Sugar Cube Ch. 01Sugar Cube Ch. 01

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

This is just a flash story. Don’t take it too seriously.


Margot Murphy walked the nine blocks from Northside High School, to the small home she and her mother and step-father were renting. The eighteen year old felt the springtime pollen attacking her eyes, her sinuses, even her breathing.

Yes, they had pollen in Oldenburg, Arkansas, but they did not have the humidity coupled with it.

She saw an older woman, probably in her late forties, early fifties working in her garden. The blonde girl stopped and admired the woman’s flowers, even as her eyes watered and her nose ran.

“Look a little affected, you do,” the woman smiled.

She had an odd accent and Margot smiled, trying to guess where the woman might be from.

“Like the flowers, do you?” the woman asked and Margot nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, come on, let me introduce you,” the woman said.

Margot walked up and the woman pointed out the various flowers and then smiled as Margot again wiped at her eyes.

“Need you an antihistamine,” the woman said. “Probably a decongestant too, yeah?”

“Yeah; but took the last one this morning,” Margot remembered.

“Ah, well, got a few; come in,” the woman said and got to her feet.

When she stood up, Margot could see that she and the woman were very nearly the same height of five feet, five inches. They also had the same slightly chubby build.

“Oh, and my name’s Elena Mollenkay,” the woman said, offering a hand. “Come on in; I’ll get you a good one. Clear you right up. Only way I could work out here.”

“Where are you from?” Margot blurted out as she followed the woman into the small house.

“Tremblink, little burg of Poland,” Elena smiled, not offended by Margot’s direct question. “Moved here ten years ago; trying so hard get rid of the accent. Not working, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Margot agreed, looking around the small room.

It was a small living room, tastefully decorated with comfortable looking furniture.

“Get you glass of fruit punch,” Elena sang out. “My first day in America? Drank some, said ‘I don’t know what fruit this is but I love it!’ and that’s all I drink. Don’t even like the coffee, just fruit punch.”

“That’s fine,” Margot called back.

“Good, good, here, just one pill; take two? You’ll not be able to sleep tonight,” Elena said, returning with a small glass of red liquid and a pill.

“What is it?” Margot asked, squinting through her watery eyes to read the pill’s markings.

“Mother sends me stuff all the time from Poland,” Elena smiled as Margot shrugged and popped the pill into her mouth.

She drained her glass and thanked Ms. Mollenkay.

“No, no, we friends, you call me Elena and I call you Margot, okay?” Elena smiled and gestured toward the couch.

Margot sat down. The couch seemed fairly new. It did not sag in one direction, did not have a musty mildewed smell to it.

“You are student at that school over there?” Elena asked, sitting down on the other end of the couch.

“Yes ma’am, fixing to graduate,” Margot agreed. “So what you do?”

“Me? I do nothing,” Elena smiled widely. “See, in Tremblink? I married Joseph Mollenkay, the big movie maker. Terrible movies too. All about girls with big breasts getting killed, so much blood. Finally I say ‘I want divorce’ and he says okay and I move here.”

Margot saw a magazine on the coffee table and turned to look at it. Her light blonde eyebrows shot up when she recognized that it was an issue of Parasols magazine, an adult magazine that primarily featured nude women.

“I’ll be back; need to tinkle,” Elena announced and left the room.

Margot looked at the cover of the Parasols magazine. It showed a blonde woman with bright red lips, holding an open umbrella in front of herself. The bright red umbrella covered the model from just below her pubic mound to just above her nipples.

Elena returned just as Margot was reaching out to flip the magazine open.

“Um, why you have this?” she asked.

“Hmm? The magazine?” Elena asked, again sitting uşak escort on the couch. “I like the pictures; such beautiful women. Sugar cubes, all of them. You know what you do with sugar cubes?”

“Uh, no, I mean, you put them in coffee, I know that,” Margot stammered, looking at the cover of the magazine again.

“You pop sugar cubes in your mouth and just let them melt,” Elena giggled happily.

Margot looked over at the woman.

“And you are sugar cube. I see you walking to school in those jeans and I say oh I would love to eat her up, pop her in my mouth and let her just melt,” Elena admitted.

“Wait, what?” Margot asked, surprised.

“Because she was chubby, she did not see herself as a ‘sugar cube’ at all. The three dates she’d had since arriving in Bender, Louisiana, she’d only had because she let the two eighteen year old boys and one thirty one year old man fuck her.

“Oh, and now you want to leave, yeah?” Elena asked, studying Margot’s face.

“I uh, no, but uh,” Margot stammered.

“Or maybe you stay and I show you?” Elena asked hopefully.

“Show me what?” Margot asked stupidly.

Elena leaned over and kissed Margot on her stunned lips.

“Hey, I uh…” Margot said, and then Elena kissed her again.

At first Margot was too stunned to really respond. Elena’s tongue was entering her mouth; Elena’s right hand was squeezing her breasts when Elena’s left hand was squeezing her pudgy buttocks through her too tight jeans.

She reached up a hand to push Elena away, but the hand grazed Elena’s soft breast. Margot realized, the woman was not wearing a bra under the loose tee shirt she wore. Her nipple was a hard point.

