Surreptitious Love Ch. 125Surreptitious Love Ch. 125


Chapter 125 — Another sensual Escapade With Charlie’s Aunt

Charlie’s aunt Yen had allowed him to explore her body a bit further last week, and she had also agreed that we would drive out to the thermal springs west of town in a few days — where the two of them would, in all likelihood, finally consume their lust for each other properly. However, like she was too horny or had another intermediate stage in mind that neither Charlie nor I were aware of, she invited us to briefly come over to her house for one more rousing late-morning rumpus. Any day before lunch would be fine, she had said. As bold and daring the incest with her nephew was, perhaps her husband had switched shifts, and so the coast would be clear for some more titillating play.

Last week, we had originally agreed on a sensual massage but then had ended up in bed together, after Charlie and I had watched Yen undress in her daughter’s bedroom with the door ajar. While I had been fucking her from behind, she had given Charlie a proper blowjob — which she rarely did — after which he had splashed his cum onto her flawless breasts. Before we got up again, Charlie then had buried his head in his aunt’s lap, while she had been stroking his cock some more. I would never forget the sight of his face completely ensconced between her gorgeous thighs — and the whitish moustache he was sporting after he had come up again from his deep-sea dive. Those ten minutes had truly seemed like Charlie had finally arrived at the end of his dreams.

I was a bit surprised that Yen insisted we come around for one more quick rumpus this week, as we actually had seemed all set for the big day of the consummation of their incest at the hot springs. Yen hadn’t explicitly stated yet that she would allow her 18-year-old nephew to bang her there, but we all assumed that that was just a given. Yen was about 46 or 47 and extremely good-looking, especially for her age, on top of being kind, charming, smart, and sophisticated. But perhaps she had had one more idea for a very special massage or something that she wanted to try? Or was it that the hormonal turmoil of her impending menopause made her extremely horny? Anyway, Charlie and I would play along and do our best to satisfy her marvelous whims.

To add to the excitement, I bought a special surprise for dessert, before I met Charlie at the corner to her small alley again. Unlike last week, today, he had been the first to arrive, but I still smoked a ciggie, as I didn’t want to do that at his divine aunt’s home, although her husband smoked, too. In the end, Charlie went ahead to open the gate to her house and then waited until I had driven into the compound, before he swiftly closed the gate behind me. Unlike last week, Yen didn’t step out of her house but hollered something from the living room or kitchen, to which she invited us as soon as we had entered her home, where she was, somewhat surprisingly, standing at the stove, preparing a quick early lunch.

It was just after ten-thirty, but the Vietnamese liked eating early to take a long nap afterwards. I asked Yen if I could put the dessert I had brought in the fridge, hoping that she wouldn’t think I was criticizing her for not feeding us enough. But she just smiled and added charmingly that that would not have been necessary. Really. Perhaps to gain a different perspective today, Charlie and I switched seats and sat down at the opposite ends of the oval table, again with our backs against the wall behind us, facing the counter and our glorious mature friend. Yen seemed super-chipper, as she was putting the finishing touches on the food she was preparing.

It looked like she was making spring rolls, which would either be filled with meat, fish, or tofu — as she was Buddhist, perhaps the latter. Either way, they would taste good. She was an excellent cook, who had prepared several simple meals for us in the past. As she was right in our field of vision, Charlie and I both admired her dexterous, nimble movements and her stunning form. She was wearing a rakish dark-blue skirt with a floral pattern printed on it, which ended about four inches above her knees. Her sleeveless light blouse had a surprisingly stiff collar, but the whole arrangement was balanced by the fact that the two buttons close to her neck were already open. I didn’t know about Charlie, but I was able to spot her bra-fastener on her back.

Charlie asked her something, which prompted her to turn around and laugh. She was blushing like a young girl, but her read face could also have been caused by the hot stove. But, yes, she seemed in exceedingly good spirits again, and I asked Charlie if he had talked to her since the last time we had been here.

“Yeah, a bit …” he admitted hesitatingly.

Well, it sounded like he wanted to keep to himself what about. Perhaps they had outlined again how far he was allowed to go today or what they would do the following week at the Onsen-like baths at the thermal springs. Or would they just do it today?! After the lunch, we would almost certainly go upstairs again, where there were a large bathroom with a kaliteli gaziantep escort massage table as well as Linh’s bedroom. Yen’s daughter was a med student in Hanoi, where she excelled, making her parents proud.

