Student with Gill Ch. 01Student with Gill Ch. 01


I was getting ready for another school day and was in the shower, the warm water making rivulets down my naked body. I glanced down at my muscular figure, proud that teaching hadn’t made me fat like it did to so many.

Just the Gill walked into the bathroom. The annoying thing about student accommodation was that things went wrong and the lock on the bathroom was one such thing. I could vaguely see her through the shaded screen, a blurred image in a towel. Gill was incredibly sexy with full breasts and a toned figure, ‘come get me’ eyes and luxurious black hair. Since I was sharing a house with her after having completed the PGCE course I was trying not to think about her that way, but with her only metres away from me naked in the shower my cock began to stir.

“I need to use the shower Jon, I have to get going.”

“Err, nearly finished.”

“Look, I’m late already, we’ll just have to share. Face the wall, I’m coming in!”

I was speechless as I quickly faced the wall and heard her get in behind me. It was clearly a one person shower and her hands brushed past my bum as she turned to face away from me.

The slightest movement from either of us was causing our naked bums to touch and my dick was rapidly growing erect. I glanced round and saw her naked figure with her sexy ass. I was suddenly aware that I needed to wash my back.

“Gill, I need to turn round.”

“That’s ok, I’m not looking,” she replied, “just close your eyes and don’t peek at my ass.” I closed my eyes and slowly turned round. My erect dick stuck out and grazed past her pert ass.

“I need the soap,” she said, reaching round for it. I picked up the soap just as her hand grasped my cock, only for a second, then she let go. “Where’s the soap?” she demanded. I handed her the soap wordlessly and my eyes crept open to watch her wash herself. The curves of her breasts were visible from behind as she raised her arms. I started to get on tiptoes to see over her shoulder and down her chest.

“Have you finished washing your back yet?” Guiltily I turned back to face the wall, my fully erect cock brushing her bum again. She left the shower and I breathed again. I started to stroke my painfully erect cock and after two strokes it erupted, plastering the shower with cum.


After that I really wanted to see Gill naked again, but fully this time. I just couldn’t help it. I started to plan how I could do it. My room was on the other side of the house so I decided to climb out of my bedroom, over the roof and abseil down to her window. That night I did it, it was dark enough outside that I could see in but she couldn’t see me. She was at her dresser in her blue dressing gown and I thought maybe I’d timed it wrong. Then she stood up and started to undo the cord. Her gown fell open and her bed-wettingly gorgeous boobies came into view encased in her lacy white bra. I stared at her deep cleavage and then down her body to her matching white panties. She dropped the robe to the floor and walked over to the window, her breasts bouncing gently. My heart beat fast but she reached up, causing her breasts to strain against the confines of her bra, and closed the curtains.

That night I started to dream. I was in a seminar with Gill sitting next to me. She was shuffling round around uncomfortably in her seat. The lecturer asked us to discuss something in pairs and Gill turned towards me. She lifted her leg over mine giving me a glimpse of her white panties under her black skirt. She scooted her chair closer so that my knee was in between her thighs.

When the lecturer started talking again I put my arm on the back of her chair. Gill sat forwards and I gradually slipped my arm down her back until it rested on her ass. Then I used two fingers to push under Gill and she starts to squirm. I keep burrowing my fingers against the fabric of her skirt, pushing up into her ass. Gill gasped and lifted herself off the chair slightly and I slipped my hand further under so that my fingers are under her pussy. I start to rub her skirt and panties against her clit…

I aydınlı escort woke up to find myself outside Gill’s door. Still half asleep I silently push it open and walk in. I found myself walking over to her bed and I stop, standing over her. I realised that I was fully erect. Slowly I draw back the covers to reveal her bare thighs and run my hand softly up them. Gill gives a small moan in her sleep. I pushed her covers right off, revealing her white vest top, pulled tight over her bare breasts and her frilly white panties.

Slowly I reach down and cup her breasts then start to gently squeeze them. I can feel her nipples grow hard in my palms. I started to stroke her inner things right next to her panties and she moans again. My dick was now straining against the confines of my boxers, I couldn’t believe she was still asleep. I slide my right hand up her taut stomach under her top. She stirred and rolled over.

When my heart rate had slowed I noticed her bra lying on the floor nearby. Picking it up I look at the label. 36E. Holy shit, I thought, unbelievably turned on. Her bra was soft and smooth and I slipped it into my boxers. Looking at Gill’s sleeping form I start to masturbate into her bra.

Soon a groan escapes me as I start to cum in her bra. Gill stirs and starts to wake up. I drop the wet bra and flee the room.


I was in the kitchen eating my sandwich when I heard the front door open. There were two voices, one was Gill’s and I thought the other was our next door neighbour’s. Louise, our next door neighbour, was blond, big breasted and very sexy. I had always fantasized about her since moving in.