“Oh, you are delicious,” Elena murmured and toyed with a button on Margot’s blouse.

She then grabbed both of Margot’s hands and pressed them firmly against her soft breasts.

“Here, you pull on them, yeah? Hard, I like it hard, yeah?” Elena husked and again kissed Margot.

Sex with Margot had always been a means to an end. She didn’t want to sit at home, listen to her step-father and her mother fight, or have sex, or fight and have sex. So, to get out of the house she put out.

Yes, sex was pleasurable, but if the next guy said he didn’t want her to suck his cock, she wouldn’t miss it. If the next guy said he didn’t want to fuck her, she wouldn’t miss it.

So, Margot did pull on Elena’s nipples. The harder she pulled on them, the more passionate Elena’s kisses

And gropes grew.

“Oh, yeah,” Elena finally groaned when Margot was afraid she’d pull the woman’s nipples off.

“Here, you bite them, yeah?” Elena begged, pulling her tee shirt off and flinging it to the floor.

Margot did bend and take one of Elena’s nipples into her mouth. For a moment, she sucked and tongued the woman’s rubbery flesh, then bit down lightly.

“Harder, please,” Elena husked digging a hand into the front of her nylon shorts.

Margot bit down and pulled her head back slightly. Elena pushed her nylon shorts and cotton panties down to mid-thigh and rubbed her very hairy pussy.

“Uh, oh yeah,” Elena cried out. “Other one, yeah?”

Again, Margot bit down hard and tugged at Elena’s large light brown nipple as Elena rubbed her pussy.

“Oh yeah!” Elena crowed as she reached orgasm.

She then kissed Margot again.

“Here, I do you, yeah? Don’t worry, I don’t treat sugar cubes hard,” Elena said, unbuttoning Margot’s blouse.

She sucked and licked Margot’s light pink nipples until Margo was squirming in her snug jeans. Most guys just grabbed and squeezed her breasts. Elena, however, was making love to her breasts.

“You virgin?” Elena asked as she unsnapped Margot’s jeans.

“Not hardly,” Margot snorted.

“Good, good, no cherry,” Elena agreed as she stripped out of her nylon shorts and cotton panties.

She pulled Margot’s jeans down and off, pushing Margot’s flip-flops under the coffee table.

Oh, sweet, sugar cube,” Elena praised Margot’s shaved pussy.

She then leaned Margot back until Margot’s shoulders were resting against the arm of the couch.

“Pussy smells so good,” Elena praised, sniffing Margot’s wet pussy.

Then she licked up and down the puffy slit. Again, Margot squirmed; the woman’s mouth was driving her crazy.

Elena then used her thumbs to pry Margot’s tight little slit open. Her tongue delved into Margot’s pussy, tasting the girl’s sweetness.

Margot cried out when Elena finally reached her clitoris and Elena drove two fingers into Margot, fucking her pussy while she sucked and licked Margot’s juices.

She sucked and fingered Margot to three orgasms, then nibbled on Margot’s pudgy belly, making Margot laugh.

A clock chimed and Elena said she needed to get ready and urged Margot to dress and leave. She didn’t say what she needed to get ready for, just urged Margot to hurry.

The next day, Dwight, one of the boys she’d dated and fucked, swaggered up and asked Margot if she’d like to go out. She stared at his crotch for a long moment, then at his no longer smirking face and shook her head no.

“No thanks,” Margot sneered and he slunk away.

Margot then left school and walked toward her home. The gay flowers in front of Elena’s house beckoned to her and Margot walked up the walkway.

“Hi, sugar cube,” Elena said happily when Margot knocked on her door.

“Hi,” Margot smiled and Elena pulled her into the living room.

Again, Elena got one of her antihistamine tablets and a small fruit punch for Margot, and then they sat on the couch and kissed.

Then Elena got them each a can of beer and they drank, talked, and kissed.

“I am so dirty,” Elena announced as Margot finished her beer.

“Huh? What you mean?” Margot asked.

“I kiss you and taste you like a sugar cube,” Elena rubbed Margot’s thigh.

“Uh huh,” Margot agreed, giggling slightly, somewhat drunk.

“But me? Don’t treat me like sugar cube. Bite me, pull on me,” Elena said.

“Okay,” Margot agreed.

Elena helped Margot out of her clothing as she stripped out of her own nylon shorts and billowing tee shirt. Then she licked and sucked Margot to orgasm.

“And now you,” Elena demanded, leaning back against the opposite arm rest of the couch.

Margot remembered that Elena liked having her nipples treated quite roughly so did bite down on them and tugged them.

“Elena’s pussy was covered by a very thick forest of blonde curls and Margot had to use her thumbs to part the thick curls.

“No, no, use your teeth,” Elena moaned as Margot started to lick up and down the very wet slit

Margot began by lightly biting the woman’s fleshy pussy lips, and then bit down a little harder and Elena groaned appreciatively.

“Oh yeah, yeah, oh that’s good,” Elena encouraged as Margot tugged on her lips and bit down even harder.

Elena squealed in orgasm as Margot bit down on her clitoris.

