Sweet SurrenderSweet Surrender


The room was dark and the lingering scent of a recently extinguished candle hung in the air. Soft music could be heard playing under the hum of the ceiling fan. The window had been left cracked open to let in the cool evening breeze. In the center of the room was an enormous bed and Alexis lay sleeping upon it – a mask covering her eyes. Covered only partially with a dark gray sheet, her blue cami and matching panties could be seen along her left side. This tranquil scene was interrupted by the sound of a nearby window sliding open. Alexis remained unaware, dreaming. A dark form climbed silently through the open window, dressed in black and barely discernible in the dark room. The figure’s near-invisible status was briefly compromised when a smile caused a flash of his teeth to be shown. He watched Alexis sleeping for a minute, carefully planning his initial move; knowing that he would only have a short time before she woke. He noted with pleasure that her bed frame would serve his purposes perfectly. He reached into his bag, removing and placing each item strategically so that it would be within reach when he needed it. He moved to the side of the bed opposite from the way she was facing. “Now or never,” he whispered to himself and carefully sat on the bed, doing his best not to allow his weight to shift the mattress. Slowly, he pulled up beside her and lay down carefully, inching his body closer to hers. He moved to press his body into hers – spooning her – then slowly began tracing lines down her exposed flesh with his fingertips. A soft sigh of excitement escaped his lips which he then pressed to her pale, soft skin, watching to see if she would stir. Then, he turned his attention to nibbling at the exposed skin of her shoulder and neck. His hand moved to cup a soft, heavy breast; his fingers pinching softly at her hardening nipple. Alexis moaned softly in her sleep, arching her body into his. This was the precarious point in his little adventure. Reaching behind him with his other hand, he swiftly fastened the restraints to bed posts on her headboard. Taking hold of one of her wrists, he brought it to his mouth and kissed, licked and nibbled the sensitive flesh. Alexis whimpered and began stirring. His cock grew hard in anticipation as he fastened the restraint around her wrist. Alexis rolled on her back; he could tell she was waking up. He swiftly pushed her thighs apart and pulled on her legs to shift her down the bed; his pants stretched at the seams from his arousal. He began grinding against her pussy so she would feel his erection. He tugged the fabric of her cami down beneath her breasts so he could suckle one of her pointed nipples while grabbing her unrestrained hand and fastening the cuff around it. At the feel of the hot mouth on her breast, Alexis woke fully, immediately confused by her arousal; a moment later she understood. She could almanbahis şikayet feel a hard cock pressing against her panties; the weight of a man lying on top of her; the feel of his mouth on her nipples. It felt amazing…but, she lived alone and didn’t have a lover. She tried to move her hands to push the intruder from her body, and discovered she was bound to her headboard. “Get off me!!!” she shrieked in horror, her body writhing to try to dislodge the man from her body. The man made a tsking sound at her, clicking his tongue like a parent would do to a disobedient child. He grabbed her legs once more and pulled her against his hard cock again. “Hold still.” His voice was commanding and confident…and perhaps even vaguely familiar. Alexis tried to place the voice as she wriggled away again. “Let me go! I will give you all the money I have in the house! Just leave me alone!” Again the man clucked his disapproval at her dismissively. He stood from the bed and Alexis felt a moment of relief. She heard the click of the light on her nightstand, but was unable to see due to the sleeping mask still on her face. Her reprieve was short-lived as she felt the man grab one of her legs and fasten a cuff around her ankle. She screamed and tried kicking wildly with her other foot. He chuckled as he caught her other leg and restrained it as well. The sound of his mirth caused a surprising tingling sensation to course through her body. His hand covered her mouth firmly as he moved to whisper in her ear, “Now, now. Be a good little girl and I will see that you are rewarded properly.” She felt him checking and tightening all of the restraints; taking his time to ensure she would be unable to move or thrash. She tried pleading with him, “Please, just let me go. Don’t hurt me…” “No, no. I am not going to hurt you. In fact, I am going to tease you until you beg for release.” Alexis felt her whole body shiver with anticipation at his promise. Oh my, this man knows what I need. Despite her body’s intense desire to succumb, her mind continued to fight. “What if I don’t want you to do that?” “I will not do anything you don’t want. Trust me baby…your body is mine to command.” Oh my god!! Her brain felt like it was on fire. She bit down on her lip hard, trying to focus on regaining a measure of self-control. That was when she felt his lips at the arch of her right foot. “Oh!” She cried out. “What are you doing?” “Just getting started…now stop asking questions, or I will have to punish you.” He ran his thumb along the underside of her toes and she felt a lightning bolt sensation travel up her leg to her now moistening pussy. Running his finger slowly and firmly over her middle toe she wondered, how the hell did he find that spot so fast? She heard him chuckle as if reading her thoughts and he said, “Quit thinking so much; just feel.” He then kissed the sensitive toe almanbahis canlı casino softly and she moaned involuntarily. He repeated the same treatment with her left