When the spring rolls were done, Yen set the table, and we could see her décolleté when she bent forward, towards us, which was super unusual for Vietnam. But then, our whole visit here today was rather unusual, with some form of sexual intercourse and tantalizing sensual encounters between aunt and nephew looming. Of course, she was wearing a sexy outfit to begin the foreplay right from the get-go. Knowing Charlie, his young cock was probably pumping already. The previous week, Yen had actually jerked him off, right here on the chair on which I was sitting today, before we had gone up to the second floor, where we had watched her undress, peeping through the ajar bedroom door, like I just said, before we had raided her.

Now, she was bending forward in front of us again, and I spotted her bra-strap as well as the upper half of her boob, but I couldn’t be sure if Charlie had seen it too from over where he was sitting but, man, looked she enticing! Her light, thin skirt was swinging seductively around her immaculate thighs, and I imagined I had caught a whiff of lotion or skin cream. I was sure the smell under said skirt was beguiling, too.

Anyway, she sat down now at the longer side of the oval table and pointed at the large plate with the fresh spring rolls. We pitched in, and she asked Charlie what food we had brought. Since he didn’t know, he only shrugged shoulders, but I told them it would remain a secret until after lunch. I was worried for a second again that she may view the fact that I had bought something as some passive-aggressive hint that I didn’t like that she had only fed us cookies the previous week, but nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as she saw what was in the fridge, she would be delighted; at least, that’s what I was hoping. Still chewing, Charlie raised a legitimate concern, though:

“What if the thermal springs are still closed, because of Covid?!”

“I’m pretty sure I saw on Facebook a while back that they are in the process of reopening. But, sure, perhaps we should call in advance …” I replied. “Hoang used to work there; he would know …” I added.

Hoang, another member of our small orgy circle, was Thanh’s boyfriend, who also banged Nguyet once in a while when the opportunity presented itself. Charlie and Yen nodded, but he wondered if we couldn’t also meet at the vintage hotel, in case the hot springs weren’t open yet.

“Just ask your aunt, Charlie…?” I wanted to make sure.

He did, and she nodded, but not looking overly enthused. But, sexually, the two of them had reached the point-of-no-return last week, so that the location didn’t matter greatly. It truly seemed inevitable that they would do it. Soon. Very soon.

Their interaction was somewhat curious, though, as they didn’t act like they were in love with each other but more like Bonnie and Clyde, like a conspiring duo that wouldn’t let the world stop them from doing what they wanted the most. Sure, the odds were stacked against them, but they knew their intercourse proper had to happen — even though one doesn’t do such things. Once, maybe twice, and then three times per year, until he would have a steady girlfriend, perhaps. The thought that she might be too old one day — and me, too — we fanned away like a pestering horse fly.

Just like Charlie, Yen didn’t appear to actually view him as a relative. As his dad had been a pilot for decades, the family had lived in various places until seven months ago, and Charlie had fallen in love with her just last summer. Because of the whole Corona issue, Charlie’s family had relocated when his dad had found a new job at the local oil refinery. That’s why he was living in our small town now, even though he was attending college in Saigon, taking online classes at the moment.

“Are we gonna take someone with us to the hot springs? Hanh, Nguyet, or even Thuy?” I wanted to know.

Yen had gotten up in the meantime and was putting a few more fresh rolls onto the plate. Charlie asked her, and she turned around.

“She said that we will know later today …” he told me a tad cryptic.

Yen put the plate back onto the table, and I looked at her again, trying to gauge if she was completely ready to fuck with her nephew. Well, perhaps with a condom today — and then without one next week? Man, he had eaten her for close to ten minutes last week; if she wasn’t ready to get banged by Charlie, she would have never allowed him to revel her lap like that. We would see, but what could she have planned for today? Apart from her ravishing clothes, nothing was pointing at a sex-session in 30 minutes. Overall, the scene here looked rather innocent and bucolic, to be honest.

When we were done eating, she poured some more tea and took the dishes over to the sink, where she rinsed them a bit. She recalled that I was an avid smoker and got me gaziantep kaliteli escort an ashtray, just like last time, before she disappeared into the back of the house, perhaps to use the bathroom. Charlie went, too, when she was back, and as soon as I was done smoking, I completed the round, as it didn’t seem like we would piss onto each other today. That could wait until we were outside under the sun, the following week at the thermal springs or the old hotel. I wasn’t even sure if that was on their mind. Perhaps, but not at this stage in their relationship, while the fact that I was here probably ruled it out completely.

