Straight Roommate, No InhibitionsStraight Roommate, No Inhibitions

Big Tits

Most people don’t have good experiences with their roommates in college. Not me. In fact, I can still remember my freshman year vividly…It had been a chaotic day of last minute shopping at Target. My parents and I had spent the better half of the day trying to get everything an eighteen year old would need for his first year. After piling everything into the car, we trudged into the entrance of Marks Hall, where I would be spending the next eight months of my life.203…. 204…. 205…206… I counted, walking along the second floor corridor, which smelled like old gym socks and Axe body spray.207….208…. 209.Perfect! I had a room that was all the way at the end of the hallway. And it looked a lot more spacious than all the others that I passed along the way.“Hello there!” A pleasant looking middle-aged gentleman greeted me as I walked in.“Hi! I’m Nathan, nice to meet you!” I replied, greeting him with a firm handshake.“Are you Leon’s father?”“Nice to meet you too, Nathan! Yes, I’m Joel. Leon is just grabbing the last of his things from the car and will be right up.”A few seconds later, he entered. Dressed in a faded grey tank top, Leon stood over six feet tall and was carrying a fifty-pound dumbbell on each arm. He walked in so quickly that I couldn’t quite get a good look at his face. Instead, I was greeted with the sight of two sweaty, muscular and well-toned arms. Beads of perspiration trickled down from Leon’s humongous biceps all the way to his forearms, causing his smooth sand colored skin to glisten in the warmth of the afternoon sun.Leon set the dumb bells down on the floor near one of the beds, grunting as they hit the ground with a thump. He then turned to me and flashed a huge grin.“Hey man! You must be Nathan!” he exclaimed. Without warning, he reached over and embraced me in a bear hug, his rocklike chest pressing tightly against my slim body. I was taken aback by this gesture – nobody from my hometown was ever this friendly or forthcoming. Leon and I had exchanged a few messages over the roommate pairing system that the university had set up, but that was the extent of our communication. All I knew about him was that he was majoring in software engineering.Prior to moving in, the image of Leon in my isvecbahis head was a skinny bespectacled geek who was most likely socially awkward. As someone who frequently tried to fight against all sorts of gay stereotypes, I silently reprimanded myself for having that image in my mind. But I had never been this happy to be wrong.I returned the hug, giving him a few bumbling pats on his left shoulder. Leon probably sensed my awkwardness and retracted. As we stood facing each other, I could now get a good look at my new roommate. He was strikingly handsome, with large almond eyes and an angular bone structure, topped with a neat crew cut. I was immediately reminded of Chris Evans as Captain America, if he was eighteen and brunette.“So Nathan, where are your parents?” Leon’s father asked, interrupting my daze.We spent the next few hours unpacking and exchanging pleasantries. After they were done moving in, Leon and his father helped my family and I with the unpacking and even left behind an apple pie for us to have for dessert that night. I had never met such friendly people in my life. Once we were all settled in, both families departed and left Leon and I alone in our room for the very first time. We mostly kept to ourselves, sitting in our respective desks and completing paperwork that the dormitory required.Soon, it was dinnertime.“Hey man, you wanna go grab dinner at the dining hall?” he asked.I got to know my new roommate a little better over dinner. He was from Austin, Texas and this was his first time to Los Angeles. His parents divorced when he was three and his dad got sole custody. He enjoyed working out, usually twice a day, and had a passion for video games, hoping to eventually get a job as a game designer for Blizzard.Since we were going to be living together for the next eight months, I decided to be upfront about my sexuality. Having grown up in West Hollywood, I had never been shy about being a proud gay man. Surprisingly, he took it well.“That’s great, man, thanks for telling me. I’m totally cool with it,” he shrugged. “We’re pretty open about it in Austin, at least among the people I usually hang out with.”I smiled; it was nice to know that there were pockets of progressiveness in isveçbahis giriş the South.We headed back to our room after dinner and went back to our separate corners. It was nice getting to know Leon, but we also both realized that we had very little in common. He was mostly into gaming and sports, whereas I was primarily interested in musical theater and politics. We spent the rest of the evening barely interacting, until it was time for bed.