Surprised By Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 03Surprised By Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 03


We finished lunch and I unhooked the boat trailer from the suburban to get ready to go to Warsaw. I changed into my shorts and a t-shirt and turned on the GPS, punching in my to go location so it would map it out.

“You ready to go Linda?” I called.

“In a minute!” she called back a she crawled into her tent. I heard her rustling around inside the tent for several minutes before she came out and walked over to the truck.

“Can I come mom?” Emily asked.

“Sure honey!” Linda said killing any hope I had of messing around with Linda on this trip. The girls climbed into the truck, Linda in the front seat and Emily in the back, wearing her white bikini with some kind of skirt wrap. I jumped in and drove out, heading the thirty miles of 2 lane highway to get to Warsaw.

“So did you get a good look?” Linda asked once we hit the main highway.

“Huh?” I asked stunned.

“I asked if you got a good look?”

I was very confused. There were several possibilities and I wasn’t about to admit to any of them till I was sure what we were talking about, especially with her daughter in the back seat. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“You know very well what I mean. I know you were looking at my pussy the whole time you were pushing me up the boat ladder.” She said with a smug smile.

“Oh stop giving him such a hard time mother. You know damn well you fell on him on purpose!” Em said from the back seat.

“Well what did you expect, with him looking at me that way and all.”

“Oh lord mother. You wanted him to look as much as he wanted to look.”

“You should talk! Did you think I didn’t see you flashing your tits at him in the boat?”

“ME? You think I didn’t see you sneaking off into the woods years ago to go fuck like bunnies? What do you take me for mother? Last night you crawled back into the tent smelling like fresh sex! Who else would you be fucking besides Mr Mike? I’ve been trying to get him to fuck me for years. Hell, ever since I was nineteen and I saw him jacking off in the woods while he watched you changing!” Linda turned to look at me and I shrugged sheepishly, recalling a time when we were both changing into our swim suits in the woods and I had the good fortune of seeing her changing. “I’ve hugged him, tried to flash him, I almost walked in on him in the shower once. You think I didn’t know you would go to him to help you get rid of that picture of me mooning? I’ve done everything but strip in front of him pull him on top of me!”

“Emily!” her mother cried.

“Oh Mother! Don’t be such a prude. Tell me Mike, does my pussy look as good in person as it did in the picture?” She asked from the back seat as she put her feet up on the back of the seat, spreading her legs wide and pulling her swimsuit bottom aside for me to see her pussy, glistening with her juices.

“I don’t know what to say.” I said quietly. “I had no idea.”

“You mean you didn’t know I wanted you when I was hugging you and pressing my tits into you?”

“Hell Em. Sure your body turns me on! How couldn’t it? Hell, just looking at your pussy has me hard as a rock! Did I fantasize about it? Sure! But I never seriously considered it. I wouldn’t do that to our friendship.”

“You need to think less and fuck more!” Emily said, obviously angry.

In the mean time Linda was sitting half turned in the seat, trying to see her daughter.

“Do you really think I have been having sex with Mr Mike all these years?” She asked Emily over the seat back.

“Hell yes! I would have too if I could have gotten him to do it!”

“Well, we haven’t. Until last night it was a onetime thing! Have I teased him and wanted him to do it? Sure I did. I’ve gotten off lots of times pretending it was him, but it was just pretend. Do you know what would happen if Miss Nancy found out? It would ruin our friendship, and his marriage. It probably wouldn’t do us any good either.”

“Well, I don’t have any intention of saying anything.” Emily said. “You think I would do anything to hurt Mr Mike?”

“Not on purpose!” Linda said. “But all it takes is one little slip! Why do you think I didn’t try to have sex with him more since he found me in the woods that one day?”

“You didn’t plan that?”

“Heck no! I’d been going down there to get some privacy for weeks before that happened.”

“Well, you sure picked the right day to do it. You smelled like you got well screwed.”

“Oh god. If you içerenköy escort only knew.” She said, thinking back to that evening. “He was so big and so hard. It felt so good!”

“I bet.” Emily responded. “I snuck a peak at him at his house once while he was in the shower. It was all I could do to not climb in with him and get fucked right there! The cat pushed the bathroom door open and I could see him in the shower in the mirror. Then he turned the water off and pushed the curtain aside to dry off. God I came right then and there. If he would have looked he would have seen me standing in the hall with my pants around my ankles getting myself off. And that time I caught him jacking off in the woods. He didn’t know it but I came almost the same time he did. I thought he heard me but I ducked down behind the bush!” She said as if I wasn’t even there.

“I teased him lots of times.” Linda said. “One time he went into my bathroom while I was in the bedroom closet and he didn’t close the bedroom side door. I had been teasing him all afternoon and he stood there and jacked off smelling a pair of panties that I left in there hoping he’d find them. I had gotten off thinking about his dick and was so wet I had to go change.”

I didn’t know which made me more embarrassed, finding out that she had seen me jacking off, or finding out she caught me smelling her panties, or finding out that she left panties for me to find, or that they were talking about me like this with me sitting here. For the moment I was just going to keep quiet and find out what else I didn’t know.

