Sultry Music Ch. 02Sultry Music Ch. 02


This story is a continuation of Sultry Music. For best results, please read that part first. As you will notice in the first part, this story is told from the man’s perspective (not my usual).


We clung to one another tightly for many minutes, her pulsing slowing down and my member softening. I would never be able to sit on that tall stool at my breakfast counter again without remembering this moment. We were soaking wet from passion, our love’s fluids, and from sweat. I stood before her, holding her, calming her quivering and my own. She moaned softly, her head against my chest and her arms around my middle.

“Oh, John, that was amazing.”

“Yes, yes it was, Cat. You are really fantastic.”

“So are you,” she whispered. She pulled away and leaned back against the counter, her head tilted back. “Oh, that was fantastic. It still IS fantastic! I’m still having aftershocks!” She quivered all around me again, her legs unfolding from around my waist.

I must admit I chuckled at that, feeling good about myself, about us, well . . . just plain feeling good! I reached out my hand to stroke her face with the backs of my fingers. Her skin was so soft, smooth, and slightly damp with perspiration.

“I hope this was just the first set, Cat. I’d like to play this gig for a while longer.” I smiled down at her as her eyes slowly opened to look at me.

“MMMMmmmm. I like the sound of that, John.” She sat up, then, and I finally slid out of her warm, snug canal. My hand left her cheek to travel down her neck. She fairly purred as I found her breast. I turned my hand over to rub my palm over her nipple and was rewarded by an instant hardening. I pressed a little harder, squoze my fingers into her softness and she moaned deep in her throat. Her head went back again, eyes closed as she leaned back, her arms supporting her on the counter. My other hand found her other breast and mirrored the first. I was pleased by how quickly her nipples responded to my touch. My hands looked so dark against her pale flesh.

The soft light from that one small lamp in the corner gave me some delicious shadows for my erotic dance. I loved the dips my fingers made in her pliant tissue. She was truly a feast for all my senses. Her warm, soft skin fed my fingertip. Her soft vocalisations of pleasure fed my eager ears. Her pale smoothness contrasted strongly with my dark, roughened fingers and was a delicious treat for my eyes. The strong smell of satisfied desire billowed out from between us. I needed to know what her flesh tasted like.

I rotated my wrists slowly to cup my fingers under her large boobs. I lifted them gently, enjoying the weight and density of her. I leaned forward and lifted one breast up to meet my tongue. I ran my tongue over the top of her mound, loving the size. She sighed, deeply relaxed. As I flicked my tongue over her hard nipple she grunted, gripping the counter behind her now, and not so relaxed anymore. I smiled and flicked my tongue again.

“Oh, that is good, John,” she encouraged me.

“Cat,” I said softly while flicking my tongue over her other nipple. “Let’s go to bed. We’ll be more comfortable there.”

She looked up at me with smokey eyes that said yes. I stopped licking her gebze escort breasts and took her hand, helping her jump off the barstool. I led her upstairs to my room, and turned on the lights.

“Wait,” Cat said. “I need to use the bathroom.” She smiled sheepishly at me. I pointed out the open door and she went in, not bothering to shut it. I laughed and shook my head as I slowly gathered up the few clothes that were tossed on the end of my bed from earlier in the day. Silently thanking my mother for her silly gifts, I lit the candles that were on my dresser and turned out the lights. I smoothed out the sheets, folding the covers more neatly at the foot of the bed, and fluffed the pillows a bit. I was still fluffing when I heard her flush, and then her voice behind me.

“Oh, what a nice view, you bent over like that in the flickering light. You know, you have such a nice ass. I’ve admired it for a long time.”

I bent over further, leaning onto the bed. “Is this what you wanted to see, Cat?”

“Mmm, yes,” she said, walking up behind me and cupping one cheek in her small hand. “I’ve wanted to do this for months. Didn’t you notice me trying to flirt with you?”

“I just thought it was excellent customer service or something,” I said, straightening up and turning around. “You were always so professional and helpful, I didn’t want to risk offending you by making a pass.” I sat on the bed, pulling her to stand between my legs. She was so short, she was only a head taller than me while I was sitting. It was the perfect angle for me to enjoy her breasts some more. I licked under one breast, nudging it’s fullness out of the way with my cheek. “You taste so good, Cat. Your skin is delicious.”

She smiled down at me, riffling her fingers through my hair. I licked up between her globes, my fingers pressing into her shoulder blades. She smelled so strongly of our lovemaking I was already becoming erect again. I shifted a little to move my hardening cock between her legs. She smiled again, moving her legs seductively against my growing hardness.

“I love the feel of your skin,” she said as she smoothed her fingers down over my neck, my shoulders, my back. “I love how you have little hairs everywhere.” She lightened her touch to feathers, teasing my hairs and bringing up gooseflesh all over my body.

I groaned deeply and sucked one of her nipples deep into my mouth along with a good portion of her flesh. I sucked as hard as I could, enjoying her groan of pleasure. I loosened the suction a second to flick my tongue across her nipple inside my mouth, bouncing it up to the roof of my mouth over and over before sucking again. Her fingers dug into my back, letting me know I was doing well. She lost coherent speech as I continued to suckle and eat her breast. She was groaning and writhing within my arms, thrusting her pelvis out, pulling my head into her. Her nipple was rock hard and her breast seemed to engorge as well, so full and firm in my mouth. I held onto her tightly as I left that breast and attacked the other. Again I sucked in as much as I could fit, sucking hard and actually moaning deep in my throat again. This woman felt so good! This nipple was rock hard, too, and when göztepe escort I bounced it with my tongue she squealed and grabbed my shoulders tighter.

