”

Becca squealed in delight as she tore off her dress and attacked me. This girl knew exactly how to undress herself and me quite quickly. She had my cock in her hands in no time flat and it was getting harder by the second. It didn’t take long at all until I was rock hard and ready for action. Becca knew exactly what to do then. In one fluid motion she got up and positioned herself over me to straddle me.

To brace herself, she placed her hands on my shoulders, leaning over slightly. Her big boobs swaying in front of me. Love that sight! She then took her time and lowered herself slowly, I was amazed in feeling her taking it. Once she got all of it inside her, she sat there for a moment to enjoy the sensation of her pussy being filled entirely. Her eyes were closed and she bit her lip as she started to grind her hips on me, which allowed my cock to dig even deeper in her. I swear I was in her womb at the this point.

After a few minutes of grinding, Becca lifted her ass and started to move up and down on me. She was not frenzied at all in her motion. She was lifting her ass nearly all the way up to where I might escape her hot hole, but not quite, and then slamming back down. She started off doing this slowly, but increased her pace to the point where the bed was making a very loud noise, as was she! Her loud screams and moans reverberated throughout the room and quite possibly through the house! I’m sure our parents heard every squeal of pleasure she was experiencing. She was screaming like a banshee with each orgasm, which turned me on even more and brought me closer to cumming.

I don’t know how long Becca bounced up and down on me, but I could see she was weakening. I took control then and sat up, grabbed her in a hug, lifted up a bit, and flipped her over on to her back on the bed without my cock ever leaving her pussy. I then began to pound her in order to get myself off. She wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles. Her nails were digging into my back as I thrust deep into her. The pain I felt pushed me over the edge and I exploded in her so hard it felt like I was a fire hose filling her pussy. After a solid minute of pumping cum into her, I pulled out and rolled on to the bed next to her. She sidled up next to me laid her head on my chest and she began to mindlessly play with one of my nipples and I felt my own pussy begin to twitch.

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