“Hard, yeah hard,” Elena encouraged and Margot was afraid she was going to bite the tender flesh off.

Finally, Elena pushed Margot’s head away and lay, trying to catch her breath.

“Oh, sugar cube,” she gasped.

“I got to pee,” Margot suddenly announced.

“Oh?” Elena said eyes wide with excitement.

“Yeah,” Margot agreed.

“Come, this way,” Elena grabbed Margot’s hand and pulled her toward the bathroom.

Inside the room, Margot tried to veer toward the toilet, but Elena dragged her to the large cast iron tub.

“I lay down; you pee on my pussy, yeah?” Elena ordered as she clambered into the tub.

“Wait, what? Do what?” Margot asked, staring as Elena reached down and spread her own pussy wide with her hands.

“Pee on my pussy,” Elena repeated.

Margot got into the tub, squatted over Elena’s prone body, facing away, and tried to relax her bladder.

It took a moment, but then a few spurts of hot urine splashed out. After the first spurts, Margot found it hard to stop and the urine splashed out. Elena squealed in delight as the hot, acrid pee splashed down on her crotch.

When she was finished, Margot used the tub’s faucet to clean her feet of her own urine while Elena lay, rubbing her pussy frantically.

“Oh, and now I pee,” Elena cried out as Margot climbed out of the large tub.

Margot was already dressed and gone by the time Elena climbed out of the tub.

Margot did not come over for a week and Elena had resigned herself to having to find a sugar cube on the Internet. The local university did have a web site and that web site did have a ‘Personals’ column but most of the women seeking women were looking for women around their own age, eighteen to twenty four, not a forty seven year old woman.

Then Margot knocked on the door.

“Hi sugar cube!” Elena happily greeted her.

“Hi,” Margot smiled.

“Drink some beer?” Elena suggested, already getting the cans of beer out of the refrigerator.

As they drank the beers, Elena encouraged Margot to ball up her chubby hand and fist her. Margot was amazed, watching her entire hand slide in and out of Elena’s splayed pussy. When she bent and bit down on Elena’s hard clitoris, Elena screamed and nearly blacked out.

“I got to pee,” Margot announced when Elena roused herself.

“Oh, good, good, come,” Elena said, pulling Margot’s fist out of her pussy.

Margot squatted over Elena’s prone body and relaxed her bladder. This time it did not take as long for her to begin urinating.

Elena groaned with delight as Margot’s urine splashed directly onto her clitoris and she screamed in orgasm after a moment of the hot acrid pee splashing down on her.

Again, though, by the time Elena crawled out of the tub, Margot was gone.

She smiled, though. On the couch were Margot’s black panties. Elena brought the panties to her face and smiled wider. The crotch smelled sweet, just like Margot.

Margot’s period kept her away for the next week. She wasn’t sure if Elena was dirty enough to be into menstrual sex, but Margot knew for certain she wasn’t.

Graduation was only a week away when she knocked on Elena’s door.

“Oh, hi sugar cube,” Elena smiled sadly when she opened the door.

“Hi; you been crying?” Margot asked, seeing Elena’s red, puffy eyes and splotchy face.

“My mother; she is very sick, may not live,” Elena broke down in sobs.

Margot hugged the woman and held her as she cried.

“But I am glad you’re here, come, come, I have something for you,” Elena said and pulled Margot into the small kitchen.

Margot could see that Elena had been packing; there were half full boxes and flattened boxes strewn everywhere.

On the small table were some papers. Elena pulled Margot into a chair and indicated where Margot should sign the pages.

“I’m going back to Poland; I can’t take my house or my car with me so I’m giving it to you,” Elena explained.

“You’re what?” Margot said, shocked.

“I cannot take house or car and it would take forever to sell them, so…” Elena said, taking the papers from Margot.

They drank a couple of beers, both shed a few tears, and then Elena pushed Margot out the door so she could finish packing.

Margot received title and deed, as well as the keys to house and car the day after she graduated from Northside High School. That same day, Glen, her step-father had announced that he’d been fired from King Sanitation (he gave some highly implausible reason). He and Margot’s mother would be moving to his hometown of Caspar, Wyoming.

“Not me,” Margot said. “I’m planning on going to U.L.D. here; I’m already enrolled for fifteen hours.”

“Fine, fat ass bitch,” Glen sneered. “Good luck finding a place to live; I’ve already stopped payment on the rent.”

“Oh, okay,” Margot shrugged and grabbed some of the boxes they still had from when they’d moved into the rental house.

During the summer, Margot got a job working at A&A Soaps and lived as frugally as possible. When the fall semester at the University of Louisiana at DeGarde started up, she got two girls to move in as paying tenants. She charged them two hundred and fifty a month, which paid her utilities, insurance and taxes on the small house and almost brand new Smart Car. Her part time job with Super One Foods grocery store paid her other bills.

She continued receiving the monthly issues of Parasols magazine; Elena must have had a yearlong subscription.

“Ew, why you get that?” Robin, one of the girls asked as she saw the magazine among the day’s mail.

“All the sugar cubes in it,” Margot smiled, taking the magazine into her bedroom.

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