When I was back from the bathroom, I inquired, standing next to the fridge, if I they had room for a bit more food and requested soy sauce. They looked at me a little dumbfounded, but then Yen pointed at the corner of the counter, where I instantly saw the small red-and-yellow bottle. I reached inside the refrigerator and grabbed the small package, before I put it on the table and opened the knot at the top of the little plastic bag. I slowly took out the lime and the small tube of Wasabi horseradish, while the two of them were watching me. Their faces told me that they didn’t know where this was going, which I liked. I got a small, flat dish from the counter and a clean chopstick, but when I brought the semi-translucent Tupperware box to light, they still didn’t have a clue how this could facilitate our love-play.

Like a magician, I slowly opened the lid and let them peek inside.

“This looks like pussy!” Charlie exclaimed, before he laughed and smacked his mouth with one hand.

Yen perhaps knew what he had said, and now we were all looking at about ten ounces of raw tuna, without saying anything. We glanced at each other, and Yen may have had the same thought as Charlie. I certainly did, especially the way the sashimi was packed. Yen moved her chair towards me and then waved Charlie to sit closer to her at the longer end of the table. I got a knife from the counter to cut the lime but then decided to wait before I would mix the sauce. This tuna muscle meat here was awesome: dark-red and juicy, I almost expected it to twitch. There was a still a bit of blood, and, yes, sure, it looked like an open aroused pussy. I looked at Yen, who was holding her knees tightly together, like she was a tad trepidatious and didn’t know what to expect. I offered to mix the sauce now, unless…

“Oh, no, Wasabi is too strong for me,” Charlie interjected instantly.

I wasn’t sure if he knew where this was going or if he was telling the truth. Yen, on the other hand, contended that, basically, she was a vegetarian and didn’t want to eat meat during the first month of the new Lunar Year in particular.

“Well, Charlie you just said what the sashimi reminds you of… if the Wasabi is too hot, how about your aunt’s pussy juice?! Can you imagine to dunk a piece or two in your aunt’s divine snatch?”

His eyes widened, and he seemed to be pondering whether he should relay to her what I just had said. Perhaps it wasn’t entirely fair that I had brought the sashimi, hoping that Yen would just play along. But then, talking about it beforehand would have spoiled the fun and be plain awkward: ‘Hey, Yen, the sashimi we eat with your pussy juice?’ would indeed have been an odd question to ask. Our glorious mature friend still didn’t appear to know what was coming, but as I still wasn’t mixing the sauce, she perhaps thought that Charlie and I weren’t going to eat the tuna because she of her food choices.

I gingerly picked up one piece and put it on the lid. Yen asked if she shouldn’t get a plate, which was actually a great idea, as the fish — if she allowed us to roll it in her pussy — had better warm up a bit. After she sat down again, I nodded at her, her lap, and then at the fish, but she still seemed clueless, which I found utterly endearing. I couldn’t remember if it, originally, had been Nguyet’s or my idea, but at the beginning of our relationship, we had often spiced up our foreplay by rolling fresh tuna or fruit in her pussy. We had later done it with Thuy twice, too, during our first two threesomes, but then never again. Ever. Not with Tuyet, nor with Tina, Mira, Thanh, Anna nor any other of the endearing hot damsels I had rolled around in bed with. Which was strange, actually.

Charlie explained to his aunt now what the plan was. She blushed, before she pressed her skirt between her legs, like she wanted to refuse. Eventually, though, she laughed against the back of her hand and nodded. Jesus, was her relieved laughter sexy! She looked at Charlie, like was implicated in the plot, which he rightfully denied, before he pointed at me with his chin, like I was the culprit. Like a bashful maid, Yen reached under her skirt to take off her panties, which had always been one of my favorite gestures. She did kinda look like she had never done that before in the presence of others, which wasn’t true, of course. Eventually, she draped her underwear carefully over the bar between the legs of her chair. Apparently, gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan putting them the table would have been too much.

