Such A Sweet SensationSuch A Sweet Sensation


Licking my lipsI want to taste youSuck you offAnd devastate youLeaning downI suck the tipSlowly tracing youWith my lipsMy pussy is wetI tongue your slitI reach downAnd stroke my clitGetting the wetnessOn my fingersAll over my handSo it lingersI reach upFist your dickStroke isveçbahis up and downMaking you slickMy mouth surrounds youI lick and suckYou thrust up and downLike you want to fuckMy hand rubbingWanking you offCoating my wetnessAll over your cockI lean downSuck isveçbahis giriş you deepTasting us bothUp down and repeatI feel you thrustingI’m salivatingSoon for meYour cum I’ll be tastingRubbing my clitI’m almost there tooI really wantTo cum with youBlowing isveçbahis yeni giriş your loadWhile I screamFilling my mouthWith your hot creamI’ll swallow Every single dropGive it to meGive me all you’ve gotPussy clenchingPleasure vibratingCumming so hardSuch a sweet sensation Feeling you stiffen Your cock is throbbing  The cum inside you I’ll soon be robbing Pumping my face As hard as can be You blow your load Deep inside me I lick and swollow Taste all of you Smiles at you Now the fucking’s due.

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