Strangers In A Hotel BarStrangers In A Hotel Bar


It had been a long day for Sheila. This was her 3rd night on this trip and she was exhausted. All she wanted was a drink, a soak in the Whirlpool in her room, and then to go to bed. Her clients had been brutal today, they brought her in to help them get several things done and promptly put obstacles up at every turn. She was getting aggravated just thinking about it again. She entered the hotel bar, vowing to put the day out of her mind. She was tense and needed to unwind. She strode to the bar and ordered her favorite: Kettle One, on the rocks, with olives. She lowered her computer / brief case to the floor and slid into the chair.

Mike also was traveling on business, but he had just arrived in town. He had the trip from hell, with flight delays, missed connecting flights, and rental car mix-ups. He too wanted a stiff drink. He was already at work on his Gentleman Jack when Sheila entered. Hmmmmmm, not too bad, he thought to himself as he looked her up and down. But she seems like she’s a real bitch—what a scowl on her face. Oh well, he thought and returned to his notes for his presentation tomorrow.

The bartender brings Sheila her drink, with extra olives. She smiled and said, “Thanks for remembering that I like lots of olives.” The bartender kindly smiled and said simply, “It’s my job—this is the 3rd day in row you’ve come here. I remember you.” Sheila smiled back, but it wasn’t easy to work up the smile. He noticed and asked her how her day went. She began to tell him about her meetings, when suddenly, the entire thing began to seem humorous. She was mimicking the executives and both she and the bartender were laughing now.

Mike heard her laughter and noticed that it was a nice laugh. As the sound reached his ears again and again, he picked his head back up. He saw her telling the story—her face was lit up with laughter. He thought to himself, “Maybe she’s not a bitch.” Since she wasn’t that far away, he could overhear her story. It suddenly dawned on him that she had looked angry because she had a rough day. She now looked full of life and energy. He noticed her shapely legs dangling against the legs of the barstool and wanted to become a part of the conversation.

His glass was empty and he signaled to the bartender for a refill. He rose from his seat and made his way to the bar. Sheila was about done with her drink and debating if she was ready to leave. Mike decided for her by offering to buy her a drink. She smiled and accepted, warning him that he may regret that. He laughed and said, “I couldn’t help but overhear you. Sounds like you had a hell of a day.” The bartender delivered their drinks to them, smiled and retreated to the other end of the bar.

Sheila said, “Yes I did. But I’m glad it’s over. I came here to take my mind off of it and instead, all I have done is talk about it.”

Mike replied, “Well, sometimes it is good to vent,” as he slid into the seat next to her.

Sheila said, “Yes, but all I intended on doing this evening was having just one drink, a long soak in the whirlpool in my room, and tumbling into bed.” She looked down at the 2nd drink in her hand and said, “Oh well….there goes that one!” laughing.

Mike laughed and said, “That doesn’t mean that you still can’t do the rest of those things…..”

She laughed and pulled out the ends of a silk scarf that had been nestled around her neck and tucked into her suit jacket. She began to play with one end. She noticed that Mike had a great smile and deep brown eyes. She leaned forward and he got a glimpse of her cleavage saying, “Yes, I suppose you are right.”

Mike was intrigued by this woman, tomorrow morning’s presentation was forgotten. He leaned forward, got a better look down her jacket and picked up the other end of the scarf. He played with the cool, deliciously smooth material and imagined what it would be like to be the silk, nestled in between her breasts. He slowly pulled his end and the scarf slid around her neck and feel down into her lap. The feeling of the material gliding on her skin was extremely sensual and she caught her breath. He smiled wickedly and propositioned her, “Actually both of those things sound like good ideas to me. Except, I don’t have a whirlpool in my room.”

Sheila smiled invitingly, “Well, I’ll let you come and play in mine.”