I was about to call out to say hi when I heard Gill say “I don’t think Jon’s at home, it’s ok.” Intrigued I moved to the door and looked through the crack. Gill walked in wearing a short black skirt, knee high boots and a blue vest top. Louise followed her dressed in jeans and a white blouse.

Gill noticed that the door to the kitchen was slightly ajar and saw movement behind it. I’ll give Jon a good show, she thought and sat down to slowly unzip her boots.

Gill and Louise sat talking for a while and I started to get bored. I was just about to reveal myself when Gill asked “have you ever thought about kissing a girl?”

Louise answered seriously, “yes, I have actually, I always wondered what it would be like.” Gill moved closer to her on the sofa.

“Would you like to kiss me?” she asked. Louise crept forwards, her hand strayed to Gill’s bare thigh and she pushed her skirt up a little.

Their lips met and they started to kiss. I was completely erect by now. Gill’s hand caressed Louise’s body, moving up to squeeze her breasts. Louise gasped and broke off, her eyes wild. Gill stripped off her top to reveal a red bra, then dropped her hands to Louise’s crotch. Louise flung her head back as Gill stroked her crotch then slid her hand into Louise’s jeans, unzipping them. I could just see her white panties before they went in for another kiss. They both knelt up, leaning forwards. Gill’s tits hung down below her as she reached round to Louise’s bum and pulled her jeans down. This time Gill broke off as Louise groped her big firm breasts. Gill reached across and started to take off Louise’s blouse. I could soon see that she was wearing nothing underneath as her pink erect nipples came into view. Gill bent and started to tease Louise’s nipples with her tongue and Louise moaned.

After Gill had sucked for a bit she sat up and whispered “I’ve got some toys upstairs, do you want to cum and play?” Louise could only nod and they left the room. I came out of hiding holding my painfully hard cock and started to masturbate. Soon there were moans and groans coming from Gill’s room and I jerked off twice in the next half-hour just listening to them.


It was a tremendously warm, sunny day and I was wandering around in my beach shorts. I couldn’t settle down to work anymore so I decided to go into the garden. When I went through the bağdat caddesi escort kitchen door, the first thing I saw was Gill. She was lying sunbathing in the middle of the garden on her back. She was wearing a red bikini that left little to the imagination. Her breasts pushed the bra to its limits.

As I stood staring at her she opened her eyes and sat up, rubbing her smooth thighs against each other.

“Hi Jon, since you’re here would you mind putting sun cream on my back so I can turn over?” I gulped and walked over to take the bottle of cream. She turned over and undid her bra strap. Her bikini barely covered her ass.

I squeezed the bottle and cream squirted all up her back. I gingerly straddled her ass and started to rub the cream in, gently at first, then getting firmer.

“Mmm, that’s good Jon,” she moaned. I started to get a hard on. “Make sure you go right down my sides Jon, I don’t want to get burnt.” I ran my hands down from her back to the curves of her breasts where they bulged out from under her. “Mmm, yes” she murmured and my cock grew stiffer. “I need you to do my legs as well Jon” she told me.

I turned round so that I was straddling her waist and started to rub the cream into her thighs. “Higher Jon, she instructed as I worked my way up the insides of her legs until my hands touched her bikini and she moaned. Then I let my hands travel over and onto her ass. I worked the lotion into her bare cheeks, grabbing at her pert bum.

When I stopped Gill turned her head to look at me. “Your turn Jon.” She did her bikini up and got me to lie on the sunbed. Then she straddled my back, her smooth thighs pressing against me, and started to rub cream into my shoulders. Then she adjusted her position, putting her weight onto my arse, pushing my crotch into the bed. She started to use long strokes up my back, her hips pressing forwards as her hands slid up, and the motion made my dick rub up the bed. I was very stimulated and soon felt the pressure start to build in my balls. I clenched my teeth to keep from groaning.

Suddenly she stopped. “Turn over now, it’s time to do you front.” I was in a dilemma, I had a huge woody that would be impossible to disguise. Eventually I gave in and turned over. Gill didn’t seem to notice and sat down right on my erection. I could feel her crotch pressing on me and she started to move her hips again. I struggled to keep a straight face as she rode my cock, dry humping me.

Gill bit her lip, her bikini starting to grow damp. Teasing Jon had never been so fun or stimulating. She felt his big cock throbbing beneath her pussy and nearly moaned aloud.

I felt my balls tighten and realised that this time there was no stopping. My cock exploded in my shorts and I got up, knocking Gill off me. “I’ve got to do some work” I mumbled as I hobbled back into the house.


