Studying Hard Ch. 03Studying Hard Ch. 03


The sound of laughter and praise echoed through the campus common. Peter and Ashley camped on a short brick wall on the edge of the quad, enjoying their first hour of fall break in the unusually warm October morning. The sky was cloudless and the leaves around them were a mix of red and yellow, which was a beautiful contrast.

Ashley was laying on the wall with her head in Peter’s lap while he stroked her short blonde hair. These small moments of contact had become rather important for him, and he cherished every moment of their young love.

Nearly two weeks had passed since Peter and Ashley had pronounced their love for each other. Both of them had had a lot of school work between then and now, including several exams and papers. In between their studying, they found plenty of time to spend together.

Normally it would be Friday when they would be casually sitting outside after all of their classes, but it was fall break for the college and the last day of classes for the week were on Wednesday. So that was how the students all found themselves much more stress free in the middle of the week.

Peter’s relationship with Ashley did not diminish that of his relationship with his Aunt Julia. Their love had also only recently been pronounced, at least in the way that love works when intimacy is involved. It had been nearly four weeks since he had begun ‘studying’ with his aunt. This ‘studying’ was sometimes legitimate, but often it also meant that they were having sex. He continued to visit her house during the past couple of weeks, ensuring her that even a match with someone like Ashley could not keep his dick out of his aunt.

His third relationship, which was in a new stage of development, was with his mother. He had struggled to internally confess his love for her, but found it easy once he discovered that she had loved him in return. Both of them were cautious but willing to love each other in a way that was new to them but taboo to society. The interesting thing was that neither of them talked about it with each other. His mother sometimes teased him by leaving things around the house (like an open door or a used dildo), but otherwise it was only through Aunt Julia that they were able to express their love. Neither of them were ready to commit sexual acts with each other yet, out of nervousness and the fear of change.

But now that it was fall break, perhaps it was as perfect of a time as any to take things further with his mom.

A leaf suddenly fell on Peter’s head, and Ashley laughed. He smiled at her.

“You know, that really hurt,” he joked. “You shouldn’t laugh at my pain.”

“If that hurt you, I don’t wanna know how painful this is.”

She lifted Peter’s shirt and started tickling his stomach, causing him to squirm and squeal in protest. She only laughed harder, and Peter had to remove her from his lap and run a couple steps away to escape.

“Very painful,” he said, panting. “I’ll get you for that, you know.”

“I’d like to see you try,” she said, sticking out her tongue. He chuckled and returned to her, sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her full on the lips before setting her back on the wall.

“Oh, you’re so strong,” she coed. He sat next to her and she leaned her head on her shoulder, and he kissed her forehead.

“I’m lucky,” he said.

“Not as lucky as me.”

He responded by kissing her again on the lips. After a moment she squealed and pushed him away. She was blushing profusely.

“Don’t do that right now- you’re gonna get me all worked up! Before you know it I’ll be pouncing on you with our clothes off right here in the quad.”

“Maybe we should go somewhere else then?”

“But it’s so nice out!”

Peter moved in for another kiss but she dodged him.

“Okay, fine, you’ve convinced me. Can we go back to your aunt’s place?”

“We sure can.”

The couple left campus in a hurry of excitement, scurrying down the a few blocks to his aunt’s house. In their anticipation they lacked patience, and it felt like it took forever to make it there. Julia was expecting them, as Peter had told her they were on the way. When they arrived, she unlocked the door for them and disappeared for a yoga session in the basement.

Peter led Ashley upstairs and into the guest bedroom, which his aunt had designated as their room for sex if she was ever home while they wanted to do it. Peter was thankful that he was free to do what he wished with Ashley while preserving the love of his aunt.

Both of them were so sexually charged that they wasted no time getting right down to business. Ashley tore her shirt off while Peter clumsily stepped out of his jeans. He threw his girlfriend on the bed and she lifted her hips amidst her fit of giggles, allowing him to remove her leggings. His cock had quickly hardened during this process, but he wanted to taste her pussy before plunging into her. He knelt at the edge of the bed and leaned in.

He found that she was already very wet when he placed his mouth on her labia. She scrunched Zuhuratbaba Escort her hand in his long hair while he ate her out, moaning and whimpering with pleasure.