That was all that needed to be said then. They stood up, said goodnight to the bartender, picked up their drinks, and gathered their things on the way out. The elevator doors opened as they approached and an older couple exited. They were the only 2 to enter the elevator and Sheila leaned across Mike, brushing her breasts up against his arm, pushing the button for the 23rd floor. The doors closed and she looked up at him, slowly licking her lips. Mike leaned down and kissed her, softly, then deeply. She pressed her body up against his and things quickly heated up. Just as his presentation files and both their drinks were about to tumble to the floor, the elevator slowed. They quickly broke the kiss and exited the elevator. Of course, Sheila’s room was at the far end of the hall. As she walked half a step in front of him, Mike admired her backside. yenibosna escort She turned around, catching him looking at her. In return, she looked him up and down, unapologetically stopping at the bulge in his pants. Mike laughed and so did she. They reached the door and entered the room. No sooner had the door shut behind them then they were placing their drinks on the table, dropping their things, and resuming their embrace. Their bodies were rubbing up against each other, straining through the clothes. They were breathing hard and moaning.

Sheila said, wait, let me start the whirlpool. Mike released her and as she went to turn it on, he picked up their drinks and brought hers over to the whirlpool with him. The unit began to softly hum and she turned to him and took the drink. They sipped their drinks, looking at each other, not saying a word as the machine slowly came to life. He could see the curve of her waist and the fullness of her breasts under that suit. She admired his broad shoulders and could see that he was well-endowed. They finished their drinks. Without a word, he stepped forward, kissed her deeply, and began to undress her and she was doing the same to him. Their clothes were discarded onto the floor rapidly. Finally, they were naked and kissing, rubbing their bodies up against each other. Her skin felt soft and smooth, her nipples were erect, and her odor was unmistakable. He slowly slid his thigh in between hers and rubbed it up against her. She dripped all over his legs and moaned uncontrollably. He smiled at her pleasure and suggested that they move to the tub.

They lowered themselves into the delicious warm water and he invited her to sit between his legs. He began to massage her shoulders and neck to relax her. Her head fell forward as she groaned. Her muscles started to unknot. Once she had relaxed some more, he shifted her position slightly so that a jet stream of water was aimed at her clit. She jumped at the sensation. He laughed easily as she closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure. Fortunately, the whirlpool was large and he moved to her side and watched her. She kept her eyes shut—she was in a far away place—and moved a bit to get closer to the source. The pulsing water on her clit felt fantastic and she had never experienced this before. She was completely wrapped up in her own pleasure and Mike was incredibly turned on watching it. She was gasping and moaning without realizing she was doing it. As she gave herself up completely to this new experience, Mike was both proud for turning her on to this trick (literally) and amazed at her powerful reactions to it. Sheila was rapidly approaching orgasm. He could tell by the noises she was making. She was splashing around now as she shuddered in an intense orgasm.

She took herself out of the line of fire and eased herself back onto a reclining slope at the end of the tub. She opened her eyes with a huge smile on her face. She found Mike with a smile on his face to match hers. “Thank you,” she said, “That was incredible—I’d never done that before,” and she leaned over and kissed him. He returned the kiss and they moved closer together. Soon they were sitting facing each other with their legs loosely wrapped around each other’s hips. He moved his hands to her damp hair and ran them through it while his tongue explored her mouth. He felt her hands sliding up his inner thighs to his cock. He groaned as she caressed his balls and stroked his dick. She moved slowly at first and then faster.

Finally, she broke the kiss and pushed him up against the reclining slope and straddled him. He slid into her easily and they started to fuck. Water was splashing everywhere. Their bodies glistened with the water and his eyes were drawn to her shimmering tits. He reached up and grabbed them while she was riding him. The splashing got noisier and messier, but they didn’t really care. The water lapping and splashing their skin heightened their arousal. Finally, he sensed that he was going to cum and cried out, “oh baby!” She started to squeeze his cock with her pussy and he exploded inside her. They looked at each other and grinned. They kissed again and slowly disengaged. They relaxed in the tub for a few moments, smiling and allowing their bodies to begin to return to normal. Then they found the few towels that their splashing hadn’t soaked.

