Surrogate for My StepmotherSurrogate for My Stepmother


My name is Kimberly. I tell our family’s story not out of a sense of depravity but instead as an opportunity to share our family’s unique solution in accepting the realities of a challenging situation which required living with unconventional sexual relationships. Some other families may find themselves in the same predicament someday. To be candid and upfront, I have to say that my fiancé, Randy, agreed to become a surrogate to his father’s new wife, Margarita, in order for her to accept his father’s offer of marriage. The reader needs to understand that his father was overseas in his job most of the time and the woman he desired did not want an absentee husband. He had to find a way to meet her needs. It was an unconventional solution to offer his son but it got him his wife, Margarita, and as they say, “one cannot argue with success.” A complication arose later when Randy decided he wanted to marry me but he didn’t want to stop the conjugal relationship with his stepmother, Margarita. I need to add that Randy’s father tragically died overseas before the end of the year of his marriage. By that time though Randy and Margarita had developed a strong emotional as well as physical attachment. So I had to pause to decide whether I could accept their continuing sexual relationship. I can happily report that I did accept the unusual relationship and that it has worked out with complete satisfaction to every one of us in the family including me, Kimberly, the young wife to Randy. Other prospective brides might think it strange that a fiancée, like myself, would agree to share her husband with his stepmother but the adjustment turned out not to be so difficult. In fact, I encourage other women in the same predicament not to dismiss the arrangement without some thought about the pleasant benefits. So here is the story told from my husband’s, Randy’s, perspective. He was then my fiancé, at the time. I have been able to put the story together interviewed Randy, his stepmother, Margarita, and from what I know myself. (If you are interested in the story of how I had to later make a decision on accepting this relationship you can find it elsewhere here on Lush Stories, “My Fiancé was a Sex Surrogate.”)  Randy’s story as told by him:  Well to satisfy my wife and our friends who have asked about our three-way relationship between my wife, stepmother and me I agreed to write this story down so we don’t have repeat it so often. I am surprised how many people want to know our story. I will explain how this all happened. My father worked in the oil industry and had to travel to the Mideast frequently. In fact, he spent much more of his time there than at our home. A few years ago, when I was 18, my mother died from a stroke. My father and I were devastated. However, Dad soon fell madly in love with Margarita, who was a 30 year-old Hispanic-American woman. Unfortunately, she was very hesitant to marry him because as a woman with normal needs she wanted regular sex and, as she says, her clock was ticking for having a baby. She did not want a partner who would rarely be at home. My father did not want to lose this attractive and vibrant woman. The easiest way to describe her then (and she has not changed much) is to think of Penelope Cruz or a Selma Hayek. I can never remember who is who but I like them both. Give her a little bigger butt and you got her picture. In other words, she was a “knock out.” By the way I was and still am 5’9” at 150 lbs. with nice abs. I also I have brown/blonde hair with a little şişli escort bayan natural ducktail in back. I guess I look pretty good for a guy my age but don’t feel comfortable with stuff like that except I am proud of my abs. So to start at the beginning with words to the best of my recollection, Margarita, who my Dad and I called “Margie,” says to my dad, “Don, I love you too and could see myself very happily married to you the rest of my life. I even enjoy your son, Randy. He is so bright, a real hunk, and full of life. However, I can’t marry you since you are so seldom home. We’ve gone over this at least three times now and I can’t deal with it anymore. “This will have to be our last meeting. I just want you to know that I wish to be with you as much as you desire to be with me. I love your personality, generosity, sense of humor, and of course your ability to please me sexuality. And, I must admit your high-life style would make any girl envious. But our relationship can go no further. This is it, sorry.” My father responded, “But Margie, darling, I love you. You are the best thing that could have happened to me after my wife died. I thought my life was over and questioned whether life was worth