“Oh fuck! I’m ready, I need your cock!” she cried.

Peter lifted his shirt over his head and stood up, aligning himself with her opening. Before he penetrated her, he slapped his cock playfully on her stomach. His nine-inch cock extended dauntingly far up her torso, and he was amazed the he could possibly fit all of it inside of the young blonde. Ashley seemed to have a similar thought, despite knowing that she could take it, for she bit her lip and stared at him pleadingly.

He finally shifted back and then forward again, angling his cock so that it slid into her tight pussy. She cried out and rolled her head, grasping her breasts out of lust. She was wet enough, plus more used to his size from weeks of experience, that he was able to start fucking her at a quick pace after just a few seconds.

For the next fifteen minutes, the room was filled with panting and moaning and swearing. Peter was too horny to stop and change positions, and wanted to cum all over her lovely body. He was thankful that she didn’t ask him to use a condom anymore.

When he reached his climax, he grunted and withdrew, spraying his semen everywhere. Most of it shot right at her labia, and the sensation of the hot fluid hitting her vagina caused Ashley to orgasm so violently that she actually squirted a small amount of fluid onto Peter’s leg. That turned on Peter enough that his final spurt of cum was much more powerful than usual, and streaked from her bellybutton to her collarbone.

“Fuck,” he said, plopping on the bed next to her. He watched her examine her own body, admiring his load and relishing in the aftermath of pleasure.

“You sure do cum a lot,” she said.

“You had me worked up.”

“I had you worked up, huh? Did you feel how wet I was before we even started?”

“Did you feel how hard I was?”

“Did you see me squirt?”

“YES! It was so hot!”

“I know! I wonder if I have more of that in me.”

She leaned forward and spread open her pussy, examining her sexual region with wonder and amazement.

“We’ll try again next time,” he said.

They lay there for a few minutes in silence and smiles before cleaning up and heading back downstairs. Julia was still in the basement doing yoga, and Peter called out that they were leaving. She rushed upstairs to say goodbye.

Aunt Julia was wearing light grey yoga pants and a black sports bra, Peter quickly eyed her cleavage, but only momentarily as Ashley was present. When he looked at her face, he saw her wavy brown hair was tied into a tight ponytail and that she was sweating a little. She was stunningly beautiful.

“Well that was quick!” she remarked. “You had fun, didn’t you?”

She was looking at Ashley when she said this. The love makers were hasty in their clean up, and her hair was disheveled. Ashley turned red and looked away, grinning with embarrassment.

“We did. We have to get going. Mom said she’d take the two of us out to lunch to celebrate fall break.”

“Do you need a ride?” she asked.

“That’s okay. You’re in the middle of yoga and the weather is nice. But thanks.”

“Of course. Have fun at lunch! I love you!”

“I love you too, Aunt Julia.”

Ashley waved goodbye and tried to flatten her hair as they walked out the front door. Peter laughed and ruffled up her hair even more, which prompted her to slap him on the arm.

On their way home, they talked about what they wanted to do over fall break. Ashley admitted she would have some studying to do.

“I wish my professors didn’t assign anything. I can’t believe I have an exam on Monday!” she shouted in frustration. “Why couldn’t he have just made it today!”

“That is bizarre,” admitted Peter. “But you have plenty of time to study and still hang.”

“I know. I’m looking forward to bowling with Kirsten tonight! And, you know, our little plan for after…”

The plan for after bowling was that they would return to Ashley and Kirsten’s dorm room and have a threesome. After some discussion, they had agreed that it would be a fun and casual experience for all three of them.

“I’m excited for that too,” he replied. “I just hope you don’t use it an excuse for distraction when I whip your ass in bowling.”

“Watch it, mister.”

He laughed. He loved how they were so in love yet didn’t have to be serious all the time.

The couple enjoyed the pleasant weather of their walk to Peter’s house. Ashley had only been to his house once, for an evening movie and discreet sex session (he was still embarrassed to make notice of anything sex-related in the relative presence of his mother). Ashley seemed to like Peter’s mother more than she did his aunt, which was likely because his mother didn’t make any awkward comments about the pair’s intimate activities.

