Succulent Desires Chapter 9Succulent Desires Chapter 9

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Alice awoke to Missa’s lips on her nipples, and Aidan’s hands scratching up her hips. Moaning awake, Alice pushed her hips back into Aidan’s groin as she registered the sensations and attempted to regain consciousness. Alice ran a hand through Missa’s hair before grabbing a hold of it and pulling her head off her breasts. Smiling at her, Alice pushed Missa’s head towards her pussy and lifted her leg to rest on top of Aidan’s thigh. Then Alice reached a hand back to scratch Aidan’s hips and massage his hardening cock almanbahis so he could insert it into her ass while Missa licked and fingered her pussy. Alice twisted her head enough to kiss Aidan as his cock slowly slid into her ass. Alice helped by rotating her hips back onto him, gently allowing her muscles to suck his cock into her ass and moaned into his mouth. One hand was maneuvering Missa’s head by using her hair, and the other was scratching any amount of flesh Alice’s hand could land on. Alice removed almanbahis yeni giriş her lips from Aidan so she could speak, “Put two fingers in my pussy Missa.” Moaning as Aidan’s cock entered her further and further while Missa’s fingers filled her pussy, Alice ground her hips and gripped on Missa’s hair harder. Alice’s body trembled and spasmed as Missa flicked her clit with her tongue and began to suck on it. Alice wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself and allowed them to make her orgasm. She could almanbahis giriş no longer form any coherent thoughts or direct Missa in what to do, but Missa seemed to be enjoyed touching Alice and figuring out what would make her jump, scream, and moan. As Alice’s muscles clenched in orgasm, Missa’s fingers were pushed out, as was Aidan’s cock a little. Aidan was prepared when he realized Alice’s breath was catching in the back of her throat, so he placed a hand on her hip and thrust back into her harder while pulling her hip towards him. As Alice’s body bucked and clenched with her orgasm it seemed as if her breathing stopped, but as she gasped in for more air her hand dug in harder to Aidan’s flesh while the other grasped harder upon Missa’s hair.

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