foot, causing Alexis to whimper slightly. Silently, Alexis hoped this intruder was just a foot fetishist and would leave her alone soon. After all, she was still dressed and it would be rather difficult to remove her clothing in her bound state. The man moved up her left leg, caressing a scar on the back of her calf tenderly while his fingers roamed in slow, ticklish paths up her thighs. Alexis was taken aback by the tender treatment she was receiving. This man seemed to know her intimately: her scars, her desires, her erogenous zones – nothing was secret as she lay restrained to her own bed. Suddenly, his hands were no longer on her and the room was silent. At first she was relieved, thinking the man might have grown tired of this game and decided to leave. Or perhaps there was a sound outside that scared him away. After what felt like several long minutes, she felt his presence nearing the bed again. “My apologies, my sweet, I had to go locate an item in your home. It proved more difficult than anticipated.” Fear flooded her body once more, “Why me? Please…don’t hurt me.” “What did I say about asking questions? And I already promised I would not hurt you. Last warning… Stop talking!” His voice was stern and commanding. She found herself unable to respond; yielding to his dominant presence. She nearly shrieked when she felt the cold metallic edge against her side, immediately assuming the worst. Then she heard the resounding snip of scissors as they cut away her cami on both sides of her body. She was horrified to discover that this new development had her pussy flooding with moisture. What’s wrong with me, get it together! She chided herself. He pulled her ruined top away from her body and tossed it to the side. She tugged at her restraints in an instinctive attempt to cover her exposed breasts, but found she was firmly fastened in place. Her nipples hardened more when the cool air hit them; the sensation added to the insistent tingling between her thighs. She felt his fingertips slowly circling her stiffening nipples and then twisting them hard. “Oh,” she moaned involuntarily. Suddenly, his warm mouth was on one nipple – sucking it in and flicking his tongue against its peak. Then he was gone again, leaving her aching for his return. The chill in the room made her moist nipple feel icy and goose bumps rose on her thighs. She felt his weight as he moved between her thighs on the bed, his hard cock pressing against her damp panties. He began nibbling and kissing her neck, his fingers twisting her nipples sporadically. He rubbed his cock against her and a whimper escaped her lips. He carefully kissed up her neck and to the corner of her lips. When she leaned in to return almanbahis casino the kiss, he knew she had finally submitted to him. He made himself hold back a victorious chuckle so as not to break his spell on her body. His kisses trailed lower, focusing on teasing her hard nipples with his tongue and teeth. She arched her body into him, rotating her hips to invite him lower. His mouth continued on its path lower still, until he planted a soft kiss on her covered pussy. Her sharp gasp told him she was ready. She felt the cold metallic scissors against her skin again – this time cutting away her silky panties. It was too erotic for her to care that he destroyed her favorite pair. Another ruined garment was tossed to the floor and Alexis lay completely naked – restrained to her bed at the mercy of an unknown man. In the back of her mind, she knew that she should be screaming for help or trying to fight. But this man seemed to know her so intimately, her body just responded to his will. She didn’t want to fight; she wanted to submit – to let go of her carefully controlled life and allow this man to call the shots. He kissed and nibbled her thighs, moving his mouth ever closer to her silken center. She was desperate to feel his lips…his tongue…there! Instead he teased her; kissing everywhere but where she needed it. His fingers slowly ran up and down her slit…but never enough. She whined in protest. “Is everything okay, baby?” he asked innocently. Taking a deep breath, Alexis didn’t know how to respond. She simply shook her head. “What is it you need, mi esclava?” Those words resonated deep within her. She couldn’t yet place them but she felt a sensation of deja vu. Despite her mind’s confusion, she instinctively understood what was needed. She needed to feel his tongue parting her nether lips, pressing against her aching clit and then plunging deep inside her. If she wanted him to do that…she needed to beg. Nicely. “Oh please…” she started shyly. “Please what?” He wasn’t going to let her off easy. “Please, I need you. I am so wet and my pussy is aching for your tongue. Please, please, I need it!” He chuckled softly, “My pleasure, baby.” Then, oh! His tongue pressed firmly between her wet pussy lips, delving deep to find her hard little clit. He flicked his tongue against it and Alexis about came right there. His tongue seemed capable of magic as it deftly flicked and circled her clit; his lips were heaven as he sucked it between them. And then, Oh my god! His tongue pressed to her tight opening and then inside. His tongue was long, strong, and fucking her greedy cunt. Her arms went tight against the restraints as she tried to grab the back of his head – only to discover, again, that she couldn’t move them. His tongue curled inside her, once, twice, three times…and then Alexis saw stars. She felt her body erupt in a mind numbing orgasm. But he didn’t relent, he drank up her sweet nectar and he moaned. The sound caused another ripple and she cried out, “Oh!” Her pussy was now completely hungry and insatiable; she wanted to feel his cock inside her. But her brain shouted at her that she was being a terrible slut.

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