Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 4: Chapter 2Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 4: Chapter 2


Ruby scowled at the door. Her hands were buckled to cables suspending from the ceiling and her feet were tied to a metal bar, leaving her legs spread apart. She had been like this for a few hours in what she referred to as ‘the dungeon’. Goosebumps began to form on her limbs and her nipples remained hard as a cold draft came under the door. For a few moments her mind started to wander back to what had happened a few hours earlier. It seemed so surreal to her, the man she was sent to kill had become her master and she wasn’t thinking about changing it. The door flung open all of a sudden, startling Ruby as it did. She continued to scowl as Benjamin approached her. His hands began to feel her breasts delicately and his erection rubbed against her thighs. Chuckling, he lifted Ankara escort her slightly and turned her around. Ruby’s eyes were fixed on the corner as she felt Benjamin’s warm breath on the back of her neck. With a playful smack on her pert ass, he began to rub the head of his cock against her entrance. Her juices began to leak onto his manhood, lubricating him for penetration. He continued to slide his head up and down the lips, bathing his cock in her nectar. “Fucking get on with it,” Ruby said angrily. “Okay, my little slut.” Ben whispered in her ear as he pushed his cock inside her. Ruby moaned loudly as she felt all ten inches of his big, black cock impale her. He pulled his hips back, watching as his cock came back into sight with her Ankara escort bayan juices dripping off of his shaft. Ruby leant forward slightly, arching her back as he rammed his dick back inside her pussy. Another loud moan escaped her lips as the head of his cock hit her cervix. Again, he withdrew his dick making Ruby gasp with relief as he left her hole. With one more large thrust, he began to start a rhythm in his hips making Ruby moan and squeal as he dominated her swollen pussy. His balls slapped against her skin repeatedly, each time getting more violent as his thrusts became more powerful. Ruby’s knees began to buckle as her pussy tightened and started to squeeze his manhood in hopes of milking him. She started to moan louder than Escort Ankara ever as her body overflowed with delight. Her warm cum deluged his cock sending him over the top. Benjamin continued to thrust in attempts to fight the urge but finally he succumbed to her. His cock began to pulsate and his thick, creamy cum started to shoot up into Ruby’s body. String after string began to fill her tight snatch up as he continued to thrust. His breaths began to deepen and his heart raced as his climax came to an end. He whistled loudly as his limp, cum covered cock retracted from her body. “She’s all yours,” Ben shouted as he moved away from Ruby. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the two guards she had attempted to bribe. With their eyes wide, their equally large penises began to harden at the sight of Ruby’s bare body. “This is Max,” Ben laughed as he put his hands on the shoulders of the first guard. “And this is Liam,” he continued as he moved his hands onto the shoulders of the other guard. Max had the most perfectly styled blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

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