Subject: STROBE LIGHT ROMANCE Hey everyone this is my newest story which involves the very sexy JC from N*Sync. And Just a reminder, I don’t know anyone or anything from Jc, N Sync or the other trademarks mentioned in the story. I hope everyone enjoy’s the story!! Strobe Light Romance The strobe lights blinked faster and faster while more fog filled the air, the music kept getting louder and everyone just kept on dancing. The dance floor was extremely packed with the hottest hard bodied people anyone has ever seen. The whole scene was incredibly surreal. IF you actually took a second to stop dancing and just look at the environment that you were in, one would not be able to comprehend. What looked like total and utter chaos was actually the newest and hottest club in New York City. ‘Virtigo-Splash’ had only be open two weekends and all ready it had all the city buzzing. Countless celebrities had be flocking to the club since the opening and if you weren’t on the guest-list, good luck trying to get anywhere near the entrance to club. Everyone inside the club that night was either famous, about to be famous or knew the right person. I was lucky enough to be a mixture of all three. I was famous enough to be stopped on the street but not famous enough to get ankara rus escort into the club. Eight times a week I can be seen in the “The Rocky Horror Show” on Broadway featured as Rocky. It’s a great job and I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am today. A friend was able to get me and some other cast members on the guest list tonight to the club. I glanced down at my watch, I had trouble reading it due to all the lights and fog, but it looked it was nearing 3am. Usually at that time I’d be in bed, but since I had no show the next day, I figured I owed it to myself to have blast. I’ve been here only about 3 hours and the music and club started kicking into high gear around now. I was feeling great, I absolutely loved to just dance the night away in a club. I prefer to go dance rather than go to a bar and get wasted. The dance floor was so crowded and condensed I had no clue who to the right or left of me. Not that it matter anyway, you couldn’t see seven inches in front of you due to the drastic lighting in the club. I was really getting into the song being spun when all of a sudden I feel someone start to lean on my shoulder. I could barely make out who it was but still had no idea who it was. He tried to say something çankaya escort to me but all I could see were lips moving. This absolute stranger was still leaning on me and totally interrupted my routine. I turned and said right into his ear “Dude, I’m not a fence post-get off!” “Joey, is that you?” the stranger asked “You’ve got the wrong person dude.” “..shit” was his reply He then stood up and started to walk away when he stumbled over his own feet, lucky for him I grabbed his arm before he hit the floor and held his arm while he stood back up so he wouldn’t fall again. Again I said into his ear “you’re soo trashed, are you going to be ok?” “I…I lost my, my friends…have you seen them?” He asked with a glazed look on his face. “Nah…but come with me and I’ll help you.” So I took a chance on the guy, hey, he was cute. I was single, so what did I have to lose? I took him up to the third level of the club with was a lounge area. It had very low lighting and couches all around. I found an empty couch and sat down with him. He then followed and just plopped down right next to me with not even an inch between ourselves. “So when are you meeting your friends?” I asked “..I don’t know..I mean I don’t remember” ankara escort was all he managed to say. He started to rub his leg slowly against mine, I’ll admit it felt good. I wonder if he uses this “drunken help me find my friend” routine often to get some. He then turned and looked into me eyes however this time his hand was rubbing my thigh. “Dude, your trashed! You don’t know what you’re doing.” I told him. I mean I didn’t want to be precieved as easy. “Don’t worry…I know exactly what I’m doing” He reassured me “Whatever…” was all I could get out He then leaned in and gave me a very passionate kiss, and then I felt his tongue in my mouth, which I was expecting. I broke the kiss off, I mean I don’t have random hook-ups, I didn’t even know this guy’s name! “What’s your name?” I asked. “Josh” “I’m Blaine” He didn’t seem all that interested, he kissed me again. “I’m staying at the Plaza, want to see my room?” I’d never seen the lobby of the Plaza let alone inside a room there. So why not? It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone, I didn’t want this opportunity to just pass right by. Plus I had a funny feeling this wouldn’t be some normal hook-up. “sure…” “Great” He said as he got up to leave, still stumbling a little “By the way, do you know how to get there?” “don’t worry about it” ***That’s it for chapter one, was it too short? Please feel free to write me an e-mail @ ail I’d love to hear from anyone even if you hated it, liked, LOVED it or just have luke-warm feelings about***

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