Now, Charlie and I were expecting her to pull up her skirt, but she didn’t, as she perhaps was still a bit embarrassed. Well, true, everything was rather unmitigated, but when she took the first piece to rub it between her labia under her skirt, I knew we had won. All three of us. Charlie pointed at me when Yen pulled the piece back out from under her garment, and I snapped after it like a hungry zoo animal. I still believed that slightly sour pussy juice was ideal for raw, fresh tuna. I had always known it. And, yes, also for fruit. The two of them were watching me how I was chewing the cherished, tasty morsel. Yen, of course, now took another, which she then tenderly put in her nephew’s mouth. We still had like ten pieces, and I was excited and delighted about the things to come. Charlie seemed to like it, too, and so she brushed a third one against her inner labia, which didn’t have a lot of juice on it, though, as I could already see when she procured it from under her skirt.

I didn’t want to complain, however, and so just looked around a bit, as I was chewing. Oh, Charlie looked chipper. He probably would have eaten anything that was doused in her bodily fluids, including her sweat. Now, she unbuttoned her blouse a bit more and invited Charlie to play with her boobs, so that her sauce production would get a boost, while she fed him a second piece of pussy-nectar-coated tuna. Hadn’t she been a vegetarian, we could have offered to jerk off on two or three pieces separately for her but, as far as I knew, cum didn’t taste all that great. And there were better things to do with it today.

The last piece she had prepared for Charlie had really been coated nicely, but the one that she was feeding me now was almost as good. A second ago, her ass had twitched, perhaps because the fish was still somewhat cold. Charlie was smacking his lips, perhaps he was already imagining licking, sucking, and pounding her pussy. When he had swallowed, they looked at each other and kissed for the first time, after which Yen looked around the room for some reason, while Charlie opened another button down her blouse.

Well, maybe she was afraid that the manna between her legs would not be sufficient for the remaining six or seven pieces? That wouldn’t be the end of the world, of course, but then all three of us were interested in escalading our rousing foreplay. As my cock was hurting in my pants, I took them off, together with my underwear and then draped the tips of my shirt into my groins. When Yen saw that move, she pushed Charlie gently away to lift her fine ass and pull her skirt out from under it. Now, we could see about an inch or two of her slightly hairy moist pussy under the hem. It didn’t look like she wanted to go further for now. She grabbed a new piece of fish, looked at my cock for a few seconds, rubbed the tuna between her labia and then offered it to me, before she quickly did the same for Charlie again.

In both cases, a long, dangling, viscous thread of pussy nectar had followed the treat almost to our mouths. We all were panting and wheezing, and I reached for her glorious naked thighs to crank up the juice production in her lap, while she reached back to the plate to get another morsel of fish, which Charlie snatched away from her snatch. It had been my turn, actually, but fair enough. He needed it more than I did. Now they kissed again, and Charlie reached down for her skirt to fold it back, up towards her belly, after which he grabbed her hand, though, like he was asking for forgiveness. She looked so hot with her elegant pussy and pubic mound exposed.

As I had an idea for the next step, I cleared the center of the table, before I got up and asked Yen to sit on it, near the edge. Hadn’t she looked around herself to find a better spot — somewhere where she could sit a bit higher? Anyway, she appeared skeptical as to how much weight the thing could carry or if it wouldn’t tip over, but when she had propped her upper body on her outstretched arms behind and next to her, Yen had found her balance and the perfect lewd posture. Charlie and I put our chairs near our goddess’s lap, while she blushed and laughed about the salaciousness of the whole scene. Happy that we had found the perfect arrangement for our beguiling game, Charlie relieved himself of his clothes, while I took a pair of chopsticks to prepare another piece of tuna for consumption.

I really took my time to coat the matchbox-sized piece between her slightly swollen pussy lips and then even played with her erect clit a bit. Yen had lifted her feet onto the table as well, so that her knees were pointing at the ceiling. Now that I thought about it, it was probably the first time ever that she was exposing her pussy like that. Yes, the last time we had been here, he had had his head buried between her legs, like I said, but then there hadn’t been as much light. The way she was sitting now directly before us was quite something and would have aroused any man. Hands down. I even spotted the opening of her urethra, but didn’t say anything to Charlie. They would meet, eventually. Charlie grabbed my chopsticks now and politely prepared one more piece of fish for himself. I asked Yen if she wanted to try one as well, but she only blushed endearingly and shook her head. While Charlie was chewing, he caressed the smooth insides of her thighs, as they were closer and within reach.

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