Stud #7 Fucks slave daughter infront of her parentStud #7 Fucks slave daughter infront of her parent


Stud #7 Fucks slave daughter infront of her parent(This takes place in the future when sex slavery is legal. Everyone is over the age of 18.) I cannot believe my luck. That sexy brunette whom I have seen at my auction and my public whipping is before me and I am combing her hair. There have been a number of times when I could not get it up. I would just think of her in her mini skirt and big boobs pushing through her this blouse. Now she is sitting naked in front of me naked and I am combing her hair. Up close and naked, she looks more beautiful. She has a perfect figure, her legs are shapely. Slave Velvet has a pleasing arch in her back and a swan like neck. She has the perfect pear shape ass that is so inviting. I love her long straight hair that is soft to the touch. I love running the comb through it. Slave Velvet has this beautiful speaking voice. She speaks softly with a sensuous voice. She paces her words so that you can easily understand what she is saying. I love the way her breasts move as she talks. kaçak iddaa Slave Velvet has the nicest nipples pointing straight out. “You inspired me, master.” said slave girl Velvet. “Your mom tried to see if you could be rented out, but she said it could not be done.” I did not know this. I am not surprised the women who owned me before were very possessive.”Your mom suggested that I become a sex slave. She said that maybe some master would order you to mount me.” Thank you mom, I owe you one for this. “I thought I would never be accepted as a sex slave because I am so freakish.””I do not understand.” I was truly confused.”I have big hands.” slave Velvet showed me her hands. My eyes were fixed on the two big features on her chest that I did not noticed her hands or cared. All masters would feel that way, and I knew I could not say it that way.”You have a warm captivating smile, masters will never notice you hands.” This is true, slave Velvet does have a nice smile.I ordered slave Velvet to sit on the chair backwards kaçak bahis with her legs straddling the back. She has to get use to having her legs open all the time. I start to rub her back. Slave Velvet has the softest skin imaginable. I don’t know what to say next. Luckily, she restarted the conversation.”I never though sex slavery would be so wonderful!” “Good to hear that, tell me more.” I said.”I was nervous having to strip naked in public in front of other people. My best friend and her mother went with me and encouraged me. Do you remember them?”I remembered the blond and the woman next to her, Often times mothers and fathers will bring their sons or daughters to the slave pens and auction houses to prepare them. Often times, parents have to hold back their ever eager offspring. There is more to sex slavery than taking you clothes off and wearing chains.”Now I love being naked in from of the masters and mistresses. I love the way they look at my body.””I remember only looking at you.” I stated. Slave Velvet illegal bahis giggled. “You weren’t looking at your mother? She is very beautiful””You are the only woman who can distract me from my mother.””I am that pretty!”I rubbed her back is silence some more. “I giggled when I was branded,” slave Velvet. A slave is branded by strapping them face down on a bench. The brands are visible. First an ID number is lasered on the back of the slave. Then a seal with the date is lasered on the left butt cheek. This procedure is quick and painless. When The seal is printed on, you get an electric shock. This is just a reminder that branding is supposed to hurt. It also amuses the guards.Slave velvet started fingering her self and stopped. I told her to continue fingering herself. “I was separated from my friend and her mother and sent to the virgin quarters. I thought it would be horrible. My bunk mate was nice. The bull dyke guards were also nice. I loved the way the looked me when I took shower. They ordered my to satisfy them and I enjoyed doing so. They gave me back rubs like this too.”That was good to hear. The guards can be very intimidating to first time slaves. “Then it was time to sell my cherry.”(To be continued)

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