When they arrived at his house, Peter’s Zuhuratbaba Escort Bayan mother welcomed them in, and asked them to wait for a moment while she finished getting ready. They sat on the couch patiently for fifteen minutes or so before she came down sporting a cute red blouse to match her auburn hair.

In the car, while his mother and girlfriend made small talk, he thought about how strange it was that he and his mother knew so much about each other’s desires yet neglected to act upon them. Actually, if it weren’t for Aunt Julia, Peter wouldn’t have thought anything of his mother’s behavior that day. But now that he was conscious of her love, he noticed how she snuck him into everything she said when she could.

“…the sandwiches they make are just so delicious! Peter and I have been going for almost fifteen years now, right?” said his mom, looking at him in the rearview mirror. Peter was sitting next to Ashley in the back.

“Yeah, it’s one of my favorite places.”

“How come you haven’t mentioned it to me before?” asked Ashley.

“I like a lot of restaurants downtown. I would have brought it up soon, without a doubt.”

“Moe’s is your favorite, isn’t it sweetie?” chimed in his mom. Peter thought back to the burger joint where he had taken Ashley on their first date.

“Yeah, probably. It’s hard to pick favorites though in a town like this.”

“I love that you’re so attached to this place,” said Ashley. “It’s really sweet.”

His mother grinned at him through the mirror. Peter smiled back, still thinking about her in ways that Ashley would probably find disturbing. But Ashley was completely unaware of his family’s incestual connections. If there was one thing that Aunt Julia had seriously established, it was that there was no way anyone could know about what was going on between mother, son, and aunt.

At the restaurant, which was busy with other college students celebrating their extra two days of freedom, the three placed their orders and found a booth near the back. Peter held onto the buzzer, which would go off when their food was ready. While they waited, his mother questioned them about their classes.

Peter was in the middle of talking about the contents of one of his essays from the previous week when the buzzer went off.

“I’ll get it,” said Ashley. “You keep talking with your mom.”

The blonde left them alone and Peter found that he had lost track of what he was saying. His mother changed the subject to something he wasn’t quite expecting.

“How’s your studying with Aunt Julia going? Are your grades improving?”

He stared at his mother. She knew that his “studying” sometimes meant sex. She had never brought it up before, and now she was doing so in public.

“Uh, yeah, I’m doing a lot better in anatomy but I still have work hard to get my grade higher. She’s starting to help me study for my other classes as well, which I appreciate.”

“You’ve been going over to her house a lot.”

“I suppose it’s more convenient to study there than at our house. I don’t always go there, though. I’ve been studying on campus more too.

“How come?”

“It’s nice to spend time with my friends. Sometimes I see Tristan and sometimes Ashley and her roommate. Never all three together, as Tristan and Kirsten don’t get along anymore.”


“He dumped her.”



“Well, I hope you don’t forget about me. It’s starting to get lonely around the house.”

“I could never forget about you, mom! You will always be my girl and I will always come back to you. I may be spending more time with some other women right now, but there’s always going to be a part of my heart reserved for you.”

She beamed and Peter felt a genuine rush of affection for her. His mother was much more fragile than his aunt or Ashley and she needed his love whether it was sexual or not. He knew in his heart that, no matter what, nothing could break their relationship.

She was about to say something else when Ashley arrived with the meal. She placed the tray on the table and sat back down next to Peter.

“Did I miss anything? Did you tell her about the Battle of Waterloo? I love that one.”

“No, I haven’t gotten there yet.”

“Well go on then! Tell her what you told me last week!”

They resumed conversation while eating their lunch. Their discussion fluctuated from homework to dorm life to cooking to careers. Peter’s mom explained that she was in the real-estate business before Peter was born, then quit to focus on raising him. His father had worked for a literary publishing company before being diagnosed with cancer. After his death, they had been able to get by with the help of Aunt Julia and Uncle Dave, who paid for the medical bills and gave them some cash whenever they needed it. Peter’s mom didn’t like to keep borrowing money, however, so throughout Peter’s childhood she occasionally took a local job, often at the supermarket.

“Aunt Julia has Escort Zuhuratbaba always been very generous though,” added Peter.

“Wow, she must have been very successful in her career then!” chimed Ashley.

