Summer 9Summer 9


I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself. A little background or something… But you don’t really want to know about me. You want to know about Summer, right?We met… well, that’s kind of boring too. Let’s just say we met at an event. Or rather, that’s the first time we met as adults. I found out later that she was my niece. Long story short, I didn’t care much for my family. Feeling was mutual, so I didn’t bother keeping in touch. Last time I’d seen her was at her birthday party. She was turning ten. She giggled a lot and she liked to read. I hadn’t really thought of her since. Like I said, I didn’t really get along with my family…Boring stuff, right? Right now, I’m living in a large town in the south of France by myself. Or I was until about two weeks ago. That’s when she showed up at a small art exhibition I was featured in. Like I said, at the time, I didn’t know who she was. All I knew was she was pretty. Really pretty. Maybe not drop-dead gorgeous, but for me, she ticked all the right buttons. Strawberry blonde hair. Green eyes. A really nice smile that seemed genuine. A nice laugh. Slim with just enough curve to the hip. Small breasts. I was a sucker for small tits. Can’t really tell you why, but hers were perfectly shaped. Perky, too. She was probably about twenty. Too young for me to have a chance with her, but damn, not too young to fantasize about.I didn’t get a chance to talk with her much, but we did exchange a few sentences. She seemed intelligent, if a bit naïve. A little shy, but nice. With her looks she could have gotten away with being stuck up, you know? But I didn’t get that feeling. She liked my art. Another plus. God, I wanted to ask her out for drinks. Or take her back to my place and fuck her. I didn’t, though. I didn’t think she was giving out that vibe, so I just talked a little about my work and that was that. Later that night I admit she featured prominently escort bayan in my fantasies as I wanked off in my bedroom, imagining her lips wrapped around my cock.  And again the next morning.  I might be nearing forty, but I still had the stamina of a young man. Besides, it had been a while since I’d been with anyone or even wanted someone as badly as I wanted the unnamed blonde girl. I spent the day regretting that I hadn’t hit on her or at least got her number.  Funny how things worked out…I ran into her a couple of days later. It wasn’t some sort of serendipitous accidental meeting. There was a knock on the door, I opened it, and there she was, looking… amazing. Not the kind of amazing that someone puts a lot of work into. She didn’t need to work at it at all. She was wearing a sundress and a sun hat and no bra. That wasn’t a guess. Her nipples made lovely dents in the cotton. She looked a little nervous.  It was cute, really.“Hi,” she said.“Hello.” I replied, thinking to myself, ‘If you had any idea how badly I want to fuck you right now, you’d probably run screaming.’“You probably don’t remember me…”“Sure I do. From the gallery..”“Yeah, but I mean…” A pause. Sometimes it pays to know when to keep silent, so I just stood there patiently, waiting for her, curious.“I’m Summer. Your niece.”“Oh.” Oh fuck.“You don’t remember me.”“Of course I do. You’re not… well, I remember you. Just not… like this.”“Like this?”“Like… grown up,” I managed, feeling lame.She laughed. It was delightful. “Can I come in?”That broke the ice. I chuckled, opening the door wider.“Of course. I wasn’t expecting company. You took me by surprise.”“I wasn’t sure I was going to…” she lifted her slim shoulder in sort of a shrug. “I mean, I barely remember you. Mom pretends you don’t exist.”I laughed at that. “She’s probably not the only one.”“Yeah, well…”“Come in. Coffee? Lunch?”“Sure.”We talked. She asked questions. kocaeli escort bayan I asked questions. It was nice. I did my best to stop thinking dirty thoughts about her – she was family, after all – but it was… difficult. It didn’t help that she seemed sweet. Nice. She was too young for me, too. I felt like a dirty old man and I wasn’t even that old. Twenty or so years ahead of her, is all. Old enough, though.  She surprised me again (that would become a theme with her: surprising me).“Be okay if I stayed here a few days? I mean, get to know you? I was going to Italy after this, but it’s all kind of loose. Playing it by ear, you know?”“Sure. I have an extra bedroom. Sort of.”“Sort of?”“Sort of. More of a storage space. It has a bed.”“I could just sleep on the couch.”“Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll just move a few things around. Where’s your stuff?”“Back at the hotel. I walked here. It’s a nice day.”“I’ll help you. Call a taxi. Get you settled.”“Okay. Thanks, Uncle Noel. This is great.”“Yeah, it is.” So are your tits, I thought, unable to help myself. Wisely, I kept that thought to myself and did my best no to leer at her ass when she excused herself and went into the bathroom. God, she had a tight ass. Not sure where she got it from. My sister, her mother, had never looked this good. Dad’s side of the family?  Possibly.It didn’t take long to collect her things, check her out, and move her in. She traveled light. Just a small suitcase and a handbag. To be that free and untethered again I thought with a pang of nostalgia.I rearranged the spare bedroom for her and just like that, I had a temporary roommate. It would be nice, I decided, having company. Little did I know how nice, although I began to suspect shortly after dinner which I cooked, something I’m quite good at. Afterwards, I poured some wine and we sat around in the living room, catching up. It kocaeli escort was obvious that she wasn’t exactly eager to go home.“Mom drives me crazy. Dad too. It’s all about being successful, you know?”“All too well,” I chuckled.“Yeah, well, they’re driving me crazy, so I talked them into letting me travel a bit.”There was a long pause. Not awkward. Comfortable. I found that I liked her. Not because she was pretty or hot or my niece, but just because she was likable.“I found your address. Just in case. I was curious. You just sort of disappeared. I mean, there’s the odd Christmas card but… so here I am. You get high?”I laughed at that. “Sometimes, yeah.”“You want to get high with me?” she asked, a hint of hesitation in her voice. It was endearing, really.“Sure.”“Tin in the cupboard to the left of the sink.”I would have gotten it myself, but I’d had just enough to drink that I really wanted to sit here and watch her ass as she went to find my stash. A quarter of an hour later, we were kind of stoned. Okay, I was kind of stoned. She was very stoned. That’s when things got interesting.I was sitting on the love seat which is perpendicular to the couch so that they form an ‘L’ shape. She dropped the tin in my lap and sat, ankles crossed legs stretched out, sort of facing me, leaning back against a throw pillow, the light through the window turning her hair a soft gold and bringing out the red just a little bit more. The worst of it – or the best, depending on your point of view – was that, sitting as she was, her dress didn’t rise up quite enough to see what color panties she was wearing. Still, she had nice legs. Really nice legs. Her toenails were painted sky blue. She had cute toes. I decided that I liked being high and quietly admiring her, though, I thought, too much quiet might lead me to thinking of other things. Like how her nipples had become even more noticeable. Pretty sure it wasn’t hopeful thinking, either.“What happens when you get back?” I wondered.“Back?” She gave me a lopsided smile as she fiddled with a lighter and the pipe, taking a deep hit, holding it in, then slowly exhaling, coughing a little.“Home. You going to school?”

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