“Hey man, I’m totally worn out from today, gonna hit the sack,” he said, as he got up from his desk and yawned.“No prob, I’m actually gonna go to bed too,” I replied, closing my laptop.“Hey uh…. I hope you don’t mind, but I usually prefer sleeping naked. Is that cool with you? I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable,” he said.I could feel my pulse accelerating.“Oh yeah, sure. I’m totally cool. Do what you need to do,” I lied, trying to sound nonchalant. My heart was pounding furiously. I had tried so hard during dinner not to stare at his chest and shoulders, which were practically bursting out from his tiny tank top. And now I have to not look at him while he’s naked?“Thanks dude. I can never sleep with clothes on. At least this way, you won’t have to hear me tossing and turning all night,” Leon said, grinning. He quickly peeled off his tank top, revealing a pair of smooth hard pecs and rippling eight-pack abs flanked by two deep v cuts.A wave of electricity ran through my body, starting from the top of my head and pulsated all the way through my nether regions to the soles of my feet. I turned away swiftly, hoping he didn’t catch me staring.Nate, look away. Don’t creep him out, I whispered.The electric pulse had now gathered between my legs and my briefs started to feel tighter. Wetter.I cranked my head slightly to the right, trying to catch a glimpse.Leon was now completely naked, typing on his phone with his back turned towards me. He looked like a Greek statue, perfectly sculpted from top to bottom, with firm round buttocks that looked like two big scoops of caramel ice cream.He then hopped on his bed and covered himself with a blanket. He seemed to be completely absorbed in his phone and was furiously typing away.I swallowed hard. This was going to be a isveçbahis yeni giriş difficult next eight months.     ### The next few weeks came and went. Before going to bed every night, Leon would strip off his clothes and climb into bed, always with his back facing me. I decided it was best to be respectful and not ogle; only taking a few sly glances here and there. We were still in the early days of the fall semester and the room would frequently get hot and stuffy, so he would be shirtless during the day, usually only wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts. I had reached a point where I was almost getting used to this arrangement. In fact, I hardly thought about it anymore, until one afternoon…It was a blisteringly hot Sunday and I was watching the latest episode of Project Runway at my desk while he exercised shirtless at his side of the room. I was deeply engrossed in the episode, staring intently at the screen when I felt a tap on my shoulder.I quickly removed my headphones and turned around to see Leon standing behind me, his body covered in sweat. He was panting heavily.“Hey man, it’s hot as fuck here. Do you mind if I take my shorts off?”“Ummm…sure. You know, you don’t have to ask me for permission. It’s your room too,” I teased.He laughed. “Wanted to make sure you’re comfortable. It’s just me and my Dad back home in Austin, so we don’t usually wear clothes around the house. I’m actually most comfortable being naked.”“Oh in that case, feel free to be comfortable,” I said in a breezy tone.“Thanks man,” Leon beamed, patting me on the shoulder and walking back to his side of the room.I bit my lip, turned back to face my laptop, and put my headphones back on. It took me a few minutes to realize what just happened. When it hit me, I took a deep gulp and turned my head back slowly.There he was, standing right in front of his bed doing bicep curls. Naked as the day he was born. This time, I could see everything.Nestled between his legs was a massive cock that had to be at least seven inches in length. He had a pair of low hangers to accompany them, along with a full but well maintained bush. I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t help but blurt out.“Jesus dude, you’re huge!”I immediately covered my mouth with my hand in embarrassment, instantly regretting my decision. A silent scream went through my head.But Leon burst out laughing.“Oh man, sorry about that. I guess I should have warned you. My bad.”I slowly took my hand off my mouth and gulped.

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