“She definitely made a lot of money, at least more than you’d think at first glance. She doesn’t ever flaunt it. Plus, Uncle Dave still makes plenty.”

“She’s also one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known,” added his mom. “She had a perfect GPA in college on top of playing soccer and being a part of several clubs.”

“I didn’t know that!” exclaimed Ashley.

“Yeah,” said Peter, “she’s so casual sometimes that it’s easy to forget what she can do.”

“You two ready to get out of here?” asked his mom, seeing that everyone was finished eating.

“Sure,” they both replied. The three of them tossed their trash in the can and headed out the exit, led by Ashley. Trailing slightly behind, Peter’s mom tugged on his sleeve and whispered in his ear as he leaned toward her.

“Did you mean what you said earlier? About me being the love of your life?”

“Every word.”

She smiled broadly and kissed him on the cheek. As they followed Ashley to the car, Peter felt as though his face had been doused in a splash of warmth centered around where he had been kissed. He loved his mother dearly.


That afternoon, Peter and his mom dropped Ashley off at the dormitory and went home. They didn’t talk much in the car, but it wasn’t awkward; both were simply content with being in each other’s presence.

Peter spent the rest of the day in his room, either playing video games or lying in bed looking at his phone. A month ago, he would have probably used the time to jerk off; now, he found it was better to save his loads for the special women in his life. Plus, he was relieved by either Ashley or his aunt often enough that he never felt the need to relieve himself.

As his bowling date approached, he began to feel a little nervous. He was going to have a threesome with his girlfriend and her roommate. Would he be able to look at Kirsten the same way after? Would he be able to remain friends, or would he fall in love with her too? He figured that loving three women simultaneously would be possible, but a fourth? Who was he to really know how much love he could hold?

He decided that he probably wouldn’t love Kirsten after sex, for they had already been perfectly normal friends for the past couple of weeks without any intimate desire emerging within him. If he did fall for her, he would just have to accept that it couldn’t happen and let it dissolve over time.

When it was time to leave, Peter sent Ashley a text saying he was on his way and called out to his mom that he was going out for the night. Rather than call back, she emerged from her room just before he approached the front door.

“Peter,” she said, “I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with Ashley because it’s a new and exciting relationship, and your aunt because of your study sessions… but promise me that you will spend time with me at least one of the days before the end of fall break?”

After only the slightest hesitation, in which he thought about how he would put aside basically any other plans to spend more time with his mother, he replied “Of course mom. I’ll see you later.

The last thing he saw of his mom before he stepped outside was her loving smile. He left the house and drove to the dormitory, parking out front. It was a few minutes before Ashley and Kirsten came out of their building.

Ashley looked as attractive as always with her short blonde hair straightened and her body sporting light jeans and a thin white turtle neck. When his eyes moved to Kirsten, he found her surprisingly attractive as well. While he always considered her a fine looking young woman, she looked particularly stunning tonight with her long black hair curled and in a yellow blouse and leggings. Peter felt a slight swelling in his pants.

When the girls entered the car, they all exchanged greetings and Peter hit the road. Ashley was pretty talkative, but Kirsten seemed shyer than usual. As they pulled into the bowling alley parking lot, Peter addressed her directly.

“Hey, Kirsten? I don’t know exactly what Ashley told you, but let’s just have a good time tonight, okay? You better be focused on bowling if you don’t wanna get whooped.”

“Okay, Peter,” replied Kirsten. She had a smile on her face for the next few minutes, and seemed less nervous from then on.

Peter parked the car and the three of them walked into the building. They were greeted by the front desk employee- a teenager with more than a few pimples and greasy dark hair- and received their shoes. Since it was Wednesday night, it wasn’t very busy, and only one other lane was in use. Peter, being a rather large human being, picked up a fifteen-pound bowling ball. The girls both went with tens.

Ashley put in her name to the monitor first. Only five letters were allowed. She went with FCKME.

“What?” she asked in defense when she saw the looks the other two gave her. “It’s funny.”

“We better not get kicked out for that,” warned Peter. Kirsten put her name in next, smiling. Peter watched her type DILDO.

“Okay,” he said, holding up his hands in submission. He went for the keypad but Ashley blocked him in excitement.

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