They stepped out and dried themselves off. They discovered that the water had reached their discarded clothes. They were all wet. They laughed and hung them up to dry. He put on a hotel robe and since he couldn’t really go anywhere, he sat down on the couch. She pulled on a silk kimono and sat down at the other end. They stared at each other for awhile. Finally she thanked him, not only for the drink, but for everything. He laughed and thanked her for the same “everything”. She smiled back and told him that next time she was away and needed to relax, she’d just go straight to the whirlpool. They both laughed. As she laughed, she brought her legs up, folding them underneath her. As she did so, her robe slid open and he could see her breasts again. zeytinburnu escort They were large, firm, and beautiful. Her nipples were still aroused. He remembered for a second what they looked like coated with water and felt like in his hands. Everything from the whirlpool came flooding back to him. The lower edges of the kimono barely covered her crotch and he wanted to see it again. He couldn’t believe it but he was already getting hard. She watched incredulously as his robe moved without the rest of his body moving. She had to see this to believe it. She pulled the robe apart and sure enough, he was getting an erection again as they just sat there on the couch. She was flabbergasted and so was he—but he was also proud. She looked him in the eye and smiled. He smiled back. She leaned her head down into his groin and licked him up and down. His dick grew harder and she moved to his balls licking them slowly and sensually, her moist, hot breath billowing onto them. She returned her tongue to his cock which was rock-hard now. She looked up and smiled at Mike. He pulled her up to his mouth. They kissed and the robes were easily and quickly discarded.

They made their way to the huge bed, which had already been turned down by the hotel and she lay down on it. He kissed his way down her neck and sucked on her tits. He reached down with his hand and slid one finger into her pussy. Once again, she was wet. He slid a second finger in and she groaned. Then he took his thumb and started to play with her clit. “Oh yes!!!” she cried out. He was still sucking on her breasts and sliding in and out and rubbing her clit her with his other hand. The combination of sensations was exquisite to her. She tried concentrating on them one at a time, but couldn’t. She was moaning and breathing hard as she came, spurting her juices all down his hand.

He lifted his head and smiled and told her she wasn’t done yet. He made his way with his mouth down to her pussy and started to lick all of the juices that missed his hand. She was squirming with delight as he licked her clit a little and then slid his tongue deep into her hot, wet box. At the same time, he reached around with both hands and gently squeezed her ass. “Oh my God,” she gasped. He alternated sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy with sucking on and strumming her clit. Quickly, she exploded in orgasm. His hot, wet breath and strong tongue were driving her crazy. She couldn’t even catch her breath for a second, he kept working like she hadn’t cum at all that evening. His tongue flicked back and forth on her clit relentlessly. She was moaning loudly now, not caring if the sound traveled outside her room. She was squirming and beginning to thrash around from everything he was doing to her. His hands tightly gripped her hips and made her stay still enough so that his mouth would not lose her. Her arms were flying and she was grabbing anything she could: pillows, headboard, sheets, blankets…..all in an effort to keep her lower body still. He laughed wickedly and did not let up. She roared into an orgasm. This one half the hotel must have heard. She was unable to catch her breath. “Stop for a second!” she managed to cry, “Give a girl a break.” Mike laughed and obliged, picking his head up and kissing her navel. Sheila finally caught her breath and told him to lie on his back.

She then proceeded to give him a truly exquisite blowjob. She lowered her head back to his throbbing dick. She licked him, slowly, up and down. While she was going up and down, she was going around and around. Every square millimeter of his cock was coated with her saliva from numerous passes. She puckered her lips and kissed the head, sliding it into her mouth, just a bit. He groaned and she looked up at him and smiled. She made him move so that his ass was at the edge of the bed. She knelt down in front of him and placed her tongue on his balls. She licked around each of his balls again and again. Then she licked each sack, coating them with her saliva. Meanwhile her hand was lightly caressing his dick. She licked his balls around and around again, faster and faster, breathing hot, moist air on them. They were beginning to tighten when she stopped. She moved to his inner thighs and kissed them slowly and gently. She moved her hands to his legs which she caressed in long strokes. After a minute during which the edge was taken off, she moved her mouth to his cock again. She licked it up and down, just a few times, and then paid attention to the head. She swirled her tongue around and around it. She put the tip of her tongue directly along bottom of the knob and went around and around. Then she slowly slid the head into her mouth. She paused there, giving him a chance to squirm. He did, trying to insert himself into her mouth entirely. She wouldn’t let him and just sucked on the head. After a minute of this, she took her tongue and concentrated is on the ridge on the underside. She gently flicked her tongue back and forth on it. She increased the speed and urgency of her tongue, slowly, building the pressure again. As slowly as she built the acıbadem escort pressure, she shifted it down. She went back to merely licking him like a popsicle for a minute while he cooled off a bit again. This time, when she put her mouth to his dick, she slid the head in, then out, then she slid it in a little further, then out. Slowly she moved her mouth and slowly she slide more and more into her mouth. He was moaning and begging her to pick up speed. She knew that the more she went on, the better he would love it in the end.