living. I only stopped that thinking when I thought of my son, Randy. If you don’t marry me I may as well as be dead! But I understand. Okay, I have had time to think this through and I have a solution I want you to consider.” “What? You think there is something that can be done? What do you have in mind, Don?” “Honey, I know you like my son Randy and he certainly adores you. Do you think he could accompany you when I am gone on my work?” “Accompany me? Where would he accompany me? What do you mean? I don’t get it.” “Honey, what I mean is take my place as your husband when I am gone. I guess today they would call him to be a ‘surrogate’ husband. You know he likes to cook and ever since he went to camp he likes to help with the cleaning.” “Randy, darling, what the hell are you talking about? I don’t need a boy scout. I need a cock on a regular basis! I am not going to spend my time using a vibrator to keep me happy. There are not enough batteries!” “Listen, Baby-cakes, that is what I mean but I just don’t want to say it. He can service you while I’m gone.” “What! An 18 year-old kid is supposed to satisfy me?” “Honey, I can teach him – or better yet, you can teach him the way you want. You told me too many men don’t know how to please women.” “Well, that is true. But what about a baby? I’m 30 years old, for Christ’s sake! I want a baby, like yesterday!” “Margie dearest, there is nothing like a teen age boy to put out gobs of healthy sperm. They can fuck every day, two or three times a day. Plus, look at this way, the baby would have my DNA so you would have a part of me, and besides, no one would know. When you get pregnant people would think it was when I was home you were knocked up. Anyway, I will be home on and off and you will have two batches of sperm, mine and Randy’s. Honey, I have thought this through. Please consider it.” “But what will people think when they see us together? I’m almost twice his age!” “Honey, they’ll assume he is your son. Besides, those who don’t will be jealous.” “What about Randy?” Isn’t he too innocent to think of something like this?” “Come on, Margie. You have seen him trying to look down your front every time you stoop over. Yesterday I saw you lean over I front of him when you put that magazine back in the rack. Of mecidiyeköy escort bayan course, I see you showing off – why shouldn’t you? I wouldn’t want a woman who did not have something to show off. I remember what it was like when I was his age with that testosterone running rampant and my cock getting hard every time I was walking down the street and passed a woman who was in a halter top, wearing shorts, or was eight months pregnant.” “I didn’t think you noticed dear.” “My darling little Margarita, I don’t care if my boy fucks you ten times a day as long as he keeps his hands off you when I am home. How about at least trying it to see if it might work out? By the way, I have to fly to Cairo Friday night.” “Don, no not again! You don’t have to leave so soon?” “Have to, my little sex pot.” “When are you returning?” “I am sorry, baby, not for six weeks. You know I hate to leave you.” “What the fuck! Okay then, that does it. I will give the kid a chance. On the other hand, maybe this could work. I could teach the Pope to fuck six ways to Sunday with that much time.” Don smiled, walked over and kissed Margarita while he lovingly put his hands on her blouse and massaged her breasts through the blouse and then slid his hands down to the front of her slacks. Saturday morning and Dad has left for the Middle East . Margarita opens the bedroom door, peers in and smiles, “Randy, could you get out of bed? I have something important to discuss with you.” I open an eye and note her smile. “Okay. Just a second.” I then move to get out of bed and look down and see my usual morning hard-on hanging out of my briefs. “No wonder she is smiling,” I conclude. I reach for a bathrobe. The woman continues her stare, “Let’s go into the master bedroom, Honey.” “Just a second, Margie, I’ll be there.” My stepmother goes to the master bedroom while I enter the bathroom in the hallway. I pull my briefs down and have to bend over and push my erect penis to aim down so I can pee into the bowl. I finish then tuck my cock back in the best I can. I flush, then wash my hands, and step to the sink for a few swipes of a comb through my hair. When I return, the master bedroom drapes are open which creates a room bathed in bright sunlight. I register Margie seeing the peak in my briefs but my member is now contained. “Randy, you can leave the door open? No one is home. Sit here on the bed with me. … So Honey, your father has gone and we are going to be alone together again, this time for six weeks. Did your father give you any