Surprise GoodnightSurprise Goodnight

Alexis Ren

Laying down for the night I curl into the blankets and find a comfortable position. It’s too bad I’m not in the least bit tired, I’ve run to my room to hide. I’ve been sitting on the sofa for the last two hours and for the entire time wanted to feel your hands on me. Maybe if I lay by myself I can relax and forget my urges for a time. Just as my eyes begin to drift closed I hear the door open and opening my eyes, I watch you silently walking toward me. Looking up at you I wait to see what you‘ll do, as you help me sit up onto almanbahis my knees before you I bite my lip wondering what you plan to do to me. I don’t have time to come up with an idea, my thoughts disappear as you seal your lips around my nipple and suck teasingly. Your hand has moved to my other breast pinching and rolling the sensitive nipple the contrasting touches causing my brain to shut down. I can do nothing but squirm and gasp, my hands now hold the back of your neck gently urging you to continue. Each touch of your teeth almanbahis yeni giriş and tongue shoots a wave of pleasure through my body, within seconds all I know is your touch and that I want more of it. As if you can read my mind your hand stops caressing my breast and slides slowly down my stomach pausing briefly when you find I’m completely naked.“Lay down face up,” you growl. Moving quickly I do as you said and feel your hands grip my hips before you pull me up, a small moan slips past my lips when I feel your almanbahis giriş hot breath teasing my clit. My back arches suddenly as you suck my clit into your mouth and tighten your grip letting your nails bite into my skin. Releasing my clit you begin to lick and suck my aching pussy pushing me until I’m whimpering with need. Lowering me back to the bed you guide me to my stomach letting me rest for a moment before bringing me up to my hands and knees. Pulling my hips you bring my ass flush against you; I can feel your erection against my ass hard and ready as my pussy gets wetter in anticipation. Yelping in surprise I’m refocused on you, leaning over me your mouth hovers over my back where I now suspect is a bite mark.“That was just to get your attention.

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