On Friday we all went down to the pub. We had all been on the PGCE together, Me, Mark, Gill, Beth and Katy. Katy was tall and slim with pert firm breasts and a sexy smile. Beth had long black hair, she was short but slim and had some nice juicy tits.

We got quite merry and decided to play some silly drinking games. There was a long discussion about forfeits and in the end Gill suggested that we would be spanked if we lost. Fairly soon people were losing and having to be spanked. Beth was the first to lose and I enjoyed smacking her tight, firm ass. She moaned.

During the course of the game I got myself spanked three times. Once by Katy and twice by Gill. I got quite excited feeling their hands on my arse and I was having to sit down quickly to hide my erection.

Next we decided it would be fun to play “I have never …”. Most of the usual ones were brought out and we were getting quite tipsy and quite dirty. Katy suggested we should all have a break while she told us a story.

“There’s a mountain leader taking three girls for a walk. Beth is wearing bikini, blouse and skirt in case she gets hot; Gill is wearing hotpants bostancı escort and a vest top; and Katy wears her favourite walking gear: a bathrobe.”

We all laugh

“First of all the mountain leader has to share immunity with the group, orally! Some of the girls have to share with each other while he watches to make sure the procedure is done right. They cum to a rock face and set up some ropes. Gill is going to climb first so he pours water on her top to help her ‘climb more smoothly’. He helps her into a harness, making sure it is tight round her bum and places a sling round her chest.”

She mimes groping her tits.

“Clearly Beth’s blouse would get in the way so he gets her to remove it and watches her climb above him.

“On their way again, Katy trips over. All concerned, the mountain leader goes to help her, making her lie still. He checks her over, running his hands under her bathrobe to check for ‘injuries’; especially on her chest.”

Everyone is getting visibly turned on by the story.

“It was so hot now that everyone had to strip to their underwear. They now had to check for insect bites in their ‘most sensitive areas’, so they rubbed, squeezed, grasped and stroked to make sure.”

Mark excused himself to go to the toilet and we all had a good laugh. When he got back we decided to play some more “I have never…” but with a difference. This time you had to say something you had done, and if anyone hadn’t done it they had to perform the deed right then.

Given the current mood, no-one was surprised when I said “snogged a girl”. Beth was the only one that hadn’t so we decided she should snog the barmaid, a young busty blonde. Beth was a little bit reticent, but with some persuading she got up. She walked unsteadily over to the barmaid and, grabbing her head, kissed her full on the lips. We all cheered.

Gill was next and suggested “feel Beth’s titties”. Beth flushed as me, Mark and Katy all moved towards her. Mark put a hand on her right breast and gave it a good squeeze while Katy fondled Beth’s left breast.

“Mmm, that feels good,” Beth murmured drunkenly. Then it was my turn and I grabbed at both her tits, giving them a good grope while she moaned.

Mark was next up and suggested “grabbing a cock”. Beth was the only one not to have grabbed a cock so me and Mark sat down on each side of her. Beth put her hands down our trousers and started to stroke our cocks. Her small hands encircled my thick shaft as she grasped it and jerked it twice.

Katy’s turn was “see Gill’s nipples” and Mark looked disappointed. Me and Beth went with Gill down to the toilets and waited ’til there was no-one around. Gill pulled the V of her top down and over her big boob. Her dark, hard nipple stood straight out and she gently rubbed it before popping her tits away.

Beth’s suggestion was “let it hang out in public”. We asked her what this meant and she told us that her tits had slipped out of her top once. We decided that to make sure we didn’t get arrested we needed some cover so the girls held coats over themselves while they let their boobs hang out. Me and Mark scooted under the table and got our cocks out.

“How do we know they’re not cheating?” Gill asked and Katy smiled.

“Find out.”

Gill grabbed Mark’s cock and he stiffened. “Bingo, is Jon playing along?”

Katy’s hand reached under the table and found my hard cock. She grabbed it. “Ooh, yes, that’s afFIRMative” she let her hands slide up and down the length of my cock. Just then the barmaid appeared.

“What’s firm?” she asked.

Stick your hand under the table and find out,” Gill told her. Gingerly she reached her hand under until her fingers found my erect penis. She jumped back but then reached in again and let her fingers wander up and down my erection.

“It’s big,” she said and walked away blushing. I grabbed her ass as she left and she jumped.

“Who has never groped the barmaid?” I asked as I stuffed my hard dick back into my boxers. None of them had so we called her over and asked if she’d mind lying on the table. Mark and Katy groped her boobs while Beth and Gill stuck their hands up her skirt.

“Oh my God!” she gasped and sat up again, “you guys are so bad, you must cum again.”

Last orders rang and Beth fell off her seat prompting us to make the decision that she needed taking home. We managed to carry her out with her hand groping my crotch.


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