“God mom! Why didn’t you try to fuck him before that?”

“Are you kidding? One day I heard him coming to fish and I stripped off my pj’s and was laying naked on my bed right in front of the open sliding door , but he didn’t come up on the porch! I was so frustrated that I sat on the porch naked and got myself off watching him fish. All he had to do was look up and he would have seen me there.”

“Wow!” Emily said with surprise. “I didn’t know you were that daring!”

“Not till you moved out. I have a big dildo in my drawer that I use thinking about how big and full he made me feel that night by the lake.”

“I’ve seen that one. I have a vibrator one that I use. It feels sooooo good.” She said putting her head back and rubbing her exposed pussy.

“I know he licks pussy too. But I haven’t had a chance to experience that yet.” Linda told Emily.

“I’m not surprised.” She said. “If he likes to sniff your undies then he’s definitely a pussy licker. God I wish I had thought to leave underwear out for him to find! That was genius.”

“OK you two. I’m still sitting here you know!” I said, starting to get a bit irritated.

“I know.” Emily said simply. “Gotten tired of looking at my pussy yet?”

“No!” I responded.

“Good!” she said as she pushed her panties off until they were hanging on one ankle and pulling up her top. “You can watch my tits too then!”

“Oh Em, that’s mean. How is he supposed to see you and drive at the same time?”

“Oh that’s nothing. I want him to fuck me so bad just thinking about it has me about ready to cum!”


“Oh Mother! Just chill!” she said as she began pushing her fingers in and out of her wet pussy. I looked in my mirror and saw her squeezing her tits while I heard her fingers spushing in and out of her pussy. “OH God!” she screamed as she began to buck in the seat, the whole truck smelling like sex as she came around her fingers.

“Oh god” I whispered as I tried to concentrate on my driving.

“Your turn mother!” she called breathlessly from the back seat. “God I needed that!”

“If you think I’m going to sit here and frig myself while he watches your crazy!” Linda said.

“That’s fine.” Emily said as she pulled her top back into place. It was a good thing we were about there, because I didn’t think I could handle the smell of sex much longer. Not because it was bad, but because it had me so turned on I was ready to pull over and fuck one of them right there on the side of the road. Five minutes later I pulled into the walmart parking lot.

“We’re here!” I called.

“Oh good.” Em said pulling her bottoms on and putting the wrap back around her hips. We all got out and headed into the store. I could still smell the sex on Emily’s hands, even at a few feet away. The girls looked kadıköy escort through the women’s section for a nice swim suit and decided on three to try on. They headed to the dressing rooms with me in tow. It took only a short time for her to come out in the tiny bikini that Emily picked. She looked pretty hot in it, but she didn’t feel comfortable. The second one was a modest one piece, but it was clear that she didn’t like the fit. More likely she didn’t like the lack of any way to flash me. The third however was different.

“I can’t come out in this!” She called to Emily from the curtained booth.

“Why not?”

“Because it shows too much!”

“Why don’t you come out and let Mr Mike see it.”

“I can’t!” She said as Emily walked down the isle of dressing rooms. She came to the one with Linda in it and pulled the curtain aside. One rule about women’s bathing suits is that you have to keep your underwear on. Now I understood why she went back into the tent to change. When Emily pulled her out of the dressing room for me to see, she was covered in three tiny triangles of cloth. Two covered her nipples, but certainly not much of her tits other than that. The third was a tiny piece between her legs. It was so small that it didn’t even cover the tiny thong panty that she had on, and that didn’t even cover all her pussy hair. She turned around and other than a few strings she looked naked, and she looked damn hot. No, there was no way she would wear that around anyone in public, but damn she looked hot. She finished turning around and then darted back into the changing room.

“I’ll go find another.” Em said as she walked past me, winking at me as she headed toward the swimwear. She exchanged two of the items she had for two more with the attendant and then joined me. “You should like this one.” She said with a grin. Linda stepped out in a bikini that looked almost like underwear and a really short skirt. It had a tube type top that had a string around the neck. It had a tiny skirt that when she lifted it up exposed a very brief pair of panties. She looked very hot, and she knew it. She twirled once and disappeared into the changing room. The last thing she came out in was a brown set that included an underwire strapless top and a pair of boy shorts. It looked like it would go good with her other brown top.

“Cool!” Emily said as Linda came out of the dressing room with her clothes back on, giving me no hint as to which they had decided on. “Now I think we should look at men’s suits.”

“Oh good idea!” Linda said, linking her arm in mine to steer me that way. The ladies picked out a tiny Speedo type bottom for me to try on. After looking at Linda trying on suits, I had a pretty significant hardon, which Emily kept teasing by backing her ass into it on purpose. They sent me off to the dressing room to try it on. I stripped down and pulled the material on and was not surprised by the fit. It was tight! It also wouldn’t cover more than half of my dick with it sticking up like it was.

“Sorry ladies, this isn’t going to work.” I called from the dressing room.

“Come on. Show us what it looks like.”

“Nope. I’d get arrested.” I called back.