She thrust her hips forward, writhing, groaning against me. I held tightly to her back, my arms encircling her, holding her close to me. I came up for air, moving one hand up between her shoulder blades. My other hand went down to clench her butt, so full and womanly. My mind still reeled around the fact that I was finally touching this librarian in real life. She sighed deeply, catching her breath, and I realized we were both panting.

I moved my upper hand around her body, bringing it down over her hip, sliding over her thigh. My hand cupped her wet mound again, so different at this angle from before. She was dripping with our combined juices. I was amazed at how hot this woman was, and how responsive. I sat up straight and tugged slightly on her flesh, inviting her to sit in my lap. She, instead, sat next to me on the bed, opening her legs to accomodated my eager hand. I twisted to her, my lips hungry for her mouth again. She kissed me with her mouth wide open, also hungry, and our tongues wrestled while my hand slowly began to move.

With one finger I traced her wet pussy lips, dipping in between the hairs. Feeling the wetness, I looked down between us for a moment to see her hairs glistening in the candlelight. I leaned in closer to kiss her some more, repositioning my body and pushing her back so that I was laying on top of her. She wrapped her arms around me and ardently returned the kiss again. I loved the little noises she was making. Squeaks, moans, groans, sighs all kept me aware that she was enjoying what I was doing.

I cupped her whole mound again, squeezing firmly. I raked my fingers through her pubic hairs and tugged lightly. She squeaked and I stopped.

“I’m sorry, did that hurt?”

“Oh my gawd, no. That was fantastic. Please, do it again?” I tugged her hairs again, pulling her lips out as she gasped. “There is some kind of inner suction that builds and pops in my vulva when you do that. Oh, it’s amazing!” I tugged one more time, slowly, and she threw her head back and groaned. I loved this!

I dipped one finger between her lips and traced their shape, feeling in between all the wet folds and crevices. I wanted to know her shape completely. I supported my weight on one elbow and watched her body respond to my exploration. She laid back and put her arms above her head.

“I love how you touch me, John. That feels so good.”

“I’m glad you like it, hun. Just lay back and enjoy it, baby.” Her lips were swelling again, engorging and opening to my touch like a flower under the sun. She spread her legs and bent her knees, giving me an even better view. I traced around her inner folds as they lost their give to fullness, then back out to tease her hairs some more. Slowly, I worked my way closer to her nub. I purposefully avoided hitting it for a while, wanting to build the suspense for her, circling around and back out to her hairs, smoothing down the length of her slit. She reveled in the attention, trying unsuccessfully not to wriggle around. Finally, I started at the bottom of her slit, dipped haramidere escort quickly into the opening of her deep well, and swept up to land on her clit.

Her entire body jerked with response and she grunted. She arched her back as I started a slow tattoo against her bud. Her wet, swollen flower stood open, showcasing her clit and begging for more attention. I slid down the length of her body to get a closer look and could not resist licking her. I moved my hand momentarily so that my tongue could lave her properly. From the back, just beyond her vagina, up to her clit I licked. Long, slow, firm licks, one after another. Then I added an extra flick of the tip of my tongue over her clit with each passing. Lick flick, lick flick, lick flick. She was grabbing fists full of pillow with each hand, encouraging me with little words and grunts.

I finally put my lips over and around her throbbing clit and sucked in, bringing her arousal between my gentle teeth. She came, then, screaming out, as I felt the moisture increase around my chin and every muscle in her body clench. I thrust one finger deep inside her, barely able to penetrate through her tight, grasping muscles. A second finger quickly accompanied the first, driving into her in her orgasm, hoping to increase her pleasure and keep her on that high. Sucking her clit, thrusting my fingers in, I knew she was still coming, and coming, and coming all around me. She was shouting now, screaming out words that had no meaning and every meaning. Yes’s and oh’s and gawd’s were interspersed with grunts and groans and howls. Despite the clenching, I continued my pursuit, turning my hand palm up and bending my fingertips inside her to find her gspot. Groping and still sucking on her clit, moving my body around to allow for her writhing, thrusting my fingers in, in, into her I finally found it. I know right when I found it, too, because she climaxed bigger than all the building had been. She gushed and flowed her sweet juices all over my hand, my face, my chest. She jerked and jolted and groaned so loudly I’m sure the neighbors heard her.

After a few minutes of that, she reached down and grabbed at my hand and head, breathlessly saying, “No, please. Please stop. Oh my gawd, please. Oh gawd. Enough!”

I pulled back quickly, concerned that I’d done something wrong. “I’m sorry, Cat. Are you ok?”

She laid back with one hand holding her own mound, her legs together tightly around her hand, her eyes closed, breathing deeply and still slowly writhing.

“Oh, John, no, that was wonderful. You did everything right.” She nearly wimpered out. I bent over her, carressing her, smoothing her hair, laying next to her, touching her the length of her body.

“It’s ok, Cat. You’re ok. Shhh. You’re ok.” I said all the soothing, comforting words I could think to say, whispering them kindly into her ear. She calmed, her breathing gradually slowed and she stopped writhing. I laid beside her, my cock rock hard again, holding her intimately like that. Soon she rolled onto her side to be the inside spoon to me. I laid behind her, my knees bent behind hers, her butt cupped in my crotch, one arm wrapped around over her body, holding her tightly, her head resting on my other arm.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think we both nodded off to sleep.


I want to give special thanks to my friend and fellow author, Obscured, who gave me some little nit-picky suggestions. Thanks for picking my nits!

Please rate this story and let me know what you think! Better yet, you can leave comments or send feedback – it’s fun!

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