Finally, his entire cock was deep into her throat. He groaned with bliss, as he was completely surrounded with the hot heat of her mouth. She sat still for a moment while she enjoyed having her mouth full of him. Then she started moving up and down, building speed as she went on. Then she began to slow down and slid him out of her mouth, again. He was whimpering now, threatening to take himself into his own hands to finish it off if he has to. She asked him to just give her a little while longer as she dropped her head and slowly took one of his balls in her mouth. “Oh, this is why she moved me to the edge of the bed!” rapidly went through his mind before he was overtaken by pleasure. He has no intentions of interrupting her work now. She licked and sucked that ball, carefully and gently. Then she moved to the other one, repeating the same delicious torture. Finally she took her mouth away and put her lips back on his dick. She looked up and said, “I don’t want you to cum here, I want to feel you fuck me in my pussy again… that okay?” He could only nod his assent. He would have said yes to almost anything she wanted at that moment. Swiftly, she slid his entire dick into her mouth. She moved up and down building up speed faster than the last time. He was gasping and moaning as he was getting ready to cum. She slid him out and asked him to take her, doggie-style. He couldn’t refuse such a request, and she climbed back up onto the bed, got on all fours, waving her inviting pussy in the air.

He slowly crawled up behind her, admiring her pink cunt and juices glistening on it. Her odor filled the room. He slid into her slit easily and started to pump her. She was so excited, she started alternatingly grinding her pussy into him and slamming back into him. As she bucked up against him, he just grabbed her ass and held on, enjoying the ride immensely, as she screwed him. The mirror on the wall offered the lovers a wonderful view. He could see her tits bouncing and swaying and she could see his cock sliding in and out of her. He leaned forward and grabbed those tits with one hand and reach for her clit with the other. She continued to buck up against him wildly and he did not stop rubbing her clit. His motions with his fingers on her clit became quicker and more demanding. She had yet another orgasm and he felt it dripping down his shaft. She was starting to slow down from her orgasm, so he took over, setting the pace now. She exclaimed, “Oh yes! DO NOT STOP FUCKING ME!!!” very glad that he had not let her orgasm slow down their fun. He was fucking her hard, his balls slapping up against her ass—he felt them tightening. But he didn’t want to cum just yet—he was so thoroughly enjoying being immersed in her. He decided they needed to use more of this immense bed. He slowed down and stopped and they carefully rolled onto their sides and then onto his back with him still inside her. They continued to roll until she was on her stomach, legs extended and spread wide. He lay on top of her with his legs extended inside of hers and she swung hers closer together until they were resting next to his. He started to pump her. Her hands reached up and gripped the headboard. He placed his hands next to hers on the headboard and used it as leverage. They were sweating and his skin glided easily up against hers as he plunged in and out of her. His cock was touching different places than before and she moaned uncontrollably. She loved the new places he was touching, but unfortunately, he was also unable to get into her as deeply as he could before and she missed it desperately. She moaned and begged for a return to a position where he could truly bury himself in her. He wanted that, too.

He slowed down again, reached around, and slid his arms around her waist. They carefully rolled again until he was on his back again—the whole time he remained inside her. She folded her legs next to his hips and slowly sat up. She started to fuck him with her back to him. He leaned his head around to watch this unfold in the mirror. Once again her eyes were closed and she was concentrating. She was squeezing his dick with her pussy as she slowly moved up and down his shaft, getting used to this new position and the accompanying sensations As she adjusted, she began to move faster. Her tits were jiggling with every jam of his cock deep within her. She was smiling now, as she could control how deep he was plunging into her and his dick was touching all these different places within her. Occasionally, she would pause with him deep inside her and swivel her hips in slow, luxurious circles. He looked down to watch her move up and down as well as around on him, then he looked back in the mirror. These views were so intoxicating and her cunt was spasming and squeezing him so tight, he was rapidly approaching the brink. “Oh baby! Fuck me harder!!” he cried out. Sheila began moving up and down as fast and as hard as she could, plunging him into her as deep as she could with every downward stroke.

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