instructions last night?” “Yes, he said I should start calling you ‘Mom’ and do whatever you tell me.” “What else did he tell you, dear?” “He said he wants to marry you Margarita, I mean, ‘Mom’ and that you will teach me the duties of a husband since he won’t be here. If I can be a husband to you while he is gone then he will be able to marry you. I am glad he wants to marry you because you are nice so I hope I can do okay for you.” “Randy, what a kind thing to say! I know it is hard for you to think of me replacing your mother and I don’t want you to think of me in that way. It is not my intention to remove the memories of your dear mother.” “I understand, Margie. But I do miss her.” “Of course you do. There is always a special bonding between mothers and sons. Randy, under normal circumstances your role would change into a stepson when, and I should add ‘if,’ I marry your father. However, because of his necessary travels your role would have escort şişli to be more like a husband’s. Did your father tell you about all of those duties that a husband needs to perform?” I clear my throat. “Yes, he said that the things that husbands and wives do in bed are the most important. And that you would show me what to do. Plus, you want to have a baby.” “You do know how babies are made, of course?” “Sure, we had that in health science in school. They even showed us how to put rubbers on bananas.” I thought, “What the heck did I just say? What kind of conversation is this?” “Randy, that is wonderful. I went to a Catholic school and they did not cover that. So we had a lot of pregnancies and abortions. So how do you feel about becoming a surrogate for your dad? ‘Surrogate’ means someone who replaces someone and takes over their functions. Are you comfortable with it, Honey? Wait. Don’t answer that question just now. It is too big for someone your age to decide if he wants to spend his adult years servicing his stepmother. You need some time. I suggest is that we just see how it goes while your father is gone the next six weeks. We have plenty of time. Would that be okay, Baby?” “Well, Mom, or ‘Honey,’ isn’t that what husbands call their wives? You are an older woman, and I am not saying ‘old’ but you are about twice my age. That scares me – if I can be honest with you?” “Randy, you can call me ‘Margie,’ ‘Mom,’ ‘Honey’ or whatever you fancy. I think you will find my age and my ‘experience’ will only be an asset. Very few women can have both a stepson and husband in one lover so, Baby, you should make the most of it. It does sound so sexual and I am a sexual being to my core. Of course, you can’t use the words like: ‘wife’ or ‘honey’ or ‘baby’ when your father is around.” “Sure, Margie – ah, Honey.” “Randy, this will be new to me too. Yes, I am a mature woman and certainly well experienced in sex. But I have never been married before nor have I been a mother. I was having too much fun with so many men and a few women – young and old, I might add, that I did not want to be tied down. I do know though that Mother Nature will take her natural course with our physical relationship. Your dad said, and I have seen it too, that boys and young men have a very strong sex drive. I have a sense that you can learn quickly so I don’t think that should be a problem. You should find that I can be sensitive in educating a young man how to please a woman.” I ponder her words and think “Wow!” and reply, “I think I can trust you.” “Okay. Now let’s get started. I will be right back and begin to demonstrate what husbands do in the bedroom.” I feel a tightening in my groin as I watch her hips swinging as she goes to the bathroom of the master bedroom and then closes the door. I hear the shower running. The door soon opens and Margie peeks out holding a towel over her crotch while her other hand moves to cover part of a large bare globe. “Randy, honey, why don’t you get a shower too? See you in a few minutes.” I am mesmerized by the large exposed tit but I then she turns away. I think, “Jesus! My dad had told me this would happen last night but when I woke up this morning I thought it must have been a dream. Maybe it is but I am going with it!” I go to the other bathroom off the hallway and then return after my quickest shower ever with my dad’s fluffy white cotton bathrobe covering my naked body. I can see some water that I missed drying off. I sit down on the crisp white sheets on the bed in the master bedroom and pull the robe over my lap so I won’t be embarrassed. About when I turned 16, when my mother was alive, I started to have more confidence in the size of my penis and testicles. So at night before showering I scurried nude into the bathroom just fast…

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