“Fine then we’re coming to see it.” They said in unison. Fortunately I was the only guy in the guys dressing room, and there was no attendant, thankfully. Linda pulled the curtain aside and gave a low whistle as I stood there with half of my hard dick sticking out over the top of the suit.

“Sure would like to see what that looks like before he gets a hardon.” Linda whispered.

“I can fix that.” Emily said, stepping into the little changing room and pulling the curtain closed on us. She quickly knelt down in front of me and pulled the suit down to expose my dick and sucked my dick into her mouth. She went to work quickly and quietly sucking me. I had a great view of her in the mirrors in the little changing room as her head bobbed up and down my dick silently. I watched as she pushed her top up and began to play with her tits. It was more than enough after all the teasing and swimsuit modeling. I started to cum what felt like gallons into her mouth, trying hard to stifle a groan of pleasure. It was the first sex I had with her, ever, and it had to be in a public place. She continued to suck and lick my dick until it was soft and clean, and then she put me back into the tiny suit, kartal escort leaving the huge bulge of my recently blown dick on display. She fixed her top and pulled me out into the hallway for Linda to see.

“Oh my. No, he couldn’t wear that in public, but god he looks hot in it.”

“You have to get that Mr Mike.” Emily said as she rubbed the smooth material over my ass.

“I couldn’t ever wear it.”

“I know where you can wear it!” Linda said.

“I’m not buying this!” I said firmly.

We checked out at the front of the store. I ended up buying the brown swimsuit, and Linda bought the tiny bikini while Em bought the speedo for me. We piled back into the truck and headed up the highway to the campground.

“God I am so horney!” Linda said from the passenger seat.

“So why don’t you get changed into your new suit?” Emily called from the back.

“Here? On the road?”

“Sure? Who can see? Even if they did, they’re going the other way so fast that it wouldn’t make any difference.

“I suppose.” Linda said a little doubtfully. She reclined her seat a bit and pushed her shorts off her hips and down onto the floor. The next thing to go was her tiny thong panty. I tried to concentrate on the road as she pulled her shirt off and then leaned forward to undo the catch on her bra. In no time she was leaning back, completely naked. “God this does feel so naughty!” she said as she put her feet on the dashboard and let her legs spread wide. She was busy playing with the tags and strings holding the suit together when I just had to reach over and touch her. It was a bit of a stretch for my arm, but I managed to get my hand into her crotch and rub my fingers up and down her wet pussy.

“Ohhh that feels nice” she said as she scooted around to give me easier access. Before she was done moving she had one leg on my lap, the other hanging in the gap between the seats, with her pussy pointing at me, and her back to the door. I could easily stroke up and down her pussy with my thumb, paying close attention to her clit. “OH YES” she hissed through clenched teeth as I worked on her clit. “OHHHHHH” she cried as she arched her back, her body trembling in orgasm. After some seconds she leaned back down and relaxed, breathing heavily. “God I needed that!” she said. To my surprise she climbed onto her hands and knees and moved her head to my lap. “If my daughter can do this so can I.” she said as she pulled my rigid dick from my shorts as she pushed and shoved them and my underwear down to my thighs. She tentatively wrapped her mouth around the head of my dick and slowly began to slide up and down.

“Use your tongue and swirl it around too.” Emily coached. “Stroke with your hand and mouth tighter, and change suction too.”

“Oh god!” I groaned as I tried to keep the truck straight on the road. After everything that happened in the last few hours, there was no way I was going to last long. I reached a hand over and began stroking Linda’s back, all the way to her ass. I moved my arm down her side coming back up and found one of her hanging tits. I played with the tit with my right hand while I drove with my left. “I’m going to cum!” I called.

“Aim it at the side of your mouth so you don’t choke!” Emily coached as I groaned and started shooting cum into her mouth. Half a dozen shots later my dick slowed to a twitch while Linda worked at cleaning up what had leaked from her mouth. “Pretty damn good for a first time.” Emily said to her mom.

“Not too bad tasting. I expected it to be worse.” Linda said as she sat back down in the seat naked.

“You better think about putting some clothes on. We’re going to be back there in a few minutes.” I told them.

“Oh shit!” Linda said, scrambling for her clothes. She pulled her shirt on but left the bra behind and pulled on the tiny thong and shorts. She was dressed before we made the turn into the campground. The last thing to do was I had to pull my pants into place before I got out, which wasn’t hard to do. I didn’t see anyone in our campsite, so I figured they were down at the water. I opened the door of the truck and pulled my shorts up as I slid out of my seat. It only took me a minute to duck into my tent and change into my swim suit. I stepped out of my tent to head down to the lake, intent on getting into the water and getting the smell of sex off of me before my wife could smell it. I stopped momentarily in my tracks, Both Linda and Emily were standing in their tent naked, the door to the tent unzipped enough that I would have a clear view when I came out of my tent, which was facing theirs. It was only the fact that Linda had recently sucked me off that kept me from getting another hardon right there. They blew me a kiss and I headed for the water before it was wayyyyyy too late.

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